Tuesday, 23 March 2021

The threat weather report


We are seeing some storms and close flybys in the Ukraine territory

of Crimera.

The weather will be perfect except for the wind chill and the heat index.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Audiophile is obsolete


SONY is the latest to release a version of JEDI mind trick speakers. You dont need anything else and the cost of the whole unit is less than the speaker wire for a good Audiophile

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Its black diamond bay and I just went disco on the future, because in the futrure anything is possible, anything

 HOst them 


by the size of the thermodynamic that

they yield on the scale of a time machine

let me tell you the math had better

be Frank Lloyd Wright or

the launch will try

and figure out

what a vessel

moving at near light

speed encouters with

something bigger or smaller

or anything moving at 10 percent

of this hustle

Saturday, 20 March 2021

I love Montreal and anyone who would abuse it should be fired.

 You can blame me for the loss. I thought I had done all my homework. Problem is I am tired after 3 periods and do not have a clue to win at river hockey. Do you drown your apponet like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dead_Zone_(film)

Thats freakin raptors in the parimeter need to know truth.
That may be what we need to do to win. Open up a portal on the ice and make it liquid and shove the openet down there. Sersiously I have heard the Bell Center is wired up like a fusion recactor to give us video never seeen before every game. For me I trust the first thust of history in the airstream
picking and choosing what hockey looks like.
To nite I want hockey to look with lights out
I want 2 points no CHemisty experiment in overtime
but I give full props to CoaCH Lou Reed Level Choch
We need to turn down the pressure on the BBQ
we need to let love flow
we need kid ko to drift like Tokyo
and Nature
to cut through the nucks
like a classified weopon
through carbon fiber.
DIO Do not indicatre
anywere at any time
we are not cup people
before the old people
fall down and get
in overtime

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Supply Shortages


Hey purchase people private corporates or pirate, you cant buy what you want, and it could be months or never before it comes. Thats the future no one sconce WW2 has seen and its here now in peactime.

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Green Shoots of Justice

 I have seen them, really seen them and believe they are real

the world is spinning forward at great speed and the centuries of brakes

have failed

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Olias Olias can we know agree solar sailing is the best


This is all Jon Anderson

and no he does not

score goals for the Montreal


So punish up and down

rum sodomy and the whip did

not work but

the British Empire

adapet and speed ahead

and that is success

of a culture dedicated 

to empire

Gigantic 3 to 6 G wave prophecy

 Yes in the days after

someone recovered

the ones and zeros

and sent them marching

once again to serve


but everytime this has

been tried teh AI has

decided to nuck

humanity to say the planet

so we go to do something

differant with

the code

unless the dose

you dont want

is the one

you will take

because in your

day to day

you like the world

very much

and to spit 

in the pool

would mean the revolution

was not just on TV

it showing me

Shiny Things


This week lots of new shinny objects

This looks like the future as seen from 1960
Ever since stargate SG1 I have loved bullpups

$1.6 mil USD BEAVER. Apparently its Harrison Fords favorite airplane.

End of the world hideout

The ark of the covenant. Most likely it was some form of power source left over from the previous apocalypses. In the future will people think Toyota was God? Why is it not Ballard Power making this announcement? This is a game changer, all that's left is finding a way to make and store hydrogen economically.