Sunday, 27 September 2020


 The dominos are falling

and Jeff Petry is the scale of gravity

Philp Danno will sign or trade

in the next two weeks

for Gallager the vault is open

ALIVE, no not the plane hit the mountain cannibals' true story


This my viewing pleasure to tonite. Remarkable for such a small country how South Korea punches hard in the big bad world of entertainment.

\Wolves worth you howl


She is so much a women you

would want to meet

in dances with wolves

or as its called 

now raised 

by wolves

It started out of this world

and has got pedestrian

but in todays world

a good pedestrian

walks on gold sidewalks

Snow Mexicant we cant have a fair election edition


There is no legitimacy to

the next president

no matter who 

winds the vote

was in the wind.

I think Trump will win

in the end if I look

at Al Gore

and Florida

and we will move

forward backward

with the fucktard

Big Joe backseat biden

and his whoring DNA

will lose to D Trump

and his brand

lots of luck


because death has

come to the 

promised land

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Father of Gore Tex dies, child very much alive


I am tired of doing o bits

but this mans work

has touched everyone

who has never got a soaker

from outside

or inside

raised by wolves


You cant go wrong

with wolves from Jack London

and an American Werewolf in London

the tradition continues

with the new HBO

show Raised by Wolves

except instead of wolves

we have latex bound androids

and maybe you have seen dams

burst and fireworks

but android sex

is an image that is

not going to fade away

It has Rangar Lothbrook

and what do you know

his co star is beguiling

if not as winsome as some

vikings he had known

For me to opine about the supreme court would be like a house painter from the 1920 criticing Picasso


I have seen many old masters

in person from about two feet

away and stared hard every time

as long as did not weird

so my mind is full

of artistical appreciation

my ID you say

The venus du milo

okay its a sculputre

the mona lisa

the last supper

and the one that blew

me always

Rembrandts Last Watch

Its the size of a movie


and all that beaty

so what can I say

as a Canadian

about the death

of Justice Ginsberg

well she tried hard

and maybe if the earth

rolls round long

enough we will

see some justice

but for now

its Game of Thrones

with nerve gas

and submariens

I think the first

side to get a dragon


or is digging dragon tunnels

enough to win

If you love Jesus

or Allah or Buddah enough

that you will kill others

just to make them

yield to what you

want them to believe

I say God

would not approve..

Dirty laundry flying in my

face comming over my property

line and I can never take offence

because my neighbor

is the USA


three cheers for the myth and the truth

about that country

its the finest place every invented

for those who are inventive

its a great place for the next tier and 

I dont know how many tiers down

but when you fall between 1 and 3

you fucked

So do we need this idea

of success to be our lighthouse

of course not

most civilized nations of non diverse

backgrounds have found that some

strong elements of socialisms temper

capitalism like hard steel

and make a smaller rod

worth more

and allow brains

to keep producing

The supreme court in the USA

is a moral swamp of partisim ship

and lacking in any original thought

because even though they disagree

about the margin

all 12 are on the same page

all they disagree with is the edit

Last year Obama had a chance even

months before to appoint

and the Republican's blocked


and all the most high and mighty

in the land

and every great mind

that could be found

to fill 24 7 news

did profound

and in the end it was

agreed the people

must vote for the next supreme

This time is vice versa

and the same people are taking the

same opposite view

except this time 

more convection

to wipe out

the past swipe

4 wheel

 Something about snow

and gutters made of steel ice

anthe ditch

tyhever present ditche

that would make

your shovel make

l8ike a


to get

the wheels back on teh road

Snowmexicant Nobel Prize Edition


How is Trump not a slam dunk for the Nobel peace prize.  The sausage is full of DB but the art is the deal. Peace with the Sunni world for Israeli's. Dumping F35 at full book value all over the desert.

I think this is the same Steve Qualye I used to hear on WBEN with Bowerly


Only 5 bucks

Antichrist and the Final Solution Book

The world is on an end-times collision course and time is short, but the chronology of the future is finally unveiled in the Antichrist Final Solution Special Collection! In this incredible offer, you’ll receive the new book by best selling authors Terry James and Dr. Thomas Horn “Antichrist and the Final Solution” the step by step roadmap to the chronological events unfolding now through to the return of Jesus Christ! Including the eminent arrival of antichrist and a totalitarian one-world government! You’ll discover the truth about what is fomenting chaos in the streets, the arrival of the False Prophet, The coming Third temple, the battle of Armageddon and YOUR OWN DESTINY!

Its as good a theory as any we got.  Steve and Tom used to talk about suitcase nukes a lot. After ten years and all the ones that went off and got captured, still not much in the news about it. That deep state is impressive.

CHOCKEY-Dont take your guns to town sun, dont take your guns to town

Talking to you Danno. A man has to know his limitations.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Monday, 14 September 2020

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Have I been hacked and does it matter


for me no harm no foul

and thats a position

taken with foresight

despite the times

you thought

bruce springsteen

explained the world

people drove cars

that resembled them

most and most

where not born

to run 

believe me I used

to drive a car

made in last century

there was something

lingering in my mind

like an Irish band

and down to rock

lost my leg

running up to Boston

so what comes next

brown cow

milk or poop

or worse

I would say

the house always

wins and they 

have bet on big


there is likely some 

Dr Stranglove advising

the 1% like a kardashian

for the mind if you

where in a real

time game of risk

and there are never 

enough rewards

if you play the


at the God way

because for enough

people you can

do no wrong


on earth until

it ends

likely for some

mistake the fool make

with a button

that is clearly marked

ultimate destruction

the biggest sucicide

is alway the one you

never expected

Saturday, 12 September 2020


We can see the value in gold

and after that deritives

seem cheap and available

so stop buying gold

unless you want to trade

in the apocolypse

but for me

the money better


on solar

panels and isulation

and even a bullet

machine to reload

the cartrige

no body

I mean nobody

makes any more

for sale


yep good old

boys will have this


so we will have to deal 

with south flyover country

in a state of disunion 

and they know how

to vote

sko  take

an essaty

Long long after the goldrush, a commodity that can be manipulated

 Gold what is is good


if you are always

sore listing to talk 

radio and the wheat\


p[utting an unfair betting

on Justin Trudeau











Tuesday, 8 September 2020

If dreams where thunder and lighting was desire

 The Tampa Bay Lightning will win the covid cup

BTW thats Angel from Montgomery in the title. Google it you lousy kids

Monday, 7 September 2020

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Raised by Wolves

 Where was Raised by Wolves filmed? HBO Max filming locations turn South  Africa into distant planet – HITC

I am just about to watch this series

for the first time

yeah I have never seen it


So the graphic got me

first its so Robert Hielien 

ziggy stardust its

to die for

and then your

talking about

another version

of artificial intelligence

where the fate of humanity

lies within on and zero lies

because math is not the end

of the equation

Angle Dangle and life

You have to respect geometry

Bruised Orange tale

John Prine - Bruised Orange A portrait of John Prine with lyrics from the  chorus of the title track. These lyrics have been stuck in m… | John prine,  Bruises, Anger

well its going to be a clusterfuck no matter who wins I fear for cuz

Farm CHockey


Down on the farm things are looking up. Although we are missing a crop of nasty clutterbuck type players. IMHO every team needs a Wilson to win. Case in point the New York Islanders who have muscled and trapped their way to the quarterfinals. Playing against the effeminate Lightning it will be a classic battle of skill vs power.

CHockey Talk round two McSplooge Edition

 P.K. Subban asks Pierre McGuire the secret to being so good looking

Born Regis Mcsplooge is perhaps the best hockey talker ever. The Yotes are taking to him about the GM job. I want it to happen to see if the mouth can wear the skates.

What infuriates me most about the Queen of NBC is that he talks about the damn pee wee league teams all these players played in and constantly brings up their hometowns. In 2 minutes of game time youll hear him go "YEAHHHhhhH the boy out of abchorage, played for the mighty narwhals in pee wee against sidney crosby and wayne gretzky's nephew, then played college hockey at boston collge where mario lemieux bought his dog so look on for that rivarly here aginst the penguins, and YOU KNOW DOC he went on to be a hartford whaler in the minors. You know who else liked whales, Doc? big bad german born erick kunhackle who's son Tommy played basketball down at pinecrest middleschool against a jonathan toews look alike, so look out for that storyline tonight too in this one. Should prove to be a pretty interesting one here tonight Doc and Eddy" multiply that times 3000 and youve got yourself a complete hockey game narrated by Pierre McGuirre

Saturday, 5 September 2020