Thursday, 30 July 2015

Its 4:20 and I can rock and roll till FIVE

Do not know what to say
more than that
being gobsmacked
by the day
where the sun rose
bought off 
by the big crooks 
or as Galileo
would describe
idiots that burned me
in a wooden throne

Still the world turns
and every day
we discover 
new truths
and we got to hope
for the best because
that is all we really 
got to keep us going
to a new day

I have seen darkness
for a thousand years
or in the case of the 
6000 years of nightmares
for humanity
and I still have 
no fears
about tommorwo
cause that sun
will keep on shinning
no mater
how hard
I press on the the 
start button 
for some new dawn
the planet is unaffected
by outrage
or civil war
it just spins
cause it does

So living on a big spaceship
with many partners
can be hard
but when we get 
a leak
we can all join hands
in a link 
with no pdf guide
just goodwil
and brains
and a hope 
we found the
right link
to put some planet
back intuit the planet
we call Earth
big reset and major destruction
of greed know as carbon
take it easy
but it comes back 
are we stupid
not not that
has been planned
by the big bop
who knows
about everything
and pulls our 
strings for his own endearment
and he shares
like HBO
lik5 game of thrones
or on Netflicks 
House of Cards
yes you are not included
in royalty
or even have a place
on a 52 card

We smart monkeys
are not so smart
we broke out of some kind of cage
for sure
but we bought 

I watched Promethus\
for the third time
and that is really rare
not as great as killing
a Zimbabwean Lion
named Ciecl
but intellectually
on the same scale
for an educated
man that you call
in the plan

I am so pathetic
in my pleas
I should have done
for gOds sake  man
I am down on my knees
not quite sucking cock
but watching 
Midnight Cowboy
with interest
and I am not 
Joe Buck

At the end of the day
back in the hood
no one you know
no matter how
great in pictures
or life and video
games and proto history
printed and disseminated 
daily by the false primaries
could compare to 
Teddy Roosevelt
truly a man for 
all ages.

Not American

Merica is great in so many ways
but sometimes i get giddy
when I thinkaboot
all the bad ways
and know
I am not American
we do not have alot of real Canada in content. Goon is an icebreaker. Soon we will catch up to the Russkies for being not American.

America is the best unfortunalty most of it is dripping down the leg of the planet. With no hope of establising paternatiy for the world abortion.

Getting paid the minimum to be a professional huskter while they perfect the Turning solution

Here I am 
I am on line
and your talking to me
I am your help
semi professional at best
but if you want to 
connect to the world
through a monopoly
I am you best chance
and its I crime
that doing my time
I love you so 

Soon Robots
will do my job better
because being a fake asshole
selling you something 
was a strain
no human could take
for more than 200 days

Smoking Scimitar

Smoking Scimitar
I knew you where hot
since day one
your blade was to fine
to not have been crafted
by the MAN
with one foot on K street
the other shoe
well worn by
Madison Avenue

Using Robert Zimmerman
Bob Dylan
to sell a phony war
is a crime against humanity
not a garden variety
use of white phosphorous
to burn to the bone 
war crime

The scumbags and terrorists
can never escape the sun
transparency will wash away
the veneer someday
revealing the simple greed
and power that built a structure
powered by
that satisfied less than 1%
of humans needs

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A country has lost its way

In Canada the country
has become the sixties
4 Dead there
and today
one in Dawson creek
killed shot down
by the Government
while wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask
a Major crime
in the land where a nickel
is the new dime
cause we got half
what we used
to and life
not worth a penny
when commodities
hold sway.

Go ahead
spy on Obama
set up listening stations
around the planet
but what is the purpose
if it only justifies
shooting citizens 
at home
who only want
Canada back

Right wing Religious zealots
on the Supreme court
Canadian troops
rooting tootin with
a mercantile economy
patronage jobs
and spy's everywhere
CISIS a global listening post
to rival the USA
protesters shot dead
and the climate on fire
it all adds up for Harper
but its all subtraction
for Canada

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Progress and Destruction

Primeval slime
walking fish
and monkees
a few great apes
stalking neanderthals
and man
hunting and gathering
turning to farms
paved over
for factories
and product driven weath
begot marketing
and market driven companies
which always crash
and from the wreckage grew
consumer choosing products
and now we
are through

Shrooms for breakfast thats what I eat, everybody should do the same for better nutrition

Oberon the overload
once asked me
do I eat shrooms for breakfast
and I could not disagree
speaking figural in my mind
but I have never
been that high
in reality
but I get so
much buzz by osmosis
when the cops pull
me over and itt
a death threat today
if you do not
butter them
you could be

Moly Moly Mondebenum
created by man to save
Get on the train man
your mind is a weapon
mostly used against yourself
if you want freedom
you have to break the mental shackles
in a hard way
praying to god or
paying Tony Robbins
will move you forward
an inch
but we need a mile

Shrooms for breakfast
if I started the day that way
I would have eggs
yes chicken eggs
or if in some other
universe a bird birthing
cocoon over easy

Molly Molly Molly
that drug is calling me
but I have never explored
the synapses of that kind
of as I am told universal
love that can make
me dance to death
if I am not brave heart

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

Has anyone every grown up
I do not think so
we are all children
to some extent
as we see on the
news everyday
when mr respectable
is a KinKs song
on a turntable
programmed in the
old mechanical way to

Moly Moly Molybendum
should be legal like alcool
and we should be able to do
it as soon as we leave school

In this world the tribe has gone mad
owning superpower
where the members
must work to pay
exorbitant rent
instead of hunting game
and bringing food
back to a collective tent

Humans have lost the reason
IMHO 6 times and it could be
but the number
do not matter
for if it was more
than once its
still a single

gone to zero

Nostradamus would laugh
at predicting our future
if we continue on our
collective path
and that's our
own collective decision
if you do not vote
your daft

My vote recommending are
for Canada no more Harper
for the world a fair Singapore
the world hurts with
a humanity take over
and mother nature
was never going to give
that way
we need to live a life in balance
in word and deed with
only that way we can be Gods
and decode the message
that was sent the long way

The big problem I see
and I do not know much
is the past civilisations
that died seemed to make
regional mistakes
and we have global

with stupidity

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Into the world of diversity
Che and Fidel 
were a rare Communist pair
that could beat
three of a capitalist kind
In the battle so far
Cuba is the clear winner
battling above its weight class
a beacon of freedom from
in a mostly miserable semi
hemisphere of freedom too

and the strip mall architects are salivating
its going to be Fulgencio Batista all over again
while the Cuban people
look around at what they got
and what they lost
and weigh in
somewhat starved
but very much alive
after 50 years in a
bomb shelter

Sunday, 19 July 2015

I am swimming in a warm pool

I am swimming in a warm pool
right now or moments ago
I think you can fob any exaggeration

So cold and shocking my reality
so many degree above ambient
and y0u want to know
did the real temperature in 
Celsius chained my mind
about the bigot show?

i HATE to admit
no not really
swimming in yur
own private lake
at 40 c
is sheeple success
with no Galveston
parameters or measurement
you defeated the heat 
in your back yard
and while its not Napoleon
you accomplished more
than Dan Quayle
if that is a bird
I am sure
it was full of 
professional sound and fury
and in the end
contained no intellectual

You know what

For sure you know what
so embrace the suck
if you do not want
to send your children
to Vietnam
to correct some 
pipeline problem
that the Japanese would 
have figured out with concerned
before fuckushia

Fukushima is the straw
that broke technologies
Its not true everything we
saw in glossy reviews

Tech you can not start it 
in your car
and you can not kill it
in your nuclear meltdown.

Friday, 17 July 2015

What the giant squid approves as video

Its called in network terms
the daily news
full of nonsene
and suppositon
with an overwhelming theme
you are hopless on your own
even in Oklahma
the sod hous
will become
a funeral 

Serioulsy do not
 believe that shit
cause you have
parked you car
in a bad place
whith sihit on the windsheild
you can not unterstand
but baby 
there is some serious
in your drain
and if your a citazemn
why complain?

Rent it from me: You are what your eat, you exist by what you think!

Hi TONY Robbins and Joel Ostem I steve am cutting your grass
with a simple phrase. I hope for Kardishian dividents though I am more pretty.
You are what your eat, you exist from thought, you are what your eat
your mind is your greatest weapon. You are what your eat, and we exist as we eat. Prime one version steak. This I hope is a phase that will see me be rewarded as I desever and pithch harder to fix the human condition

Thursday, 16 July 2015

We all have great Nulear intentions

The N bomb is the bomf
and its  tool of last resort
lets alway choose to
somewhere else
it may be a bad
trip but
at the end
of the day
better, no really much bettert
than the apoclpee

Isreal vs the World

Imagine your a country
and you grew up from 
and you got there
by suicide of thyself
and other
like a big hotel

So the Jews came home
and we sweep everything Else's
under the carpet forever
because of a debt
more intellectual
than financial
but it do not hurt
that many Jews 
are rich

I am no Jew boy expert
but have Benn around
enough to know
the Jews are the least
problem in everyones
in fact they are the most 
likely ones
to improve it
regardless or race, creed
religion or sexual orientation
Jews ROCK this planet
by birth and DNA
Bob Dylan is a dynastic Jew
so all things should stop
right there if you want to 
spew hate
your on the wrong planet
and your guiding yourself
into the sun

Its childish and Gobbelistic
to pick on some minority 
and blame them for your problems
just like Trump does today
with Mexicans in the USA

We made peace with IRAN
the over theocratic motherfuckers
who like Hassidic Jews do not 
confirm the world has turned
and the narrow word they read
written Centaurus ago are as significant
as the Vatican ruling that saw
coniferous burned at the stake
for pointing out the bible was in error
when it came to science,

Dead pine cones should be maple
in a real wood hard enviromet
and I am surprised that for
2000 years the Pope missed thatn

Bennjy Netanyahoo is a case
for Isreal IMHO a national 
discrase.  A chilsler of the pubic purse with an overwheling sense of entiltlemt over cashed in if I every said over taxed

Maybe at one time the Crusaders thought
the same
we have secured Jerusalam
lets clean off our bloody swords
and cocks wet with rape
and just call this campaingn
christian failed but we thrust
forward well

Eleven centuries ago this
would be considered gQ
today we know 
the other sex 
does in no way 
enjoy being raped
but still we do it
under the disquise
of national defence

Thus I made the prolouge
to say whatever I want
without predjudice or
an attack from anyone 
I offended
most of the time this 
do not matter
because of the cost
but if i commint 
on ISreaql 
i have no defence
agaist a thousaand or 
more big pocket

Just thinkaboot that for second
when the money runs out
will Isreal cease to exist,
Make a more sustianalbe plan

than bribing the man.

For the people that still read
I offer you sustinance
with an opinon that 
will kill your bandwit

Good deal Obama
with  a regime
who never had
nuclear intention

Going Global

I apologise to everyone if I fucked up this message
but you should know one thing in this exchange
my message was from GOD!!

Global think tank love
my first post
think tank cherry broke
what do the remains
look like
something non partisan
something from the heart
some kind of intelligence
that cant be measured
on a pie chart

Thinking about love
on a global scale
is scary science
way worse than economics
at least those parishioners
have word equations
upon which they can
love is an emotion
so far no scale
null established analytics
of push back
expect the opinion of the
mentally challenged doctors
who work on the fringes
of humanity
because although
every human who is self aware
thinks they are the crazy one
its not really true
we just understand the world
or get lost in consumptive irritation
 thinkaboot something bigger
than ones self
usually to no avail but
its a journey we are compelled
to make
and no one
can fake

The greatest quote about love
ever comes from the late great
and largely unlamented
genius Warren Zevon
Love you cant start it like a car
and you cant kill it with a gun
and that's the problem
with analytics
and measurement
that defines our life today
there is no place for love
in the calculation

Hate on the other hand
is factored in daily
with increasing scoops
of false news breaking
upon every shore
even those like the Japanese
who thought they had
build a barrier to the
but got Fukushima's
endless lifetime

Fact is fact and most people
do not realize what they know
as a matter of fact
its so easy to begin
so hard to end
its easy to destroy
so hard to build
its so easy to hate
and so hard to love

I love this mother fucking bad assed world
and I have seen most of its best parts
and a few of its toilets
and can never decide
who made the mess
and who should provide
three ply tissue
to the global single ply

Call me a fascist super state
socialist meritocracy supporter
but I love Singapore
and in the Global think tank love
scale of my imposition
they would come out number two
in any decision
if you wanted to raise people
from misery to Trump status
they would be number one

When my number come up
and I have lived this life
its not just a supposition
if I have to choose from my
polyglot passports and the kick backs
I get from being a citizen of the world

I am a Canadian
and my Canada contains  Quebec
there is no doubt in my mind
that the Anglos who rule the planet
have kept Quebec behind
because they could not speak
the language of diplomacy
let alone
 hear the amour

In my humble opinion
if I think tank love
I know Austria
is the best
but it may make
me a racist too
cause I love my people
and we have a system
if all is not in ordung
red flags all the day
and some fires
you can not put
out with social

Just want to qualify
Austrian are totally empathetic
and love the world more than the
Germans at least
its a culture the whole world
should embrace
In Austria if you loose
your loose change
it will come back
to you with interest

I can speak many languish poorly
but have learned that what they
say is as important as the swordsman
facing the word
if you want to defeat

We have many think tanks in this world
very well funded and pushing us
to forget about the ozone layer
or anything relevant
to human survival
and still omnipotent
so are the Fraser Institute, Heritage fucks, American Prosperity Institute
and a billion other tax break mouth breathing mother fuckers of this planet
going for some long term plan
that culls the herd
they have been practicing
there for so many centaurs
they have grown weary
of humanity
and seek a final sustainable solution
where the head are essentially in jars
and the robots live
viciously tier one life on Mars
or skiing down the slopes of Everest
from the top
but what happens when they get bored
pedophilia and the lash
JJ captured this perfect
in Game of Thrones

Can we fight our biological DNA
that is the question I want to answer
at Global Think tank love
because I sincerely believe
we are what we eat
and we exist as we think

try me

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Rolling Carbon Fiber

Unsprung weight is anathema to car engineering. Carbon Revolution brings to the marketplace some lighting technology. Another sign the future is rolling out everyday.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Efficient Government

Friday, 10 July 2015

Do not cut my cock off

YOU and me
doing the greatest thing ever
and in that dream
we are all chiese
that crossed the
because the man
we loved said
I do not want
my cock cut off

the importance of SITRAP

Talking all kinds of nonsee
is a luxury in a evereney
and toay on my s  s cren
I see every emegiancis
and its trendig
many nodes are\
down and what seems
to be a black cloud
has desinded over
the subjec area
we got lots of things
we can do
before we call
in sTEPHEN king

World Gone Crazy today

Its a crazy quilt stupid

Thank God in his/ her LGBT innovate wisdom
for getting us through this week
with less than a million casualties
of the great life

Every week many million people die
no one tracks this and you
know why

I generally agree
dead people 
have little left
to contribute 
so why use 
bandwidth on them

I just want to take
the time I have provided
if your still reading this 
to pay tribute to
some fallen soldiers
who battled life and won.

Louis Tannebaum died 
and I rocked with his cassette
player and many more div ices
entrepreneurs are our fuel
and we need them always
in great quantify. THESE ARE PEOPLE

Snake the Dallas Cowboy QB
died. A life well lived that we
can only dream about
if your into debacucy

The fiance situation is under control
they just make up new Numbers
more or less its JESUS control
throw out the banker
and bring in the pilgrim
who becomes the same
and so it goes
and so it goes
we have no good alternative
so keep on ke3eping on

Thursday, 9 July 2015

China crashing. Greece wiped out and three key websites not absolute, what does it mean

Very little it seems
the masters of the univers
vontrol the pagent
like the queen

Protocols for a perfect life

Protocols for a perfect life
are not written down
its to hard to translate
into human something
so transmorative
no one must feel
and emphasise
the universe 
and become one
with thyself

At the start point
life can accelerate
towards the goal
but there is no tender
and there is no score
there is only the game
and the players
and the love
and the fact 
at the end of the day
the whole crazy scheme
is imaginary and in reality
very insane

Food and water and sleep
and sex
if your lucky some music
and fine lititure
if your living in 
a Star Trek universe
great cinema
these friendships
and precious neural connections
print in all dimensions
a template that is like a snowflake
unique to the holder
and sure to melt
under a permanent sun
in man years
but in the state of the universe
a time that can not be measured
because its so small
its an inconsequential

We people we livers of
life have been sold a bill
of goods for a defective product
its called money
and its used to ration
precious resource

So call native peoples
knew how to live
with a walkabout
or a time flying like
an eagle on peyote
but most of humanity today
will not soar above anything
they take Oxycontin and other
big prescriptions to ease the pain

We have the technology but
failed as Gods to harness
the humanity to create 
a perfect world
this is well within our grasp
if we embrace the suck
the fact is you can not save
but if you only save yourself
and yours
your still dead 
and medicated
because your soul
can not live with what you done

Men are lazy its a fact
they love to sit around the house
getting fat
because their is not game left
to hunt
or they could never catch anything
and escape the judgement of the elders
and get thrown out of the herd

Perfect Protocols dictate that mothers rule
because we are all just children
and the only one who
can speak to us is a mother
that we love
and  mothers are known
for pipeline desiccation
every child is a dragon
at birth
so few get wings
and rarer still
those that can breathe fire

Uncontrolled destruction is the legacy
of most dragons
they live rich
but leave a 
schored earth
and by that now
so unexpected
by protocol
I mean the fucking 

I follow the Church of Alvin Toffler
with a little bit of Blink
and a loch ness colander
that sits upon my tin foil 
wrapped head
making me some
kind of preppier Pastafarian
with a message from God
that echos endlessly with
my head

Let me tell you about my
head its around some
latitude and longitude
but still hard to locate
because the forces
of persecutions
cause him to constantly
to stay ahead of the man
that knows the law
so well
well just because 
it was written to 
keep my head
at the bottom 
of a well
like a test 

But the protocols
keep me safe
from burning at
the stake
and in the Internet
on a blog its an
effort to verbalise
and I fear if you 
heard my voice
their could be 
while friendly
deadly deadly deadly
not in this universe
but in universe
two things are