Sunday, 30 June 2019

Lost Civilizations

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f they were lost the last one
was in the middle east
a big nuck strike
changed everything

my only question is
why the advanced civilizations
did not care about the oil?
or maybe that was the reason
but it did not burn
as intented.

You have $3 million US to spend on a house

Would you buy this 55 acre Estate that as a bed and breakfast or even a hobby farm would be self sufficient.

Or would you buy this tiny house on a 22ft lot in the Little Italy of Toronto.
428 Euclid Ave - C4459032 property view 1

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Jews must die at least in the ARab World

Jews must die
in Isreal because it
might seze to exist
if the trend of the
timeline is not interupped
I have spoken many time
of the rabbit bomb future
but now there is a new
menance and it more
malignant and seemily
invendrerable to American

Its called the Iran
and the Syria
and the Jordan
and the Eypt
and maybe soon
the Saudia Arabia

On can keep an island
full of life and democracy
floating only for so
long in a world
of death
and the Invasion of Lebannon
was a death sentance for

It proved that the six day
war was an anomoly
that the enmimes of centeries
have watched the tapes
and will win the mideast
Stanley Cup

Grey Lady shame

Its all the truth the goverment says is fit to print.

Capitalism on my ass

Yeah I just bought a new
pair of Dockers which
is a Levi corp
and they were half
off and because it
is a mens store
no Micheal Jackson
Anyway there was a time
I was a 100% cotton man
and for that I would pay a
very good dime

Today I am all polyester baby
they have figured out the chemistry
so you dont stink
and it feels
great and drapes
like a super model

Anyone wearing Cotton
in the summer apocalypse will
become a Zombie of a sort
do not stick to the past
because cotton will 
kill you in the heat

Sci Fi Staples ready to be Harvested

Artist's concept of the asteroid 16 Psyche, which is thought to be a stripped planetary core

This is a solid gold asteroid. Does that mean I should short gold? Asteroid mining, ahh thats the future of labour.

2019 CH Draft Review

2019 NHL Draft - Round One

Cole Caufield is small but mighty and we might have got the steal of the draft. All this kid does is score.

2nd round we went off the boards to highschool, nabbing the best athlete that was tested in the combines. Apparently he has a ton of talent, upside and a mean streak. Perfect, just what we needed. Every team needs a Wilson or two.

The rest of the draft was shambolic by traditional means of judgement. Who knows what the next five years will tell.

Montreal is stocking up well with pure talent, players who think the game at warp speed, a little size a bigger D and we can plan the parade.

Meth Charged Super Attack Squirrel

In this June 2019 file photo released by the Limestone County Sheriff's Office, a squirrel is shown in a cage, in Ala.

Its one of Jones Spaceman's brothers
for sure
the owner says he is disappointed the
squirrel was doing meth.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

News just repeats itself

I am kinda fed up with reporting
because nothing I say changes
any outcome
so if I am just repeating myself
what the use of typing
blanks that have been \
fired a million times
and never hurt
in particular
the evil ones

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Raptors Win and History Swings

Image result for images of pierre elliott trudeau
We the north will
not be great white
but a rainbow
and thats
what PET
dispute his detractors
he has been
spot on.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Everything is a fucking lie

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There aint no good guys
there aint no bad
guys there is
just you and you
and how you navigate
to survive

The only tip I can give
you is that all people are
the same
we all have the same fears
and anxiety
the people in charge
just push those buttons
to stay in charge

snow mexicant no tarrif thought barrier

Image result for images of dragons burning city

Something has CHange
Trump is running around
like a Game of Thrones
and we have nothing
but the leftovers of burned
sheep in protest.

Trump has declared war
on the world through
all available means
and its not long
before those
means mean