Thursday 31 March 2016

Words to die by

Excited about Abortion

Its a meaningless thing in the big scheme of things. Something used to keep people up and down.

Backpak on history

We travelled and we
and we, and we
and now
we do not

Da Jews

Da Jews make history
that can not be denied
in a story of great men
and history
Da Jews are always
on the sell
and taking bonus
for inspired positions

Unless there is a Arab genocide
Israel will seize to exist
pick a year a hundred years into
the future
and you have to ask
why struggle in the present
with a future that is so dark

I have suggested we make a new Palestinian
north of Winnipeg.

Today I say give Canadian passports to 
everyone in Israel, let them come at 
their own time.

Every culture has a watermark
I have seen the whole world
and know what works
Jews work, its not perfect
its not politically correct
but its a foundation upon
which the whole earth can 
build if we want to survive.

Love of sport very old school

I love my sport
cause I played it
not very well

I love my sport because
it sublimibal tribal
and no one who
does not know
cant see me
as I am
a sportsman
with more asperation
than goals

I love my sprort becasue
I can rationalize its pure
pure like underlining
which we can not be rid of
even if mirrosoft gives us that control

Gone in one seconcd is the truth
but I refuse to listne
because of my love
of the feeling
being part of something great
deep down knowing it was 
completely commersialses
and I was the sucker
who payed to play
thats why I refuse
to be a plaayher

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Planting the flag

Planting the flag is simple
keeping the pole upright
is devesating

why bother

Better call Saul Season Two Episode 7

Artistic freedom exercised creating a visual Beatles and bob Dylan canvas upon which everyone can paint their dreams and fears. Modern anxiety layed bare in mega pixels dancing dark and light. Every man is Jimmy and every women Kim. Adam and Eve for the day we live in. We reject the babbles and beads for some real earth. Of course we all have a weakness, maybe the perfect desk fills that worth hole. Sheep and wolves, or chickens with teeth, its a long ride to find out personal classification and reexamination and doubt.

There is something profound going on slipping Jimmy, thank you for taking me there.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

better call saul or the kardashians if you want a perfect facebook life

None of that really matters. Turth

The Size of Batman; does it matter?

From the Economist, must be serious.

The Greatest Trilogy Ever?

Arguably the Mars colonisation opus by Kim Stanley Robinson is the greatest trio ever written.  As a devoted consumer of meaty science fiction I became completely immersed in this world. Now its coming to the screen.(January 2017) Yahooo! Cant wait.

The News is Fake

Everthing is fake, reality is what humans make it. Therefore our greatest dreams could be realized if only we thought properly.

Thursday 24 March 2016

The Pen is mighter than the sword and the truth stronger than any writtten page

any word may fade away
if the mother and father
are not daft
but with religion
its the facts that are 
not real

so parents stop
spreading lies
and it will make
it easier
for your children
to realize
the skygod
dont car
and for their
they best

like buidlig the r35

Itss a mess
but we cant
take that away
from the reality
of w hat we bomb

GF35 best friend
if yo want to kill
the neighord
and that is so demovrat
and love
I want to do
it every time

my little girl Gia

I googled expecting planet pictures and this is what I got so I went with it

my little girl
is  six feet tall
she could sweep
you so hard
into a hospital
you would fall

she loves me
and hates me
because I am
so tall

We fit together like
but not like
people age
from different 

mind games
know no centre
there is no
steam available
for download
we write our
own program
and its a pleasure
to observe

long before
the tomahawk reactor
was ever conceived
we sparked nuclear fission
in a celestial laboratory
creating a reality distortion field
that Steve Jobs
would love to emulate

every moment with her
is a millinium in the human
looks like my time
will last at least 
a billion years
with her in
my life

Human animals 
are consuming the planet
my nihilism is to
enjoy the meal
the sustenance
the connection
that makes
all the destruction
in my life 

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Water water wasted Everywhere

One of the shocks of science fiction is the concept of people in space colonies paying for air. On  this planet we take water for granted at our own peril.

Friday 18 March 2016

Trumph the religion

Trump is the new pope of America
and he rules with hate
hate the losers
and the people
who work but never
become rich
cause they are losers
everyone should be rich
if they followed his
that logical fallicy
is communism
in reverse

In Europe they have no Tony Robbins
they have no Oprah
they know that life
is just so it goes
its that and if you
get a chance
make something more

Trump in Canada
is Iggy
the loser
that the backroom guys
picked to be more Harper
but a intellectual face
that appealed to intellectuals
because who could vote
against a smart guy

Turns out he was so smart
he was crazy
in his thinking
last century

Trump will be the next
presidnet of the untied
and Pinoy will rul;e

Thursday 17 March 2016

learnign aboot the les

Yep I did not spell that corrcedt
but y  undrestood
cause your a sheep
meat to be sheared
and fucked
and sold
for gold

Poeplle Pooopel ept Peoole
go north
cause it dont matter
w2 is spouth
its gone
in the great
big aatlasssssssssssss
of the future
with no internet
but plenty
of salt water

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wednesday 9 March 2016

RIP George Martin

Arguably The Beatles were the greatest force for good exercised during the 20th Century. This only happened after George Martin signed them after every other person in England had rejected them.  Then he produced The Beatles revolutionary sound. A great man in history and a case where a great man created history.

She is a Predestigitator

Always magical
Every day she does the impossilble.
For every time I see her she can not 
be more beautiful
Yet every day I see her 
she has done the impossible again.

A dog will find that human
that makes them the most comfortable
it will curl up on their feet
with a nirvanic pillow
When I am near her
I am transformed into
that dog

When were in the Honda
everyone who looks at it
sees a Ferrari.

Monday 7 March 2016

Open letter to woman everywhere

You may be what is considered hot
or not
but it does not really matter in the end
cause every woman is the most beautiful\
creation on this earth
cause they give birth
and mother and fathers
will always fall in love

Men love women
thats a statement
that will be true
untill the earth drops
into the sun
or gets anhilabet
by the superblast
of supernova

The only thing that
really matter is
how much your
man loves you.

I have loved a girl
who by chance
and lucky me
was an undiscovered
supermodel for over
thirty years
and she still shine
and If  I could change
the tone of this
beautiful discusion
makes me very

That is to say I am
so attracted to my
giril every day
I find it hard
to keep
my hands away

thats the way it always was
until today when
girls are treated
like cars
and you should be like
your neighbour who
traded up to a more
beautiful model
and if you are that
I expect you
will explode
when the sun
hits your
stupid flesh

Sunday 6 March 2016

Under Connection

Under connection
my brain cant hear
the words collected
by my reality ears

My optic nerves
are useless
because on the central
cortex only the light
of beauty can fell

Every word she
speaks is Shakespeare
and its delivered
by Joan of Arc
and I am eaten
by a great white
gorgeous shark

man killer

Thursday 3 March 2016

When she smiles it tames the beast

I have been witness to that smile
for longer than the people
have needed relief

When Maureen smiles
even after all this time
my knees still go weak
cause she is a once in
a billon girl
that just makes
life worthwhile

Love you smile baby
it still drives me crazy
and when a pinch you at
its a beautiful complement

Transaction Costs

Transaction costs are costing me my life
and I am in know way alone
because it appears I have
never been thinking
aboot what makes
a transaction legal
how wealth is built
and the law of constraints
let alone the future
of improbability 
that smacks down
the nail that sticks up
most of the time

Reality has no beggars
they are all dead
because in the real world
you need to work to survive
but what will happen 
when there really is no work
robots can clean up all the shirty
shitty skid marks of life

I call it a mass suicide
like helicopter parents
dropping turkeys on 
their kids 
from a great height
on Thanksgiving
cause the
never leaned 
that lesson
from WKRP

I can see it all
and have come to 
what seems to be the 
universal conclusion
I dont give a fuck
bring on the sixth
cause I am safe and warm
and I got my girl

Yeah I got kids
but I know intrinsically
when the boogie man
has a snowboard riding
a 100 meter wave
I will be sand
on the beach

No one trust anyone anymore
its like a Marple mystery
where the murder guy
has an UZI

Every day in the good old USA
or even more than\
that total
someone goes 
what we used to call

What is it about delivering the mail
with a pension that made people lose
their minds?
Well if you had to ask
be afraid, very afraid
because the postal worker
with a gun 
was NRA approved

Sooner or later some leader
is going to have to say a
big word
and hope the public agrees
or at the very least
the corrosive effect
of nihilism

Wednesday 2 March 2016

How Free is the Internet in Canada?

The Internet has become the defacto barometer for freedom. Just like you can judge the quality of a civilisation by the state of its public washrooms, you can determine how egalitarian a society is by the level of freedom exhibited by its servers.

Yes its a hugely important subject that people take for granted. Two stark choices, its so free people don't care to thinkaboot it, or our lizard brains are so programmed we dont care about freedom. Esoteric Exercise for Esotericas.

The people at Freedom house want your opinion about the state of Internet Freedom in Canada. They have chosen as their vessel the esteemed Allen Mendelsohn.  Yes he has more degrees than a thermometer, and Ironicly all from Brick and Mortar Institutions. You may have seen him as the CTV go to guy on Internet law, or sitting in the stands in his famous half and half.

Its a vitally important subject please chime in.