Wednesday, 30 July 2014

canadians for foreskins

anal sex exists spreads due to lack of foreskins, circumcision is making us Gay and or perverts NTTAWWT
" exclusive interview with porn star who had to cut to stay in the anal game"

pleasure deprived citizens more likely to vote conservative, might be a correlation to foreskin removal , just saying

temporary weakness arms and wrists linked to masturbation  with no foreskin. Scientist searching if this is widespread amongst practitioners or just restricted to those cut off.

Moneyball analysis  of NHL players says circumcised players have not shot.
Montreal Canadians suing doctor who approved the Mexicant.

Women want to have YaYa surgury if married to circumcised male imperiling our heath care system

printed foreskin surgery replacement seen as economic boost. Premier says a million foreskin replacements will roll back the deficit.

You can spot a terrorist by his foreskin or lack thereove. Agent Glanis reveals "I could see from the scan he had no foreskin, thats what clued me in to the three sticks of dynomatie shoved up his ass". If you chose to be circumstanced Homeland is going to know your ass! Do not worry about whats in your laptop, care more about whats in you underwear bitch!

Condom makers in conspiracy to eliminate foreskins,  in their defence they say " look at tube is easy a water tower is hard"

Blame the Jews

For those of you not in your first rodeo with Thinking Aboot let me be clear.
I am not Jewish.
I have no family member going back generation that I know of who is Jewish.
I have been punished as a taxpayer by Jewish Lawyers seeking reparations for things that happened before my time and for the majority of citizens who survived WW2.
The Jews have unjustly taken land from the people of Palestine. (but who has not done the same sometime?)
I think Jews work together to better themselves without regard to how this will hurt the competition.
Its hard to believe but in the Jewish religion they are the chosen people. No one else but the Jews would be so self centered.

I believe that blame for everything is placed upon the Jews because they are a easy platform for the weak mind. I robbed a bank, must have been the Jews.  I started a war, damm those Jews.

Thats not to say that the worlds ie US foreign policy has a symbiotic relationship with governments having Jews. However the idea tht Jews put Israel uber all is ridiculous.

I believe the official 911 narrative was not kosher. Mossad I would love to read your files. Even if my worse suspicions were true could anyone blame Israel for wanting Saddam taken out?  If this was survivor we would all be applauding their art.

There are real issues going on in the world. I am tired of reading about Jewish conspiracy. Its a disinformation campaign. Lukid, Mossad maybe, but Jews no way. Just ask yourself how did America get Independence without being controlled by the Jews?

The horrible deaths in Gaza are crimes against humanity. Do I swallow the line that Israeli is the most careful death maker in human history, no! 

Take the case to the Hague and see who is the guilty party? All evidence says its Hamas. This is not the first offence. Yes Israel has been a fucking prick because Arafat jilted the best offer ever. Sure they may have violated the rules of war, cheating at knife fights again. Maybe they could have done better. So in preparation for trial lets find all the nations that turned the other cheek.

There is a very excellent piece of propaganda that is fact going around. It shows the disputed lands that Israel lays claim to over time. Maybe the Palestinian commander should watch that episode of Star Trek where every attack makes the enemy stronger. Palestine is a idea that seems to wish for Death By Cop.

Racist Cab Drivers Drive me Away

Know what when someone paints you in a picture
they got something to say
Maybe its the Gulf of Tolkien
or maybe it 911
or maybe its a singer singing Cab Driver
they are all just images devoid of context
but still truth lingers
for some
when they cant 
catch a cab

Black people, Black people
are the N people of the world
why is that
and how cares
and what will it cost 
to do a damm to change facts

For me to say I got good feelings about 
black people
is to say i feel 
the same way about humanity
and I do not
Black people the real Black people
are well I cant continue because
of racism. The MAN keeps us all down
but for reasons I will not explain 
he sits on the Black Man
maybe because of copyright infraction

Races exist
just like dogs
men are breeds
as for the women
no matter where they came from
they are all beautiful

I would love to be governed by my Mother
for eternity
just saying

Fight Club Members that we know about

Argentina and Iceland. Read about it think aboot it. Its seems the way of the future is to not talk about it. One big nation and one insignificant one have said no mas. Zero Credit History must be making some wave tontie.
Stay away from financial buildings out of caution. Soap caution.

Mr Alsweilem wrote in a Harvard report that Saudi Arabia would have an extra trillion of assets by now if it had adopted the Norwegian model of a sovereign wealth fund to recyle the money instead of treating it as a piggy bank for the finance ministry. The report has caused storm in Riyadh. It should be causing a CAT5 Hurricane in Ottawa and Calagary, two current oil capitals that have pissed away a fortune Norway could only speculate about. Brian Mulroney and the conservatives made 3 giant policy decisions. The GST has been a Godsend. Free Trade with Mexico a soul crusher for Canada's middle class. Abandoning the National Energy Plan that Norway later adopted carte blanche the single biggest folly of goverment short of unessesary war in the 20th century

Toronto Pollice Chief not renewed

First of all he has been there since 2005.  Thinking aboot J Edgar we know that 14 years is long enough even for Mother Teresa with a badge. (For sure after year ten she would have been all Judge Dredd on Rich Pricks, a BMW lets roll people) IMHO he has one of the most important public service jobs in Canada. Compared to his predecessor who now continues to reveal himself as a source of jaundice., Bill Blair was F5 tornado of fresh air. I could make this into a blog about how the police play politics and of that Bill Blair was a master. However he always seemed to play the game for the people he served. I really believe that Bill Blair believed in serve and protect. We roll the dice to find a policeman who has risen to the top who is so fine. God bless Toronto on the search for a new chief. This is unconfirmed but the Ford Nation is making a push for Sandra Lisi. Maybe Tom Jabookick has a pick. Maybe Girogo Mamaliter wants to fill a bottle for testing and dissemination.
For me the defining moment of Bill Blairs police soul was the Tamil demonstration spreading on to the Gardnier. This could have been a bloodbath, but Bill let it pass as a storm. That was great policing.
 Sure he was thrown under the bus for the G20 and carding is another area I can see merit, ends justify the means, but we can not accept that logic in a modern society. So farewell Bill Blair, you were a good man at a great time who did good things. I hate the MAN but understand its a relationship that should be love hate sometimes, and you served on the love side.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Harvesting Human resources Humanly

A lump of coal is just stored energy and maybe it should stay that way. That is unless humanity can use this concentration of energy in a planet saving way.  You all watching reality TV better go undercover because human endorsed climate change is going to rip out your big screen in a way that will make sure your remote never recovers.

Work the problem people. That the first thing a black leader of any team seen on national TV or most movies says.  Like its something intelligent. We got problems now a TV mind cant fix. Drought, crop failure, Ebola, species loss, warming oceans and melting glaciers. Work the problem is an oxymoron, we are the problem thatS working.

Some of the planets worst arbitrage masters are our best ninja to slay a worldwide Godzilla. Take a look at Taiwan. Google it. See they have zero resources yet rule the blood and guts of technology. Admire that and shift your focus to Austria, or Sweden. I will not go into the alphabet but if you spell something about the future, a sustainable future it will be spelled something like Germany.

We got to stop, stop right now with unsustainable ponzie schemes. We got to take living to every human as a chance to live some reasonable dream. The wealth is there the technology is easy to scare.  Make a world where we all get along. The need for war has devolved since the cold war.  Now war is the result of good marketeers, this farmer wants to kill me so I should invest in long range tractors
that have IED detectors and cannons that make sure the fields are furrowed by willing volunteers. Who does not want to work for water? No health care I guess they did not succeed. This is a world bred for conflict and not one in which I believe.

Are you happy locked in a gated community which needs to double security after midnight? You could spend half the money and walk down vibrant streets upon which there was no midnight. The history of the world is not judgmental. It tells us those who build fortresses wasted their time and when the walls fell, human slaughter was not even ethical based fundamental. Ask Robespierre.

Our civilization the global one, faces threats
we have no idea how to get along
and we negotiate
in an environment
of increasing pestuclace

So best practices are now liberal
solving problems is seen as radical
we got to move past that
Humans rule the world
lets take solace in that

Civilization is in decline because
humans can not see the
writing on the dime
Immunization no way
Its a witch doctor
interfering with
my ability to be
a John Hopkins Specialist
merely because i am a c level celiberty
who has a child 
who ended up 
in a bad way.
You want to know the truth
as I see it
having a baby late in life
or with a father whose
sperm swam with spudnick means
your child is at risk
a baby born early
is bad corn
and you cant fix this
no matter how many
times you change the dna

Sunday, 27 July 2014

In A land where corporations are citizens will i get an equal vote?

Image provided by corporations for Soylent Green! 
no wasted protein is a legitimate precept

The idea that corporations should have human rights should be laughable not law.
This is dehumanization full scale. They can pack the courts they can arm the police but there will come a time, that no human corporation can flee the long arm that humans have. You got to bleed to be human!

Why Did God not Give Jesus a Nuke

Would have save him without the drama. Just Saying.


The Globe and Mail likes to think its Canada's Grey Lady. Well its never been that and now the Grey Lady is obviously as mixed up with strange fruit as any tree rooted in journalism. Dear Leader Harper prints a heroic message. Oh how I struggle to withhold the volcanic puke because I love this country too much to damage it further with my bile.

Waging a finger at Russia, and Palestine may buy you some votes from the stupid Jews and ignorant Ukrainians, but they will not save you from the avalanche of Canadian who are seeking relief from your misguided missiles. If only to stop the ones that hit at home for which we would all be grateful, but the international mess you have made of our great brand, that will take decades to repair. And Steve if you have not noticed billions of people bicycle to a place they think has a place for them in this world. Fuck you Steve Harper, your the worst and I hope and pray to a God I do not believe in, your trash is handed back two seats.

Love the Sunday Papers

Print media is buggy whipped. The page will not survive this decade.  The news will devolve into enformiamment. New York to nite for those who find Hollywood tonite so star centered. I will struggle without reading pretentious or ancient to describe the joy of reading a great newspaper. It was only about twenty years ago you could find one everywhere in the civilized world you might go.

Today I found that Carbon Fiber bikes are not all they are cracked up to be. That fighting the Taliban is hopeless. A great bratwurst is not to be trifled with. Many Bond girls stand close to two meters. Saying they are tall beauties is not an euphemism. Indonesia is racing Brazil to deforest the planet. However look yourself in the eye and see the blame. Thats a very full agenda for just one day.

Grey Lady ok with getting high

The New York Times. The paper of record in the world yesterday and arguably still today. If your works are published by the New York Times they are tacitly legitimized. Little story here, I once advocated hard on for my writing to be an op ed. This went on for years. One day I got an email from Paul Krugman saying we looked but did not receive. Thats one of my life's proudest moments to be refused by Paul Krugman.

Old media dies hard. Media and propaganda are universally not exclusive. The New York times would never publish something absurd. So I alleged they coached the nuclear threat from Iraq to justify the war. I allege that the Crooks and Liars who have organized themselves to profitable events have strings they can pull at any Newspaper or broadcast that would trouble the citizens who are already full of bullshit and lies, and racism and any other bile that would keep the top dogs from entering a dog eat dog world to survive. If you can not design it then works to terminate all threats imagined or real. Thats the way we are headed because the richer you are the more the simple riparian becomes real.

Being wealthy is a  target, and quashing all those that want what you have is a King Kunute enterprise. Most of the wealth in the world is spent there.

But right now on this Sunday, the Skulls and Bones, the Bridgebrook  group and the Illuminati have all taken to print in the enterprise they control to say
lets make Pot Legal
And So we all Say (so say they all is copyright)
When these guys
do the right thing
get ready for 
a boomerang
to your pocketbook
or maybe baby
there is a new leadership
that knows
we are not the first extinction
and self preservation overwhelms

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fact is cheap food transported thousands of miles is an oxymoron.

The problem with economics is that it is mostly invented nonsense that only servers
sellers of bad data.
Paul Krugman may not be perfect but he may be a mensch.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Glad to be Gay

My Gaydaryradar is totally unreliable. I thought Christopher Alexander was Gay but apparently he is not. We  wait for the child. Oh so cynical but when it come to politics beware the beard. I allege that many key people in the current Conservative Government are Gay. If you had to question people like Jason Kenny you would be left with only supposition to inform your basic instincts.

Whats wrong with this picture is not what some people might say is a high percentage of Gay cabinet ministers, or even as the extreme who I do not believe say child molesters.

No what is wrong that these obviously Gay people (NTTIAWWT) work against the freedom Gay people and every people deserve. Gay men and politics are a perfect match. No family life, a need to succeed. I have no problem being ruled by GAY men or GAY women. Maybe I do not need to know your sexual orientation. However all the Conservatives in this world need to ackowlege how deep the Gay defict they carry.

What needs to be said is how wonderful the world we all live in due to being GAY. If you need a Nexus point Google Turning.

No Comment Dick

Read so Dick, the world is now a Dick novel.  40 years ago I read alot of Dick works, however the one that sticks in my mind is Dr. Bloodmoney and I fear it may be his most accurate. Our leaders would rather destroy the planet than get along.
 (Ed note I also believe we are on at least the second tech civilization)
Thats the world today. If it was ISIS trying to circumcise me and my wife I might squeal but to keep the world spinning not such a great sacrifice.  Fortunately that's not a likely scenario. If you think the people in the middle east or people from anyplace are much diffrant from you an me you are mistaken. The similarities overwhelm the differences.
Male circumcision makes some sense. I circumscribed my boy for purely scientific reason and based upon my own struggles with the foreskin. I can remember my mother in the bathtub working that flap to keep it clean.  And despite her efforts I once got an infection there that needed penicillin.

Similar evaluation of female Genitalia risk reveals that female circumcision is just one of the worst guy thinking things in the world. Mohammad was a man who I allege liked sex, lots of sex.  Now maybe the hundreds or even thousands of women who were his wife got bored with the rotation and started seeking comfort in other places.  Maybe Mohammed did not care about his partners experience, he was just into his own needs. So the easy solution is to take away those needs from your harem. 

Thus we have female circumcision. Yep those brides will never stray for sex, are you not a ruler of your own domain. The whole Muslim thing with female sexuality points out to me how insecure the men are. Lets make sure the woman assigned to me is so comprised that  I NEVER lose her. Cover here up and cut away her pleasure points. That's God's Will as an oxymoron. Of all the retard (thats a bad word today and with all the retards in the world today I agree challenged might be a better choice. The fact remains if you cant think according to scale your retarded) religions in the world today  Sunni Muslim takes first prize. All you others should not take comfort. Your religions have also been stripped of legitimacy by science. However for the most part the transition between superstition and science has not caused mass casualties in this century.

Before we Nuke the world and start the process again could we please have a rational discussion?

I theorize in the next civilization the Thor character will be named Steve Jobs,
and LoKi will be known as Bill Gates. (Ed note, I a have nothing but good feelings of Bill Gates)

RIP Bernard Etkin

No he did not make the movie, probably not even in the first draft of the Apollo 13 script. But in real life when NASA needed to know with life on the line Bernard Etkin and his team had the answer. A solution worked with slide rulers not computers. In typical Canadian fashion at the time the team thought they were just a double check of the real teams work.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Far out MH17 theory Man!

I still think it most likely that the Russian Rebels by accident took down MH17. However the finger pointing has a certain Macbeth entertainment value. The coldest Dick Cheney like post of the day.

"According to the colonel, at 16:19:45, a Ukrainian jet fighter targeted the Boeing with an air-to-air missile R-60. The missile damaged the right engine of the Boeing. The Boeing was hit, but still managed to stay in the air. However, in doing so, the Boeing turned 180 degrees to the left. It was at this moment that the false flag attack started falling apart. According to Zhilin, part of the plan controlled by the US with Ukrainian hands executing it was to have the Boeing crash past the southern frontline by the Ukrainian-Russian border. Had the Boeing fallen there, securing the crash sites with the troops in response to international pressure was on top of all else effectively allow Kiev to lift the encirclement of its brigades in the southern pocket by the Russian border.
When, however, the Boeing started to turn in the opposite direction and was still apparently manageable, "the US-Ukrainian headquarters of the special operation panicked and order the Buk battery to destroy the plane in the air in order to pre-empt the possibility of the Boeing's emergency landing." A Buk missile was fired and the plane was then finally destroyed.
The disclosure of the Russian electronic intelligence (in fact, only one part of it) on July 21 put the US against the wall. The existence of this intelligence and other data also means that the US cannot show the real intelligence, which they also have, including the data from their electronic warfare exercise SEA BREEZE 2014 and the data from their spy satellite, which just happened to be over the area during the downing of the Malasysian Boeing.
The other relevant information, which the Russian colonel revealed, was that the Malaysian Boeing was insured for $97 million against damages or losses as a result of military actions."

And so it goes!

Yep the police are doing that!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hamas has a great win on the battlefied

Maybe that was to strong a description, its like the leaf going into the third period with a lead. Shutting down the Ben Gurion airport is a notice maker. In reality it just confirms how hopeless a strategy this is.  Palestine is dead. Israel offered you many times a state and you said, DEATH TO JEWS. So now its death to Palestine and its a just judgement. You think I am being glib. Well Israel made a offer to Yasser Arafat that was a huge, I mean a soul destroying bargain for many. 

This fucking prick who commanded the worst  bunch of nihilist  in the world and died a billionaire. Yes you might question giving aid to this ethnicity. How low can you go before killing Olympic athletes is the basement. Yep one of the Arabs great triumphs. I know the people of Palestine are not well represented by their leaders, but sometime you have to cut the grass.

Editors note. I don not like Steve Harper, Ben Yahoo or Tony Toilet. They are a collective of assholes we will need a new word to describe. I left out JIm Camooorn  on purpose because he is gravity fed energy that defies any physics.

I just have to say something about Yasser Araft. A bigger piece of human trash has not got so far with so little as this asshole. There is no judgement for whatever he did that will be viewed as positive from both the Jewish and Arab side. When you have lost the last grain of sand
you once sat on blame Yasser.


No way our trusted  patriots would never abuse the system. Millions of people pure as the driven snow I say!

New Rock and Roll

Or maybe its Punk, whatever its great! Black Me Out! As a catchphrase kinda up there with I wanna be sedated.

H/T Warren Kinsella

Another I found that would make my playlist

Jason Marz good quality

Planet P Project (1982 but new to me)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Transaction Costs

The key to successful biz is to limit them. Case closed you all now have a Harvard MBA. To bad GWB never went to class. In the case study of Israel vs the Palestinians we have huge transaction costs for both sides. The Arabs pay more in blood, but the Israel side suffers more in commerce given the economies in this hot zone. Israel has an endless supply of cash from ex patriots Jews and even gentiles who look forward to the Apocalypse and hope their cash helps it happen faster.

Israel should realize this is a product that may no longer sell. Its ripe, its past the due date and even on the reduced price shelf the current strategy has few buyers.
My proposal is that we make a new homeland for Palestine in Canada. I say near the tar sands of Saskatchewan, lets give the people some ownership of these economic golf courses just like Exxon. If we build it they will come. Israel annexes Gaza and the West Bank. Its case closed, Clouseau for the world. This train is never coming back because there is no station to go to.

For the Palestinian its living in Disneyland. Free Free at last. Why not, why fucking not. You think 70 years of mindless bloodshed and economic ruin is better?

For Canada taking in 4.4 million people in a single shot is a challenge.
However not a big one. If half the money spent now came to make this new city it would be a showcase. Furthermore its a one time expenditure with dividends endlessly. Lets make a city of the future in Saskatoon and populate it with Palestinians.

I have spent years in Muslims countries, I have good friends who are Muslim. Most Muslim are just like me and you. Only want to have a good time until the whole shithouse goes up in flames. I have zero fear of 4.4 million Muslims living in Canada next week.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Picture of Food

Its not exotic but it is photogenic. If I get enough likes I will post more.

The Blue Rose

Peter Straub who has been lauded had not been lauded enough. The protagonist of the Blue Rose trilogy solved crimes from newspaper clippings. There is a very good chance I am confused about the author and the timeline. However my point is still sublime. People used to solve crimes by reading newspaper headlines. Today we are far past that.  Indeed it is not so easy because the printed pages contain so little truth. This makes the task of an internet detective so vermouth. So much information and all conflicting with everyone certified as truth. Someone is not speaking that but it will take a holocaust and a dead Siamese cat to put out the fire and read the ashes. The truth the truth is what we seek, but we cover our eyes when it does not agree with our fundamental belief. You can tell them, you can show them, you can run any experiment, take a selfie from space but when you want to blame the goverment, the world is flat.

If you believe in God your an optimist, if you believe in a religion your a sheepleist. Thats what I believe and I have seen the world. You think God would have left out the Chinese and the Indonesians when he gave the Christians his word? I got problems with the Jews as well. It seems that God was really concerned with hygiene and uplifting begottens with these people, and not to bat a fact, it made them well.

As we arrive at the end of my post there should be now wonder. In fact if I read it myself I often say, delete, confirm or go some place other. What I am saying is that with a great detective no crime will go unpunished due to the internet. That is if the great detective can publish,

nina paley looks at the Middle East Conflict

Its a fantastic animation that really made me (and others see video below) thinkaboot it.

Editors Note: At this time in history I am on the side of Israel. That is not to say I or even most Jews support everything they do. I just do not know what other choice they have? I have a solution but it makes to much sense to implement.

Recommending Oldephartte Blog

Suburb Photo Credit Sergiu Bacioiu

Years ago my go to source for news was the Drudge Report. After a decade of chases his links I realized I was being groomed. Then I moved to the Huff Puff, but the Canadian Edition is run by a right winger. Lately my world view is mostly informed by reading it.

Asymmetric Warfare Everywhere


The illegal immigration crisis on the US southern border is seen in the video below as warfare. I guess the enemy is the poor and huddled Central American masses.  George W Bush and the Banana Republicans for reasons unknown created the child crisis by changing the law. Every person arrested in the drug war is a Asymmetric warrior because the cost of imprisonment weakens the enemy.  Bottom line he does not understand Asymmetric warfare. He equates it with guerrilla warfare. They are two different things. Anyway its a fascinating video with a look into the Republican mind, with some views that should cause everyone to thinkaboot it.

H/T Adrienne's Corner via Oldphartte

Sunday, 20 July 2014

RIP James Garner

Jimmy was one of my best friends growing up. Not that I ever met him or even came within a thousand miles of his physical presence. He had a unique screen power that made us friends for life. Rockford files on the pavement, twisting the Firebird  180 degrees to escape the goverment. The Rockford Files is my all time favorite show.  James Rockford is one of my greatest life coaches. Once again a giant has left the set, never to be replaced, a insoluble loss to our culture.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Jumping from Malaysian Airlines

Malaysian airlines raising a stink in our minds
not really in anyone responsible
but it is not unkind

How one carrier can be so defined
I do not believe in the cosmic possibilities
so mark my religion as declined

Airlines do not just disappear
Airlines do not get shot down
at cruise altitude over a Crimea
there is more than incompetence
and plotting to these stories
events we can not even imagine
are being formed
while we sit on the front porch
and worry

Sure we are all worried today
worry is a bead we live
no need for something on our wrist
with which to play

God knows we have had some terrible times
the black plague the second ice age
and all those world war memes.
When the dust cleared and the dead 
where buried
only the Jews 
knew the Holocaust
was not tailored to vary
There was no political objective
that could be met
only that all Jews met certain death

When we are talking about that kind of evil
we see to day a new kind of kenival
Want to kill you no way
just marginalize you 
and make you go away

If you know your recent history
and I am going back 6000 years
because that is where we have
some way to link ourselves 
with whats scientifically believed

Chances are very good
we are not the first civilization
that destroyed the neighborhood
Maybe it was not our fault
maybe it was giant sun spots
we probably will never know for sure
but if you have a go bag
forget the depends
you wont need underwear

The Future is gnarly
in pirate terms
the wind is in our face today
but the body politic refuses to turn
so what will happen to my babies
its a race between Grey back power
and humanity

Who Shot Down MH17?

I have been thinking aboot it. Did the Rebels have the resources to pull off such a kill? That is a big question. This was a highly technical co-ordinated effort using some big machines.

Sure its possible the Rebs saw a horse in the sky and just shot. This would be the most plausible explanation. However  doubt is certain that they had the gun, ammo or expertise to pull of such a shot.

Maybe I am naive and watch to much 24.  However we have been told American spy satellites saw some of this action in real time. I believe the USA knows exactly what happened. So why do they not just lay the cards on the table?

If this was an attempted assassination of Putin. WOW!  What are we muppets to believe, no one knows, we know the truth hurts and our governments are erogenous in sparing us the pain. You do not have to be cynical to wonder if its just another failed kill by the see eye EH! As an aside I believe if the CIA wants you dead your cold. Just like the shoe bomber a live corpse is more effective than a dead Margery.

Interesting fact revealed today. Somebody who has/had something to do with the Carlyle group donated over $10 million dollars to spruce up the Robert E Lee. Nothing bad about that ask THE BAND.

For you watching. We do not have a definite narrative to KAL 007, Lockerbie or 911. So do not hold your breath waiting for some clarity here in a tragedy that on the surface has no geopolitical connection.

Hi End Car Audio

Compared to a home system all car audio is way overpriced. Of course the sound envelope of a car is a huge challenge. A great comparison here. Not to beat up on BOSE, but consistently I read its not the first choice. Haven grown up with just AM single speaker system I would gladly accept it on any car.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

MH Flight Shot Down over Ukraine

My deepest sympathies for the family's of the lost.  It is likely the Donesk rebels thought it was a Ukraine troop transport and blasted away. The big question is what was a commercial plane doing flying over such a hot spot?

I hope this results in cooler heads prevailing all round.

Now for the tweets from the crazy birds.

"Putin is responsible for giving hand grenades to monkeys"

"Putin's personal jet was on the same route"

"The Ukrainian army is the only army with BUK missiles"

The answer is the question who had the BUK?

reality busting devices failing like farabochi Fibonacci dominoes.

reality busting devices failing like Farabochi Fibonacci dominoes.
the masters of the universe creating their own black holes
the fall that started so cleverly acceleratingly

sinister as the event horizon looms
muppets stripped in a feeding burlesque
to supply the drones 
commanded to Marshall the resources
to feed the flickering reality distortion field
exhausting the participants
until the physics dictates
they all fly into the singularity

When all the gravity defying souls
are sucked away
fall off the end of the flat earth
in an ironic scientific way
it should leave lots of room
for best practices practitioners
to clean up the mess
that will take decades
and even centuries
of applied wisdom
to clean away.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Christopher Walken Dancing

I dont care if they spy on me I got nothing to hide

And that the NSA talking point. Right up there with I don't vote because all politicians are same/evil. George Washington explains it in terms even a political zombie can understand. Its not about you, its about controlling you by controlling the political process. Manipulation!

"I don't write about the future to predict it, I write to prevent it"
Ray Bradbury

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Resistance is futile

We see this in videos and fact with the IRON Dome. DO not be a fool that victory will be well communicated at home. We are in a future were people will determine what is humanity,.


iT used to be centuries, and now its the next day. Raise a flag.

I am not going to spell things correctly or even use good grammer

I love language and you cAN read it in my posts. If you want to make a case that I can not spell or forum a cogitation sentence, go forward with you distracting assault on hell.

Lets leave the pedophlie aside

the sun comes up
and the plants make oxygen
some eat nasty parts
but the human
he has navigated
a great place
in this world
as we see it
I call it world 
after the cooling down
number six formation

You got to be stupid 
to not realize
we are only the citizens
of a great civilizations demise

So should we follow our leaders
into the sun of ignorace
our show;dud we say about our illietation
that we are the chosen ones?

i Think God does not give a fuck.
At least two generations and by 
my guage six
have run on this earth
and the biggest task for mankind
is to detrmine why
all their citzensS
ARE Carbn mine    

Ban Hand Guns

Yes we must. Its the relative diametric opposition to legal pot. Of course Medical Pot's a camels nose in the tent. So are legal hand guns.

Pictures of Food

I will post some, and after that to bump my numbers kittens. It chilling to realize that to change the world you need kitty pictures.

Free Access to Thinking Aboot

 You know when I get big you will have to pay, so enjoy it now for free!

A Kurt Vonnegut Jr Straight line

I saw but sadly never met Kurt. His novels as I remember them where hilariously funny in a dark way. Kurt survived the biggest Ally war crime known of WW2. The fire bombing of Dresden. War crime is a loaded gun, its meaning is best expressed by Colonel Kurtz " charging a guy with murder while fighting in Vietnam, is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500" There is no light that can penetrate the heart of darkness, though Kurt and Conrad gave it a good try.

Philp K Dick is the current favorite of the power progressives.  He leads with dark and ends with dark. Most of the movies have been bombs, but still Hollywood keeps throwing them out, like minnows so delicious the holy poli Shark must bite.

Maybe we need a bit more Kurt cinema. He used humor to explain the madness.
One of his daughters married Jerry Rivers, who you know as Geroldo Rivera.
The message he gave when I a saw him was simple. Life is a straight line, birth and death. Those that want to put in peaks of excellence are blowing you up.

I must mention the most famous Kurt quote, so obvious but he said it first" and so it goes"

Of course its not happening today!

The pedophile ring that penetrated deep into the heart of the Thatcher Cabinet has surely been cleared up. No one would suspect  that William Hague stepped down as Foreign Minister yesterday because as Thatchers protege he has been tainted.

No one could imagine the hi jinks in Britain could be linked to the Vancouver Club , Robert Picton, washed up sneakers full of feet, or good old Jeff Guckert Gannon.

I find it hilarious that there is speculation these pedophile rings were used to control the agenda by blackmailing world leaders and governments. One example widely cited is they forced England to adopt the Metric system. The horror the horror.

Monday, 14 July 2014

we do not care

There is so many things going bad right now
it would hurt someone who grows things
in their fridge enough to clean it out
if they paid attention 
to anything

Net neutrality is a big one
and the whole surveillance state
someday somewhere if you live
long enough
you will hear a guy faucet massed protester say
how did it get this way
who approved in a democracy
that a handful of people could
pull the strings and make sure
that elections were meaningless things

music today

Did you like
Did you really like
all the beautiful music
with harmony
and intricate chords
well right now its
kind of blasphemy
because if you want to make cash
there is a copyright code

So sing your song in a two time beat
bring out your inner Guthrie
John Prine
never conquered the world
but if he needed I heart
I would give him mine

One Band I used to love but now hate
One Band I used to love but now love more
Janes Addiction

Always look on the bright side of life

Are we more threatened or
just more self aware
does it do us any good
to look longer in the mirror
with our death stare

The news has become
a commercial for someone
selling antidepressants
that is not life
life no matter what the hardship
is effervescing

Bad times, bad times
do not make me laugh
the black plague, the inquisition
world war two
and so many other
we could not see live on the internet
makes me wonder funny things

What is someone knew
bad news would
line up people
like sheep on a show?

Internet Friendship is not all nebulous!

Image selected because I think its a better one than the actual.(NTTIAWwT)

My friend Allen
who I don't know him at all
our relationship is like a skit from
Kids in the hall crossed with the trailer park boys
because the biggest thing we got in common
is we are Canadiens who are not afraid
to do some shine

I know something about him
from his writing
it reveals his soul
and he has a great one
according to the ancient scrolls
Lets call him a mensch
and I can not spell check
that word at all

In today's currency that buys
you nothing on the street
but the street is where
the mobs live
and where failures go
because the system is so slow
every human ever born
is important
we should treasure them all
like jewels
not cattle to be slaughtered
when the rains do not arrive
Life is a struggle
teams no matter how seemingly hopeless
will survive like Artifacts in the reality distortion field
But leaders never see it that way
they think they are the answer
and any questions should be
addressed by blasting away

In the face of that bloodshed
demigods appear who could not
spell the word if given a history degree
these monsters exist
in our great ape DNA
Allen and I we see
the world as a place
with no room for
DNA monsters to play.

No matter high and mighty
you might be
never lose sight of the street
cause they will take or manufacture
any perceived advantage
to  rip the throat
out of your good soul

My friend Allen
is just like me
he has a peasant establishment
he loves the land
and his country
and his heritage errors corrected
he thinks the most fabulous
accomplishment is to make
the seed grow from sea to sea
regardless of ethnicity

Its hard to admit when you got a degree
there is some motherfucker smarter than me
maybe his mother was hotter
or he got tied up with a holy man
who disagreed.
If you believe in papers and study
and fulfilling all the tasks
then Allen is the man
if you have any questions
you should be the first to ask
has he ever lived
and the answer is
in a light we should all bask

If you think the Flintstones was a documentary
and that the world is flat
consult me

As I see it he is the hipster
and I am the cool guy
we are going to bike our way
to paradise
cause we both realize
that in the long run
driving a car
is just a suicide
that refuses to die.

I asked Allen one time?
are you Butch and do I qualify
to be Sundance
and he said
I will consult the books
to see if a knife fight
has rules and who is qualified
to preside over the times
when humans go full range

My friend Allen
we have never met
never broken bread
shared a drink
or something for your head
That's a friend we all need today
when its all digital bends
in a Kurt Vonnegut Jr straight line