Saturday, 31 March 2018

What I am thinking in this time zone that rules me

I am loving Global
warming because
I come from a
a cold clime
and global
all the time
and lake Erie
will become
a big Miamia
and Crystal Beach'
will be South Beach
and we will buld
the necessary
Art Deco

Bought a Communist Phone today

Image result for huawei p10
Just to be serious for a moment because we are talking about money
and that a subject free of any other impression except the absolute truth.
If you follow the money every crime will be something upon which law enforcement or as I like to call the LEO's will drop the dime. Buying a cell phone today has a big LEO fix in the pipeline. Once you hook up you will never be alone. Is this good or bad? The biggest moral question of our day. The other big question is why is so much of life lived illegally.

I just got a P10, its my third. I had a Blackberry Pearl which was a POS as a smart phone. At that point Blackberry should have blown up the management, then like NORTEL they could have stayed relevant. My next phone was an Apple 5s. It was a Star Trek like device. I still have it wrapped in its Otterbox cocoon. I use it as a camera, itunes, and most importantly
an alarm clock.

My new job. My new job looks to me what Guy Lafluer saw when he was steaming over the blueline looking at the goalie.
In this scenario I am the salesman and the goalie is the customer. I could really win the Stanley Cup here.

The biggest problem is it will interfere with my writing of the book:) Why cant I write the fucking book. Its not that I am
100% lazy, no I am only 90%. So I could squeak out something right!

Bonus point for you readingbif you know what I was talking

I am talking about my purchase of a cell phone banned in America because of concerns it would be spying on the American public.

I am sure your scratching your balls wondering how
that can happen. Cell phone that come from America
are all sealed in a perfect God created membrane. The first time you use your phone you might see a little moisture that looks like blood. No the phone had not just taken your DNA.

As you know I have always been worried that due to my
brilliance the Chinese will make me a Euech and then offer me a contract a ehenech can not refuse.

I gotta tell you all my fears of having my cock cut off
disappeared when I saw this phone advertised
on hockey night in Canada.

Yeah I got a HUWAI. Why did I risk the family jewels and more to make this purchase. I only put in this sentance to remind you I am talking about buyin a Chinese phone
that was banned in America for spy issues.

Projection. as we all know all American phones
spy on you 24/7 and use that personal data to lauch
military force psyc ops on the individual to change the vote.

I am not afraid the Chinese will change my vote. I am like the people who know advertising can never effect me.
If I vote for Andrew Scheer at the next election I promise
to go for therapy.

Bottom Line Bombardier when you have a target you
drop the bombs. For all the people who think Trump is an Idiot I feel sorry for them that they have zero comprehension.

He is a king who would not sign the Magna Carta
it was a bad deal.

Tank man Tee

Giant Chinese Penis shaped object about to hit earth

china space station set to fall from space orig_00002106.jpg

Scientist cant say where it will land. Obviously its going to fall to earth
wherever a giant vagina is visible. If your in Tahiti, you may want to move for the weekend. Certainly, this will re write history. There was no mutiny on the bounty,no it was a pussy riot.

Exoskeleton Me!

Surely already part of special forces gear.  This is a perfect app because the weight of the backpack is negligible. It would only make sense on mountain slopes. If some falls and hurts themselves, look out for lawyer moguls.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

On facebook

There will be sound and fury signifying
Facebook is too good for the intelligence
Nothing will change and the consumers
will consume
its like the
Black Death
there is
no escape

Infinite Monkey Infinite Keyboard Result

Image result for images of infinite monkey with typewriter

Ah, kako lepo se je vrniti v omiljeni hotelčič. Padla sem v (kot kaže) prenovljeno sobo, vroča voda v nasprotju s prejšnjim hotelom priteče takoj, wifi leti in sploh. Ker sem tukaj že četrtič, me mogoče celo že poznajo in so malo bolj prijazni.

survive Odens glare

Is that not why
we have Vikings

The world is a financial puzzle

Image result for images of stormy waters
We run on money
and we go to war
on credit
as are backers
are confident of a
but what about
the losers that
took out that
gigantic loan
the financial system
has the systimatcly
and we
should never
of losers
the write off
it made

Clean lines
make for happy
and we are
headed for
stormy waters

Monday, 26 March 2018

Running on thin tread

We all got tires
on the bike
or for walkers
and they wear
with a five year
maximum life
in my experience

thats all low
impact travel
so imagine
in the big
how the simple
car degrades
and you
know it in your
so when comes
the I car
because I could
make it today
with a hundred
thousand dollars
and as for mas
less than
ten thousand
and  use
lead acid

serial killer t

If you tell me a father
should be at home with a new baby while the mother works, I will tell you, your raising a serial killer.

Cold Skin (2018)

Cold Skin (2017)
This is a very small movie with big themes. How many people would run away
to the end of the earth if they could be paid for the time spent away? When confronted by a diverse viewpoint is the shotgun the tool of discussion? What environment makes you want to stay?

If we lived with the earth would be be fulfilled?

Five Fish loving stars for taking me to a place I have never been

speaking of wrong place I should have posted it at my movie blog

Two Tee same message

Stay on the grid
Terrorists Win

make energy
at home

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Why I hate people

Image result for images of people you want to punch in the face
They drive stupid
and they vote in people
like Doug Ford
Hell I would have voted
for Trump over Hillary
given two bad choices
and now in Ontario
we face the same
democratic vacuum

Another dreamboat designer

Kurt Hughes must be a legendary designer and I never heard of him until I saw one of his creations for sale. I have become convinced that the mono-hull sailboat makes little sense, that the catamaran is slightly compromised in safety, that the true evolution of sail is trimaran.

The biggest problem with Trimarans is a comparative lack of space. The Neel 51 throws away at least 10 knots of speed to make a hybrid Cat Tri. The Hughes design above retains most of the 20 knot potential using wings to put in 4 berths.
Consider the state of the art Clipper 60 in alu. It weighs 18 metric tons and has 3 berths. It will cruise at around 12 knots. The Tri 60 (Kurt give names to your designs) weighs in around 7 tons. Both boats could be made lighter in Carbon Fiber but the tri advantage remains.

3 D printing saves the world

Carbon based energy is killing the world in more ways than one. The Military Industrial Complex is risking thermonuclear war to control pipeline territory. 
In China the innovation is real. I want this car. If every two car family had one of these it would be very beneficial to this planet. Do not believe the myth that electric cars pollute more than ICE cars. It is bought to you by the same people that said smoking does not cause cancer.

Solar cells and 3d printing will bring freedom to the individual. The only hitch is property. Thats why real estate is more valuable than ever. In the near future it will be almost impossible to shake down civilians for their last nickel,

Thursday, 22 March 2018

John Bolton review of top war movies

Image result for images of apocalypse now

I gotta admit I love war movies
they are humankind at the worst
trying to do the best
with crazy orders
and as far as I can
see war movies'
have prevented more
wars than they started

1) Apocaplse Now

Its the Conrad Heart of Darkness
used as a platform to explain
the Vietnam war. Like the statue
of David it stripped everything
away and just left the dark.

2) Saving Private Ryan

This is a good old boys movie
that tugs at every heartstring
and the enemy was univeral
in its evil.

3) Platoon

Smoking thia stick through the shotgun
barrel after combat to combat
the PTSD
it was a horror movie
of a war and Platoon
documented it in carbon fiber

4) The Green Beret

A John Wayne CIA propaganda
film for sure with David Jensen
and it rocked. If you want to know
why we like to fight, watch this movie.

5) Enemy at the Gate

The Russians refused after ever waterboarding
to surrender to the NAZI. Despite their faults
this movie tells you the Russians are not 
a people you want to triffle with.

6) Starship Troopers

Yes its sci fi and yes its based upon a Robert Heilen
novel. Are you a citzen, if you do not sign up for
war you dont vote. Like 1984 but more realistic.

7) The Grey Zone

You want to abandon humanity then this flick is for you. I warn you
do not watch this unless you are a critical thinker.

8) 13 hours at Bengazi

A handful of American contractors hold off a whole nation and its true.
If they had air support the story might have been different. Its a bureaucracy
killed the messenger story.

9) Lone Survior

True story of a mission that went side ways with a group of guys
that no one would want to see dead. The action sequences are
so real I bought a bulletproof vest to watch it in 4k>

10) Siege of Bagotville

Another incredible true story of Irish Peacekeepers facing the French Foreign legion against incredible odds holding out. In the end they surrendered but did not lose a single man. It also explains why the UN is shit.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Place to put your ass

I sold high end office seats for about six months. I believe that you need to pay to sit properly. The icon seats are all over $1000. I bought this cheap seat from the same people that brought you the space race mattress. It is a fix and forget plunge
but man for the price its a must have. I bought mine new on Kijjiji for $189 including tax.

Sail dream consolidated

Chris White design ultimate sail boat in 1986 and would run well today

I have always been a sailor
looking over the horizon
trying to get there
sailboats are so appealing
they work with nature
to transport you
to places Capetian Kirk
would visit

My first love was the Oyster
because the Economist recommended it
turns our it was made of plastic
and when parts fell off
the company went bankrupt

Then I was mad about aluminum 
mono hulls, Garcia 52 and the ilk
but then I discovered through the Neel 51
that the trimaran was the ultimate

A mono hull carries around nearly 10 thousand
pounds of useless weight just to keep it on 
the straight and narrow
a cat has no ballast but
caught in the wrong squall
will flip like waterboarded
The Triamaran is the best of both
worlds and that is where
I will sail if

The Hammerhead 54 is the ski
binding of sail boats
what can you improve
I want more accomidation
so I would steal from 
Terry Grainger

add in a whole bunch of Soilban solar cells and have a home that can go anywhere in the world safely and without an extension cord or diesel.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

do noty bleive in thermo nike war

its a giatantidc way forward

Could of Shoud of wood off

Thats my
nothing more
I just wanted
to be someone
and I am

I consider myself a 100% non malable Canadian. What does that mean today

Image result for image of robert louis stevenson
No woeman would say I was
not a man they would detect
as a bad choice
because of hygine
in general

but IMHO a Canadian likes
to flow outdoors
not in a toliet
thats me I like
to pee
in the trees

The Canadian Identity
is in the traps
of the tappers
ask Marshell
he would agree
with that
and more
that I understood
him more
than Jerry Sienfild
who if he comes
to this blog
I will gladly
dress him

The Canadian itentiy
is lost in this world
it means just
live,  just live
do not care
what the neighbours
are doing
just live
this world is
going instict
because of
climate change
and the oil
which was
like whale oil
running out
if you want
to see our
debacle look
at how
killing mammals
for profit
worked out

and pehap they

Gonna tell the truth one time

Image result for images of save the planet

I expect this telling will
be the end of me
because what I am going
to say is 180 degrees
off orthodoxy that
keeps us slaves
to the medieval

First you have to respect
the Roman Empire.
Second you have to respect
the Chinese Empire.
Now I may have gotten
these two remnants of ancient
history out of sorts
maybe the Chinese 
were greater than the Romans
all I know is the the Chinese
ruled more from guile
than fight

The best thing about
history is the same
rule of archology
you dont really need
to keep the dates
right to make
a compelling case
for a long ago 

Now for some hard
truths for those that
are wrapped in them

No serious person will
dispute that the earth
that we live on is
more than six billion
years old

Just an aside
climate deniers will
point out that some times
in this long cycle the earth
was hot. Love it they
embrace science

But what they do not
embrace is the undisbutible
fact about the amount of
carbon in the atmosphere
we know from taking
ice from a million years
ago and using science
to determine how much
green house gas was in
the atmosphere of the long

Science know things
for almost a matter of a fact,
We could learn something new
about gravity tommorw
but it would not mean
we all launch into space

Atmosphere is something
I want more than breathing
when I am atmospheric
but in reality I gotta
breathe something

Well folk
I speak to you
close to ten billion
souls now living
mostly parasitic lives
on our planet
Dudes I dont 
condemn you
you are just
doing the
on a prison

We can do
it all the way
without new
just spend
the money
we use for 
the potential
of killing people
to save the planet

Ugly Face

if you look in
the mirror
and see ugly
the light

Facebook Shit the Bed and we are rolling in it like a stray dog wanting a good scent

Image result for images of facebook shitting the bed
I told you so
I told you
back in 2013
that Facebook
was something
like a honey pot
that had no
sex in the exposed part
but deep down
it touched every
human button
with ESP
and that was
and now

things can only
get worse
for people
when one firm
can extrapolate
the hopes
of humanity
we are in for
of charter rule

I hate to repeat myself
but because the world
has not read
what I already wrote
I will say it
over again
Facebook is high school
and the genius behind
it know how to win
every election 
as class President
and now we have
Trump the clown

Dont get me down
on facts and superstition
Trump would have 
beat Hillary in
a Stephen Douglas
she was just
waY past the due
date and stunk
like a beached

So know we
know like
Sir Philip K Dick
the Paranoiaed
are not always

The truth is
since Manga Carta
where people
realized they
could rule
the King
we have
been hostage
to dark arts
of animal manipulation

I say that I and you 
and those without
pronouns are
all in the throes
of a rabbit in fern
given the knowledge
we learned
from Pavlova dog

What can we do
I say make a spreadsheet
with what you want
from goverment
and what would 
drive you insane
vote for the candidate
that checks off the most 

Every side in every
election is working
your lizard brain 
to perfection 
and if you
thinkaboot it
you will
go insane

So stop thinking
and vote
for proportional representation
its not perfect
we have Netanyaoo
in Isreal
but that
a special

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Attila the Trump!

Attila the Trump!

CIA head a known person who tortured people, who allegedly where completely innocent.

New Secretary of State a right wing warmonger.

New economic adviser Larry Kudlow. His likely first move is to suspend child labour laws.

Its a Monty Python search for the holy right wing grail.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Why was Tillerson fired

Image result for images of rex tillerson
I allege it was
cooked up in Syria
the deep state wants
real war
after its
ISIS proxy
has failed

Monday, 12 March 2018

i CARE about 3who falls nine time

Wg= juj knokwes u= uf= ufi  if that is some
kind of langue we did not]
know about]
in any way
and know
we got
to interpet
the truth
based upon
that line\
so I am saying
this as a patriot
just blow me
gi  aLIEAN
fuck yoy'] ]]

ws si= oy boy

Doug Ford

He is the guy
who ruled
and now
he is going
run the province
thank you
for delivering
a devil
to every
and internet

This is not
to say he dropped
into a vacuum
look at the Vegas
team in the NHL
a bunch of hasbeens
are going to be
the best regular
season team
and thats
what Doug
is counting
the playoffs
are a differant
but for
it does not

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Upon Sailing

A compelling case for cruising on three hulls
Blue water travel
was the moon
for primitive
and it
till the 17th

Blue water travel
the globe
like the weather
and the results
where often
or worse
a cylcone

I have traveled
the world in
the modern world
and its still
all Star Trek
at the end of
the day
so much tribe
not enough

Rich pissants
work the freee
in craft
and I want
to be there
at the earths

But if we took
all the people
who have ever
sailed the world
and put them in
we would
have endless

I have put
decades of thought
into sailing
I think its
my desinty
and I got
to tell
you it
a distant

But I think
I know that
a trimarine
is the best
way to sail
the ocean

Yet I do
not trust this
craft due to the
FRP cure system
it sends out
so far I  cant
reach that door
or maybe baybe
the computers
and fractal
a great

Sunday, 4 March 2018

who iknows

\the world is goin
so fast
and we
may ve\

can we make
ta trun last
or non slave
a mast3er
 ig master
he is black

ONe has to eat One has to fight

Pick up a shovel
and plant a seed
and fuck yo
disaster brother
who wanted
the medivel
to succed
we are way past
that intelicuta;l
but in the phjusoica[

we are all dead

I hope the thought deniers come for me

I can only
hope my kantata
which is close
range very effective
takes out at least
two operatives
before they
bring the casket
full of
me who
died from
its anothrer

Did I ever give a fuck

Yes really but I came
to know
that knowledge
is a execution
not a passion.

Tired of catching American Farts

 Yeah the empire stinks
always did
and we know
colony zero

Totally hope with faith for the future giving knowledge to the 7th generation

We are pretty well fucked
and the barn rats
might pick up some
the serious
in all under
wtith the serious
and they dont
know what the fuck
to do
to go one one one
and hope
for victory
and this does
not play with logic
so do not expect
any kind of victory
for any side]
and we are all going\
to be pioneers
and get lots
of arrwows
and lots
of wagon
trains that
did not move
but in the end
we have data
and thats
a friend if
people want
to be friedly
the fact
threw a spear
before we
had this sit
to describe
it would
be better
for humaNITY
if we all
one tribe
and the leader
should be
like brilliant
and that
does not
and thats
the end of civilization]
is replay

SnowMexicant Daily Diary Trade War Special Edition

Image result for images of magna carta
Trump math is hard
but like all his
stories contains
a kenneral of truth
big enough to
energize the base
to move the rudder
and heave to
in a very different 
especially for 
a republican

According to reliable
sources and they are
so suspect
but in these
days of lies
we have to use
half truths
the US trade
deficit last year
was over half
a billion dollars

I have no idea
what this means
on a trillion dollar
could just be the cost
of doing 
or spending
trillions of dollars
a year

It dint matter

much today
or Monday
when we learn
for sure
is going to
blow up the
quick understanding
of trade

I hope he does
it cause
much of our trade
no sense
and its subsidized
from above

we live in a new
world where
we need nothing
but energy and
valuable garbage
to survive
and really
fuck thousand
mile fruits
and vegtables
and cheese
and everything
lets eat at

As for the rest
who knows
its going to be
fucking chaos
but it will not
mean a damm
to the people
who are just
barely living
today and
with any
luck it will
bring house
prices down
to the price
where a real
can afford
a home
rail on you fucking Trump
its going to be blowback
at the end of the day
you may topple the castle
that has held the world
since Magna Carta.