Saturday, 29 July 2017

You and the the laws of thermodynamics

Image result for images of the three laws of thermodynamics
Yes they are laws
if only we had
said Newton
only had theory
we would be
close to dropping
something good
on the human race

The three laws of thermodynamics
are the supreme court of the universe
all nonsense 
can not pass
when math is applied
and math rules everything

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Cars as a or==== principal living space

Yeah cars are soft
and they can support
yu long hours
b ut as an explanation
they make a poor

If yu really want to live
you need space and time
some kind of trapez3
to keep control of
social contacts.

Origami with Kleenex what do you call that and should I text my lawyer for inventing that

Yeah we are going to make carbon fiber twisted sister spacecraft out
of Kleenex an natural occurring fiber that hurt no one
in production
thus making
us the friend;l;y
giant of taking
away what you
used to grow
for free

Monday, 24 July 2017

Navigating with GPS

Image result for images of sexy chickens
Its a road map
totally constituted
of moron street
as people with no
clue navigate
even the simplest
turn with great
life is far
past their
just lay down
and be
part of the farm
before the robots
find chickens

Days of Future Past

Related image

Two big things going on in front of your eyes.

1) The Russians did it is all about pipeline. Yes the nordstream.  The masters of the universe think they can anti Russia Europe into buying American gas. This will spiral out of control. 

2) The terrorists are winning in Saudi Arabia.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Did you see it, did you see it, did you dig it?

If you have to ask its Monday
and GOT season 7 premiere
was on last night
and in my time
we would gather
in groups
and chant
awesome or
blew my mind.

I swear to the lord of light
I watched completely 
au natural
and the time distortion
effect was in overtime
that show listed
at 55 mins
only lasted
a second

GOT is 
Gulliver s travels
for the ultra and complete
it forces one to think
even if its hard
and uncomfortable
and just like a high
level slasher movie
it has moral equivalents
like the children of incest
no matter how Royal 
are going to die
and if you kill my Mother
in a dirty trick
I will wipe out
your DNA
with some 


what the holle polle
would call magicians
and the world forming
masters of the universe
that today we call
but make no mistake
they are all little queens
and kings
and running
on fairy dust

I lost faith in humanity
when the THE WIRE
changed nothing
that we are locked
in our programming
and no new channels
will ever open up
and it seems that
its true
because if you want 
real change you have to
betray your father and
your mother
and maybe 
your sister and
your brother
they are locked
and loaded in what
is and do not believe
in what could be
unless it voles
Jesus, Mohammad
Buddha or a thousand
other sentient fantastic

Everybody knows
the narrative is as fake
as the Trump Russia
collusion causing 
Hillary to lose the election
there is no cause and effect
only a vehicle to deflect
an asteroid headed for the
body politic where
the citizens
realize its all 
been a lie
the social compact
has been hacked
and they
will nickle and
dime you to death
and sell your 
fresh dead organs
on the dark net
meat market
to help\
the constant
greed and 
Adam Smith
accurate prophecy
that old rich people
with failing 
hearts will 
create a market
for young rich people
with bank accounts
that stink like farts

As the human race
faces life changing
events how do you 
think the biggest 
parisiates on this 
planet will survive
I predict by making the
situation worse
until only 
a handful survive
and in 100,oo0 
years Gen 7 will
with their
own mythology
about being
of God.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

why post at all

its an effort and as the years go bye\a
a csifer
Lets try again
and the fuckers will
not allow me to make
a statement
fuck them all;

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Noth8ng good going on in Pakistian and will try to evaluate India

No good thing
an actor died
at  39
and he had
never traveled
but he knew
it was no \

They are going to 420 power

Public good and private profit for eternity

Thinking aboot a nano second of love

Yes I can see now
before I was so blind
to love that
was everywhere
but you have to
admit when it
comes to you
its more local
and I have
on my soul
and been
printing instruction

Trump daily diary 12 minutes before summer vacation

The Obama has made a health care trap even Trump with his squirrel hair can not escape. The Donald wants to make war but cant see a place where even in his squirrel brain geared to making money makes sense.

So we are all taking a geopolitical summer vacation, wake me up when Sept
comes and ask yourself why even try the news?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Flat Earth Arguments Forward

Related image
Big Oil has moved on solar panels. In a bloodless coup the sun goes dark. How does such nonsense win? He who has the gold makes the rules.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Independence Day

The fourth of July when all the world wonders
why America no longer values its roots
America was half slavery at birth
and that mindset has not
really been extinguished
despite the progressive
views almost all Americans

There is a lot of fuctard
in the American soul
and the masters of the universe
seem to cultivate that over
better options if
growth was really
what was
the objective

Hypocracy Super volcano

The "world" is about to explode due to  un-containable pressure on the boiler.

1) proof all the institutions we believe in are corrupt at best and pedophiles at worst.

2) Laws of entropy apply to financials, a bauble can not expand forever

3) The progressive model is flawed by experience. Just like communism failed because the participants where human, die hard socialism will fail because of tribalism uber all

4) the intellectual apparatus that made civilization is just an illusion, a great one
but the curtain is about to be pulled and the pent up anger of all those not included in the theater is going to be epic,.

The Sunni vs Shia war

After peace in the middle east this has been the biggest hope of everyone connected and pursed with vigor by the second Bush. But its as difficult as asking Anglicans to slaughter Catholics because they consider Henry the 8 to be a heretic.

Saudi Arabia is desperate, Iran is just biz usual.

If they rename Weather Mountian Trump Peaks kiss your ass goodbye


The end of GRP boats

Nomex better or less with a 5009  Alu skin is the only way forward.