Saturday, 23 July 2022

Wow what is going on

 In the terms of Hockey its so entertianng but in the real world no consequens'

I think sometimes more than often people confuse sport with real life

Real life is now in Ukraine every day and there are no good guys

but if I had to vote i would be Russkie.

Saturday, 16 July 2022

zerj you yo, time in the end

 Development was a concept that NHL pros pooh poohed. Its like the we dont need no stinking badges scene in Blazing Saddles. Now we have people who recognize that kids who skate bad and cant accelerate can do something else than playing at a higher level until they fail. The best example of this is Le Brow. Now we are teaching great skaters to skate better and teaching guys who one day wil be in a Red Bull Commercial filmed in Quebec city.

So now like every knows to turn a sows ear into a feather bed takes some time. I walk and talk at the same time. My gate would be considered a little eccentric by some.
Point is I learned how to walk better, I got a bicycle.

Hello my dear freinds, like the Miltiary Summary CHannel

 I watch the map

and the extravagze

and conclue

that the win

will not be for the dude

Sunday, 3 July 2022

 In retrorospect, and that is by far the best spect.

I live in DC and I went to get a burger from Adam kYAKE GUY. I never heard a single Celione son there/
So I talk  to Tom the Chief of Staff or something.  I give him full props he was a beast, with people like this on our side we will never loose in the long run.
I axe Tom about the high price of gas and what he is going to do about it. I break into his pattern talk to Adam and lets set up an interview. Tom you do not know anything about the NEP. TOm do you know where Norway is, and what they have in the bank. He says I am not well versed in Boomer logic but if you talk to Adam he will answer these stupid historical question like he paddeld a kayak, never going to tip over and if he does he will do that flip; thing efforstlyu and imerge from the drink with water flowining from his face like Neptune.
There is some sense to my history. First is the the Liberals should be saying we had the NEP, Norway has cashed in and the onlyl reason Canada is not only the best place to live but not the richest place is Conservative Thought. Privatize
and let the scum fleece us all because we are really close to sheep, we are between German Sheparsd and Labrador retrievers
in a war with Pit Bulls. It should not be like this, but colour revolution has come to CaNADA. Labradors have no currency there.

Lets lie down in a civil war and wonder at the end what we fought for

 Ukanie is a civil war

based upon language

and connections

and the RF forces

are not there to bring


they want those diamond minds

and beautiful women

who will love a farmer

because he produces grain 

So now we in June Know

that free Ukraine was as a project

way more levels above


and Iraq

so many white people

and time to find the the aim

yeat in retrospecet

it a greater failure

because its white people fighing

and they fight well

enough in one way or another

to fix the world

but THEN came Deng

and China made many

EUoucs with cash

if you want money

more than your penis

we have a place you

can sign up

for unlimied riches

if you have the skills

we need

Ukr aine is now 404