Wednesday, 29 June 2022

No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition


I have no real dog in this hunt. I would not want to live in Russia.

I would not want to have Putin as my lord

but I am conviced its better than than alternative for Ukraniel

NATO built up Ukraine to make Putin take his doggy poo

in the face.

They were totally convinced the USA USA USA

with Ukraine bodies could bloody Russia 

into a retreat if not surrender.

This has been proven wrong

Sunday, 26 June 2022

We will never know if Paul Mcartny was in the bad Kaatu

 What we do know

is they made a magnificent plea

to the universe

they called to occupants of 

interplanetary craft

to come in their advanced


and push humanity over the hump

of faster than light speed.

Paul Mcartney just turned 80

and he is still a Beatle

Ukraine I been thinkgingaboot a long while and I have not changed my mind, in fact the facts on the ground vindicate the idea this was a war that did not need to happen.

 So we fall and fall

and tthe shell destroy

us with the shriek

of speration

and the death 

on the other



just like



is there anything so important

yes it seem

its called Ukraine

and its outcome

is a threat to this world

that makes Global

warming seem trehant

because a nuclear

war finsshes the planet

far before even the most


climate change models

Saturday, 18 June 2022

CHockey is not something I obsess about, and when I comment you know its going to be heavy like a Weber slap shot

  may not have revealed this before that I am a history major. However had I taken one more

bird Economics class I would have not only a Masters from the U of A but also a degree in Economics. This would have
lead me down a pathway that I would not want to travel. Dont call me Marks. Dont call me Engles. Dont hate me because my mind is beautiful. A beautiful mind thats what I have and its a better than not having a mind. Of course its easy for me to say I am beauty
did not Trump become president the same way?

Peace Habs fans enjoy summer until the draft comes. I get swept away every year and alway end up on the rock by shore of the ghost of Eddie Shore who made his goalies stand up with a lariat and his D men stay at home by strapping them to a chair. The crazy thing is he won a whole bunch.

We got the whole Marvel and DC unaversive picking from the containers
full of UTES that come our way. How many containers full of utes does it take
to win the Stanley Cup. I would say many thousands until you get a team
that can fit in a 20 footer. The whole team plays 200 feet and thats
all it takes because everyone can skate and check but the place where Eeagles soar in the playoffs is the abilty for the jouney men, the sad sack of the regulare season to score. To sorcr and scopre score elevator score like the fourth round is an exprees to you make noise when  wehn weeeee n we say you play 80 games withoug
Finish and your are Finsished

I am Legend


This was a very very well done remake of the Charaton remake

and it makes you wonder if Heston had the same

forces working for him

what a classic he would have made

Damm Dirty Apes

and Fools

on the beach

but still if you get hung

up by a Zombie

caging your video


you cant be that much

big on  sitrap

its lazy for you to get

rabbit trapped

by Zombies

 time time to hear about time, so do not distract

me beause the present and the past and the future

combine in ways no one can understand

but the one constant

is bad practices in the past

lead to a future of the same

Steve Miller Steve Miller he is like a solo Supertramp

 That is Steve Miller speaking about his truth circa 1975.

That what whatever happed I have to say in no longer true
there is no big jetliner, its been taken out of service like
the Aribus 380 which must have been outfitted with engines
by the bosses son. It was as big a failure as the 747 was a success. Did I ever tell you about the time I was in the cockpit of a 747 and some vagbonds came looking for the Captain and I sacrificed myself and all they wanted was a tour. I hate to sse what I did myself over a silly tour on a jumbo jet. I think had there been less passengers at stake, the out come would have been mitigated. As in you stupid, dont be more stupid or I will Jean ClaUDE VAN Dam you with my feet and bitch slap you with my Steven Segal hands.

Sunday, 12 June 2022

To much information


I hate to see a civil war in Ukraine. but

that is what I see in this war.\\\

Everybody should be ashamed

but how to fix humpty when

he has been shot of the wall by

an alligator and run over

by a terminator/

The Blue crushed the Grey

and the Russians will

Crush the Ukraine's

with regret

Friday, 10 June 2022

Tossing around the existential threat

 Everyone is always saying

something about the extestieal

threat because its a five dollar

word in a five cent universe

Russia really faced down an extesntial 

threat so many times

there was Napoleon

and then the Germans

and then Yelstin

and now NATO

moving in 

the threat to Russia

is not military

Russia has proven

over centruries

you cant beat us in our home

the threat is the promise of a better

life and the simple path of surrender

to become a European or an American

Hard to resist that temptation

but the fact is 

if you are a third world state

membership in any number of organizations

is not going to make you first

Russia has brains and more brains

and natural resoures more than the whole world


do they really want to trade with Warren Buffet?

So the war in Ukranie is veiwed from this prisim

and the SEEE EYEE AAA ramped up the opostiton

who may have been NAZI from the get go

and Russia

had to respond

and they have beat the crap out of

the NATO proxie

and now the future

will be resolved


Monday, 6 June 2022

June Six will always be D day to me


saving private ryan

the movie it spoke

to this day

it was a very important day

in the history of our 

current civilization

because we made a trip

that was impossible

and we brought

with us


luggage to 

defeat the evil in front of us

True history would say that the Russians

where the sharp end of the spear

and the other allies

cleaned up.

It dont matter who scored the goals and who got assists

as long as the team won.

Today in Ukraine there is a type of D day action

in Severdonsk. Ukraine has made a statement

with actions that the Russians shall not pass

I  think its a mistake

but i called it before

the battle was done

is that not brave of me?