Thursday, 30 April 2015

New Fuckhead plan in the dessert

No Bandar Bush! Has there ever been a better argument for democracy than that.
England as well. The class system will be replaced or go down in flames within the next decade. Change is happing fast if you have not been keeping up. Money is no longer the only thing people care about.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Russia has NUKES, losts of NUKES, NUKES ignore tanks

Northern Europe is justifiably taking the new Russia seriously as they should. But drill down on the numbers and its all paper tiger.

Battle between common sense and natural law

Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman
It all about Economics today. Now that divine rule can no longer be used the MAN is arming up with soft science. The science that is soft enought to be friendly and not hard enough to be true.

Tsunami of pride in my son hit me today

History Major had a son
and it was planned
just like the siege
of Babylon

Son did math at age one
went to school
and won
now today in history
or maybe yesterday
or tomorrow
the exact date
does not matter much
he is an official graduated
from an accredited university
astro physicist

No he can not read fortunes
or analyse the signs
what he knows is
more of gods language expressed 
with mathimatical precision
and how it applies to the universe
than every human that lived
until this time

Talk about an education 
examining the big picture
what he is going to do with this
in uncertain
but no matter what
if we want to reach the future
we need people like him
to translate the messages from the Universe
into human script.

R.I.P. Abraham Rotstein

Today its an accepted fact like the resurection of Jesus that free trade is a heavenly thing. Abraham Rotstein was one of the last significant voices pointing out the Emperour has no clothes for the middle class.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Can I have it for my basement

New membrane to keep planes quiet. Actually the noise on a plane is not a big issue compared to the air quality. Work on that first.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Absoulutly no connection to Fukushima

The Windscale accident in Wales is instructive in two ways. The health effects for Tokyo may not be devestating but they may render large parts unihabitable for decades.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

God Save the qUEEN

Ultimate Rule is complete Death

It strike me like a slingshot 
of Anarchy
that God did not care
who ruled

Yet the ones both clever
and bloodthirsty
made magcifincant careers
of telling us they were 
the MAN

So we continue
this centuries old 
Battle between
personal violence
and the good of the state
and when they become
look out

there are only
two outcomes
in the long term
a scorched earth
for the enemy
and a security state
at home

So God save the
The first LGBT

The MAN speaks English ONLY thats his Blindside

Llanguage is culture thats 101
in understanding
of expression
and life

Like the myth
of Senimellia
sense of snow
but for sure
the Inuit
have a boatload
of expressions
for the white stuff
way more than 
the sea insects
 a lobster fisherman
from Newfoundland
would use to 
describe his catch
It used to be 
a sailor who never saw
a parrot describing
thier whises really
he was in the old country
where the planet
did not conspire
to kill him
and what riches
there are 
and they are many
become shared
like high school

But at the end of
the day despite
all the outreach
and private schools
vacations in France
and graduation 
in Switzerland
the MAN
speaks  English only

So the governor on intelligent
thought is extremely limited
its like a dial up
verses DSL
and goggle cable
would make the 
brain explode
in the MANS world
and in reality
its just about the same
conductivity trumps
and man we are all
just about the same
more or less
with information
we can use to join
the capitalist system
as a sheep or a wolf
and if you examine the 
history of the stock market
some will be shocked to realise
the wolf ate the sheep
over and over again
and the sheep never
that a projected green pasture
was a deathtrap for their savings

Steve Dissapointed Canadian

Steve disappointed Canadian

Disappointed because our first past the post system

allows absolute rule by a small minority

It allows Governments to ignore best practices

For example the National Energy plan

Can you imagine if Canada treated its oil like Norway

Canadian would have a heritage fund in the trillions

instead of deficits for generations and dividends for Exxon

If we had free and fair trade most of our Auto jobs

would not be moving to a narco state

Its well proven that incompetence is not a political sin

Therefore the people getting paid to not know things they know

continue to pile up the opportunity costs

like pigs at the trough

while the country is starving

for the vision and leadership

that would make this lucky

country truly project inspiring

soft power

Friday, 24 April 2015

The arrogant incompetent

The arrogant incompetent. I think my title is more accurate. IMHO the Harper goverment has dropped every file they have touched. They have made a total mess of the Brand Canada, the Institution Canada, and the Economy Canada.

H/T Creekside

Jesus Creation: Oh My God!

The Jesus story has never rang true for me. The Divici Code exploited those plot holes brilliantly. However what if evidence comes forward that a fiction was truer than the New Testament? For one thing people of true faith would have little choice except converting to one of three places.

1)Judaism (Circumcision for men)
2)Islam (Circumcision for men)
3) Pastifarian, no notable sacrifice for men

More about the Honda Biz Jet

Honda is soaring with a innovative private jet.

"The aircraft, built in North Carolina, is set to fly into other airports in Japan, including Sendai and Kobe, before heading to an aviation show in Geneva, Switzerland.
Fujino said the HondaJet adheres to top safety standards and outperforms the equivalent offerings from Cessna of the U.S. and Embraer of Brazil in fuel efficiency and altitude that it can reach.
Honda is out to change the aviation industry in the same way it changed American auto culture, Fujino said."

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Attack on Dr OZ

I do not know if he has quaky ideas about health care. Dr Oz is obviously a brilliant surgeon. The reason he is under attack now is his opinion that GMO foods should be labelled.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

When Starbuck met 29 Redux

Yes it was one of my favorite no political posts and I think you should if you are reading this read it,

The news is a thermometer pointing out the calibrated hot spots

In reality the news
is just a time period stamp
version of history
and mostly in the long
view it mean nothing
and you wasted your time 
watching the first reality 
tv show

Never forget the medium is the message
and the news today is a dichotomy
they start with being afraid
and end with miracles
is that not confusing?

At the end of the day
IMHO the CIA has the final edit
of what we see on TV
It not like they are all eviel
or something
or let OBL live in Pakistanis
for an additional ten years
at the end of the day
we are all citizens
and time will sift 
out the NAZI.


Its not a right and many cultures exist with zero. So do not be afraid. Everyone spied upon is human.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Do not copy me

Microsoft launched tiles with windows 8 which was a testament to the fact that sometimes the past is better.

Now I see on my browser screen some kind of intelectual takover. 
I would propably applaud the effort and vote for the logical
canditate if the message 
had been programedt
to meet my code

I meant a guy from Nigeria

As it turns our over time
his friend was from Kenya
so I asked them onto
time what is worth
Boko Hiram
or the mall killers
in every city that
has a mall
and in this small sample event
both of this narrow group
said we do not fear anything
we do not fear anything
an even back home
the idea of a terrorist
was a landlines

Goog;e just decided my life

Bullshit,bullshit and why!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cultural Appropriation is largely a bullshit expression of Political Correctnes overeaching

First think Amandla Stenberg is culturally appropriating being black. She is whiter than most southern Europeans. I am willing to bet her DNA shows more EU than Africa. Okay I agree if you want to identify yourself as black its up to you, Vanilla Ice made a career out of it.

However the idea that only blacks can have corn rows is ridiculous. Btw which Blacks are we offending, I think Black people are as different as Swedes are from Scilians. Look below, is that not a good argument to suggest prove it was Bo Derek who popularised corn rows?
Copy my look and I will sue!

 Maybe black women should stop Cultural Appropriation of the Chinese culture with their manipulated straight hair. White women have long respected this and that's why every culturally aware one has a hair curler. How many black women have dyed their hair blond, should Sweden be offended?

News flash to Amandla, white women have been getting corn rows on vacation since the first white women hit the beach in the Caribbean hundreds of years ago.

If a sacred totem of another culture is used inappropriately there may be a case. Dressing in native American headdress yes, paddling a canoe or wearing moccasins, no. 

Copying the look of other cultures because you think its cool or admire someone with those attributes is totally acceptable and a great thing for the world.(be flattered not intellectually flatulent) When I grew up every man wanted dreadlocks, I still do.

No one could have predicted, Who I tell you no one

Who could have predicted the new boss would be same as old boss!

Okay maybe anyone who really like the movie Gunga Din.  We no have learned, or are being spoon fed the reason that the mysterious ISIS is so capable. No folk, so CIA here, no covert aid, no outside help. It seems that Saddam's previous Black Ops people, and in the previous Iraqi Administration that was just about everyone are now running ISIS. Who could have predicted that leaving an entire group of psychopaths would have dire consequences. You see government just cant learn. Condi Rice could never have predicted that the drills they ran about hijacked airliners would ever come true. They only did those drills because they had extra money in the budget and it was use it or lose it.

When the surge made allies of all the former Batista and gave them a new power base no one could have predicted that the former Baath party would re assert itself with a more populist face. No one could have predicted that the rag tag Iraq Shite army would dissolve at first blood leaving the ISIS creation with Gods own armour(y).

No one would believe that the leader of ISIS is a Mossad agent. That would be fiction stranger than truth.

Ontario Hydros long painfull death almost complete

Have things really changed that much since Sir Adam Beck recognized having the private sector own a monoploy is a bad thing? Mike Harris dropped Ontario Hydro onto the pavement and there is no going back.
At least the people will see a one time cash out way better than the 407.

Also it may be a great time to sell because going off grid will soon be cheaper than using a giant soul sucking utilty.

2016 Honda Civic

It will not look exactly like this but still its going to be a head turner and a game changer. When one of the most popular cars in the world gets real style, lookout.

Trust Us!: Its for your own safety.

People have long wondered just what is going on at the top of the RCMP.  Are their people playing with democracy and spiking outcomes just because they can? Well the image above is a National post comment I found. I have no way to judge it, I am not saying its true. What is remarkable is that someone is putting their neck way out there, and if its not chopped off, why?

I invite you to read the blog of the Full Mountie.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Shifting Sand

Its all shifting sand. Indian PM Modi now a rock star in Canada
yesterday he was worse than Gary Glitter.

I cant wait until Putin gets the same treatment. After all we still celebrate Bush/Cheney.

Nothing we can do about this

Nope not the smart monkey!

Top Ten Reason to see a 25th inscription on the Cup

1)No kids of league officials playing this year
2)I will be jamming cell phones in every rink, no Buttman calls
3)Ottawa is lead by a Stoner and a Hamburgler, In the second game between the second and the third, Stone is going to get the munchies and eat the hambrugler. His pot induced paranoia will convince him to do it before DISP does.
4) French people are good looking. Bishop will not be able to resist French little boys.He will not be arrested but moved to another parish in the KHL.
5)Ottawa is a Cinderella team, "Come on Cinderella, blow me fella, we can get it on with a one eyed spitting whale" words of reality written by Jacob Dlyan with one headlight. Cinderella is a fairy tale, not a sugar plum fairy who really existed. There is no GOD but hockey, there is no fan who is a truer believer than one who worships the blanc, rouge bleu. God teases us but if you look at history we should have more faith in him/her or whatever than any other God. Our God delivers in modern times. Its documented and written on the fucking Sterlling Silver Stanley Cup 24 times without dispute. No other religion has words carved into an element with such great provenience.
6) Our team which may have had in recent history the bad TiTs of blue in white disease has been vaccinated with not a trace of autism amongst the player, jury is still out on the coach.(I am so Aspergers, so like a Jew I can make Holocaust jokes, whats German and seats six, the new microwave, whats American(Dig Ref Bitches) and fits the whole planet, the Apocalypse). There is no trace of blue and white disease on our team. Even PFK who grew up in Toronto was vaccinated at an early age by his father, thank you Karl.
7)Lego is the perfect toy, Lars Eller is  Danish. Rangar Lothbrooke was the Steve Jobs of early medieval times, he was Danish.
8)Toker drives TFS to every game, and his car is an Audi. Audi's are known to be airtight, and Toker is the master of the hotbox.
9)Otttaw is called the Senators, maybe the Phuctards should change their name to the Daumers, and the leaf to the bernardos/harpers/general serieal killers?, they choose a name that makes people sick
10)DGMB could have been Elvis Costello or a member of Devo. They call him the mayor of the NHL. So its a battle between the MAN (com cast, Rodgers and other assholes who own hockey teams) and a science guy. Its GMO vs natural selection. Its Kodi vs cable. Its agent orange vs Vietnam. We do not know the final outcome of the first two, but the third is history beyond dispute,.

There was a time

What you think your master looks like today. And ......

There was a time
when backroom deals
were filled with old fat white
men whose judgement was
respected and obeyed
despite the fact they 
sucked on a cancer stick
that filled the room 
with smoke so thick
that everyone in attendance
would have to testify
it was a decision made
by the Vinson impaired.

This went on for thousands of years
sometimes bloodletting interfered
but no matter who won
the final battle
humanity ended up
in the same room

Can you imagine Steve Jobs
in the middle ages
or even in Turkey
during WW1
he would have 
been slaughtered
by the Armien purges
or just some other lord
who could not tolerate
a smart ass

Today all that thought
is some kind of history
a battle goes on between 
reason and faith
and all the bad actors
who have ridden a 
perfect wave for centuries
are still controlling the break

Nevertheless the world is changing
so fast in history it
will be called
the F1 period
but its way to early 
to break out the Champagne
because the early
winner looks

In Vegas the house looks lost!

Notice what happens between June and September everyear. Is this the year Vegas goes dry? Yet the band plays on. I wonder if the turbines in the Hoover Dam can be retroffited to use steam? Oh I forgot you also need water for that.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

An active day for good law(yers)

Model of a reactor safe for Japan
A judge in Japan has said " now just hold on a second" about restarting some Nuclear reactors in Japan. After Fukushima the only reactor that is safe in Japan is the flux reactor in the DeLorean.

Global Warming Predicts the oceans will act as a heat sink, but no one knows why the Ocean is heating up?

It seems obvious the heat is going into the water.

The Winner of the Orville Redenbacher for best popcorn taste and techology has been won by Orville Redenbacher!

I know my popcorn. I have boiled it in oil on the stove, air popped it and nuked it in the microwave. 

The new microwave pop up bowl is the best thing ever. One caveat the Teflon coating on the bags that may kill you could still be in the pop up. Other than that its fantastic. Lets just hit the highlights. No mess, the package is the bowl, the package is the bowl, its the Seinfeld episode of popcorn. Once you have figured out how long to cook it on ten, you have virtually no unpopped kennels, no unpopped kernels. The bowl traps the heat and because there is no product transfer your butter will melt better, your butter melts better.

Cops are not in any way terrorists Thinkaboot it?

Since the year 2000 there are 5600 people who died by the hand of a LEO. Traffic accidents have killed more than 300,000.  Terrorists well under 2000.  So where should society be spending trillions of dollars on prevention/national security?

Bubbles Enters the Fray!

Some people say Don Cherry, but Bubbles has my vote as the most trusted character in Canada today. Mess with Bubbles at your own risk, for one thing he is sure to be paroled before you are!

Pads Smads

Panasonic 20 inch 4K Pad

I am not convinced anyone will stick with a pad unless your using it as a prop for your elevator speech.  Most smartphones are more than adequate to handle all a user needs. But if pad you must, thats not a pad, this is a pad. rips the man a new and large one!

Monty Pythonesc product of all rights surrended:)
Just when you have become aware enough to realise all lawyers are sharks whose only wish is to become killer whales, you find a golden retriever. A dogged individual fetching the information you need without slobbering.

If you interact with the world owned by the MAN, you must read this post. Its copyright infringement notice protection from notices that only work to fool you.

How to fix the Gardnier Express way!

The answer lies at the bottom of Hong Kong Harbour.  Drop precast tunnel sections into the great lake. Engineering, finance, and project management solutions that do not need to be invented. A well proven path. We have the know how, we have the money, we have the virgin lake bottom, build now. If cost was not prohibitive why not have two lanes that are reversible with exits only at Spadina and the tunnel start finish.

Keep the old raised section and turn it into a park/bike lane. 

Two solutions from world class cities that Toronto should adopt today.

A more holistic plan would see some of the existing Gardnier real estate sold for condo's. Then take some of the funds and use them to finance a Singapore like public housing development. So I have solved the Gardnier, parkland, and TDHB in one post.

Why does no one ever talk?

Anytime anyone anywhere questions the official line
its instantly determined to be a conspiracy theory
and the teller has no official time
they are just labelled crazy
and the powers that be
ask the citizens
if there was any truth to this
would not one person find
a way to simply tell the story
there is no way to cover up
a crime
that changed the world
with a fifth avenue hustle and flow
selling an alternative narrative
someone will talk
and after all the government
cant deliver the mail
how are they going to pull
off the crime of the century
as if the space shuttle did
not have millions of moving parts
and D day was a Sunday picnic.

Former Senator Bill Graham is squawking.
Its clear the world is already at war. Russia, China and Iran vsthe masters of the Universe proxies, US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
The truth is threatening to crack the space time continuum  
potential energy enough to shatter the reality dysfunction bubble
that has been growing exponentially
released from the incubator
by Constantine.

Monday, 13 April 2015

NSA surveillance state started decades before 911 in support of the war on drugs.

With the overwhelming success of the drug war we can expect terrorism to be legalised and taxed within 20 years.

Ontario Goes Cap in Trade

A carbon tax seems like a far more sensible solution. However Paul Krugman loves cap in trade. Therefore I must conclude it has high level economic pluses hiding in its complexities. The good news is we are finally doing something. I just hope we are not past the tipping point.

Looking back we should have had this tax about 1945. I wonder what we are doing today that is just as stupid as indiscriminate carbon burning. Maybe, nano plastics? For sure Genetically Modified Organism. General use of pharmaceutical drugs, psychotropics for humans, and anti biotics for animals.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

No one cares about ideology anymore

Its like a star trek universe
where everything pre
warpspeed is just false
and the only wrapper
we can put around
the head
is power throght
and that prettuy sigmoiftcat
compared to lead

everybody get off the couch
and try to sing
ot sing baby
I love the planet
thats really my 
you know I love
you baby blue earth
a water jewel
in  a dry solar system
because if the eartyh
just goes away
I will be left in space
a place with no nation
worse than an a Africain Vacum
because no wet worker 
can last in a vacuu,m
no ,matter how bog
boggiliste teh host
maybe a big maN
WITH A few Nukes
or private rocets
that , make a lot of sense
win wwin wiente tadtes\t
tje  mushrooms
of the muind
like peyote
with crimals
in the brains
whoo whoo whooo
how to doooo dooo dooo due
I knwow\\\know know know know
but no one ever
asked mee

to perform on the
big T^
,au most popular element
in this universe

Just in time for the Election we learn about Ms Hillary's reaction to the Lewinsky

Thats not a photo shop, Grandaddy Bush with Hitler

She bashed in his head 
but he never died
just some real liquid
on the sheets of 
a Presidential
sleep place
drenched over
time in blood

I do not think
Hillary Clinton
is a revolution

Between her and Jebber
I can see little daylight
both captians of the tIATNCI
where everyone
has a machine gun
and is looking for an exit

Replacking Rum, Sodome and the Lash with KODI

China built an empire on a log foundation
piled up over thousands of years with 
amputated penis's
Try and wrap your head 
around an empire lasting 
6000 years built upon
sawed off cocks

England ruled the world
through Rum Sodomy and the Lash

So just how does our current empire
match those hard ways
because power
it does not come
it preys

What we got right now
is a failure to communicate
by the forces of good
you can no longer
cut off a mans cock
and expect him to serve
you can no longer
sweep him off the street
fuck him up the ass
and expect your battleship 
is going to last

So with modern times
come new abuses
and they are all 
built in animal behaviour
who know our minds
too well for 
us to resist
the siren call

Noam Chomsky, Leonard Cohen and Herbert Marshall McLuhan
are the holy trinity
of warriors
fighting to save humanity
from their pathetic 
self betraying
lizard brains

The MAN is telling us
every day how smart we are
how nobody could control
while at walmart 
puppet string is always on sale
and the tv
plays endlessly in 
the bedroom no
matter how poor
what is on
we watch
because we were programed that way
flashing lights or diodes or bright colours
are like fireworks
to Zombies
for the lizard brain
did I mention
attention span
is measured in lizard hours
and deep reactions to stimulus
like Pavlov's dog
more interested in electrical stimulation
than food

Swarming mass linked up Pirates
have seen this movie too
they act out because
being a punk is
a human condition
so true
so much like Ragnoor Lothbrooke
who would bash in your skull 
with his axe
but he might not
if you just asked
him why
Why do you kill indiscriminately
and have babies
with so many women?

We all love a Pirate king
who is a little naughty
but at the core
so willing
to make a Queen
out of a fetching women
who was so desprate to live lif
she did whore

Today as we go to sleep
totally connected to everyone
who spies on us 
lets give a little love
to the genius
in their parents basement
or maybe have cashed in some
silicon valley chits
to make Kodi

Its the real shit
no bunk
get on Kodi
and your can 
end every sentence
with an Rrrrrr
so apropos
because the people on this
earth who are most statistically
significant and winning
are Germans
they got both Charlie Sheen
and Donald Trump winning

The Gnarly parts of life
are now not your responsibility
the total experience of entertainment
is now free
except for the bandwidth

Kodi is just a start
smart people know
how to wrap the lizard brain
in the proper drugs
so that human
is all that remains.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Weather terrorists waging war on the midwest

Put out a poster
with mother nature
in the main frame
no climate change
just bad weather

A sniff of Internatioal Pussy did nt start with Lewinskey

Is that not the scent
that has motivated
the man
since the beginning
of recorded time

Come now people
do not pretend
that men
have not made this
a penis shaped world
and all around the crossest
ones we celibate
or a few of us vote
for the next\
great one

No doubt when the cock
is elected its very hard
for him
to resist the scent of pussy
comming from the world
where he is emperor
and pussy is all
Monica Lewinsky

I dont often spell, use grammer properly or do anything with comformity but still if you read whats printed you will get the point.

Tony Oil Spill on the most expesive Real Estate in Canada

Who knows it could mean 
going forward
in the future
of spills
when such 
actions will be
called crimes
because if you can
go to jail
in Vancover
for gardening
pissing crude
into English Bay
should be considered
major crime

Now multiply this
crime non diluted
a million times
over all the oceans
of the world
stop to save
the planet from 
the burning of bunker
its hell on the pistons
as well