Monday, 24 December 2018

So Alone

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I have been following American Politics
since the JFK assassination where I was
6 years old.

Never have I seen the planet lined up
against a President like Trump
he is home alone.

Blame it on Rio

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Blame it on Rio
or maybe the Philippines
but the latest fashion
is to give the cops
a licence to kill
Dredd Style

It sure is sci fi
and after the 128
have pierced the
ground with
high speed
the guerrillas
will take to the sky
and before you
can say de stabilized 
Brazil will be
on its knees
there has to be a
better way
to make
the world safe
after all what would the
statue of Jesus say?
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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Meet the New Sec of World Defense.

Image result for images of space force
The military industrial complex to say the least
gave a hearty endorsement.

Patrick M. Shanahan became the 33rd Deputy Secretary of Defense on July 19, 2017. Mr. Shanahan most recently served as Boeing senior vice president, Supply Chain & Operations. A Washington state native, Mr. Shanahan joined Boeing in 1986 and spent over three decades with the company. He previously worked as senior vice president of Commercial Airplane Programs, managing profit and loss for the 737, 747, 767, 777 and 787 programs and the operations at Boeing's principal manufacturing sites; as vice president and general manager of the 787 Dreamliner, leading the program during a critical development period; as vice president and general manager of Boeing Missile Defense Systems, overseeing the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, Airborne Laser and Advanced Tactical Laser; and as vice president and general manager of Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, overseeing the Apache, Chinook and Osprey. He previously held leadership positions on the 757 program, 767 program and in the fabrication division. Mr. Shanahan is a Royal Aeronautical Society Fellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellow. He served as a regent at the University of Washington for over five years. Mr. Shanahan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington and two advanced degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

This could be a great pic for  the Sec of defense. Space is the ultimate high ground. If we ever get into a conflict with the moon or  Mars all they need to do is launch rocks at us. The fact that John McCain did not like him is very positive.  People with advanced degrees make me comfortable, people that did not finish high school or have a high school degree in top goverment jobs make me uneasy.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Snowmexicant Trump Total Chaos Edition

Image result for images of trump pullout from syria
Keeping up with the Donald
is like a pro sport
things happen fast
and furious and really
only those with instinct
can play

The pull of out Syria
on the face is just
what Trump has been saying
since the primaries
but he has flipped and flopped
more times than a poorly hooked

This time is it just a ploy
to eliminate legal troubles
he will trade another flop for a clean 

Does he want to subcontract war
to Blackwater and has a piece
of the pie
or is he genuinely tired of the Hypocrisy
of supporting and fighting ISIS 
at the same time?

The deep state is in full panic
CNN is flashing red lights
for 911
everyone is rhetoric def con 6

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Connect the dots to see why your living in shit (all relative) 1st world stink

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So many stories so little time
to dissect them and have 
a proper post mortem

lets start in Alberta
where the Premier
is calling for more
refinery to make
the tar sands
into a proper
consumer consumable

Instantly the hounds
strike back with total
the market needs
no more refined product
they just need muck
and lots of it
so what will the do 
with this muck?
well refine it

So we take x numbers of tons
of muck and send it over
over capicity
to others who pay
us half the going

Instead of making the end
product and shipping it 
to the consumer. 
I am pulling this out
of the the air
but we could send 
ten times easy 
more gasoline
over the same pipeline
as Dilbert. We would receive
world price for the gasoline
as opposed to 40% for Dilbert
in fact what the Oil GODs
are demanding is more
Dilbert so they can 
cash in.

Second story 
the FORD goverment
loves Travner so long time
Why does the FORD goverment
have to find this 72 year old
a high paying job?

Third is why 
Canada does not
build its own fighter plane
we need to get to 4% defence
why not, maybe we can export it
to Saudia Arabia when we are done

Fourth the stink of Huwawie
this is all about telecoms
and nothing about
the rule of law
shame shame shame

The Arrow Should fly

It would be cheaper and better than the F35. Be sure to watch all the episodes.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

US Sniper vs Russian Sniper Tactics and Weapons

Image result for images of american sniper
A great facts only video about how snipers shape modern conventional warfare. I read both South Front and Debka daily. Between the two the truth is often squeezed out. If you want to hear the message the US state dept is messaging read Debka for the unfiltered version. South Front obviously takes the opposite side.

Shaping the battlefield with Conspriracy Theories

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"Despite being pushed off the official agenda, QAnon remained a fixation of many conference attendees. Even Trump’s former White House communications director praised the preposterous theory, which holds that special counsel Robert Mueller and Trump, working together in secret, have drawn up 50,000 sealed indictments of powerful pedophiles in order to thwart a deep state coup by Soros, the Clintons and former President Barack Obama."

I love conspiracy theory's. Perhaps the oldest one is the resurrection of Jesus. On that history I am a truther. The term conspiracy theory really came into vogue with the assassination of JFK. To counter the questioning of the official narrative the CIA re invented the term with modern marketing methods and spread even more outlandish theories to create intellectual chaos that would prevent any one theory from solidifying into fact.

When you hear about Sandy Hook, man not landing on the moon, or even the flat earth the origin of such thought is likely official. Ever wonder who run Beyond Top Secret, its no secret. Snopes is the truth right!

We have reached the point where this tactic can be used on offence. For example global warming which is as scientific a fact as gravity can be dismissed as a socialist plot.
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Razer Mouse Pad

For the first time ever I bought a mouse pad. I was shocked to see how much better my mouse tracked, half the movement of my mouse screen edge to screen edge.  Its so thin it barely makes a bump on the desk. The backing is a non sticky gripper of some alien design that will hold it firmly in place, but not mar the furniture. I bought two last week, loved it so much I got one for work. Both were $9.99. Got them just in time I guess.

Razer is another brand I trust in electronics, along with SONY, Paradigm, NAD, ASUS, CORSAIR and Huawie.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

You really want to defend your Country

Be like Switzerland
anyone come across
the border
air or land
is toast

If they really want
it Nukes come out
same for every country
so why do we pretend
so much

Littlefinger reacts to the Huawie arrest

We live in a Game of Thrones world
and reality is faster than JJ Martians

The CFO princess
of China company Huawie
was arrested in Canada today
so Canadians have a big dog
in this hunt. More than the fact
they monopolize Coaches Corner

Why do we have
a big Huawie for Huawie
well it all goes back
to Northern Telecom
which was bankrupted
under the Management
of an American
and Cisco soared
like bad Karma
its Huawie that
might put Cisco
into the dustbin of 

For sure the Telecom
industry is one
like no other
when it comes
to eavesdropping
its universal
and irresistible

So the US Senate
likely knowing
just how effective
telecom snooping
is says no
to Huawie

There is something
called the five eyes
and it predates
Game of Thrones
it is the intelligence
sharing apparatus
that NZ, AU, CND,
US, GB made

Sometimes its accused
of skirting the laws of
domestic spying
because if one
Eye spy's on another
its not illegal

Nevertheless four of 
the five eyes have
said Huawie is a security
risk in the 5 G arena
this is the internet of

So its no coincedece
when the US decided
the Chinese Princess should
be arrested it happens in Canada

What this is is a red line
on who can spy on Canadians
free of Charter of Rights

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Kodi T Shirt

Support your local Streaming Browser. KODI KODI KODI
Go to the sites, if you dont want to donate real money, click on the adds.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

From the Great White North

Image result for image of hockey puck striking player in face
Pro Hockey Player taken down with a single puck

Just like basketball invented in Canada created opportunity for minorities, we have hockey solving the active shooter problem. Houston we have a solution. Active shooter on campus, puck him. Yes folks next time you see an active shooter look for a hockey player, they always have a puck to throw, and if they have a stick handy, splash one active shooter. Warning if that player is  artturi-lehkonen, run, he will not be helpful in hitting a target.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Electric Pick Up

The R1T battery is designed for fast-charging, offering roughly 200 miles in 30 minutes of charging

The Rivian is a compelling argument to keep on trucking. With the closure of GM in Oshawa I wish our leaders would be on the phone to this company promising them the world to come to Oshawa.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Thucydides’s Trap

Image result for images of chinese us conflict
When rising power bristles under the constraints of exiting power over the last 500 years it has meant war 80% of the time.

War T

H/T Liberty Blitzkrieg

Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss

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Hillary should have at least attempted "the braid"

Lest we forget a "democratically" elected goverment was overthrown and a Oligarch named Petro Poroshenko was installed.

His rule has been the worst in independent Ukraine history. It has to be mentioned he appointed the former strong man of Georgia as Governor of Odessa?

The powers that rule Ukraine have decided the best way forward is to "elect"  former disgraced  president Yulia Tymoshenko. If only Hillary looked like an angel she would be President.

RIP William Goldman

Image result for images of william goldman
I hate doing obituary's. I knew William Goldman was the screenwriter for one of my favorite all time movies Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I cant think of a buddy movie that comes close to it. The Princess Bride is another of his incredible feats of imagination brought to life. In all he has around a dozen iconic movie credits to his name.  The phrase "follow the money" is his. The other singular moment that stands out for me is the rules for a knife fight.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Criminal Julian Assange

Image result for heroic images of julian assange
The worst part of Wikileaks is that it changed almost nothing. We know the truth, they know we know the truth, but we both go on living the lie.
I know nothing about this book but its cover

Saturday, 10 November 2018

GOT, House of Cards and The Expanse

Image result for Images of the expanse
Three of a Kind that can beat Facebook. These shows tell stories, history really in the hopes the viewer will learn something and vote with authority.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Hydrogen Economy at last?

The storage of Hydrogen is the sticky wicket preventing large scale usage.
Maybe H2 Industries has untied this knot. I hope so.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Believe in Global warming and Mass Shootings

Image result for climate change and mass killings images

Climate change is a lot more
but with 300 mass shootings
in a year
America has to be
worried about 
the climate
the holi poli
live in

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Dont believe when you are in my life

I do not care
what you wear
or how you
treat your viginna
as an adult
in public
I do not want
any religion
any religion
any religon
a choice
for me
or seeming to
make a choice
for me
I want an
agonstic castle
to win for
my princess

Monday, 5 November 2018

How much fodder can we expend expecting the State of Israeli to remain

It pretty obvious
that in the holy lands
there will be no
peace until one
God interpreted
by many men

So will it be the Muslims
or will it be the
and who will
carry the sword of Soliman

I love the Jews
have no problems
with their success
why not emutalte them
its not that easy
ask a kid who
has a Jewish \

I have come to the conclusion
on a cost  benefit anyaliss
that Irsreal should
not exist
it was a great idea
but now
no chance
and the whole world
is truing
around a few
million people
its time for the jews
to leave
I would be all for them
setting up a country in

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Got to love planet Gia

We humans have been dumping
on the earth forever
the difference between
forever and now
is the size of
our dump

Our shit, our stupidity
our attempts to master
nature are going
to kill human
existence on this

The planet will continue 
to circle the sun
and just has 
happened IMHO
at least six times
humans will come
back to the 
same soundtrack

Thursday, 1 November 2018

What Noah's Ark really was

Image result for images of noah's ark
It was a DNA vault that floated. Everything in our Holy Books contains some true history. Its just the people that survived the Apocalypse were not that scientific.

Tower of Babel likely a server farm running our version of Windows 10.

Nazi's and Zombies on D Day: Sign me up

"A movie featuring Nazis, Zombies, and all taking place in a WW2 setting. While also produced by the only man in hollywood who has had his Directing hand in both STAR TREK and STAR WARS films... and has a trailer rocking AC/DC music..."

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Tesla schools Jaguar

The Model X is 23% more efficient than the I Pace.  Even taking into account the purchase price its still an impressive victory for Tesla over a so called Tesla killer.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

JBL neo classic Speakers

In my Ute JBL and Macintosh were the pinnacle of audio. IMHO most people could not tell the difference after the $1000 barrier of acquisition has been crossed.  I include myself and I would probably buy these.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Printing the future

Titomic has taken an old Soviet process and supersized it. Most metal 3D printers have to work in a vacuum. Their printer smashes powder at supersonic speeds.  Free of a vacuum chamber the sky is the limit. For example the whole hull of a large ship could be given a titanium coat. The mechanical properties may limit aerospace manufacturing for now. The story behind the headlines is it can use Titanium sands raw.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Life Burning Wartime

To say we are at war
is to say something
has changed
we have always
been at war
and it sucks
but that is
the reality 
of humans
try playing
a thousand
and exceeding
Dan Quayle

It does not
have to be
this way
no matter commusit
or any other
economic system
the secret to 
stably is wealth
the Guy from Ikea
who lived in socialist
did not mind taxes

Bottom line
make everyone
happy and it do
not take a lot
and then
you can safely
park your 

Classic Yes Current ReMix

Yes along with Emerson Lake and Palmer 
was the sharp end of the Progressive Rock era
if Beethoven had done acid
and had a synthesizer 
well you get it
its a pity
this genre has
completely disappeared

Another must listen Jon Anderson and allegedly an unaccredited Vangalis

Dyson Building an Electric Car

Image result for Dyson electric car
Dyson turned the simple vacuum cleaner
into an engineering tour d force
and in Singapore they are
going to tackle the 
electric car
I am sure it
wont suck

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Fortuitous turns of events

Image result for image of star wars its a trap
Erodgan has a name out of Lord of the Rings, and is a character out of Game of Thrones. The disappearance of the Saudi insider Kashoggi has been manna from Heaven for him. It appears someone fell into a trap. Who would set such a device? It appears to have caught the Trump and Saud family. Today Erodgan made his long announced naked truth reveal. Whats interesting is no fact present. Where is the tape Frodo?
Image result for images of border convoy

With the midterms days away a column of immigrants advances slowly towards the southern border of America. What a perfect assembly of bogymen for the Republicans. I am sure its just a coincidence and the mysterious benefactors of the border crossers  are good  Samaritans.

Future Material

First we have a formally classified Magnesium alloy thats a good compromise between carbon fiber and aluminum. You can 3D print it.

Image result for images of graphene
Graphene may be the most exciting material since plastic. It seems to make everything better. This concrete application is just the beginning.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

SWATH Mono Hull

I have long kicked around the idea of a better mono hull sailboat. Well the SWATH monhull above may be the greatest idea ever. The SWATH buoyancy amas would be connected to the hull with some kind of foil lift. Anybody with real deep pockets want to join my revolution?

Industrial food I can consume

Eggs, love them, need them, agree with this kind of production.

New Home Construction Best Practices

62% of household energy is used for heating. The code for Canada should be air source heat pumps and radiant heating. I would also ban fiberglass insulation, 100% vinyl windows and asphalt shingles.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

The Kashoggi Identity

Image result for images of the butterfly effect
Like a character out of a Bourne 
novel a so called journalist
is hacked to bits
inside the foreign embassy
and the world
asks a collective
why and who

The belated
oft changed
official story is
that Kashoggi
got into a fist fight
at the embassy
and the choke hold
of deescalation
terminated him
and we still have
not heard what 
officially happened to 
the body

This story will work
well for the people
who believe the official
tale of 911 and the 
Kennedy assassination
the difference is
those story lines
were much better
crafted and had
plausible deniability
built in

One of my favorite
moments in history
is the publishing of 
Gulliver's Travels
a book that
set much of the world

The consequences
of Kashoggi
will have a bigger
butterfly effect
unlikely to be

Friday, 19 October 2018

Politically Correct Literature

Related image
Many classics are being banned
from the schoolhouse
and IMHO old white
privileged male
opinion its a
great loss

Many of the books
I was forced to read
in school did me 
a lot of good
and number one
To Kill a Mockingbird
maybe they could just
change the bad word
to N word
If there is any book
that has done more
to combat racism
by whites against blacks
than to Kill a Mocking Bird
let me know
I have no idea what
number two would

Lord of the Flies is
another under attack
and once again
its a very fine
book explaining
the animal nature
of humans and how
easily we can
succumb to it
and be manipulated
by it

How long before
1984 is on the list
because its no longer
non fiction

Wireless Switches

H/T Multihull Design Blog

This is a simple use of technology that 
blows me and should blow you

Chances are half the wiring
in your house is just switches
and copper dont grow
on trees.

Less holes in the building
envelope and
hundreds of expensive
labour hours saved

Home run
for technology

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Not a hard man but repeated hard falls

Image result for image of manifest
I took a very hard fall
today on my bike
I was trying to beat
a light in a construction
zone and hit
something that
threw me in the
air doing 20 K

I was wearing protective
gloves and a coat with
nylon denier on the elbow
and my knees where somewhat

Long and short
I survived
my  6th
hard fall
need for a hospital
and this
one was probably
the second worse

That does not
include the 3 
auto incidents
in which I walked
away but
the car totally died

Now I am watching
the show manifest
which is like LOST
without a plane
I am not lying
or I would be dying
I have escaped
the purpose
a mystery
the only thing
I know
is that
I am not

Sunday, 14 October 2018

God Damm the Preacher Man

has do

Had Trump every done one thing
upon examination we would call
Christian in his life?

This preacher has CIA written
in the bible all over him
and yet the American Taliban
will love this photo
like Jesus bleeding on the

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Huawie and the Five Eyes

Image result for images of five eyes Huawei threat
Northern Telecom was
the jewel in the crown
for Canada
then Cisco came

For US companies
Huawie is a mortal threat
and the US goverment
has been pushing back hard

I think they are practicing
projection because they
know the cell phone
is a spy in your pocket
and Social Credit is the
future construct of

My point is 
no matter who
supplies the tech
it will not be working
for you
so why not
just buy
the best one?

The five eyes
is a window
from which to
view the real 
governments dont
spy on their citizens
they get other
reliable governments
to do it

Friday, 12 October 2018

Bollinger Motors

Banner Slide
I first posted 14 months ago about this highly desirable 
neo Land Rover Series one.

Now they are developing a 4 door version.  A product for
customers has been pushed back to 2020. Still the wait seems
worth it. I just wondered why they ditched the air bag?

Milo Mindbender Rules

Milo Mindbender
was the metaphor 
for the Industrial Military Complex
now despite his efforts
the good guys won

If a conventional war
was fought today
there might be a
very different outcome

In Summary the Milo Mindbenders
masters of the USA
have squandered quite
a pile of cash on
weapons and systems
that are not world class

Maybe it has always been
so obvious
and Trump has just made
it clear
American Foreign Policy 
today is nothing more
than a Black Friday
in reverse
The company forcing you
to buy by creating an environment
that is toxic

Into an area accustomed to 
the gloved fist
it will be interesting to see
how far bare knuckles
can stretch the reality 
distortion field

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Lots of funky Shise now on display

Image result for images of master funk
For generations
the funky
was kept
on the down
low so the 
people of
would know
where to vote

Today all the
toilets are overflowing
and the shise
are in total

Cause the truth
it truth no more
its an option
a construct
of the top dollar
after several
focus groups
have decided
this is the message
we love you
and care so 
dont worry
baby I will
always pay
child support

The shitstorm
is lathing strength
like a small squall
just off Afieca
but there is 
no dodging the Hurricane
thats cumming
to reveal
the truth