Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ziommbie Rock

Songs about disaae
and Zomi=
in low key
I lov them

Black Hole Beautiful

Singularity comes to everyman
who enters your orbit
which for those with
2020 vision
is about 7 meters

Most men can work
the problem and find the exhaust
me I fell right into
your heart
with no chance of 
not being
star crossed

Black holes of beauty
breaking men's hearts
Black holes of beauty
something men
do not understand
a phenomena
that tears us apart

When beauty absorbs everything
there is no sunlight
just phenomenal eyes
the last thing you see
before you transition
from human
into the unexplored physics
of love
in a black hole

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Angel touch the Sky

Angel what you reaching for
you know I think
you can touch the sky

Angel what you reaching for
seems to me your already
pretty high

Angel what you reaching for
you know I would never
just ask  you why?

Angel what you reaching for
why make that stretch
why make your pretty wings
fly in such turbulence

Angel what you reaching for
you touched my hand
a lifetime ago
everyday I fly
I soar
Your Angel 
can touch the sky

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Poges,m the frainr Poges

Google it

You cant help the spider if it can not hunt the fly

Its obvious do not tell me devious

Giddy in Overtime

Hari Seldon used math to predict and control the future
Ray Bradbury wrote not to predict the future
but to prevent it
maybe that's the best insight
into authors we need to know
people who document our
clown show
and fear the final performance

The reality distortion field has always
enslaved mankind
we used to call it the Church
now its the MAN

To lead is to make decisions
its to show your teeth
and tonsils
and the toe jam 
on your feet

This is a body no one
can love for a long time
but its part of life
like growing old
but where is the youthful
the rule of the
good guys?

Well in my life 
I have seen so many strange
things I have become
even stranger
to reality
than the reality distortion
which i love
and walk into
every day
with joy
cause I am 
not dead
and they pay me
to be alive
and that
in my wallet
next to my
kids is a card
pride and joy
life's laundry

So pr oven the manipulation
so true the lies
the masters of the universe
make a great show
but into this narrative
comes a new block buster
a face and great hair
with some kind of pedigree

Hair boy is a little goofy
we must admit
but is that not what
we want in a friend
serious sucks if you
work that way
every day

Hair boy is actually a man
and he has a plan
and its well thought out
and if the right was
doing it they 
would be all
about keeping promises

I always loved government
because I have travelled the world
and found the people all the same
what made great nations 
was great government
or more importantly
incorruptibly institutions
the arms and legs
and delicate fingers 
of power that must
work for everything

We are in a Lovecraft
some nations
skull, and some 
are forever up the creek
with no paddle
the people choose
after all

Canada has always been 
a nation with the wind at its back
like our andulslian neighbour
a lucky country
but today
we need to attack
not sit on a pile of dirt
digging up prosperity
for that is plantation work
and no matter how hard
the reality distortion field
generator works
no one believes its
the 18th century

I have always been disgusted
when the right says stupid shit
and gets elected and tells
the holi poli with joy
we did what we said
so vote for me

For the first time in my life
someone from the left
has played that game
and got elected
wow Star Wars
trailer wad released 
on the same day

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Canada has Trudeau as Prime Minister

Good guys win a huge historic massive victory against overwhelming odds, destroying forces of real evil and entitlement. I am so proud to be a Canadian this mooring. We rejected the advice of our media masters, the pundits, the pitiful wretches who wage a war paid to not know what they know. 

I liked Trudeau but have to admit I thought Harper was going to wipe the floor with him. Nuanced messaging works for me but when Trudeau was crucified for thoughtful statements about China and other complex issues, I thought he had little chance. Harper's scorched earth campaign was probably the biggest factor in the Liberal win. However the Trudeau team ran a remarkable campaign. Lots of meaty policy Canadians in the end found appetising. Sticking to the sunny ways, throwing all the dark arts under the bus and just going for it Canadian style.

Three big things that have me ecstatic.1) Legal Pot: the stupidity of prohibition abandoned. This will add billions of dollars to the public purse. It will subtract billions of dollars from the public expense. It will make society much more productive because thousands of Canadian will no longer have a criminal record for getting an illegal smile.

2) Infrastructure spending: This will create jobs and make our nation more productive. Comparing Canada to northern Europe, Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan and Singapore its very clear the potential of Canada has barely been scratched. The common thread through all those successful economies is fantastic infrastructure and government shaping the economy.

3) The F35 dies: Canada doges the biggest flying rattrap ever. I wonder if the plain brown envelopes can also be recalled.

Canada has a exaggerated sense of its importance on the world stage. Its part of our mythology. Harper destroyed our international brand. Fortunately Canada is so insignificant the world hardly noticed. I look forward to sewing the flag back on the backpack.

Sunny ways my friends, sunny day in Canada

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Alberta and Montreal Sarajevo for Canada?

I lived closer to Sarajevo than Montreal for a good part of my life. The same passion Harper hopes to exploit was what gave us Sarajevo and the Holocaust but in some ways it the same old way of doing things.

Today he is only baiting, does anyone think tomorrow he will be catching?

I found a Maple Leaf

It was pressed between two useless pages of a useless book
a maple leaf, not especially big
and now a hundred years latter
the colours are not strong
but my blood run true
and I undertand history
and what it means
that today right now
more people are living human lives
than ever, however
out of the billions on earth only a couple really
understand what it means to inherit
the earth
and so far we have given
the teen the keys to a Ferrarii
and just because he won a couple of race
he is now a celbrity and will be next week
in viet nam with a scuba suit
looking for junk his grandfather left behin
cause you know all the Nam Viets are on the
last paddies.
But the horror they made public
that desclousrue has not made
war less popular
in fact popular culture
celebrates people who pull
some kind of metaphoricar gun
and through guile, gumbtion and good
luck sometimes figure out what was
written on the secrect scrolls
brothers and sisters take care of businesss
cause its a non entiny
there is always a chance
even a dog will disert you
but a business you own
and if its even a tiny bit successful
there is a good chance someone
willl send you a bone
or a Jeffersone our
something of real value
for those unaware we are living
in a Zombie Capitalism Atmosphere
you see the institutions are mostly dead
and they have no better idea about
how to contain Fuckushima than the most
brilliant scientests in the world
still I dont understand, no yes I do
I watch game of thrones
in some ways life is guarentted
at going to kindergarten
and only true Bravehearts
can ever exceed outside
parental finacial capitblity factor
given the narrowing capacities of
differant soci economic groups
where wisdom is power
even the rich have trouble
generating weatlth through
total bullshit and arrocgancea
any more.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

When Ketchup tastes like toothpaste

You are eating real food

Real me

I am what you know as a self descbribe intelletual others just call me flawed

Surfing the dichotomy of life

Oh Oh full bore. Its an emergency of reality and I dont know if I want to fully participate. When you live in two universe
this is the worst dilemma, the hobsons choice, the dichotomy we traveller's have to deal with. Dont worry the neutronisonst
travel to both sides, so even in the case of a total meltdown I would be preserved in some kind of urethral force that can not be measured, always ready to be brought back to save humankind.

Listen to STEVE

Oh Oh full bore. Its an emergency of reality and I dont know if I want to fully particpate. When you live in two universe
this is the worst dilemma, the hobsons choice, the dichotomy we travelers have to deal with. Dont worry the neutronisonst
travel to both sides, so even in the case of a total meltdown I would be preserved in some kind of ereathal force that can not be measured, alway ready to be brought back to save humankind.

Defining what it is to be Canadian

Note he has a paddle and knows how to use it
This election will define us going forward. Just like a second Bush term defined America. If we reject Banana Repuplicism Canada has a bright future. If we fall for Harper knowing what we know, having seen him use the worst tactics ever, we do not deserve to call ourselves Canadians anymore.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Known Outage

There is a known outage
when the system breaks
and its on every screen
information everyone
needs to know
but the system man
IT disseminates it so slow
and I become the messenger
please don't shoot me
or worse give me
a bad CSAT
some wounds can be bandaged
others deny the facts

There is a known outage
when something screws up
could be a Pole has been hit
or an Ungarn(Hungarian) is corrupt
maybe Edward Snowden
hates Game of Thrones
only the lord knows

There is a known outage
when an update goes sideways
and progress sputters to a stop
a victim of manufactued stupid day
as if Windows 10
was not thick enough
free downloads
with Microsoft
at your back
cover my six

There is a known outage
so best to just take a rest
go about other business
and let the world take
care of the tests
and tribulation
behind the scenes
where the action
is fast and furious
and good people
are eaten alive
all will be resovled
as soon as possible
and we do not stop to bury
the dead
execpt for HBO
this is a good theme
for a new show

There is a know outage
and its growing
we cant find the handle
and are dropping all the balls
but still we take the calls
still we take the calls
back to back
back to back
back to back
with no minimum
hour days
never going on the attack
just absorbing all that pain
making the customer
feel good again

I used to admire M Night Shamala
the 6th sense genius and then I realized
he was a one hit wonder
no danger for that in

me I am now flying in my Taxi
taking tips
getting stoned Biblicaly


Known outage
Known outage
many nodes down
do not let me down
Known outage
you are a data clown
really not funny
really not funny
Data Tech comedy
is dark and disconnected
please bring the live wire
back to me
I need the live wire
send a hit please
do not make me another
of industrial disease

Should Holocaust Denial be a Crime?

If it were to be, how many other ideas would become criminal? I am all for letting fools speak freely to let them fully identify themselves. If people fallow fools then I might consider the need to save people from themselves. The fact the need arises to even discuss the issue shows we have had a major failure to communicate in the last few decades.

Harper Goobers the Brand

Regrets I have a few

Number one is not learning to play the guitar when I had a chance in Grade 6. You moron Steve! Now technology is reaching out to me. Mama let him play!
Thats an Iphone guitar app screen on top

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bethune the terrosit this election

Calling Dr Bethune
Canada needs you
though you are
long dead
fighting a war
that today
would be called
if you had a wedding pinic
a terrorist barbaque
with you on the menu
especially during
an election

looking back in history
we can see how totally wrong
that would be
for Canada let
alone China

Cause you were there
man on the scene
telling Mao Tse Sung
what it means
to live the Canadian dream
and you correctly idendified
thats our place in the world
not bombing people
who we think are
not on our side

Side this side that who knowns
who really cares
could be your neighbour
could be a stranger
you will never know
until the Zombies attack
but one thing every country
needs is better train tracks

So lets take the Niqab or
the solution many men
have sought to fuck a
beautiful body
but did not care
about the face
and for those
particulalry ugly
a double bag
so that during
one would not
come lose

Never been there
never would do that
but there is a case
in this sexualized
world for a man
to make this kind
of mindless
sexual act

I gotta look at my co workers
big butt
thankfully covered
so if they want to continue
this trend to the face
who am I to pretend
thats not their right
after all we have
a fucking charter of rights

Charter of rights bitches in Nijabs
who do not know
if the lies the goverment tells
will make their noses
grow out of the Nijab
totally exposed
and will have to retreat
to the dessert where
nothing grows

Fuck I hate that fucking nijab
and bigjap and every other
peice of clothing that seperates
me from you on purpose
and I can include all kinds
of cultural delights
but its mostly confined
to the Sikhs and Jews

Both of which I dont understand at all
cause I am not stupid
just a guy who loves
a great waterfall

Canada could work through the Jews and Siks
but the muslims that was a natural resouce
we can not mine
if their are not enough
foriegn temporay workers
to take that paycheck away
cause we are a free
country and that
why if you want
good goverment
you have to
damm well pay

I grew up hating homsexuals, blacks and Jews
I did not even know Asian exept for Nips

Now do not blame my parents who were
the most tolerent people you would ever
Because these were not their values
and in my small town this
made them roughly black sheep
but to tell the truth nobody
gave two shits about such issues
casuse this town had no blacks
no Muslims and one token Jew
who owned a haberdassary
and was seen by all
as a good guy through
and through

Growing up Toronto was a big city to me
like landing on the moon
and I was Neil Armstrong
and one of the biggest things
the people of the modern world
should regret
is they will \
never have such simple
as being
enthralled at visting Toronto

To make a long story short
I grew up in a differant way
and now I know
every people and have
no fear

Nobody wants to kill us
no matter what the bred
we are all brothers sisters
mothers fathers lovers
and children playing on the
same decling field
and all that matters
is that we work together
to make the world yeild
less to our will
and find a way
like our genes
to look hot
without the

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Demons and Angels cross dressing

Demons and Angles
are cross dressing
changing up the scene
you got to fight for
your right to party
these days

The prohibitionists and serious people
like to think they are on the right path
but the road they paved
is killing the planet
and sucking the life
out of humanity
because who has
more genuine fun
than free people
born wild and free
not made to be
ruled by the meek
and foolish
hulks of humans
who take on Zombie
forum way
before they are undead.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The bullshit that has runied our world and sadly its true

Bullshit fountains stream shit
to our lizard brains 
and no mind
is exempt
your going to have
a shitfaced
mind even if your
no one is exempt

Have you ever seen
a crowd undulate
in Africa
and been amazed
at how a billion
people could 
react spontaneously
to just one chord
and now you know
how deadly a three
chord can be
if you want to 
program the lizard brain
It took me one day 
and one night
and I got married
just the same
but was it fair 
for me to program
I am the only one
who can 
judge if that was insane

I program everyone
who surrounds
me and they have 
no anti virus
for how have I 
the head of 
lizard brain
for a billion year
if I was not Tully
free of the 
lizard brain
cut out
a billion years ago
by LSD

Jones Spaceman
is my name
and I an not
a vi son
of alternative
you see those really
do not exist
so be patient
no matter what
its just you
and me

I came from a billion 
years ago
due to relativity
and when I landed
here so resplendent
in my advanced PVC
i felt at home
cause the people
running the planet
where so determined
to repeat the cycle
of wiping  out

humanity we are a joke
so intelligent
but we can not 
a monkey out 
of a tree
if it has
a vote
that can be manipulated
for me