Saturday, 26 September 2015

Born Free the Future of the Human Race

Printing TV's like silk screen Tees
its comming soon
and would already be mainstream
if not for a few nasty patents 
slowing down the 3 d streams
of progress to flow down to the
people and of wage slavery alone
them to end
for with solar cells, a battery
and a printer people are truly 

Born free
with the wind in
my areoloslns
spinning harder
louder than a good ac
on a hot summer day
and its spins freedom
in kilowatts and amp hours
no matter what it lets
the green house grow tropical flowers
with the excess

Born free with an electric car that drives itself
it may be slow and stable but you can multitask 
and until the first great hack
ultimately safer than travelling the freeways
full of irrational humans
who think their car is some kind of stallion
and you are costing them the
race from one mundane vista to another
burring precious climate fuel
just to get around

Born free with DNA based therapy that can do literal miracles
and unicorns and little Irish procaine doctors who develop pots full
of cures. Medic has become more or less trauma based. Eating printed foods
ended up having tremendous health benefits.
Remember you are what you eat, you become what you think.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Let Love Rule over all

do you want to talk
about relationships
or do you acknowlege
that life justs rolls
and we are all
bad at realationships
and making them
work takes some toil
but in the end if you got
a good one
love rules all

Mystics and Skeptics and why they are dead

They are dead because
their predictions
never came true
their high holy members
where mostly used

to penetrate young people of
both sexes to prove they'
were not Jews

So why do we listen to paedophiles
telling us how to live
on the financial news?

Construct met reality
and we living in a Bancroft world

The future belongs to those players
but we have left them bricks so
damaged they will have
to take drastic measures
and that not in the code
so the dummy people
with big mussels
as usual
will recover the code

The Code The Code The Code
well we all know for sure in
the 21st century the code
was all high school
and is fueled mostly by
elementary intelligence
any code that controls your
life make you a sheeple

Every institution for the thinking human
has prove to be rotten to the core
because the people in charge
of those institutions
are human

Wholly Fuck Whooly fuck VW
the peoples car
Whooly  Whooly F7uck the peoples car
when VW went rouge
I just went total prepper
the end of the world is
near my friends
when VW thinks
they can shit on the world
and use software to describe
that action as dates and flowers

It hurt me VW, it struck down
one of the wonderful things I think
that the Germans are reformed

Do not get me around Octoberfest
but Jesus Christ in all his holy
could not make such a big
fuck up

Cheating is a staple of human activity
but for machines we expect better
and flawless mathamatics

I got to go with some sympathy
for the devi;
VW did this for a reason
a competivet demand
they fucked u roally
and its the end
of the brand

Post VW love

I have so many things 
I want to tell you
but do not know 
how to say
so I put down words
on a blog hopping
it will not drive 
love away
in a big diesel Audi

I see you freaking out
by my emmisons standard
after all I will be long dead
before our prodigy
will be staggered

So VW I have to tell 
you I have fallen out
of love with you
Tell me why
Tell me why
you lied so 
hard to me

There is something 
essentaily fucked up
about mankind
we devise new
but they fail
like we are blind
in a world full of color
and that colour 
should be black and white
if the capitalist sytem is perfect
you do not lie 
about the product you
put out

The desisl debacle looks like automotive bengazie
we can not debate sensibly about emissions
so dispite the treachery
in reality the desial might be
the earths freind
because as designed
it burned peanut oil

Friday, 18 September 2015

She Said He Said

she said: U talk like a crossword puzle
he said: Why dont you solve me

What we say is actually more important than what we believe


No body has the strength to win this new war

A war on mind and body
mostly works ont 
the individual through 
sleep deprivation
and that is the bed
we all lie 
in because w
we did nothing
when the enemy 

we alone in our lost
hours sleep
keep on keeping
obeying all the rules
and then we
did not 
have the time 
to read the headline
for the good of Mankind
you are now ruled


The zoimvie apoalyste is wella upon ujs becase terir was n wta ti caoutukve t= tiyrb=bs'd cys rw dwuisz Allen akj msticfich when the power goes out I live ib 0NTAIO thus is the reason after a lifetime (I should be proud ontario the power we contracted for has failed in this zoinbue oiyt but at least i

Free Trade Free Trade Free Trade as useful in practise as Communism for capitalist

Its all about the nickel 
or in the reality of high
frequency trending
a nano sent
traded at the speed
of light twice
while you at your
keyboard slept
like twelve hours

If the giant squid is to conquer the 
entire world and enslave humans
in an better way than eUNchs
he must pass treaties
like Jabba the Hut
even if your powerful
you need alliances
to assume perpetuity
cause there is always
a Paul Krugman
a real smart ass
who understands
what you are doing
and can not be paid
and is too high profile
to kill

Right now today
our future is on some kind
of balance
if somehow 
we push the wrong keys
we are going to perish
just like the six civilisations
before us
and evidence
indicates they got 
closer to God
than we ever did
and for the seventh 
can we not leave
some kind of titanium
message on the top 
of Everest
in math, in math alone
this is the only thing to'
do not be stupid with prejudice
or love
because both 
can easily kill you 
freely and do every day
in the flux
where humans live
in between totally robotic
and chimpanzee

I am here to save the 
if you listen to mE
I am called

Thursday, 17 September 2015

I drewamedx a dream

Just lie e yeribe
else ut was
half true

Keystrokes fromn hell


Right Channel Not responding and I have to assume its out of control

Humans are really bi bi bi ological
two eyes
two ears
two extrection holes
and when one goes down
the whole plan
is under attack
and that today
is my battle
thats a fact

Sadly nothing about me
that a trip to the doctor
paid for could fix
no my beloved NAD 3020
has lost the right channel
although it makes some
moans from time to time
I think its done
that what you get for depending
upon a product bought in 1971
when will capitalism give
us stuff that lasts?

PK Subban's Wonderful Remark

PK Subban just UBERED charitable contributions for pro athlete's. Historically pro athletes have been major philanthropy heroes. PK is now a general disruptor in this regard. Cold hard out of the pocket cash is way different from lending time and fame to an effort. PK has changed the world.

The man is only 26 years old and he decides to give away $10 million dollars to Montreal's Children's Hospital. After taxes that's essentially two years salary. What a beautiful human what a wonderful remark.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

What Iraq was to the Middle East England is to the west

Thats a FUcking Tower

Yep Fractal Design, Asus powered computer hand assembled by caring Christians

I can bike anywhere in any weather infrastructure set me free

Not Need the News Way

I grew up with a face telling
me a truthful talkng head
it was likely bullshit
but it did not stain

today its all crap24/7 
some corporation selling
something subtlely
beneath the headlines
and they wonder why
the planet is
for humans

what good does it do

If your smarter than the world
if only a few thousand
people listen to what you say

Young Girls Violins

Well thats China
or any place
where music
becomes seen
because someone knows


to make music
with your mind and body
operating as one
oh baby
I am so proud of you\
for making that
beautiful sound

There comes a desivise point in history where all great men and women say


the best thing about the future is than no one no longer believes the past

Patsy no more

Ireland Day in Canada but I am still a dry Pouge

As climate change comes
and we all go really dry
or extreely wet
I wll let it pass me
menatally I am just well
wishihing you well
sitting in my stall
like a race horse
with good oats
out running any curse
with my black bueaty
its a race
that i run
and thats why I am
never afraid or
never pray

Music if you had to say under torture

I am the Pouges, maybe did not spell that right, but give me back my fingernails and I will do better

I edit myself so often

You know why cause the future does
not want to explain the past
and thats just me
imagine this lie
on a global scale

Do you have a car that wants to Drive

Yes I do
its a Honda
will it take you
every place you need
to go
Cause its a Honda
bent steel Samuria soul
do not belive
me but if you get into
a fight with a KIA
its toast

I was shapeless in a medicory party

When I realized
there was life
beyond the defined
and then the|
CHamps do lay yay
invaded my thoughts
and I was French
or Swedish
or Hungarian
like my aboandoned
it do not matter
much as I realized
throhgh my crazy travels
around this plane
we all fly
as humans

Listening to Lenorad Cohen makes me feel wonderful cause somebody old understands me

Is that no really what is all about
if we were certian
I would have said that
and sung it that way
if I had that opportunity

Opportunity is justic
in the worlds min
because if you
fuck up enough people
you can rule the lizard
but do not think this works
because just like
bug we will feast on
your inconsitancy
and leave crediblity traps
all along the trail
and one day all
you mark anthoys\\\\
or cleopatra will
die at the polls
because of you
the people
no longer belive
in beauty

useful things are illegal because the law makes money on both sides of that coin

useful things are illegal because he law makes money on both sides of that coin
the sunshine of trans pacey 
meets sunscreen
and as it turns out
keeping a taste
is easier
than preventing cancer

U ever watch a movie
like say Training Day
or get so broken hearted
when you realise
its mostly Utube now
nobody cares about 
they are way to busy
doing the programmed 

Yes in your god fearing
ten commandment ordained
and disciplined
country is ruled by
the MAN
legitimately going insane

I am forced to write
like Picasso
all in cubits
is on my phone
and in my tv
they feel the need
to spy on me

Like I am some Islamic
wacko job
shaving my balls
because Allah
dint like hair
on the dick
but you need it
on your dick face

Did someone swallow
to many pubic hairs
but liked a certain tickle
just saying

Spy vs Spy
and its really all internal
our security apparatus
is the worst form
of government infernal
yet the little government
also find more funds
to investigate and follow
cause they know
history I suppose

But today being Gay
will not bring you down
your more likely to get
flowers from everyone
that's not to say
Gay blades all cut 
in a progressive way

Did you know for the most part
the most visions slime bags
carry an oil enterprise
to victory
on the backs of 
gay slaves
to their own self loathing
never accepting themselves
or being proud

Institutions are crashing 
and for some its a far
bigger disaster than the titanic
its like the Hindenburg
was created to stop 
the fuel
we all need to 
keep our veins open
while the world 

Information can be
to much information
if you got a shallow

Cause what you know
is what you think
and what you are
is the position
you need to be in
to prevent a dink
or a cock
or a penis
from rule

Wake up hard on Zombie
we have life again
free to think and speculate
never told what to think
giving our feeling openly
and being accepted
for just what we are
not our potential given
by some superstar
who snorts coke alone
at home has plastic hair and 
has a wife who live
apart in a luxury
all a bit part
of your tax bill

Institutions do not mean a fuck anymore
history is dead
do not hook you I pop
machine up to that
false snore

We got everything here
we have brains
and resources
and we can put them
to better things
and the planet 
can recover
and we can all be happy
as much as the human
allows everymore

Truly Truly Truyly
we are at the cusp
of a biblical golden
except in this scenario
the humans become
Gods and the gods
become human

Special Announcement aboot Hookers and Blow

Gerry Buttman announced today the New Vegas Hockey Team would be called to no ones surprise "Hookers and Blow"  In a statement Buttman gushed " its like we labelled the city" Waxing a bit philosophical Buttman continued " Maslov's needs are so 2oth century, we are in the Sex, Drugs and Gambling era."

The New Vegas team also has a customised CBA.  Buttman was ecstatic boasting how "the New Vegas team would be profitable from day one."

With the anchor of Arizona threatening to sink the league this was a triumph for Buttman.  The New Vegas team would be the first pro franchise where the players paid to play. 

Buttman explained " many players get to a stage in their career where they have made thirty or forty million but still feel empty, playing for Hookers and Blow will give them that coke fuelled decent into hell that so many wish for, but so few can pull off legitimately"

The only question remaining is who will take of the huge responsibility of being Captain. According to the CBA he will control the Hookers and Blow.  Buttman said "the ideal candidate will have all the best leadership qualities and unique life experiences of a Keith Richards /Tiger Woods mashup"

Friday, 11 September 2015

When your message is SHit

An expert will likely make it diareah

temporal good time

Yes in that respect I am your cruise director

The Invisible hand

The invisible hand
it strokes me all night long
and that's the reason
I wake with an overriding
always starting the day
it explains some things

For example the belief
of some economists
in the invisible hand
touching markets
to change 
supply and demand

Capitalism is a big hard
on well funded
of nonsense
guided by the 
invisible hand
and we are so 
touched by
that wand
we are hard on 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

I am a free Wifi spot

Mostly no connections

travel for real people

no destinatin if you do
not have prequists

I am full up with realatomsjo[

Bexause I got one
its called
real love
and its human
but it last longer
than any caulkig
you find in a department store
its real life
and she touches
me more and more
descripint my fantasy
of life
this is the key
to long term
because nothing means
if you do
not see love
in your spouse
or or your wife

What do I feel and can that feeling save the human race from the big 6th extinctin. I hope so

Look you fucking humans
you no matter how
your fucked up
and not ready for the
big show
cause no one would
watch you do your
bathroom thing
to be ready for the Camey
cause your real face
is a horrorshow of imperfections
and like the Chinese Oprah
that ruled the planet for 6000
years we respond to beautiful;
eunuchs confident in the knowledge
we will never be fucked

The ship is sinking 
your gonna die 
if you do not get 
out right now
and the idiots
grab baggier
cause they want
to die
they are so 
divorced from reality

Life mean Life
and flesh and blood
but if you got
somehow the stupid
of the human gene
your fucked
you may be rich
you may have a fancy
car and a big house
in a hot market
with no solar cells
cause that in you 
stupid mind would
cost you over 

We got one boat
one boat
Syrian refugees
prove that
so should we be Stalin
or Gwb

i GO with the second choice
we got a boatload of technology
and its really really close to making
humanity free

If I could just mention Eldon Musk
and I wish that was me
I know nothing about this
but it seems he do not care
about the past
he is going to live his life
changing humanity
with his code
which to me 
we all should be proud

When your fears consume you: Stephen Harper edition

Canada used to have a sterling reputation for stepping up. Harper likes to back away. Politically its suicide to maintain the wall of bullshit preventing Syrian refugees from flooding Canada Vietnam boat people style. The only explanation is that Harper really believes a crazy world view where groups like Al Queda and ISIS are real threats to Canada. Paralysed by his own fear like a rabbit in fern, he will be destroyed by the real world.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mythbusters tests Breaking Bad

H/T Twisted Swifter

Slacker Universe

Normal people
are not going to compete
in the Olympics
or play in the NHL
we do not need
the winners
compete hell

We have already won at birth
especially a virgin one
there is always joy
for daughter or son

The stars hold the key to behaviour
it only takes one look
to reveal
its a slacker universe
thats real

Monday, 7 September 2015

Time stamps Equilibrium

Whispers of life we never hear
the whispers of life
become screams
but for the most
its background noise
cause we never really listen
at all really

When the whispers of life
become scrreams
the source is most
often an unusual thing
one time it brings pleasant surprises
letting  pealing joy bells ring
repeated offences become
ugly small town dings
where your car is keyed
and then the horror is 
up in everything 
no cell phone

Still no matter how loud
no matter how proud
the clock it never stops
its a gravity planetary
ding on life
that we work to save
with psychics and physics
and any damm thing we can 
grap hold of 
as time slips away

the clock it never stops
be it mechanical, quartz or
worse than that no matter
the price of the timepiece
it will still play with your
continuously distorting time
moving the goal posts fast and slow
when we know
we have more or less
in mind

here here here here here here here
on our lifeboat defined by location
living in snow shaped spheres
always shaken
we fool each other
pretending its all real
some kind of grand idea
bigger than getting our
next meal
just because Mr Carrier
invented refrigeration
and the Vikinging
discovered you 
can salt a lot of fish.

Friday, 4 September 2015

pretty close to awkard

that is you around me
and I am the crique do sol a

So yur old pity

why cant old people make mistakes
and that is really fucking me up
I want to choose a path that is true
but behind everybrigt lite
is a dark alley
and I am to old
to recover
even if I was
half right