Friday, 28 November 2014

A great darknes full of pilss

So major phama dictates
where the failed F35
will be deployed
and the dAMAGE
that will not be done
t0 the ememeuu
will end up in civl
lik e a clASS
action for idenifinyg
that in the next phase
will be seperated
from life
Thats harsh
but sometimes
killing people
proves we are smart.

What a bunch of bullocks
as the English would agree
killlng on man for purppose
brings down on you positon
the whole family tree.
These are not people from ferguson
they have not lost a single flawed soldier
they have lost a peice of humanity
which now the sun dictactes
the angle of the drone
that willl blow them

The drone did it
no a human
so no re come it
everday what
you might ackowlage\
no matter how smart
this is part of your

They willl tell your anthig

So just be aware whehn you are a bear
the sound is more foufued
dig  down deep to resist 
my  amie

Evil no more Eviel

Eviel does not exist. Its just the actions of bad people. In the defence of Evil I just want to say society keeps beyond some understanding of comprhesion creating senarios where  never detected before 1964, evil exists. It comming for you my friend and be afraid. If you shoot your wife and kids as a mistake your a time warriror. Every day accoss the world and in the US A in gerneral people so pariond shot thier love ones as a mistake. I axe you now stupid peple
is this the world we want to live in
whe5e we are so afaid of a singl\
miwSTQ3 we blast away
never rembering
our children
no matter\
are now a
bloddy mistake
that will drive
us madea
and keep gun
sales on the

Never Marry Tribal

Great Empires collapse but love last.
We as it stand have about a hunded
years on these great land
and oceans
which represent our birth place
we call earth.

So many great monkeys
rule us today
if we could 
make a video presentation
representing them 
all it would be
a OLED presentation
of great assholes.

Why are all our leaders
all so feeble
is it just in our soul
we need some one
to corral us
like we ar pigs
at the trough
for one last
hit on the
world before
we are processed
down to the asshole
which is sold
as wieners
of elagance/

The contiunig war on Vaccines and Sciene

I say this is no accident. For all of human history science has been worshiped. Now our leaders wish to destory it. Who is being manipulated. The drug plan for humanity is all Phipick K Dick,  Drug them up an they will not complian. With enough visual and aural stimulation they will be paws in your game.
Hey always as it everwas
but what is the plan
I got a big screen TV
under the Dick
will I get PHV
under the latest 

I would give my life for you in less time than a heartbeat

Willing to die 
I guess I am
and I live on \
on a street
you pass by
you commute
you motherfucker
killing our socity
but I will not want
to wipe you out
I fell pity on 
those so ignoratn
as yourself

I am all in for 
better solutions
and when I successfly deploy
my Math Weapon
with a fabvroc
trigger guard

All around me will fall
and humans will
with a 
golden signal

Ruled by Children we are bad parents whats your exucse

If you really get down with the Chinese the Japanase or Koreans, you will see a bunch of suits behaving like Bugsy Malone. The leadership is not mature. The leadership is medival. Yet they are ploughing the thougthfull world underground.
Its simple they understand the lizard brian and the Emperour is to usefull
to make you do something you would never do
but as a result feel usefull
to do what you do

Asia is a enigma to some
but not to me
its children
practicing democracy

to rule men and sometime women
is a great skill
a skill that has
been practiced for six thousand years in Asia.

I see in the slanty eyed sloped foreheads world
a laughter when the USA thinks Obama leads the world
Whats wrong with slanty eyes or sloped forehead
nothing. This is on par with nappy hair as a concern
when your existince is being evaluated
by children in short pants
who do do do in their pants
because they never learned
to do it otherwise
blame me because
we have lots of servents.

We are always spinning on a globe
where we land is 
but not where we stand.

If the world could be manged
like a science project
we could live in utopia.

This may be possible in the future
when the powers that be
realize that humanity
has no borders
no constriants
we just need 
the particpants
to keep pace,.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The price of GAS!

The invisible hand has been bent backwards for decades but now we realize
that yep, conservation decreases demand in a good way. Gas Taxes lead to lower fuel costs, its simple economics,

Replace Copyright with Patronage

Copyright is silly because its a pyramid scheme. The so called original thought was only there because of a vacuum. The song or plot always existed someone just discovered it. I am not saying there was not a form of genius involved or real discovery. Nevertheless with every plot and note copyrighted the creative process is restrained. Its so obvious in music where the notes are all copied but skewed enough to hold off the lawyers. But I mean honestly listen to pop today, or country music everyday, every song sounds the same. Legions of players backed by legions of lawyers find some crawl space they call original. Yet the listener knows its all the same. 

It seems a natural process is setting the notes and plots free. There is really not much new since Mozart and Shakespeare hit the stage. People are pushed to make something new and they do, but today its all derivative. What I am trying to say is that if you gave creators a matter of fact. Entertainment is like Lego, a story built on building blocks. If you are are a Lego master and you build something wonderful I agree you should be rewarded. But not with a seize and desist order on creative for almost a century.

Entertiament should be regulated like other essential parts of life. There are ways to bring profit to the cutting of angles on the hair of a pin. Content creators are important but they are just bread and cirucs to the real effort. Humans have to escape this planet because its like a beater car, falling apart.

Performers are a sacred resource to humans who need this kind of distraction
the most. We all like to fly with our imaginations because the private jet would put most of us out of our house with the flying payments. Lets compare jobs in the entertiament industry. Athletes who could be brain dead as far as serious thought is concerned are worshipped. The fact the Waynee Greetzky thinks Stephen Harper is the Greatest Prime Minister Ever will gather him some votes. If that is not the most brain dead opinion ever, tell me one worse?

Government in a perfect state manages human potential perfectly. The old money has the money and they know they are geriatric but still they can afford a great defence. For centuries incompetent fools who won the DNA lottery have ruled the world. For sure some have soared but most have lost. Consider the fact the Winston Churchill  was part of the movement that created the concentration camp and authorised the first use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Democracy works every time its tried. The reason is that there is no perfect solution just a series of cogint  compromise. The cream of ideas takes centuries to rise.. George Washington might have stood on his moral horse and said no slavery. Then America would never have been born, and history would have been delayed by many more centuries of rule by the stillborn.

Lets bring democracy to entertainment. Fund the ones who pass the test of education and enlightenment. For those who fall through the cracks make web hits another counterpart. Culture historically has been a source of great riches for investors. This is fucking stupid. I can have the Mona Lisa painted perfectly so well  Lenardo would be fooled on my wall. I say why not, why not, what narrastic manisfesto resticts my human access to human dreams?

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Zombie Go Boom!

A site dedicated to Zombie Defence.  Also worth mentioning Baltimore Knife and Sword. IMHO a Rapier may be the best Zombie killer.

I love to eat food

You can own great property but global warmming is going to make that a struggle. But if you know that you are what you eat your going to
work well with tommorwo. I am so GMO free.

Justin Did the right thing!

There is a power imbalace between women and men. When a women makes an accustation it should be taken very seriously. When your a member of Parliament you should be given ultimate credability. Obviosly both of the women behind these complaints have some kind of case. If this was a honey trap it would unfold differantly I think. Two married Liberals behaved like frat boys. Govering the country is a responsiblity to every citizen. If you are a sexual predetor  you are automatically disqualified. No matter what the legal case, both of these men
discrasd themselves. As we assemble a better world we should leave people like this behind.

Carbon fueled futures are all shorts

Just because something can be done is not a reason to do it. This is carbon today.
Cheaper faster better not by a long mile. At some point people will decide that pumping up the atmosphere with carbon is not a good thing.  In fact it is killing ourselves to live. There are so many alternative avaliable now that oil will join buggy whips as a fuel source with a decade.

Tokyo I never could sleep in your Arms

Although I have not been there in a decade I image Tokyo remains the coolest place on the planet. If you believe in evolution I believe the Japanese are the most advanced humans on the planet. Right now it appears they have run into a brick wall of reality. However never underestimate the potential of a cornered human sapian.

See for yourself.

Ferguson simple solution is Cop Cams

This will solve everything.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Jack White

He rocks not perfect but in compidon to his peers like gold

Thinking Aboot the Greater Imapact

When we make important decisions I think aboot how we
leave the greater impact in last place.
All the white noise is right here
and now
and even the consequences
so prevalent
are disssed
due to the
we pay.

We are alive

It is something so unpredicable
that we should all
just get down on one
or two knees and wonde
why the fuck am I still

What is the great purpose
as I will admit
I have never done
noting great,

Do not get me started on the meaning of that
because in this current generation
bieng great is only mediocre
and we asll should have to 
we did nothing special
we just thought
we were great

Can no find a better mind

boi on
bbagtery e
gti eoand
to say do disuvue
dthant the '
gtheis thus tnjy ay

Things I believe

1) Working for any big country internatitial puts you  more iu contact with first tesement than the greatest Hassadice Jew.
2) The people we all worship like Churchill and Gobeels yes there is a ying an yang where equally assholes whow needed to know that you have
to keep crazy under control becuase if you reveal the truth
the people will take control.  And both facist and  communists agree
this is the worst case senario/

Cq43 5h3 alue5r r4om 5h3 w3noo2, gu5 o3hh35  you 2qn5 is organization.

Good Sound!

The modern one have it in spades.
Could not somebody somewhere
make the Beatles sound so hard
I image that in the days to come
we will see a reissue of the great
bands with modern sound.

So is this music or just manipulation
I say if it sounds good
take to the street
to keep some kind
of integrigty
with the people 
on the streets

We all know now
there are no leaders
only parking meters
its impossible for 
a single humann
to inspire us all.

Yet we all live
in some kind of collective
Be it Norway or Alberta
you salute the state
every day.

So how is humanity going
to breakthrough
to the golden plane
where we all exist anty
no one is there to 
screw up our schedules
by some complain.

Look people facist structures
are easy to assemble
and most stress tests
will tell you
they are solid.

A perfect socity built by
the builders who only want that
It turns out the NAZI where not 
something we could contemplate
but everyday we follow thier plan
what some at the top refuse it reconzise
is that life is a struggle and 
no goverment is going to make this right
without a revolution
try thinkng about how rich we are
and how all those trappings are
so unimportant
and you have a model that may
save us.
But  based upon preceding civilation collapse
the odds are not with us.

My old NAD pulls more Whatts

I come to you live
listening to sounds
generated generations ago
and thats the power
of sound
it know no gernerational
and that is what is at fault
for those who care
we do not need no
content anymore 
we are free
but  contriveraly conflicted
the sound is all around us
they can hit on the highs
and lows
and ryheme nonsense
and we of a certian age
are all in awe
fuck man I should have
gone into rap long

JuJu lallapuzzle for me and a metaphor for the evil empire

I have shared many decades of my life with Korea. On the scale of fucked up but successful its number one. If your a man one of the first things you notice about Korea is how beautiful the people on the street that you meet are. Korea in my book is a great read.

Cheju Do as I knew it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. In Asia especially and the world in general, an unspoiled place is an anachromism. I could of posted my wonderful photos but  JUST Google.
My diaramism have no impact.

Despite the odds Ju Ju remained a pristine backwater. Surprise Surprise Surprise somebody somewhere noticed this beautiful place and decided what it really needed was a military base that would dispoil this little plot but the upside was it would be incredibley defended.

A navy base in Cheju do makes as much sense as a fortress occupyin Central Park. There have to be better ways to survive than bulldozing beauty and making fantastic places parinoid camps of concrete ideology.

Do not have any illusion when the army or defence establishment moves in the sphere of influnce surrounding any establishment becomes all in. An Army base is like a Casino for the neighbourhood, except there is not chance the base will ever lose when the army rolls the dice. Every population everywhere hates the US bases. Belive me or belive a bullshit dream.

The corrosive effect of the US  worldwide occupation is conterversial. No one will dispute its corrosive. When we see an America increasingly ruled by the Tea Party or religious zeloats is it not time to say. Hey Hey Hey America go away.
I have no doubt many time America saved the world. However this does not mean they own it.

The occupation of Cheju Do is proof the American Military Industrial Complex is out of control and needs some common sense reigning in.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

To serve and protect

thats the old police
the new one shot
first and ask questions
only if they are caught

You will need to wear shades

I am so confident in the future
I can forget the past
when I make my
of what will

People are people
and friends are friends
and that is society
not something 
rotten politicians
bend to 
get elected

Right now 
some smart person
male or female
has come up 
with a solution
that will stop the
top down

In a sense we will
all be farmers
from a bygone era
where we did
not need no government
to keep our people

You know What

What I can say
is that no one
no where can 
no longer escape
the games they play

and this the revolution maybe
and it came without
blood or an endless
search for resolution

Right now in every way
if you do not play straight
your face is going to appear
in a crooked way

What we all know about Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afganistian and so many others

Our pounding the sand will make little difference in the long run
Hunting down scumbags is like a quest to
kill a great whale.
Its going to cost you a leg
at least
and likely your arm
with no resolution

The truth of the conquest is
that we have no idea
how to run ourselves
so we should not
be taking comfort
in giving advice
thousands of mile

Pass the Torch!

I spent alot of time as a ute
wondering where were the new beatles
and yes I am serious
why would the beatles go 
away without a scuccesr5
like my politcial heros
who made sure
i was fed.

Of couse I grew up
still loved the Beatles
and even did LSD
So when my imagination
soared to another dimesin
I went crazy when
the powers that be
on this astral plane
refused the truth

Time in an office
when your future
as a human is on display
when the technocrats
and the big swingers
have in thier world
as farmers in yours

Canadian civilians fighting ISIS

Would you be surprised the first one identified is the son of Randy Hiller?
Now the right would say there is no hypocrisy. The fight for truth and liberty we are always on that side, even Pinochet, Baby Doc, Qaddafi Duck, Somoza and a thousand others had a good side.

The fact is when you join a side
you are so open to the blindside
that the enemy is us.

Bad guys are all around
look at Mexico
where we bankroll one
and say the drug
war is just swell

Canada should stay out
of this mess of corruption
because that is all it is
there is no right
no wrong
only money
and sadly its the 
same situation 
in the Ukraine
and maybe
as Del Mastro
and others have 
right at home 
in your local riding

Some say politians
are all the same
that's what the truly 
bad ones spend millions
on hoping you never
ask anyone to 

Gravity Flows of Human Nature

Once upon a time Government
meant something
it was an organisation
which had at its
a will to benefit 
you and me
regardless of pedigree

Today its all spun around
pedigree rules
and the general population
needs to be ruled
fortunately it turns
out the holi poli
really are fools

Once only governments
could compete with 
complete nonsense
but today
can piss in your ear
with the same force
and at the end of the day
leave citizens
with absolutely
no recourse

The powers that be
know damm
well this 
is a torrent of frustration
that will
over time
any dam
no matter 
how well
it was made
you can not stop 
water when it
knows the sea
has been made

I submit the powers
that be are 
fomenting revolution
to escape the debt
they will zero 
in and eliminate
the mouth breathers
and live on the world
that climate change 

Calling on the collective community that know Sauron

I read Lord of the Rings three times and I still do not know what Sauron was. But I know in Canada Steve Harper has all his best attributes on display daily.
The Harper Goverment is unique in Canadian History but Parrots a long tradidion in America of Goverment by the special interests above all. In Canada one might argue that even Mulroney who sold the country to Exxon would not have traveled completely down the republican road. No mystery with Harper, Gods will replaces science, personal responsibity replaces society. We can live so well behind big gates and spend the entire GDP on security to keep us safe, cause you know its God's will.

There are no bad people just bad systems. Now there are some people who are genuilly mentaly ill. But as a counter point I will say, they never revealed themselves in such an extent untill the lawyers paved the way. If you kill someone I do not care about your mental state. You ended a life and you should forever be a captive of the state. Kill someone for no good reason and we should have a prison north of forty mining uranium where you work the rest of your life. If the radioactive nature of your contribution means an early death, thank a just society.

Canadians know all the things I want to say. The big question mark is how our institutions and marginal citizens failed us.

Harper is cancer and in 2015 you hold the scalpel to cut it out!

Thinkingaboot energy and the economy defined by Ecomics which was born by statistics

The world we inhabit is a massive fucking lie
Its starts with Santa Clause and the tooth fairy
and goes downhill from there

We fight and die and do horrible things in
the name of God
or so we believe
but the truth is
there is no God
at least not one we
yet understand
every religion is a lie
created by a very smart man

The tells are there no matter what
when Gods will and mans collide
you know that for man
it was just one side

Like a pack of wolves men
stalk the earth
Notice I said men
because in nature
they at the end of the day
will kill without remorse
and if one of a hundred
is their spouse its the law
of nature
do not blame the tiger
for having stripes.

Men needed some kind
of touchstone
for which they could
have a touchdown
and thus  I really believe
in Moses
came forward
and said
the NFL is exempt
from the non  complete clause
this monopoly is not one
according to God

Right now today
in the twenty first century
we live on a big RV
going long on journey
but looking short on
Are we such dinasours
we can not see
that this planet
does not give
a fuck aboot
who lives here?

We would do well
to know that
James Cameroon
is a Physicst
that makes movies
and Pandora is earth
with CGI.

We humans got the best thing ever going
why fuck it up over silverback tensions?
Why people be stupid and tribal
when the big picture escapes you?
This is a beautiful world with room for
all we need is a Swiss run Hotel.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Go long on Vandium?

I read that Vandium batteries may have squared the green energy circles. That is what to do when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. If this proves to be true it will be a revolution. Naw, the Man would never allow it!

Follow the Money! (In Ukraine)

Putin is a KGB leader. However what is going on in Ukraine?  Remember we did have what the consesus said was a democratic goverment overthrown by a K street mob. Now we learn the first move of the new goverment was to vanish the countries gold reserves. Something is rotten in Ukraine.

Wasting Thousands of years of History!

Those who do not study the past are bound to repeat it. That's common sense. Yet the Man prefers Henry Ford " History is bunk" The masters of reality hate history because it is the most effective way to penetrate and destroy their reality distortion field.

Obviously reading the Art of War is an good entry into understanding how people thousands of years ago knew how to deal with our current mess. They would recommend not getting into it in the first place.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I am the Queen of the slipstream

Its true I just do not care
and no shit you through
at me can hit
me as I am supersonic air
with no gravity
but on the nightly news
I appear as granite
great parts of the Canadian
an the oil sands
are my makeup
as I lie about everthing
and the press
they take it all in
I am a conservative\
reform puke
that makes
the world sick.

Crimes agianst humantiy

Voices that can really sing 
are being made extinct
by vodophones
this is the worst.

In the day everyone could sing
in fact it was the first thing
not how much vocal assistance
and hype one could contribute

We have lost so much talant to 
this muscial apoclyspe
I wonder if culture 
will ever recover.

Van Morrison Stranded

If you do not know and love Van the man I am sorry. Well here is your chance to hear the man in his late genius. Can not compare to Astral Weeks but still compelling.

Redtails Redtails

You know exactktty what I mean from thus outburst.
Over achivers or the worthy never 
given a shot, In the day of the cap
Stanley Cups will be captured
by those redtail stats.

advice for you life everyday(911 lies leading to action)

You should live it like
you want it
despite all the discourging 
things that naturaly come 
your way

One can never be happy
no matter what
this is the universal truth
we love and live
and have fabulouse times
but we are never happy
that is what drives
the human genome
we are at the heart 
a pissed off society
enjoying happy
as the icing on a cake

Could I talk to some
less intelligent beings
in our circustance
like dolphins and monkeys
and gorillias
or even the great hunters
the lions
I do not know what
advice they would spread
as I  cut there guts out
and on my mantle I 
put that head.

So I am stupid
no I am one
who is just frustrated
that the ORION
from 2001
was just a prop

What other beliefs 
and devlepments
put me in the same
arean with those
that think
Noah fled the ark.

Piracy and Wanton

Next to prostitution piracy is probably up there in the worlds oldest professions. Two evils that should be wiped out. If we took a best practices approach we could elimate them both. We can use robotics to eliminate prostitution. We could use common sense to eliminate piracy.  Do not ask the consumer to pay a fortune for content. Case closed.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Longist sitting asshole!

In Canada everyone knows his name

everthing is a scam

That is the light at the end of the day

for the invisible hand

and look at the weight
that opinion 
puts on all of us
I can not decide
and thats the reason 
the scammers trust 
they can bleed you
but like marvel comics
is there not a superhero
and that is goverment
but mostly they refuse 
to wear that suit
and the law of the jungle
penetrates our Shangri la
and we just go back
to jungle terms
and the world slows down
in the aspect 
of what we can do
with what we learned.

The native peopel
who I refer to as
hippies fleaing the
euuch brains of China setteled
what we call our lands
a millinaia before we
even understood 
whow glass flowed
through a sand.

Yes we are all messed up
and not civilized
but there are plans
out there from
the people that
lived in society
that died.

Glad to be Alive

All the media is giving us this nihistic message
I dont care about anything else
I am just glad to be alive
no matter what the hurt
no matter that I can 
not get aboard
a private plane
to fly a long way
away from what
makes living such a 
I fly because I can
and it keeps human turbulace
at least 30 thousand feet 

No one cares that I might be a star

I know some things and to even the simplest joint
I would be an attraction'
but on those big mulitpliers
I would be expotential
but now I do not see
those things.

Yep I am 56 
but I say with worldwide
and low milage.

The stupid factor
has doomed us.

Let me explain about the rules
they work if you want to achieve 
a ruled level.

Humans need more
no matter how you rule
if you hold them to that scale
your head is going to be somewhee
distant from you body
in the future
and the Supreme court will
always meant to be that way,

Thinkingaboot Putin

I lived in Austria as an immigrant for seven years. Austria is like a jewel and the people do not understand why they should not import flaws. Austrians live life at a very high standard. You can drive on their highways free of idiots. You have very few people on social assistance. Why would they want cultural diversity?  I admire greatly Austria. I support the people saying we do not swallow your diversity lie. Diversity is a mechanism to allow us all to get along. But if you are a first class team do you want to bring in a boatload of passengers who history has explained will contribute nothing at the top level?

We do not all have to live together is the weak link is not there.  The most successful societies on this world have few passengers and are totally racist.
That's a fact. I believe in Pareto's ratio.  Any problem is going to have 20% waste as part of the solution, If the drag is greater than than you have to look for more efficiency. This law is universal and can apply to Africa and the Middle East and everywhere humans live as animals. Humans living as animals should set off some kind of alarm. We have to fix this. We have the power but can not use it due to political correctness. The UN should be empowered to move in and improve the world. Instead the UN funds monkey brains that offend. That said the UN is the only hope we have, and most smart people have realized. People who elect child molesters over and over.

As a immigrant to Austria who did recieve some racist punts, I can say it 
may be the best country in the world today. They have all this old school thing about friends. They do, do do. Everything in the world would be cured if we lived like Austria, Plust the Skiing is great but not as good as Canada.

No Hope, No Change

It looks like the world will be lead after 2016 by either Jeb Bush or Jeb Bush in drag. The good news is there is really no conflict at the ruling level anywhere.  Powers know that real conflict is bad for business.

That's why the Republican candidate is the sure winner in 2016. I think its all a scam. Two steps forward, one step back. That has always been the plan to make the frogs in the pan think the temperature is not rising.

Tora, Tora, Tora, Norway, Norway, Norway!

Alberta and Norway have pumped roughly the same amount of oil. Norway five or six billion barrels less. Norway has everthing a society could want right now, and a trillion dollars set aside to keep it that way forever. Canada has Alberta Heritage fund of about $17 Billion. Way to go Brian Mulroney. If we had listened to PET we would be at least half as good as Norway in this sense.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Phenomenal Sound and Vision

that used to mean something. But the Man pissed in our ear and shit in our eyes for so long we just wanted something not so commercial.

I send up a flare

I am not a scientest and do not even pretend to have a clue what goes on in the mind of such a finely tuned instrumet. We people are distant because we do not6 have massive brains foucused on the problem. If only we believed half the science we would be in better shape.

i SEE Singapre as the most reasonably way to deal with what human
leave as a bad trace.

Why motherfucket why
could te whole world
not be Singapore
This is model
that humanity
should breath/

The 100

I don't know if it was inspired by the 300, but this CW series aimed at the Kardashian crowd has grown on me like Kim's butt has grown on the Internet.  Hunger Games et all have to be making an impact. The movie that turned on my social conscience, that freed me from my lizard brain 
was Billy Jack. A very corny B movie with no stars changed a generation of baby boomers from fascists to socialist. One tin soldier rode away. It should be mentioned the effect was super duper warp speed energised by the fight for freedom in Vietnam. I fear that for  the Utes of today war is just PlayStation for those who leave the basement? All glory no guts! People should have real anger at the way the world is today. But its not the Muslims fault, its not the Russians fault. This is proved 24/7 in Germany. Its your fault and my fault for not Thinkingaboot your vote.

 There are a lot of people dying in conflict in this world. I worry that we are so desensitised, polarised and advertised that the real horror the generations that knew and understood war are lost today in the fascination with Kim Kardashians butt. If Kim Kardashians butt falls into the wrong hands it could lead to Nuclear war. Fortunately at the moment its in the hands of an idiot.

Good TV today is like the first testament. Dramatic unbelievable stories that serve as teaching moments. The Wire set the standard. Every cop and Republican in America should have to watch the Wire and then pass a test or be flunked out of humanity. 

Boardwalk Empire was another searing look at history. The confluence of crime, power and politics should have taught us something. We are way past Star Trek and other groundbreaking entertainment that fantasise about perfect Earth vs bad universe.  No the creators today have with the same proportion as climate change scientist declared we have seen the enemy and its us. Thinkaboot it!

Will the utes make the connection between Kim's bum and a fascist intervention? As Gobbels said " if you trust us as you should, in the near future you can all have Kim's butt"

* Did I mention Game of Thrones? No it was so obvious.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Know your Steak does and donts.

Things you need to know about the best meat ever! (after bacon of course) Most pros agree that Prime Rib Steak is the best. In general meat cooked on the bone is better.

Monday, 10 November 2014

My POST eliminated by the CIA

 It happened. I wish I could reconstuct the post with a gun to my head
but its gone girl.

I do not want to eat your oversalted shit

Hey fast food, stop selling poison and I might eat you when I am out.

Are you competent?

Well then maybe you should be President, boss or team leader. What we have seen is that incompetance at the top has made opportunity a clean up on asile sick. I am not talking about Obama alone, its everywhere, like Zombies that can not be killed with a brain stroke.

In China and in Germany they do not put people in power who got a law degree.
We should never have in my IMHO a leader who just abides. A law degree or and MBA sersiously what kind of currency is that today.

Politics a paid profession for bulllies and the entitled

Public service yada yada yada, you could not make half the money or get half the benifits someplace else. Or your Dad was great and lets elect me. We need some kind of entrance examime before you can run for office.

Society goes on strike

Its there today in Japan and Korea even China. If we do not reproduce our society dies. So all you facists better figure out a way to make babies more profitable to the workers.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

If we had an affair how would that work

I am all like needles and pins
and you are all circumstance
and I give nothing awa
but you have such 
a beaurtiful reveal
its a match made in heaven
if we were sixteen

To take a piss outside

Yeah I just did it.  There is something deep inside us we want to piss out.
I just did it.

The Chines kept the empire with Enuchs

The Gay men that died for the Bush Empire
will never be comprised.

I have no to rule the zombie mind

Please exucse my grammer but the point remians the same, Rule and regulations and eforement are a fools game. That will lead to the end of civilazation faster and further than Zombies.

Why I no longer watch the news

Cause its all bullshit and promos for drugs or futher propaganda,

The problem is not ignorace but will

The Democrarats got handed an appovolyse during the last election.  I got to say that was a good thing, All those defeated half men an woemen will be replaced with real warriors for social justice. For poeple that really believe America can be a beacon on a hill,