Monday, 20 October 2014

Yellow people problems

This is a view of castration upon which the Chinese built a six thousand year empire by taking smart people and cutting their balls off.

White people problems is a racist view of the world that does not recognize the secondary place of white people to yellow people. I have no idea how Asians in general and Chinese in particular became identified as yellow. I have spent decades in this region and never seen a yellow person. In fact many Chinese are whiter than porcelain, I would be the yellow one in a portrait. One would have to be less than observant to see that the Native peoples of North America but with even more focus those of the north have distinct Asian origins. White people call them lots of things but one term that has stuck is Redmen. I know why they are called that. I have seen it often in China.  There are people who react to alcohol in different ways, that's everybody. Han or something close to that ancestor have a face that can turn red, like flames, like a passion encompassing their skin with alcohol. White people also have this trait but its mostly ignored because there is no political gain from making a scene about red faced white people.

As far as I am concerned Redmen and Eskimo should join Nigger on the vocabulary of labels used for malfeasance. I do not know about the yellow man, because as I previously said I have no idea about its Museem quality definition.

Dragons at sleep should not be disturbed. That is the history of China until the white man looked at the potential and decided there was great profit in building white suburbs. The developers were driven by greed and the easy mark. I have to say as a History major if they had asked me. I would have said stick to the carney its more profitable in the long term, and when you come to town you will still be the biggest freaks in the mart,

But no no no the biggest Dick
ever to be President
thought Republicans
could run a profit
with their thousand year
Merging with a six thousand year
that floated on an administration
of Eunuchs

Ask some people in white power today
what an Eunch is
and the most intelligent amongst them
will say a character in Game of Thrones
some kind of fantasy
and still a pansy.

Yellow People Problems are us
we libtards who think
we people who 
see the future as
an energy sink
you take and you give
and at the end of the day
one thing you can count
on in your life
is that at the end of the day
the lights will come on.

The prejudice of a soldier
is that he is killing
to make life better
and if you take 
away all the political correctness
they in their hearts
while they are blowing
away major body
parts make life pure
Its a cleansing ritual 
we have brought to 
you people.

A soldier knows
deep down inside
if they live or die
some supernatural power
was on their side
and should they 
fall, well it
was not a bad 
choice just a shortcut
to the well

White man power
is in the wane
the yellow man
is about to become
the banker in the 
monopoly game

If you have ever rolled
the dice
and picked your piece
you know its all 
a crapshooter
for every player
except the banker.

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