Friday 29 April 2016

Its not working, Its not working

We need a celstail mechamic

Today I realize I am an old white man racist bastard

Never heard of being triggered before
its the faint echo of Post Tramatic
I cant handle the truth syndrome
shit happens and some one has to
clean it up.

For centuries that worked until
the cleaners realized
what I am doing
is not natural

What triggered me was
Jeff Healy park
and the teens playing
the zlyophone
long after dark

Everyone who has ever lived
was at one time a teen
you want to fuck with them
you fucking hypocrites
let them be

Give teens everthing
because when they grow
up they will rule this world
and get off my grass
has been well proven
over and over
a stupid answer

I am a true bastard
born out of wedlock
never knew my father
and my mother
is a deliverance aunt

I grew up free of predujice
because we were homogenous
and islolated from the
real world

I knew a Jew
and saw a black man
in grade six
I saw no need to take any
other opinon

Then I grew up
and realized the world
was a patchwork quilt
of people and cultures
trying to eat
a fixed pie

Wealth creation
is all bullshit
is real Adam Smith
you eat
you live
you have more food
than you need
you progress

I am 57 years old
I was born out of wedlock
in 1958

Born into our oto
of religious authenty
makes no differance to me

Should I defer to people who
were marriad and did not
abandon me?

No fucking way
my envy of their
should motivate me

But it does not
and thats my point
we live we breath
and most never take
into account as I have
being a diffulct birth
another prospective

Yeah Men not me
have a mistriss
everytime if they
can jump the hopes
of folly
at the power

So much easier is to
be in love and
grow old with your
but for those masters of
the universive
a trophy wife
is a matter
of faith

I gotta wife
and she is
as the chomogram
on the space ship that
sank on
planet of the Apes

Yeah she is so white
you should see her skin
Irish and Polish genes
making something
that causes men
to do that bezerk

Now for the world
I wish I could do
the same thing

We funny humans
have a history
and everthing
you see in the
mass media

This is so important to undersand
like if you invested in APPL
in 1979. like no legs
from Foresst Gump

Truth is all an illusion
when its all made up
and we make up everthing
every day
tell me that you
never had the time
to play

Blacks, Arbos, and Native peoples
seemed to never have got the message
we ar living in 2016

Now is that their fault for being intitunaly challenge
like a genis\
that joined the cour de bois
because he or her liked

Great Apes rule this planet
and we are on the sixth round
draft pick of success
and if you want to go]
somewhere besides
episode seven
appriiate everyone
and especially the JEWS
they have no special wisdom
just a momentum to compete.

Zero Hedge revealed

I love this Blog. Its a conspiracy therorists wet dream. Now we know who Tyler Durden is. He is three people. Wow the three most productive people in the world.

Thursday 28 April 2016

Dog poo + pedophilia + Facebook = $65,000

How many ways is Facebook giving humanity marching orders, let me count the ways.
What if Facebook was evil? I am very parinoid about such devices.
As the boss said ” All men want to be rich (how sexist boss). rich man want to be king, and the king is never satisfied until he rules everything”

Lord Acton said ” Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

The power of Facebook to know everthing about humans and use that information to manipulate the artifical world we have created is really in play. We are going to need legions of terrific internet Lawyers in the Future.  Beacause we are just humans who cant restrain ourselves logically.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Plotting the Saudi face Plant

Mohammad Bin Salman

fires his decades long serving oil minister.
While the idea of privitization is a laudable. In practice it creates a new pluotracy where the consumer is gouged by individuals with little or no accountablity. Can you name anywhere in the world where privitization worked?

Sand Soponoes

Sunday 24 April 2016

Getting Jiggy for the Seven

Not often a remake makes my pulse rate advance. If you watch the original magnificent seven its charming but so dated only fans of the actors would love it. This looks absolutely fabulous.

H/T  J&J Productions

Why the money is in advertising

Thinkaboot it, most start ups that havemade billions are only new ways to advertise, new ways to gather eyeballs.  I want a pair. Nikon has branded me.

Saturday 23 April 2016

Steve's big Adventure

Its like Pee Wee's but without a bicycle. Also it includes my wife and the only theatre is a home one.

The sense of adventure cultivated by being a voracious reader as child and permanently ingrained in my being by travelling the world burns wickedly. This is our common DNA. A subject poorly tackled but visually satisfied in the remake of Point Break.

The set piece of my dream is a 58 foot, 11 inch floating cocoon generically called a 575 Oyster. If I was to pick from the litter today I would be on cloud 9, the 11th hull delivered, in cherry. USD $1.4 million ex works Spain Vat Excluded. All in by the time I arrived at Hawaii your looking at a $2 million dollar bill.

I first read about Oysters in the Economist decades ago. They used the sailboats design as a metaphor for good economic decision making. Allegedly a Oyster sailed through the perfect storm like grey pupon sitting on the tray in a Rolls Royce. If an Oyster was a car it would be a Volvo built by Jaguar. If my dreams were on a budget I would ride a Bavaria. Half price by the foot new. As they say the sea is a harsh mistress and my due diligence tells me if I want to go blue she is the pearl of the fleet.

Never go into blue water with less than 50 feet in your hand, Its a math thing having to do with the amplitude of the waves. Essentially if your boat is shorter than the wave height, the ride is expontentaily worse as the disparity increases. (Ed note, most blue water sailor's ride between 35 and 42 ft). The most important part of any ocean voyage is not ending up in Davey Jones locker.

This invention looks like the key to survival should you find yourself in the middle of the perfect storm. Its a variation of the sea anchor which is designed to slow down your boat and essentially increase displacement.  Sydney to Hobart 1998 was the 911 of sail boating. An interesting footnote is this race was won by tech God Larry Ellison. The post mortom shows that a Jordan Series Drogue might have saved most boats. Secondly although many sailors swear the waves were coming from all directions,  physics does not support this conclusion. A good auto sailor may have kept boats going in the right direction. Its unlikely I would ever get caught in this kind of maelstrom, but its an event I must prepare for.

Avoiding bad weather is the best idea.  Even without high speed Internet every sailor today can get the big picture and avoid the eye of the storm. High speed Internet is possible in most of the world. Like everything involved with sailing its expensive. A couple of thousand US a month, plus $35,000 up front for the equipment. All this for a mere 3Mbps.

Internet, Radar, Sonar, GPS, Thermal Cameras, Auto pilot, refrigeration, watermaker, big screen tv's. audio systems, marine audio, computers, let alone aircondition, and you have a big power challenge. Considering some passages take 30 to 40 days at best, there is no way to bring enough diesel to rely on a generator to make your way around the planet.

Fortunately green energy has really arrived for the well heeled. The biggest leap forward is storage. Lithium batteries are 70% lighter than any of the alternatives. They also take up way way less space. They can be cycled thousands of times more than lead. The charge characteristics make using a generator way more efficient. In fact without lithium I would not be able to live my dream.
Keeping with the program for 720 Amp hours which should power everything except air con for 24 hours the cost for batteries alone is about $14,000 US,

There are amazing solar options, and I would literally cover most of the deck, the bimi and the davits to have up to 3000 watts capacity. Solibian makes flexible panels that you can walk on.

Solara makes 22% efficient panels engineered for decades at sea. It costs roughly $10 a watt, so another $30,000 for panels. As an aside never wire your panels in parrall, its perilous. If one panel fails the whole system crashes,

Hydro generation has been a staple of the blue water cruiser but WattandSea have this much refined. They claim its no parasitic?  At $4000 for a 600 Watts @ six knots, its a steady reliable bargain.

Cant forget about the wind. When sailing maybe not a great option, but when moored good for 1000 watts in a good breeze.

Fuel cells redundancy. Cool tech without flammable gases.

A lighting strike is like terrorism to the sailor. Very unlikely to be touched by it but if it happens. your not in a good place. At a minimum all your electronics could be fried. Therefore I would keep critical backups in a Faraday cage. Once again prevention is the best medicine. fascinating tech. Emp claims the first advance in 260 years.

Next to a lighting strike the biggest killer problem is loosing your rudder. Even if you have a replacement plan, if it cant be auto piloted you may die of fatigue.

Given the robust nature of an Oyster I cant see abandoning ship except for striking a submerged container.  The Portland pudgy tender is an interesting option but I will stick with the traditional life raft.

Tenders are essential for off the beaten track rendezvous. If you want to visit Easter Island your going to need a good tender. At 68lbs for 9 feet we have a winner,

The last major choice is what kind of anti fouling paint to apply. Before you can visit the Galapagos Islands your hull will be checked by a diver. So its critical that you leave Panama in great shape. My research points in one direction. A 60 ft boat will likely need $20,000 worth of work.

I would like to now patent a small gas barby made for sailboats. Its on a gymbal system and has clamps for attaching to the back rail. Weber make it so.

The final destination for the first leg is Florida. Due to the Zika virus any crew still planning on childbirth would have to have a good supply of frozen eggs or it may be a journey they regret.  In Florida the boat would be pimped up, new Yammar, and all the goodies installed.

Second leg would be through Panama, to Galapagos, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Tahiti and finally Hawaii.

Friday 22 April 2016

Be Happy

thats the biggest challage for the human race

Great appliances do not make life

they only are salt and pepper

Purple Rain Purple Rain I only want to see you one more time again in the rain

Rain falls like an eraser from heaven
and over time it will
wipe everything out
drop by drop
and as it beats against
my forehead
can I remember
your name forever
and how we discovered
what was wet
and what was shiny
and how two skins
could slide
in the right atmosperich 
when the rain
was purple pinker
and blue
in fact more colours
than patented
they were all
all true

Thursday 21 April 2016

The Empire is fallen and I dont know how to behave!

That's the future that is our present
everything we always believed in 
has fallen down

We see that the superheros
are just us behind
gold curtains
and good communications

Every talent is comprised
or they get a horse head
in their bed
to let them know
on on on
no matter
what with
the show

This whole system is 
breaking down
like the ice caps
it goes slowly
drip by drip
until it all
crashes down
and the waves
that emanate
are to big to be
ignored by the holi
poli because they
still recognise
the condition

World fucked up beyond belief
in ways that no war can cure
there is no enemy
no the enemy as the comic says
is our self
we are all living in a bipolar
fight club world
with chronic skeet preoccupies
looking at so many dichotomies
and pleasures
and public service
so gilded in that cage
that everyone wants to be
in that prison
because on the outside
its fucking bleak
engineers wanting to invent stuff
are working at star bucks
and flypapers who
need to move the ball down the field
are working at call centres
making the irrational people
feel the system is meeting 
their needs

The humanity that conquered the world
that was omnipresent with every notion
has been breached by the absolute truth
people for the most part are out 
of their fucking minds
and the few that have any sense
are either ignored or take over the party
and love every favour

The law of uni tended consequences 
should never be ignored
especially if you want
to do something stupid

Case in point the Catholic Church
problem crazy sons were
not priest like
solution celibacy
result a huge number of fathers
for centuries diddling alter boys

I cant think of a time or a case
where humans got it all right
the French Revolution for sure
and American Independence
was a great cure.
But the winners did not learn
and like the Who said
new boss same as the old boss
but in both cases the new boss
was less anal retentive
and the ball moved
down the field so far
its no longer football
its a sailing regatta

Now today right here
in your neighbourhood
the future exists
and the past we should all 
know about 
and the present sucks 
like a 50 calibre chest wound

So how to get some air back
into our collapsed lungs?
That's what I am thinking aboot
and everyone should do the same
because when you cant breath
you got a very rational aspect
on life that overcomes
prejudice and wealth and status
humanity has to say to itself
hey we want to live

There is no science fiction
only a distribution of resources
and sure some lazy pigs will abuse
the system
but the majority
will propel us so far
the Gods we think control everything
will admire our mathematics.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Monday 18 April 2016

What a modern leader looks like


For those that missed it he understands the basics of quantum physics. Choleric leaders pretend to not understand what they know. Basically let love rule, don't sweat what people want to do, worry about making society work.

The Greatest City in the World

A Toronto Hydro worker installs a wireless hub device at a street light in 2006 for the OneZone project. The Wi-Fi service was initially free, but once subscribers had to pay $30 a month for the service, or $10 a day, or $5 an hour, demand dropped off.

A Toronto Hydro worker installs a wireless hub device at a street light in 2006 for the OneZone project. The Wi-Fi service was initially free, but once subscribers had to pay $30 a month for the service, or $10 a day, or $5 an hour, demand dropped off.

Don't confuse greatest with best, although they are not mutually exclusive. For the record Vienna Austria is the best city in the world. Sometimes New York cities Dutch heritage leaks through the cracks in the sidewalks leaving diamonds behind. This experiment in free public gigabyte speed wifi is a treasure for the world to covet. Well done New York City.  Oh yeah Toronto was, was being the operative word,  a decade ahead before it fell into the same old traps. Every good idea that fails is not necessarily the fault of the idea.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Holding 911 Hands

Dubaibanker's picture
There is something cooking for sure....
Obama meeting Saudis this week.
Saudis met Chinese in Saudi in Jan 2016 and signed a comprehensive strategic partnership.
Chinese will start gold trading in Yuan on Apr 19, 2016.
Saudis delivered a message last month about US Treasuries to US.
Saudis meeting Russians since last July.
Saudis talking of selling Aramco shares.
Last week Yellen met Obama secretly.
Last week Obama paid a rare CIA visit.
Even US Congress was updated about impact of US foreigners holding US treasuries on March 28, 2016
More data
We also have the news of Saudi appearing in a risk report by a British insurance comapny - Aon claiming a heightened risk of a coup.

Saudi Arabia risks coup or insurrection – global study

let me explain

I  am still laughig at all the jokes.  If the world fails I will far to old to hear any joke

do not go all Cahaes v bronsons with that attack

kiulll the t

troubled I am

so do not think a single thing aboot

Gramed spedkal prlvege

ye nm

feverish for yo

after all 
so hot
its a flame
that can never be extigused
and that my life
forever fever
for you

even the artifical you looks beaufti to me

Take a paint brush to your face
and suclpt your body
with plastic
it reamaions\
whjat you sougjht\
and why

and other questions
did uy dop,,,
opn earth

dealing with death everyday

If I had seen this at 33  I would have been distured by now its all natural, It sucks , sucks sucks sucks sucks, and we have so many cures and more fuk yopu


if only you knew 
how much I loved you
free of of the chater
that is lif
=hat would be fit
on true love
and no one
has that

How I love the

Its hard to descibe
as close to impossbe;
you lift my brain
clean off at the first stage

and after than I am all
swimming in sucroce
or something sweetre
barely no  no chance
of functin in the swew
of loving you

I cant breathe
I cant exist
I cant take a step
wihout you

Love love love live
totaly lone survior
wiht you

Stretch the fabric of space and time thats your mind

Our world is a sailboat in the galaxy and dont get me stared on the Universe

been travelling in time
and on whose dime
that's the question
the answer too
I need to find
travelling in time

I am a tiny spec on the cruise ship earth
which is a subatomic particle
in the universe
yes I am fucking small
still somehow feel 
oh the hubris
that allows me
to think I am important
or that the Universe
as expressed by God
even cares
if I care
aboot thinking
needed for the universe
to fulfil its potential
like a squirrel who wont
gather nuts
because its nature
had to much nurture
and now I am that
nihilist squirrel
who just gets kicks
playing in traffic
trying to identify
the motorists
with empathy

The HVAC of the system
is seriously fucked up
to much dust, too much
CO2, too much poison
and heat to keep our world
spinning beautiful green and blue
clear water is dead water
and sand is a dessert 
for all but the biggest

I have a tremendous capacity to believe
in things that are not true
just because they make me feel
six degrees of separation from blue
which means in my book
spending an eternity with you
and you and you
the ones I love
and want to meet
every place
on every street

Tiger never change their spots
and leopards run the same
lanes no matter what
the game
because we are animals
and animals
behave in predictable
ways no matter how
many Tony Frankenstein's
program them to 

Fundamentally if we want to survive
the discussion must change
from how we change everything
to how we must not change
the world was fine until we
got the file 
and believed
humans were the best OS
when really we all know now
deeep down we were just
a virus

Our mods are profound
and ultimately terrible
and so unnecessarily terminal
like New York City
big Apple shattered
so many times 
yet the best survive
and actually thrive
and move the ball down
the field unorthodox style
humanity is like Tebow
winning the Superbowl

Love is a burning thing
says Johnny Cash
and I agree
its what makes us
and sane
and everything else
we bring to our game
But love can not be quantified
or explained
so irrational is our base program
and that's a waste
in the land of ones and zeros
and the corporation
can not stand bad
math because they
are all invested
in predictable outcomes
and human variables
make even the best prognosticators
Nostradamus of folly
because no one has more
fun than people
and when they were supposed
to be killing game
most of the time 
they wished they 
were singing

The human patient is dying
and faces extinction
and it will take most of the mammals
with him
the planet will not die
no its seen at least 6 supercylces 
and maybe more
the only ones I can talk about
is the ones where most the humans

Ever heard of Noah?
or maybe Lazours
long life
maybe the idea of Thor
brings the lighting
to your sheeple brain
but somehow 
you have to wake up Zombie
cause humanity is now not 
just a dead man walking
we are the walking dead
a pestilence on the planetary
and God is going to 
exterminate us with the 
green certified pesticide
we call global warming
People today living in Phoenix
at 120 degrees thinking they
are all ICUSR with carbon 
fibre wings

We are the 6ht extinction 
and thats my rock band
we will Mad Max soundtrack
the eve of destruction
with lyrics not just sound

Can a knife falling be caught
safely Sensie
well if you got Kevlar gloves
its clear
sharp blades will not cut you
but the problem is 
to wear such equipment in the
cage is seen by the masters of the universe
as violation of the rule
or as they see it
there is not rule
only gold
and what gold thinks
is what I think
cause I am a very
heavy metal

If humanity is to survive
we got to share
but we can not go to places
where the loudest voices
get all the places there

After the 5th extinction
the survivors gathered somewhere
and they found people of every colour
and all creeds
of every superstitious belief

They were all speaking in tongues
and no one could understand
cause SIRI no longer exists
in this timeline
people wanted to talk
but the tech was
not back

What we know of the fifth extinction
is very limited but many markers exist
Islam, Sikhism, Mormonism, Christianity
and too many cults to mention
where not part of the equation
they did not exist in the fifth world
I describe
they are successful innovators
in the psyche of today people
and who is to say that's a bad
innovation is the only thing that
can prevent the 6th extinction

Reliably we must assume that
the Greeks know the most about
the 5th world, after that the Vikings
have something similar to say
and then the Jews recorded
a typically self aggrandising
account of all of the above.

After that tales from distant
cultures that could not be cognisant
are unreliable. For sure there was a lot
going on in Egypt and South America
but maybe it was echos of the fourth
or the third, hell what do I know

Do squirrels have Gods
and do they see humans so
that the existential question
answered by the LEGO movie.

So enough with the preamble
you know if you read long
there would be solutions
at this store.

The world is like a sailboat
totally equipped with every
rail gun security
that hit a submerged
container that had it
been made of steel
would never have\
happened because the sonar
would have change course
oh yes the ship of humanity
is the real deal
the problem was
as all the people in
the enquiring will agree
was barnacles
yep despite the most advanced
tech on the know planet
with sonar that could pick
the pepper out of flyshit
the boat hit the CUC
steel 40 foot traitor of humanity
It was never meant to be a stealth element
made in Malaysia of crappy steel to was
floating cause an act of God
or some call it weather
caused it to fall offstage
and just float
on the vast ocean
like a canary
in a coal mine singing
but disguised by all
the coal dust
and the barnacles that attached themselves
over time to this cubit
made detection impossible
it was biological stealth

Hitting that was
close to as exciting of sex
expert in this case erectile dysfunction
mean death
and the little blue  pill
means death.

There are people
maybe they existed in the fifth age
I am sure they did
Can their voices
and brains
compete with
the random
nature of being human
cause if we want to live
we must sublimate ourselves
for the greater good

this is not a challenge for 99% percent of the people
who now exist on this planet
but the unfortunate thing or
the blessed thing
is the situation exist
where the people
with control
can decide they
don't want it all
and share
and be human
and that is just to
have sex drugs and rock and roll
who care really as a human animal
about anything else

Friday 15 April 2016

The Cheapest Refuge

If society fails it will be the 1% who are responsible. Would it not have been smarter to share more and not live underground like Scrooge Mc Duck?

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Civil War in the USA?

The state of Chicago is dismal.  Read it and weep.

John Prine should write a song about this bankruptcy

Mr Peabody is broke. Happy Seventieth John, could you have gotten a sweeter present.

“And Daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County
“Down by the Green River where paradise lay?”
“Well, I’m sorry my son, but you’re too late in asking
Mister Peabody’s coal train has hauled it away”

Monday 11 April 2016

great seascram

we do not go need to go to sea
anyymore to seek fortune
and that something we
and the wales can both

so hard to forget highscool though we shoud

Cause you know everthing
at eienting
and if momma and poppa
agere you will be the cnterrly]de

degree and its mb beebv ben that
way throughort recorded time
why do that men alaway\
have to rise
when women *IMH
are the best pricsz.


I think I have idendifed next to Tony Robbins evey elemet needed for succecss. This crew seems to have completely foucusd on the bullshit. There is truth in every measure, that does not mean the whole lie is a truth just because they got the simple part.

Listen to the sound of your own voice

Listen to the sound of your own voice
cause if you look at anyone
who has risen
like a phoniw
they had done tha
against all odds
but the greatest of
saw low hanging fruit

Yahoo had humans searching
Google brought in programming
and what will happen to humanity
when demcracy is decisted
by the hive mind?

This world is a pretty fuck up place
with injustice  everywhare
I say to evreyone do not get caught
up in this place
their is no solution
their are ideas
and their are
any culture or gorverment
that can not rise on its own
we can give no help
and in the case of North Korea
if they get more
send in a nuke drone

Bringing it back to local
jobs are a fucking joke
there is no opporitmtyu
and we are dismal
as we spoke
except unless you can be excellent
at being a slave
like in the move
12 years
where the women
out perfromed and got
killed as a reward
myabe it did not help
she was involantaryu\
fucking the owner
cause the wife
was chaste

Saturday 9 April 2016

Solar :You have come a long way my sun

Who really pays outragous Internet Prices for 3rd world speeds?

Suprise, Suprise, Suprise its the off shore account holders.  In the lastest Canadian survey of broadband, they did not even whimper. Talk about taking your medicine in silence. Wow dont link Bell or Rodgers to these plans. First you need to buy a $35,000 USD modem/reciever just to get 3 Mbps download speeds. This is plainly unfair. Mr Trump close the speed gap for the mega rich.

Thursday 7 April 2016

Living in turmoil

When there is no security
one is truly alive
because to believe
is to die
in so many ways
and for most the
truedeath far to young
and most likely

there are no walls to build
to protect from life
rather bridges
to make
to connect
to the world
and let the world
know you
on every channel

The Purge
Saw Movies 
the Hills have eyes
all have one purpose
to make us think
cause that fantasy
is only three square meals
over a week
from reality

Starving peasants
can be a distraction
or a threat
and we play 
this game daily
big time

Tuesday 5 April 2016

there is no second
I feel some thiing 
elese when I talk to you

I am travelling to
someplace else
every time I am within
one meter of you
time stops
life stops
and then you talk'
and I try so hard
to keep up
with your read
but I am still'
so lost in
the beautiful

comfortaly numb

ye that is real

all the things I still dont know

After all this time you would
think I got it all figured out
but hmans are not like
rings on trees
you never know despite
the age just how juvinle
they are at heart

So it goes

Goo Goo Dolls - City Of Angels Lyrics

Artist: Goo Goo Dolls

And I'd give up forever to touch you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't wanna go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Well sooner or later, it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
All the moments of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am


Keep Playing Baby

why keep on keeping on when
you cant keep up
thats a question
that separates 
the men from the sheep
no matter how beautiful

The harder they fall
the more Jesus is real
its programming
and I can not be coded

No one can save me 
but me
bottom line
that's the mathematical result
and it also tells
me math is hard
and I will never
master it
so just get over it
and survive

Everyone plays the lottery everyday
not to the extreme of those 
who play or wish to play pro sports
or be actors or politicians
but we all compete for a few spots
on this world
we call work

and now the fucking robots
are taking away the 
low hanging fruit
making a good legal case
for being a luddite
just like Malthous
a few centuries too late

If we could all live like Germans or Austrians or
even the French
life would be
a delicious

loss joss

taking it all in
its so big 
I dont have that imagination
just looking at the dailies
and wonder
what happened to film

Soaring like a point break stunt
at the simpelist thing
and then the Drudgery
in the headlines
and the toxic life
of a worker
in a time of PTSD
for every occupation
cause its all mental

One way or another there is going
to be a revolution
frogs in the pan
are many
but some will
be toads

How Game of Thrones

And that is exactly how the world works
we are told to behave as serfs
while the politbreu behave as children
with a trust fund
and can do anything
and we pick of the trash
after the worst

Monday 4 April 2016

Thanks to ID we know everything thinkabioot is bull hockey , so what to do with reality?

life is death
and caeser\
come s  so
live mhters
cause the
in evey bad
senario was
and if the internet
can spell out the peeps
god bless it

Warring I hope its not to late, cause I can not predict earhquakes, but climate change is so real

Do you truly love anyone?
Do you know what it means
to be filled with joy 
just because they are
beside you voluntarlly
no handcuffs
no robots
no Scarlet Johanson
just real people in 
love doing the 
day to day

That world is about to be upeneded
if you do not strike now
and it may be too late
but at least you can tell
your contrecptioin
it was too little to 

We are facing down the big extiction
and the powers that bee
are still foucued 
on banking
sorry dude
when climate change cums
your ATM is goo
and you got no chance
to be a bad boy
cause its all