Sunday, 29 November 2020

Please you yellow sapsuckers of justice just givem me some truth

 Children of covid

in 20 years are mutants

like the Chysalis

some are horrendous

and are put to sleep

any deviation from

humanity as exhibited

in lower animals is eliminated

in the hope that gene

can be shut down

So Newfoundland and New Zealand are the last

places on earth where humanity can still spell

Newfoundland is like an amish colony with tech

but nothing that is going to move borders

or restart humanity

NZ is a million miles away

but they had the billionare advantage

you see most Billionares have read the Chsylis

for generation, GWB Bush and Dick Chaney have

a place in the mountians of Christchurch

and when I say mountians

don think of skiiing

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Same as it everwas

 Every man in history

has had some kind of hareem

talking about the ones

that cause a debate

between the experts

who want to measure history

like the ingredients of

the perfect cake

to give humanity

at its birthday

This is nature overcomming humanity

and its true over and over

in lesser crimes against humans

and how can we stop it

it seems fruitless until

we all realize

how to accurately and scientifically count

things 6000 miles away

are worth dying about?



The great reset is like when 

they reduced the food bank

by 20% and gave you

an extra bottle of tide

untill the northern equanoixt

and the southern counterpart

in parts that are south

but we all want to live in heaven

even if we increasingly believe

there is no truth

no Jesus

no Warren commish

No Estipien Suicide

No Operation H8 jump

No Iran Contra

No Clintion Foundation


No yes there was a moon landing

thats the baseline

where do you line up?

The future is electric and fun

The electrick bike can move you
to the store and back 
and more
and you wont be sore
or make a noise
that might wake a baby 
or make its future options


Back to the Future


Next to the cybertruck Ford hybrid is a poor mans choice

and to be poor in the future is to be rich in the past

In 1918 the richest man in the world had no refuge, no hope

only prayers of influenza

Today through RNA we rejoice

a subzero cure is only a month away

this is the future

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Peral Jam and Nerviand MIX in real time, like a lullaby

 Yes its real

we dont come back for you

casuse the covid made

us crazy

and we went back again

to the p[ast results

that said

kill everything that move

so we can breathe

Sunday, 8 November 2020



I can finally stop dreaming

about polar fleece sombreros

and start thinking about a world

where America actuals cares

about the responsibility of trying to keep this

crazy world keep spinning

and towards the future..

Monday, 2 November 2020

Snowmexicant election eve prediction

 Trump Trump Trump

and its not a totally bad


IMHO both parties are so corrupt they

are junkies for money

A second Trump victory 

will prime a real reformer

in the tradition of FDR

or even TR.


lead us into a democratic


Sunday, 1 November 2020