Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Blow him out of the sky Dano

When ideology rules the police have air to air destructive capability. Despite spend close to $1 trillion a year (on defense) the NYC Cops can still justify air to air combat redundancy. Why not just put shoulder mounted SAMS in the police car trunk?

Monday, 26 September 2011

No way to sugarcoat Nazi's emerging from the South Pole

Even reading the sanitized version of Operation Highjump raises doubts. Then ponder how Admiral Forrestal died weeks after  Operation Highjump. Lots of Highjump links, here, here, and lets not forget the tie in to Operation Paperclip, here. Rosswell has cover from Occams Razer, Operation Highjump is the truth shaved.

Wikileaks may be poised to(video for hardcore only) blow the lid off these mysteries. Ironically I could not find any rational links to the Wikileak UFO story, who would have guessed it? Will history fundamentally change in October? No matter what the facts, highly unlikely. However, what if the current finance crisis is a front for a Nazi takeover? The Nazi’s after 60 years of living in Hollow earth choosing this time to emerge would explain everything.

A link that takes things a step further.

A movie based upon the above.

People still Read?

Like most fans I love to wear the colour.
Some of my favorite T shirts are brands, products, or places from fictional worlds. HBO got me hooked on Game of Thrones and I am slowly reading the series. I think about reading like I think about listening to the Beatles. I know I like the sound but I just cant get thrilled about the idea any more. Then a song comes on the I pod and I am hooked all over again.

One of the most underrated contemporary future history authors has to be Australian John Birmingham. If you liked the movie The Philadelphia Experiment , this 3 book series will be a real treat. The premise is the same but instead of a single ship going forward to the present, a whole fleet of 2020 NATO ships goes back to WWII. Great stuff and please make the movie.

Dreaming of the Future in a 787

Update Jan 1, 2013, oh how wrong I was.

Boeing in order to spite the unions almost destroyed the company with its bungles on the 787 development. However, now the first plane has been delivered and all will be forgotten.

Rambling again

It’s been a few weeks since I posted, mostly nothing new to discuss or worthy subjects already well-reviewed with better prose and more passion.
What is it with Conservatives and Jets, why do they love toys more than their country? First we have too many private government jets, likely because every time the Bombardier salesman needs a sale he calls daddy. However, its time to cut this fat. The bigger issue is why does our PM fly private when the British PM fly commercial?
Glad to see Ford Nation chewing off its leg to get out of self-made traps. Is it too late to save transit city?
The Ontario provincial election is a mess. Liberals should win, but Tim Hudak is not challenged even by his stupidest policies. Number one, power, if he gets rid of the Smart Meters your power bill will go up 44% on 69% of your FAMLIES consumption.
I join the chorus of those who are writing off Obama, Washington a place where hope and change go to die.
My beloved Canadians are shaping up for a cup run, but it all depends on the big M to make it a lock.
Conrad Black never disappoints. In essences he is now in jail for obstruction of justice. The evidence of this is the video of him removing boxes. In his defense he claims he installed the cameras to make it easy for the Justice Department to catch him. Thus totally innocent, and its not a crime in Canada, pity!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Quaddaffi Duck and GWB

They were having a torture bromance, how sweet. In 2004 CIA kidnapped off the streets of Bangkok the guy who is now leading the Libyan Rebels and delivered him to Tripoli. Next time some pol talks about freedom, your money and your sons and daughters remember this.