Tuesday, 31 May 2011

If this is a great success Fukushima was only a short circut

Taliban Steve Harper declares Afghanistan mission a huge success.  I would call it a huge screw up. Steve Harper says that Afghanistan is no longer a global threat, well 10 minutes after GWB decided to invade Afghanistan it was no longer a global threat, so the huge success happened in 2001, so what would Steve Harper say about the next ten years? Ten minutes after GWB said he was invading Iraq Canada should have said “ we are not going to be clowns in your Afghan circus, Canada is going home” For $20 Billion spent, 156 dead and thousands maimed for life, we brag about 8 schools open and a couple of wheat fields growing amongst the poppies and the pot. It will be hard to justify a $20 Billion dollar a year defense budget when the Afghan campaign ends and no one in living memory will every commit to an open ended debacle again. Our troops and their families fought with unimaginable bravery in a desert slaughterhouse, but our losses, sacrifices, and clear failure reflect poorly on the civilian leadership. Some would say the US was in Afghanistan to build a pipeline, and Canada was in Afghanistan to prove we were relevant to the USA. I would not disagree.

A brilliant dissection of the Afgan hash.

A Clockwork Orange turns 40 firmly in fashion

A Clockwork Orange was written in 1962 by Anthony Burgess, and currently ranks number 65 on the list of top fictional novels. It was unusual for its heavy use of Nadsat, a dialect invented by Burgess based upon Russian. For example: droog = friend; korova = cow; risp = shirt; golova ('gulliver') = head; malchick or malchickiwick = boy; soomka = sack or bag; Bog = God; khorosho ('horrorshow') = good; prestoopnick = criminal; rooka ('rooker') = hand; cal = crap; veck ('chelloveck') = man or guy; litso = face;malenky = little; For some this made the book hard slogging

Before Walter Carlos became Wendy Carlos he recorded IMHO the greatest soundtrack of all time.As you can hear in the video clip the music is classical, mostly popular Beethoven. After wearing out the vinyl on the first album I bought it again and still have a pristine cover and disc. Whether it was intentional or not the Jane's Addiction song 1% pays tribute to the theme of the movie with the lyric " the gangs and the government ain't no different"

Harry Brown is seen by many as an English remake of Death Wish, but it is easy to place it as a bookend for a Clockwork Orange, and proof of prescience.

Stanley Kubrick is best remembered for 2001 A Space Odyssey. He made many Iconic movies but none better or more timeless than this one.

 Stream Here

Monday, 30 May 2011

The War on Drugs (people)

Watch below as a man who survived two tours of combat dies in his own house, an innocent man run over by the man.

I grew up in a world where no one would dare assault a police officer, and no one would dream of a SWAT team assaulting a neighborhood house. The war on drugs has many failures, but the militarization of policing will be its lasting destructive legacy.
Update Seems a bit of cash has been blown fighting blow.

New tech means more grow ops with lower power bills.

Masters of Destruction

I understand the Zero Hedge like a TV viewer would understand the weather report presented in binary Doppler radar data.

But just as Bob Dylan said " you don't have to be a weatherman to understand which way the wind blows" , you don't have to be Mark Mobius to understand bets on an outcome that are worth ten times the outcome are going to leave at least half the bets on the floor.
"The total value of derivatives in the world exceeds total global gross domestic product by a factor of 10, said Mobius, who oversees more than $50 billion. With that volume of bets in different directions, volatility and equity market crises will occur, he said."

Every day a master of the universe predicts the end of the world, not a good sign.

Dangers of Dick Dialing

Apparently this while this Conservative candidates phone was in his pocket it not only took a picture of his privates but also posted them on his twitter, account. Certainly dick dialing can be even more embarrassing than butt dialing.
He is so lucky the flash did not go off, third degree burns are painful.
Updated May 31, 2010.

Okay on the third try the true story comes out. A group of men dressed like Japanese Anime characters stole the phone and one of them lay in a expensive hotel room on the bed and took a full length picture of themselves, then posted it. Being a great guy even after finding this photo on his site he did not call the police.

This is a clear cut rebuttal or example of how the left always gets the shaft from the Main Stream, Right wing controlled media. This story died with almost no legs, a similar story about Mr Wiener, is the top story in the USA. The difference Wiener is a Liberal.

Update June 7, 2001
Wiener was giving us the shaft all along. Showing your package casually on line is an embarrassment to men. The reason that men do it is obviously it does get some results. As an old acquaintance told me, every girl he talked to he would ask for sex, he said he got a lot of slaps in the face, but a lot of sex as well. Wiener and Farve have likely had many a touchdown with this in your face tactic, but in the digital world instead of a slap in the face from one person, you become a disgrace in the whole world.

Men should remember the most horrific scence in the movie Aliens was essentially a penis breaking through the chest of astronaut Drake.

Never Consider Blowback

Update Nov 2013, blowback spotted.

When you’re spending a trillion dollars a year on defense, worthwhile adversaries are hard to find. Until WWII America did not have a eternal enemy. Before 911 all signs pointed at China.  April 03, 2001 a US EP3 aircraft collided with a Chinese fighter. The Chinese threat had never been greater. China was rescued scant month later by the 911 event. It was the CIA that created Al Qaeda, 911 portrayed how easily playing the Great Game can lead to self inflicted agony. Blowback is the understandable view of the law of unintended consequences. Blowback combined with asymmetric warfare is a force multiplier that any rational defense institution would take extreme care to ensure such a combination was avoided. Computer hacking contains elements of blowback. Particularly in the case of Sony, the creative commons reacted to Sony’s enforcement of intellectual property rights with a hack attack that cost Sony billions more than it would ever earn by preventing its customers from altering their property. Therefore it is astounding that when asked if the US was behind the Stuxnet worm attack on Iran, the answer was a non-denial denial.

Perhaps the greatest long term tragedy of the GWB administration was the reckless disregard for international law in general, and the tenets on nuclear non proliferation in general. Loud and clear was the message, if you do not want the US to invade you had better nuke up. Its not impossible to believe the administration was seeking justification for expensive missile defense programs. North Korea restarted and completed its Nuclear program, and Iran started a wink wink nudge nudge path towards uranium enrichment. Even now its not clear what Iran’s endgame is. According to the IAEA Iran has not violated any rules, but the IAEA remains deeply suspicious.

The Stuxnet worm attacks Siemens Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) programs. So the valves, sensors, pumps and PLC controllers that allow Iran to enrich uranium were made uncontrollable. How big of a setback the September 2010 attacks have been is hard to measure. Clearly state sanctioned attacks on a countries control infrastructure is now fair game.

By Feb 2010 the Stuxnet worm, a weapon of incredible sophistication likely unobtainable without state highly technical state sponsorship was available for any malcontent, state sponsored or just nihilist  on the internet. SCADA system are a near universal control system for any complicated process. For sure they are hundreds of times more widespread in western countries than Iran. The people responsible for this attack where incredibly irresponsible and short sighted. The countdown has begun and the blowback is building up.

And the hits just keep on comming.

Oct 12 2012 update. Defence Secretary is really worried about cyberattack. To bad the US education system has left the country nearly defenceless. Maybe he should have thought about that before he gave the world an advanced cyberattack template, that otherwise would never have been developed.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Tears for Fukushima

Ongoing blog from Fukushima.
I have spent time within the Chernobyl zone that surrounds Fukushima. This was a decade ago when I would travel often to Mito. It was a green less dense part of Japan, and the people a little less frenetic. I have a tremendous love and respect for the Japanese people. In my book they brought the future to the world. I don't know what to do, I have written my MP and MPP suggesting we bring in families from the affected areas to live in University dorms for the summer. My explanation for the governments behavior is that the situation is very grave and evacuating a larger area will be a burden. In keeping with Japanese culture these people are expected to sacrifice for the greater good.
I came across this letter pass it around, send it to your government, these people need to be saved from their own government.
Letter from a Fukushima mother
When Tomoko-san, a mother of two in Fukushima City, heard from an NGO worker that I was going to be in Fukushima to report on a story about radiation levels at local schools, she was kind enough to volunteer her time to speak to me – and handed me this letter. I promised to translate it and share it with you. So here it is:
To people in the United States and around the world,
I am so sorry for the uranium and plutonium that Japan has released into the environment. The fallout from Fukushima has already circled the world many times, reaching Hawaii, Alaska, and even New York.
We live 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the plant and our homes have been contaminated beyond levels seen at Chernobyl. The cesium-137 they are finding in the soil will be here for 30 years. But the government will not help us. They tell us to stay put. They tell our kids to put on masks and hats and keep going to school.
This summer, our children won’t be able to go swimming. They won’t be able to play outside. They can’t eat Fukushima’s delicious peaches. They can’t even eat the rice that the Fukushima farmers are making. They can’t go visit Fukushima’s beautiful rivers, mountains and lakes. This makes me sad. This fills me with so much regret.
Instead, our children will spend the summer in their classrooms, with no air conditioning, sweating as they try to concentrate on their lessons. We don’t even know how much radiation they’ve already been exposed to.
I was eight years old when the Fukushima Daiichi plant opened. If I had understood what they were building, I would have fought against it. I didn’t realize that it contained dangers that would threaten my children, my children’s children and their children.
I am grateful for all the aid all the world has sent us.
Now, what we ask is for you to speak out against the Japanese government. Pressure them into taking action. Tell them to make protecting children their top priority.
Thank you so much,
Tomoko Hatsuzawa
Fukushima City
May 25, 2011

Idiot Wind

Let the Sun shine in on Ontario’s voters Brains

The Toronto District School Board has signed a landmark nearly half a billion dollar deal to install solar panels on schools. Not only will the board share revenue from the power sales, the private sector will repair school roofs as part of the deal. The Knuckle draggers are in full outrage. The reason is under Ontario’s Feed In Tariff program the power will be purchased at $0.80KWH. It’s difficult to explain to a certain mindset why this is a deal for Ontario citizens.  First the amount of power purchased from all green sources accounts for no more than 3 to 4% of future power bills and less right now. Secondly, the FIT plans have been a huge success in Germany, creating thousands of green jobs, so this is not some pie in the sky scheme, it is an industrial stratagem well proven.  The future of energy is renewable s, so we can pretend the worlds not changing or adapt. Third, reducing greenhouse gases is a must, and even if you do not believe that, you must agree that significant savings in health care are available by reducing pollution. Finally, generating power at the point of usage yields significant rewards. Up to              62% of power generated never reaches the end user due to losses in transmission and voltage adjustment.

Science proves cheap non renewable energy sources have almost reached the point where demand exceeds supply. Furthermore science tells us burning these fossil fuels has a disastrous and incredibly expensive effect on our climate. Governments cannot do nothing, like the previous Hudak Harris government did. The McGinty government has not only had to pay billions to repair the infrastructure neglected, but has also had the courage to take on visionary change that will provide the power need to keep a sophisticated economy like Ontario’s one of the world’s leaders, and allow people to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle we all share. The reason Ontario pays very high premiums for solar and wind energy is to create a critical self-sustaining mass of energy and jobs of the future for the future. Under the Hudak  Harris government up to 62% of energy generated was lost in transmission and  inefficiency’s, Liberals have spent billions to plug this pure waste.  Costing power is a complex equation. Scientist use the Energy return on Investment as a decision making guide. So when you measure the amount of energy needed to produce the fuel, wind is 25% cheaper than gas and oil, solar is less expensive than the Hudak- Harris alternative of burning dirty coal, and research funded by the Liberal government is already paying dividends by making renewable energy even more profitable. Had the Hudak Harris been in charge, power rates would still have gone up, but worse Ontario would be facing an energy crisis, and with no time to implement solutions that take years of incredibly complex management. Hudak Harris say the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine so forget wind and solar, expensive daydreams. Science shows us Ontario is a prime location(considering population maybe the best in the world) for solar and wind, it would be foolish to not reap this harvest. Yes we need better ways to smooth out demand peaks, and that’s exactly what the Smart Meter does, Smart Meters mean we don’t have to build a nuclear plant, we do have more opportunity to adopt decentralized power. However it is not enough, Ontario must embrace power storage, one project that should be considered is a massive hydro storage pool on the escarpment near Niagara Falls, use the Beck to fill the pool and drain the pool to feed the grid at peak.  Maybe parts of the walker quarry can be utilized right now, the pool is already there. There are many other opportunities like flywheels, vanadium batteries and hydrogen, which can be placed right where the power is demanded.  

Tim Hudak dropped a pander bear bomb on the Ontario electorate. He will take the HST off energy, and double down by removing the debt payment for the Nuclear plants from the power bills. Tim estimates this will save an average family $262 per year. Would you buy this shortsighted plan for $0.71 per day? There is no free lunch, power will have to be paid for, either in higher taxes someplace else or ruinous debt. Worse the incentive to change behavior is gone. People will increase consumption and in a vicious circle need more power plants, under Hudak likely coal. So instead of adapting and preparing for the future, we will stick our heads in the sand and pretend its 1959.

TV worth watching is hard to find (check the links to see full episodes)

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, the link has a heart warming update with Klinger.  Mary Tyler Moore was the first show that made me laugh until I cried.  If you don’t remember Chuckles the clown, it may not seem that funny but going back and watching the whole series will demonstrate how lame current TV comedy is. 
MASH was like MTM on drugs, or maybe I was on drugs. The first 3 seasons were brilliant and IMHO no series has had this game since.  Current and still champion is Seinfeld, but it got better over the years while MASH really coasted. With the departure of Frank Burns the show really lost its foil and I hardly watched it.
In many respects it is the best of times and worst of times for Television.  The cable networks produce some primo stuff, like the best so far The Wire. Five seasons of pure brilliance explaining how America is rotting. The six seasons of the Sopranos are artworks.
Still on the air Tru Blood a beautifully crafted show chronicling a world where Vampires have come out of the coffin due to the invention of a synthetic blood drink called Tru Blood. Breaking Bad is a totally radical riveting show about a high school chemistry teacher forced by circumstance to make meth.

Network TV IMHO has not had a great series since the 
Rockford Files.  Lost was great, but the ending left me so unsatisfied I will never watch it again, and could not recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. Currently I watch NCIS, a corny timewaster, but what can you do.

Update Feb 2012, 
Boardwalk EmpireI am giving a thumbs up too.
 It is slow moving but I love how it reveals the underbelly of Anglo Saxon civilization.
Game of Thrones IMHO is a franchise that will be bigger than Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings combined. Did I say I loved it.  I have read all the books, and know the TV series will reach new iconic heights.
American Horror Story is another treat. Its quirky, like a modern day Adams family. The twist at end of season one will make you go ahh!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Military Industrial Complex massive fail

Update May 2013 

Floating F35 massive fail. But its only $36 Billion.

Update Feb 12, 2013,

Fat slow plane gets fatter and slower.

Update Dec 13, 2012

Canada pushes the reset button. But there is still a lot of unanswered questions. The DND insists the price per plane is only $87 million, but the US DND has now pegged it at $135 million. Thats if every plane everyone on the planet every dreamed about getting is purchased. That is highly unlikely the US at best will take 1000 instead of 3000. 

Does anyone believe the open competition for a new fighter will not have the Government cheerleading and misleading in order to see the F35 selected? Over at the mound of sound reasoned speculation that if there is a fly off like Canada conducted to pick the CF18 the F35 will not even show up. The reason being it would be so badly embarrassed by a competition in the sky vs talking points, Lockheed would never do it.

Update Dec 18 2012
The disinformation campaign is in full bafflegab mode.

Update Nov 28, 2012. The cost has ballooned to $400 Billion dollar just for purchase. Not including the enormous cost to maintain these hanger princesses. New Radars are already deployed that negates the stealth advantage. The actual planes cant do what the computer predicted. No one knows if the millions of lines of code needed to make this plane operate can ever be cleaned up. Best case instead of 3000 planes, 2000 will be purchased. What that means is the development cost applied to every plane just went up 33%. The cost now is pegged at $137 million per plane and soaring.

Update Sept 25, 2011. CF18 pilots have had to shut down one engine more than 200 times. In the F35 that would be 200 crashes.

 Updated March 16, 2012, F35 on deathwatch in Canada. In the USA  may live on as the Zombie Fighter from Hell.


Wall Street Journal has revealed the full lifetime cost of maintenance for the F35 will be $1.35 Trillion.(not including $335 Billion cost of planes)  Compared to an F16 or F18 it will cost 33% more according to Pentagon estimates. The real cost God only knows. By comparison the Moon landing cost $164 Billion and the US superhighway network $213 Billion. It’s worth considering the guns or butter argument, especially when the F35 is in the eyes of those without a dog in this hunt a complete turkey. It is an updated F105 lead sled.  At Ausairpower they make a compelling case for buying a Eurofighter instead. For countries like Canada the cheapest option would be to zero hour the existing F18.

The F35 program may be the jump the shark moment for the Pentagon and the Military Industrial complex. Not only is the plane unaffordable it’s not a good plane.  When congress really looks at what could be accomplished with a tiny portion of this expense it may change the world. For countries like Canada we face the ruination of our defense budget to support a plane we don’t need.


And Justice for All

Gen. Ratko Mladic, the brutal Bosnian Serb general suspected of leading the bloody massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys, was arrested in an early morning raid Thursday in Serbia after years in hiding, the country's president said.

A great day for civilization and a vindication for the International Criminal Court. Strong international institutions are the best way forward for humanity.  Bush, Cheney, Wolfiwitz and the whole cabal that invaded Iraq should also have to defend themselves. However, the US has never acknowledged the ICC. So while the court will not put the fear of punishment into every citizen of the world, it is a huge step forward, and a huge triumph of the rule of law over those who insist power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

The hunting party was a great 2007 movie made about a hunt for a Serbian war criminal.

The ultimate kids wall

What a fantastic idea, I am not sure if I would do the whole bedroom, and I would build some castles and stuff up high, nevertheless what lucky children that will have this Dupolo or Lego wall.

Zeitgeist Personal Transport

Fix it again Tony, Fiat returns to North America with a car that has universal appeal. I find the Mini more attractive, but the 500 is about $10,000 less for roughly the same car. I have friends who had the gen 1 mini and would never buy another one. Very expensive to maintain and certainly not average level of reliability. If after a couple of years the 500 has a good reputation, it would go pretty high on my picks for next car.

Fiat has some beautifully styled cars, like the Alfa Romero 165.
I still live by the old adage, never buy a French or Italian car unless you live in one of those countries. I sure hope this time it turns out to be bad advice.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How long till the great collapse?

The world economy rests on three legs, Asia, America, and Europe. The wheels are out of balance in China, in Japan they are close to falling off. America has been on life support since 2008, the oxygen keeping the patient alive has been Quantitative easing, a fancy word for printing money. This money has gone to make banks somewhat solvent, and funneled to the stock market. Its a game of musical chairs, and the band has not been paid and will stop playing at any moment. Europe is crippled by unimaginable debt. Greece is sure to default starting a cascade that will take Ireland, Spain, Portugal and possibly Italy into default. Of the three legs the Euro outlook is the best. Its just like GM, a reasonably productive company held down by impossible debt. For America, China and Japan, its a brand new day. Economies already on the edge are facing peak oil. This does not mean the world is out of oil, it means that demand exceeds supply and the peak of supply has passed. This scenario favors Europe in other ways. In 1973 the first oil crisis sparked a  energy revolution in Europe. In north america we bought bigger cars. All the chickens are coming home to roost at the same time, and there is no way the coop can support them all. Buy farmland, move to Canada or Northern Europe.

A fish rots at the head, and our heads (leaders) are rotten. The stock market has become a casino, 50% of the stocks trade most days and the average stock is held for seconds. Small groups control futures trading and whip prices up and down. If you dont believe the official story behind the Kennedy assassination, it makes one wonder who profited from that.  The 911 story from the event to the invasion of Iraq is full of holes, one wonders why they have never been filled in?

Finally mixed into this witches brew we have climate change. All the doubters that there is climate change have been sidelined by the facts. Whats left to debate is who is responsible, nature or nurture. If you look at it like smoking its pretty clear man is having a significant impact. For decades the deniers who were making massive profits said smoking was not a health hazard. The world is our lungs and the smokestacks our cigarettes. The earth can not absorb and infinite amount of carbon, at some time a tipping point will be reached. Many agrue that a single volcano puts more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere than all mans activities. Remember the volcano is Iceland? Well grounding the planes even with the volcano going full blast   reduced emissions by two thirds..

Danny Harvey, for example, a climate expert with the University of Toronto’s Department of Geography, reporting on his research and that of other scientists, notes that in both Canada and Alaska, the area of forest burned per decade “increased by a factor of four from the 1960s to the 1990s,” while the number of large fires (over 400 hectares) in the lower 48 U.S. states increased “by more than a factor of six annually after the 1980s.” He also reports “a dramatic increase” in recent years in the frequency and severity of fires in Russia.

If the tornado trends in tornado alley USA continue, how long until this area becomes uninhabitable? A F5 tornado used to be a sci fi element, now its common. When will a category 5 hurricane hit Miami? How long before the big one hits LA? In conclusion its going to be a very crooked piece of time for a foreseeable future.

Update June 13, it looks like I was being optimistic.

Update June 16, people get ready there is a storm a commin.


Update June 17, distribution fuel.

UP date 911 truther video

Who is driving the train?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bob Dylan is the essential Baby Boomer

Mr Jones mate states he wants to be Bob Dylan in the Counting Crows song, my favorite Dylan tribute.. The New York Times editorial written by David Hadju makes what I see as a weak case for Dylan being a product of history along with a very solid group of peers who were in the right place at the right time. Bob Dylan leaves behind a very solid place to spend time. I feel truly sorry for those who were not in the right place at the right time to catch his train and ride it to a better place.

I discovered Dylan in my post university years. Supertramp was my signature band, and the Beatles were the force that lead the world to revolution. Then one day a sound came my way from Blood on the Tracks (1975). Sometime in the early 80’s I became Tangled up and Blue. (sorry for the Ad but the quality is primo)

Here was Bob Dylan at the height of his powers. To those who say he can not sing, I say you can not listen. Consider the lyrics from this single song. “I helped her out of a jam I guess but I used a little to much force” (she got a divorce).  My all time favorite Dylan phrase

I had a job in the great north woods

Working as a cook for a spell

But I never did like it all that much

And one day the axe just fell”

This song turned me on to Dylans voice as artist. His words, vocals and music formed so perfectly the only description is sublime genius. Then I started moving backwards. Desolation Row was my next totem.  
Every time you turn around, there’s another hard luck story your going to hear; well desolation row (1965) could have been written yesterday, and I am always touched by its exposure. Listening to the pre electric Bob Dylan, its hard to imagine there is any controversy about his vocal ability. Next came Maggies Farm; “ I aint going to work on Maggies Farm no more” Something most of humanity hums every day even if they don’t realize it. Idiot Wind may be his high perspective. Pundits and politicians talking so stupid Bob wonders “how they even feed themselves” Well that idiot wind has blown climate change our way, proving not enough people really listened to Bob.

Bob Dylan was the first global singer songwriter. Without Dylan or someone like him there are no Beatles, and everything that came later.

May your hands always be busy 

May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation 
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful 
And may your song always be sung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young 
May you stay forever young. 

A very happy birthday to you Bob Dylan: it has been one of the great pleasures of my life to experience the joy of your existence.

For your amusement

I have been thinking about the story of Bob's Heroin addiction coming to light on the eve of his birthday. I cant count the people who more or less dismissed his birthday by saying he was a heroin addict. This was a 1966 interview, it would have been a huge story at that time, why did it not come out then. I just wonder who hates Bob so bad they tried to ruin his 70th birthday?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Suits and Ties leave losses

Head shots ring out in the Bell that night
Enter the shaved ape from the other side
He  leaves Patches in a pool of blood
FHF cries out "My God he's killed them all"
Here comes the story of the NHL Justice Train
The man the authorities came to name
For something that he never does
They Put the Habs,in a losing spell but one more time they could-a been
The champions of the world.

Three bodies lying there does Collie see
And another man named Buttman winking  mysteriously
"I didn't do it" says the ape and then gives a finger to the fans
"I was only lobbing the cranium I hope you understand"
I saw him diving" he says and he stops
"None of you  had better call up the cops"
And so LG calls the cops
And they arrive on the scene with their red lights flashing
In the cold Montreal night.

Meanwhile far away in another part of town
Buttman Gary and a couple of friends are driving around
Number one contender for the asshole crown
Had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down
When a Collie pulled him over to the side of the road
Just like the time before and the time before that
In New York boardrooms that's just the way things go
If you're black you might as well not shown up on the score sheet
'Less you wanna draw the heat.

Comcast had a partner and he had a rat for the flops
Him and Collie Snider Coachroach were just out prowling around
Jacobs said "I need only teams winning driving US Plates"
The Habs pumped into a America its just a discrace"
And Mr Molson Viagina just nodded her head
Trainer said "Wait a minute boys this one's not dead"
So they took him to the infirmary
And though this man could hardly see
They told him that was the way a neck should bend.

Four in the morning and they haul Patches in
Take him to the hospital and they bring him upstairs
The wounded man looks up through his one dying eye
Says "Why you looking for justice? Collie ain't the guy !"
Yes here comes the story of the CH name
The team the authorities always blame
For something that they never done
Put in a losing spell but one more time they could-a been
The champions of the world.

Four months later the playoffs are so lame
Patches is in Rehab fighting for his game
While Collie Buttman Coachroach are still in the robbery game
And the Comcast are putting the screws to him looking for somebody to defame
"Remember that head you sent into that bar ?"
"Remember you said you saw him stick his neck out so far?"
"You think you'd like to play in the Stanley Cup?"
"Think it might-a been that fight, we want to see blood every night ?"
"Don't forget we are NASCAR on ice".

Mr Molsons Viagina said "I'm really not sure"
Buttman said "A boy like you could use a break
We got no mericans in Canada to rob and we're talking to your friend the coach bellow
Now you don't wanta have to go back to brewery be a nice fellow
You'll be doing society a favor
FHF  sonofabitchs is brave and getting braver
We want to put make sure copyrights a blur
We want to pin this triple infrigement on them
Its more than shwarma, aint that so Gentleman Jim".

Basha could take a man out with just one lunch
But he never did like to talk about it all that much
It's my work he'd say and I do it for pay
And when it's over I'd just as soon go on my way
Up to some paradise
Where the Habs road streams flow and the beer is ice
And tried shaved apes long for bail
But then they took him in to the pole
Where they try to turn a man into a mouse.

All of Patches's cards were marked in advance
The hearing was a pig-circus he never had a chance
The judge made Patches witnesses drunkards from the rums
To the Mercican folks who watched it was a discrectionary dumb
And to the comcast folks he was just a bell ringer
No one doubted that he faked it bigger
And though they could not reduce the stun
Powerplay said he was the one who did the deed
And the all-habs jury agreed.

Zedaro Charo was falsely tried
The crime was murder 'one' guess who testified
Buttman and Rechi and they both baldly lied
And the Toronto newspapers they all went along for the ride
How can the life of such a man
Be in the palm of some fool's hand ? 
To see him obviously maimed
Couldn't help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land 
Where justice is a game.

While Habs fans have to endure a long losing spell
all the criminals in their coats and their ties
Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise
While Patches sits like Buddha his neck bent like he fell
An innocent man in a living hell
That's the story of the our game
But it won't be over till they engrave his name
And give him back the  cup he's won
Put him in a deep dark well but one time he could-a been
The champion of the world. 

Big Bob tribute on Tuesday