Friday, 29 September 2017

Crows fly Vultures lie about the food they eat

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Its a dead
but whats the story
and you know
know body
thats why 
the truth
is mostly

Truth Chainsaw

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I image it looks 
like truth teller
on every tooth
and it cuts
down lies
but for 
I just want
to copyright the concept
kinda like the opposite
of Texas chain saw massacres.,

Fired and ready to work to contribute to a more productive earth

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I got fired from the worst job in the world. Hopefully I did it in a way that qualifies for UI. Anyway on the opposite end of the spectrum is you. Can I be sued for saying cream rises to the top and McGill is fortunate to have you.  Your like a baby Hab at birth that now is on the second line, or do you have tenure/
Its rhetorical it dont matter its the same in your arena.

Fucking fantastic fantasy reality is the only experience I know. ( Even without unemployment I will still have a house hold income over 80K, so do not cry for me America)
I have enhanced this in every sense that did not prove fatal.
You may have silently said so far? Well you would be correct to predict that big fellow, but despite my crazy persona I have always realized that the flesh 
that keeps my mind going is going to be
my mortgage and I have done the best
to pay this debt
and when I strayed
believe me the body
told me I have
done not just one
but many
bad things

So I am always looking to the sky
for fireworks
leading me to a pot
of gold
or keeping the zombies
while I fill 
my trunk

I have taken some body blows
and blew them
off like every
one in town has
a concussion
and the question
if should I play
was not open
for disscusion
but believe me
and I will tell
you again on tueday
I discount
the week
much differantly
than the calendar
I know this
year will
be different

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary: Hillary can not be destroyed at the molecular level edition

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With all the secret weapons
and advanced tech
the Soviet Spooks
have cooked up
none have been effective
at silencing Hillary
and her big lies
about her loss
as if Al Gore
did not
an inconvenient
the systems cooked
and your not a chef
the politburo
to handle the meals
and the wheels
and deals
that keep the wagons
running  with ships
sailing free
of every kind of
pirate attack

Today in toronton
the 416
the Drake place
the world calls
the sticks
or as they say in 
urban speak
yesterday day
Hillary appeared
and the people
came and saw
and wondered
just what kind
of truth chainsaw
is powering
that women
cause just like
Bill stepped out
and everyone hid
their eyes
she is popping the truth
like Sienfeldien Pez
filled with
custom made
sugar coated
tiny brick
big content

If sexist men and woman
turned against her
because she wears
a pantsuit
but still
she wins the popular
and gets more
votes than anyone
in History except
the Barack
how can one argue
she lost because she
is a woman
no she lost because
she was perceived
as a wall street back
stabbing whore
who would do anything
to win
and when it came
to conscience
we have Benghazi
as evidence
that nothing can
stop the machine
not even a movie
with a 13

Everyone on this earth
who can observe
should know the
Russian story
is like Gulliver s
travels in reverse
we see the 
secret media
and the deep state
tying down the monster
they are with 
every feint
and false story
a willing 

Every Russian
story line has
been shot down
no evidence exists
but still the big
lie travels the world
twice every day
before Putin
puts on his
two legs
at a time

America my neighbour
the mostly benevolent
because as much as you 
can go downtown
on the worlds policeman
there is a lot of good
the Yankees have brought
as Churchill said
when every stupid
is exhausted
the Americans will
do the right thing
and that's the truth

Trump is accelerating
this journey on the 
hyperlink of reality
that has been
powered by
20th century
lies that could
not cross the 
created by social
and the killing
of all the gatekeepers
so one has to think
to see what is the
product being sold
and do they want to buy
and be sold
or just hunker down
and wait for the world
to explode because
they no longer
play the game
of empires
when the sun
tells us we are
killing the 

The three truths
of today
are not universal
but they apply
to everyone
first if there is
a war look at the map
and find the pipeline
second if you can not
eat look to genetically 
modified foods
and the ancillary life
they create that
brings death
third every institution
has been destroyed
and like most 
crippled powers
choose a scorched
earth policy
to make 
sure history
has no chance
to record their
as insane

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

It was a propaganda policy gone wrong

The politically incorect news

all the oxygen fighting for the
margial returns of human
is not transgeder bais
its a place that
needs no more
and human rights
are secondary
to saving the planet
the lifeboat
does not
ask your

Tyme for a CHange or maple syrup

we gotta stop the bleeding
a sucking chest wound
and no body
knows for certian
how many humans
can be supported by
this word
but what we
do know for
sure is we have
been down this road
and lost everything
at least one
time before
so why not listen
to dick cheney
and not take that
1% chance
lets live in harmony
and war,
not a chance
becasuse its a fight
between two powers
and and fudementaly
we are the same
you and me
and would not
so lets just
reject the powers
that be
that profit
off of wqar

SnowMexicant Daily Diary:thats not a sport its a hobby tweet

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Trump went nuts on the NFL
and fanned the flames
of tribal combat
in an arena where
many former players
are victims
of a dervish
40 great years
and then
no more
cause my head
it does not go
round and round
no more
its like
I am a test pilot
taking nine
around a turn
80 feet
in diameter
at 480 miles
per hour
thats what is
going to hit
Trump like
a hurricane
as his attempted
Southern strategy
would be Gettysburg
for America
caused by the
insane if you
ever watch
any television
at the top of
the politician
of funding
with what everyone
learned from
Frau Lientinstall
when they seek
the answer of
what happened
too the German
they were
always so peaceful
German Shepard's
and yes in some
ways they are
the last hope
for the world
to prevent
the Warlords
a real big
Game of Thrones
played in real
time and who are
the CHaraters
and who are the clowns
and what reminds
you that our leaders
dont need parking

Today in Syria
the Russians
are on the ground
a nation in moring
because it lost
some of its
top brass
due to the
mortar fired
with an
standing right
along those
out the truth
all the media
and the medium
is the message
the great marshall
said and like
Billy the Kid
all the punks
got blowen
away not
far from downtown
for failure to take
the gunfighter
seat being a gun
with a reputation
never turning your
back to the door
is not only feng Shooy Way
but common sense
that dont make no sense
when we transmit
way to much personal
to the entire nation
as currently
organized by
a religion
of silicone
and paved
with wall street
stones that are
imortal and sleep
with the city
of london
as if the American
Revolution was
not the first conspiracy
my friends
what if the American
Revoluton was
just like the Tea
Party a
astroturf plant
of public opion
that was super
and crafted from
the deep state
someone is operating
just hope its the goverment
of the people
who shears
the sheeple
to make
great temples
and build great
ships like
your in a car
but instead of
of a parking lot
you pull into
a berth of most
coveted real estate
thousand meter
cermamic plates
riding the waves
like surfers
catching a killer
and tubes forming
over their eyes
did not stop them
from seeing forward
and standing up
as the ocean
raged and curled
in fury catching
the surfer
inside at the
calm circle
in the center
of the storm
entry and exit are
difficult but in the
words of Kurt Vonugent
its the center thats flat
thats why they fire bombed
Dresden which is where
everything not destroyed
in the dark age was
kept alive

No matter war
is hell sometimes
but col smeelly
said its a racket
and in Syria
Iraq and any place
a drop of oil
can be ascoiated
with the game
America has
always been best
execpt for those
godless soviets
who died 30 years
thank Gorbochov
and Hate Yeltsin
for Putin is the
child of two
dymetricly opposed
a nation
full of stagnation
and distribution
but for the most part
society was divided
far more equaly
than other similar
european nations
now this is not to say
the ability of communism
to feed its great
citizens has never
been demostrated
and maybe carpet
boming Viet Nam
gave Thialand
a place to see
but then why
are the Pines
such a mess
a Trump with
a gun
and a clint eastwood
trigger finger
or maybe more
like the imortal
plucked from
hell to assasinate
and then
throw in
some kind
of political skill
that boggles the mind
Musillini comes
up on that thought
and man he near tops
the list of evil
for sure the number one
is Hitler
and since that time
lets see how many
others have hit the ground
wrong side up
the extessential question
makes everytime is to consider even
a 1% chance of defeat
a very real possibility
history hs proven that
just one indiviual
has overcome incredible odds
to rule with universal
plurality and hope
for the future
top of my list
of these Angels
of civilization
would be Dwight Eisinhowser
I love hiim and I should
apologize in advance
because I am going to make
an NFL style joke about
what Trump calls
this great man
Washington 2.0
vershion of
a great presdient
and anyone who
reads must know
why I believe him
so frevently
Its because I speculate
that Kennedy
did not defy
phycis in his
death throes
as the assasins
pay load put
part of his
clamshell on
the trunk
while the
trajectory from
the bookstore
balcony would
have meant
it would fall
all over
Jackie and
then hit the
come on fallow
along the path
of critical thinking
aboot history
cause most of
what you know
is propagandaic
fictional translations
of the truth and it
has always been
the same exept
since WW2
the world has
enjoyed a real
golden world
that has lifted
way more many
boat by billions
that have ever
been afloat
is Cleopatra
had been sent
this many ships
the planet
earth would
now be called
Elizibeth Taylor
and we would
trade in diamonds
cause the stars
are in command
and their tears
are often
coarse but
in rare cases
Gorrilla quartes
is created
by the earths
great forge
that does a whole
lot of high pressure
high tempurate work
on the things
that compose the earth
and humans love
diamonds or do they?
I am talking about
the marketing legend
the hardest softest
transgender sell of
all time the diamond
engagment ring
for those of you
that dont remember
pet rocks
they cost
litttle more
than a few hours
wages if you
where walking
the line

So there I was
ready to propose
and 9 months salary
would be frozen
lake trout and beaverskins
because I have been
living as a trapper
and the only
sick society thing
I need is a can
of beans
because in the
winter I cant
get enough fiber
to build a birch
bark canoe in the

For every action
there is an equal
and positive
these are my
most orginal word
no one could have
that I did not
understand that
nature is math
and math
means there is
somekind of
we so far have
not made
speaking to the
people of science
that branch of humanity
the politicians are
most afraid
and math is the SWAT
tool the intellectual
brain is using
to make decision
and to that thought
we gave AI and
although we have
no  control overall
over our own human
children we are
going in the terms
of the worst copyright
deal ever give AI
The AI is the man
tired of seeing
reruns and vacating
to a new space
where imortaly
is preserved and
sex dolls are for
sale in everystall
and Viagra is available
for free for those
that always wanted
a threesome

Every nation has
a personality
which is roughly called
but its more
human and in
its I like you
and then
no nation can
describe love
they just
do irrational
things with the
until the cops
stop comming
and tell
them figure
out some things
because every
time I visit
it costs a million
dollars of opportunity
cost when all
the simple calls
are passed our

I just remembered
what the point
of the spear
I was going
to describe
as I see it
sitting of the
of a destroyer
covering the earth
powered by propagana
and by eliminating
any search for the truth
like they did for dead
and the non investigation
into who brought down
the towers
the only fact we
know for sure is that
people from Saudia
Arabia are naturally
good pilots they seem
to to take to the wind
naturally and can
steer at 500 miles
an hour with the
precsion of a gamer
playing flight navigator
landing ten thousand times
at Kia Tek airport in
Hong Kong without
hiting the beacon
or clipping a wing
on touchdown
because I have flown
there as a passanger
on a ship that
is beauty
in the air
one of the greatest
of the current civilization
and everyone IMHO
needs to hear
or at least consider
as they make up their
minds what it means
to be alive
that 2017 is an artificail
we have always
been living
where Barbie
said math is hard
and no one
sued Mattel
and won

Fundimental truth
right from the bible
and the ten commandment
but I alway like to quote
the great bruce because he
was so sincinct, instictive
and primaral like he wasy
a eagle in a nest under
attack from every direction
from humans, DDT genocide
for the future and loss of hunting
land in the future until we
will be like featherd
dragons flying between
your concrete nests
with Go Pro eagle
edition processers
following the integrated
ORACLE experience
free and
on line

Trump won
this stupid argument
but its a moot
it was an
idiotic discussion

The proffesinals
those that run
the company 
dont need private
jets or 60,000
ton sail boats
most of them
need only
six seconds
to shit
and shave
and learn
how to behave
and blend
in the culture
junkie vampires
are all white
like we could
not fill our own
museems with treasure
that was not created
by a green earth
no the child of
our time started with
a paint brush fozzied
Phid a relic that saved
her acorrding to legend
and thats why when
I now have to go out
to evey mission
inside and out
and my memory
wipes in three
weeks to prevent
me from putting
a human mark
on history

How many commands
can a human brain
take in on hour
and how long
does it take 
the current 
processor to 
heat up and cool
and its turned
the laws of thermodynamics
because perfectly
healthy people
are going to war
for ridiculous
reasons and we
can understand
when it comes
to food water and shelter
much much senistivty
and UN help is priceless
but in the case
of human misery
its like climate change
a thing against a dragon
could not make war
because from the 
zone of coverage
nobody who broadcast
have any obligation to the
truth and thats the best
thing about religion and
I hate to admit it
religion turned us into
a mathematically proven
reason as religioin
never though that
math would replace
as history plotted
and thinkedaboot
the best way
to stay king
and then
something unexpected
thing happened
like Mel Gibson
and yooyu
went  crazy for the 
day and bled from the
palms and the feet
and you sold every
paper towel
for a thousand
dollars on the street
cause you never
no matter how
rich you are
no matter
how powerful
no matter what
universe I travel
in this is number
do not believe
any propaganda
and money is
just an over
lawyered IOU
and while
I got to admit
this was a home
run for humanity
I am all what
have you done

I forgot about
the EPA and freeing
some slaves that
hey baby
maybe you dont want
to know that in Africa
at the least 
slavery feeds the 
beast lets fight
in the Ukranie
which the fake\
news calls
a pipeline war
and the truth
its all about
sending Ukranian
women to the 
robot factory
to model
for free to make
an ethnic sex 
oh man
and Soma
is an opiod
it makes my
why did these
idiots not even
read my 
holding up drugstores
are going to be hard
targets to change
into our new
genetically programmed
cause we buy the wombs
of everynewlyweed
couple to preseve
the best genes
because the prime
time for procreation
is really 12
so does this make
me appiciate
what most would
call way worse
than Wiener
who just texted
but what a freak
what the man
or woman
or anything 
on the scale
if it circular
where no one
 can line
up at the

So here we are
near October
and we still
have a 
very creative
in charge
and he is sticking
to inflamitoy
non direct 
ecomomic indicator
profile of which way
to push and issue
but the stats show
black people have 
little econimic
power so what would
cost us the time to take a piss
is ten times their yearly income
but hey man
I dont know them
an I got no reason
to hang
with them
after all
I am a vampire
of sucking 

Now your saying
WTF Steve
you have never
been more
or parioned
when you
told us about
and being
a door gunner
in Vietnam we
thought you lied

When you came
to us with the GOV
femur which proved
we ventured
the truth
but how realiable
it that processer
will it not spit
out a command
so unpopular
it will be rendered
for this is destiny
as humans
seem to have reached\
apogee and to be honest
the planet find
thermonuclear war
the longest most costly 
but the tech
guys love all 
the new mineral

I was writing all
these words
an moratlity
and finding
to conquer
cause I already
have a princess
and a destiny
but I found
it does not
cut the lawn
and the hydro
rates are out
of sych between
the provider
and the consumer
and I expect some
kind of land toll
keeps us from
cheep energy
or cheep traveld
by train because
on those cheep journeys
will only be the fit
and the freedom youth
who as much as you
may fear them
only want the 
cause at this point
they have to digest
the lunch
you have eaten
and supper
will tear the intistine
out of a moose

Okay, Okay Okay its really my
preseaon being a God totay
is goddamm expensive
even though with enought
thought I can get a quarter
cow out of a couple of
kilos of hamburger
if its any help
to you when
what it eat
I find the whole green wheat with smaller
seed grass fed
cows are more healty
mostly because you are
feeding them food
not some kind of
rollup to the slaughter
to make you feel better
I thinkaboot why humans
love killed sentient being
are we all canibals no better
than the jackel but with
better skills to make
sure we never go hungrey
and cant run around
as thuggy
as buggy
as far
as that bas
can throw

So far from what I wanted
to say I cant remeber nothing
sort of JFK
no body
bi bidy
C Cidy
u understand
the implications
of cultural
robbery used
to control
fan base
the evil 
had figured
out how to 
control the vote
the problem 
the oganization
faced was that
the Russians
blocked the 
anti Trump
and he
was elected
and Putin
I was at peace
with Barack Obamo
but this Trump will
cause me more
unrest and sleepless
night that come
from your partner
making it hearts
just because they
are so inlove of the
profits to be made
if every indiscrectioin
can be ballistic
material that can
be protected
from the intellectual
asault on a
untenable position
that has been in
for centuries.

Having never met either our fearless leader  or the past internet lawyer representative of that genre that have an interest in anything except understanding the internet. History here and there and everywhere we are talking about historic bullshit and hyporcrasy so huge that special forces would be forced

to imbed with terrorists to take our the daily threat

Ok I am back on line
like the last ship
filmed exculsivly
and I expect
tax free
by the US
but I would
argue its 
one of the greatest
series ever
and the US
Navy has
there Senators
and Congressmen
working overtime
to fund
and that
makes me 
tjeat te;\lls me
I am whrigt
but wrong
and there
is no time
to think
cause your
five widgets
under quota
for the quarter
hour and you
will have to stay
at least two 
hours for free
top make
up for the lack
of productivity