Monday, 30 June 2014

ISIS oh ISIS your a Mysterious Child

To summarize my past analyze of this group : Bullshit.
There are so many things wrong with this picture its hard to know where to hang oneself. I just know in my heart the group that manufactured ISIS were Bob Dylan fans. They are Bob Dlyan fans! I might have to support this effort. They are Bob Dlyan fans.

They are throwing babies out of incubators, no not yet but soon I expect.

A group so bad Al Queda threw them out. Thats like being so rich wall street will not deal with you. Major fake poppycock.

If they really want to make a Islamic superstate why not project their message to the Islamic states instead of speaking English aimed at the American people?

So the US will give a half billion dollars worth of the finest tech weapons to moderate fighters. Is this like a weight class. Seriously, no I mean it is official US policy to interview rebels and make sure they have Western Values purity.   Yeah I have tried bacon but did not like it. "Okay you get a TOW missile."  I like to look at naked women. " A tank for your and an extra gas can full." I have been to a strip bar, and paid for a lapdance. " An A10 Warthog for you" There is no climate change only God's will " a F22 and a B2 and all the F35  we cant sell"

You do not need to be a salesman to know your being sold.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mass Killings

It is like capital punishment. If the state can kill you then to kill is okay. The Vietnam war and Gulf One, Iraq war etc have told the people, its okay to kill and make mistakes if your objective is worthy.  In some ways its like the drug war. 

Acne where did it come from?

I am looking at WW1 photos and hearing testimony of old people that acne was never around for the most part. Now everyone has acne. In those days they could barely take a photograph so do not tell me all those clear skin faces where photoshoped.

Considering Acne amelioration is the biggest source of income on the planet  should someone not look into this? Something has changed from 1917 to now in terms of our skin condition. Our current economic model is all appoint treatment but no resource for the cause. Cause which for acne did not exist 100 years ago.

One might think all the resources are going for treatment and not cures. Would that be so F35 thinking about health care?

Hollywod Making More Money in China than America?

Teabagger you been played. The place where everything is pirated is the best source of income.  Maybe someone will win a Nobel prize in economics explaining that. Or maybe they will die in the attempt?

Start of WW1

It was the stupidest war in History planned my milquetoasts and delivered human slaughter that was new and more horrible than ever. The funny point is that all the people who started the war lost except the British. Unfortunately for humanity  the British managed to entangle Americans in the great game. Americans never wanted part of the big game, but WW1 was a flesh wound that never healed. But it works both ways like Tony Blair.
Very sad for us all.

On the bright side it set Europe free, free of Royals, free of Barons, from of a legal Hierarchy. This has been the incubator for the future of humanity. Real social equality, no poverty, the wishes of people over the demands of the factory.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Are U a Rob Ford Voter

1) Like your coke

a) coke is sugar water
b)powder my nose instead of flaming my lungs
c) Rock on, Rock on and on an on

2) Transit preference

a) Escalades only lanes
b) If its not underground, its not expensive enough to not do
c) Only failures ride buses
d) I would like to ride Karen Stinz

3) Sexual preference

a) Homos will turn Toronto to Salt, and I would love to pepper that
b) any port in a storm is a good place
c) I can not see my penis

4) The waterfront

a) monorails, monorails and destination Ferris wheels
b) big condos,  just make them bigger because I have shorted all the ones on the bank of the Gardnier, and if they do not get sunlight, I win.
c) People do not need a waterfront, if I want a waterfront I go to the cottage.

5) Bike Lanes

a) You get points on your drivers lic if you hit a bicycle.
b) We should have a dooring hall of fame with titanium doors fitted to the winners cars so the bike will not dent them
c) You can bike in Algonquin park
d)Lets put a bounty on bike riders, if you knock them off the bike we will pay you by weight 10% over market price for aluminum.

6)Green City

a) Only Green creatures I have seen come from swamps and strange Asian countries. I would eat olive skin, that's pretty progressive in my book.
b) A green roof is one covered in dollar bills because your so filthy rich.
c) Climate change is a joke, I changed my underwear from whitey tites to black wrap and no more skid marks. Thats the solution to weather.

7)Homeless people

a) they can all live at my place because it seems my wife had kicked me out
b)they should declare themselves foreign workers and Jason Kennedy will get them a job pronto.
c) There is a lot of concrete in Toronto make some of it your home.

Jewish Defense Explained

I am making the case that people of Jewish persuasion are no different than other people of other persuasions. First they come for the Jews, then the homosexuals and then the downloaders. Yes this is what I fear. There is a economic and geographic HARDRAIN going to rain down upon me an you, and our children, I doubt they will be enough grandchildren to care about. The same people who decided exterminating some of their most productive creative educated citizens have not left the playing field. Its like Cambodia baby, if you think, you could be marginalized at the very least, and pushed on the ice flow if circumstances demand.

The only pushback is for people to say, enough, enough, enough. We can save this ship.

Toronto Mayors Race

I expect John Tory to drop out. He will do this to stop Chow from winning. However no one is going to vote for Ford. Tim Hudak proved this.

Fuel Cells VS Battery

Fuel Cells in a knockout. Hydrogen bitches!

Friday, 27 June 2014

I would love to know the Jews were the bad actors of humanity !

That would be so simple. The Jews made the climate go bad. The Jews made an algae bloom on the great lakes.  The Jews are Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and they really are minor players on the big scene. Do you really think all the Nobel  prize winners and others who have pushed the agenda forward are somehow part of a sinister plan?  Jews, Muslim, Christian or Drudge, we all live here on earth. Earth is in trouble and we caused it double. If there be a solution to pollution it will be partial responsible for Jews
Jews who understand the news.


The new standard for celebrities is to appear near naked. I have to admit I enjoy it.
However I think its a terrible thing. Most people are not ready to stand naked contrasted by a sucplure constructed of photo shop and workouts that no citizen could afford. This focus on beauty is a very bad thing. I would meet the lower threshold of beauty and my wife is way above me.  Thankfully we met when personal appearance was a criteria but not something that we thought about before getting married. Plastic breeds Plastic and plastic is not going to last the stress of  being human. I really believe there is someone out there for everyone. I am a case in point. I found someone extraordinary that was way above my grade. In today world she would not have even noticed me.

Do the Jews control Hollywood?

Well people who where Jewish did invent Hollywood. However there is no more creative competitive space on the planet than Hollywood. Jews have never excluded excellence on ethnic grounds. Today its out of any control, its a free market with lawyers both Jewish and Gentile trying to control the crash of the old world.

The Jews control Hollywood, the Banks and the Illuminati. No one ever says the Roman Catholics control the Mafia, the Pizza Industry or Sports Cars. Jews have been high achiever because their religion is based upon sweet survival. Not just succeed, exceed. Maybe they should have hired Tony Robbins? We are all on the same page now, but the Jews pushed through religion their people since the first testament to live well and do well. For the other mostly Anglo Saxon and those Germanic to complain about the competition is the worst forum of bulling.

I lived in Austria for many years and think their culture is way ahead of the Anglo saxson that rules us now. In fact Germanic values and Jewish values are not dissimilar. Lets not forget all over the anglo saxon world there were signs at the top clubs that said no Jews. I could make a case that the anglo saxons would have liked to exterminate with extreme prejudice with more vigor than the Germans. Never Never believe that the allies fought Germany to stop the Holocaust. There is an incredible amount of evidence that most Anglo Saxons agreed with the policy.

So fucking High School. Seventy years ago the world was dominated by high school. University was for genius and the ragamuffin inbred disasters that made decisions. England lost a couple of hundred thousand first class pricks during the first war, and I submit it saved the world from further destruction. You think I am trite, look at how the generals deployed their men to defeat machine guns. It was not far from the far more informed Iranians sending children out to clear land mines by being blown up. The reason being a child is worthless.

So to bring it all back around. Actors like Oldman and Gibson who rail agaist the Jews are ignorant. Not stupid ignorant. And stupid, if the Jews control Hollywood the Jews have decided to give them a net worth measured in tens of millions. So encourages  those Jewish masters.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Toyota FJ Zombie and Space Reptile Defense Vehile.

Attention Toyota I have a graphic novel if not a TV series in mind based upon a Zombie resistant version of your FJ. A eccentric modify s this vehicle to exist in a Zombie Apocalypse and then it happens. To make it real it runs on ethanol. It has a snowplow of Tiatimum blades and all the windows have sharp titanium screens like Israeli SUV.

The family is also been trained to handle swords. They join up with groups of human survivors who are idiots and constantly defeated by Zombies and they move on. However every group has a message to say about how not to survive.

This model is about to be discontinued. So maybe Toyota does not think the SHIF?

I have official interest from Toyota, You want to see a hydrogen ethonal firing beast email them in mass quantities,

Can we not be sensible

Bee Colony Die off. This is serious stuff. This is going to cost the people that eat billions if not eliminate all pollinated products like tomatoes. So like global warming we have two sides. Man using pesticides or nature using a mite. Science says pesticides, but we delay waiting on the mite to kill our pollinated food.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Death of Humanity Explaind

the worlds finest obit
was around our SUN
I do not think we know
the politicians who
decided this was the final one
So much green energy
being expelled
so much hydrogen
that would blow
up conservative cells
Yeah we gotta Sun
]Yeah it gives to everyone
and if you think your
going to rape this  earth
look the sunrise
because it will give
you and yours
a horrible sunscreen
vision of dearth

I just did something very evil, but do not feel bad about it.

I was at a big box store and parked next to a massive four door truck that could have been a key to Hitler conquering Russia.  The abmietn temperature around 25 degrees and the lady in the passager seat was not well past fifty. I went into the store an it was running, I cam out 45 minutes later and still going. As happenstance happens the driver came to my location. I gently admonished  him and he brought out an AK47.  Yes he won that argument.

Canada can not find enough pilots to fly for National Defense

top ten reasons RCAF uses Temporary Foreign Pilots

1) Canadians do not apply because they want to bond with their Children

2) Canadians don't apply because Gen X wants to skip pilot and go straight to astronaut.

3) ISIS airforce has better veteran care so they are getting all the top guns.

4) Canadians are smart they know the F35 only has one engine and do not want to die from engine failure.

5)Harper can fool them into thinking he is commander in chief.

6)Canadians wont go to Cold Lake Alberta

7) Polish and Hungarian Pilots hate Russia without propaganda.

8) Canadian pilots are too polite.

9) Canadian pilots always say EH instead of Rodger and it drives the Americans nuts.

10) Canadian pilot candidates worry they might end up working for Air Canada.

When the levee breaks!

Germany has been asking the USA for its Gold back for nearly ten years.  Now in a surprising development, Germany has decided the God in good hands stateside.
How wonderful the level of trust is so golden.

I feel so much better now. The shenanigans going on in China with metals have no relevance with the repeated failure of European companies to get their Gold back from the USA and London. I think I shall have a spot of tea.

Temple built for one million at one time

I have taken a peek at many religions. If I was forced to pick one it would be Buddism. Now it may be some evangelicals are advising this branch? But I think there has to be some impact being with a million people thinkingaboot the same thing.

Church makes people feel good.

If you see people in Africa undaliting, that's a sense of community every so called first country has lost.

James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb ran NASA from 1961 to 1968.  The telescope named after him might be able to image planets light years away. In terms of discovery this is as exciting as the voyages of Columbus, Magellan etc.

The science behind imaging planets

Sunday, 22 June 2014

If Tar sands WHERE oil sand they would be liquid!

Steve Video:UTV or Uncertain TV

Yes I am starting to stream, both in virtual reality and in real life damp underwear. I could holdback so much, but when the technology was there I could not just be a ranting text guy. I put my ugly mug on line for a purpose. I stated it very clearly in my first video.  This world is dependent upon parents who care about their children more than themselves.  That is parents everywhere. So it should be simple to solve the worlds problems thanks for tunning in.

I am going to learn more video tricks and if this is to be something more than a vanity project sponsors will help me.

Update June 23. Its a mess, and I will fix it or flush it.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Exponentially Better

Every day technology moves forwards in leaps and bounds. Time was tech moved like a stream, a well governed controlled stream. Disruptive technology was not allowed. Now it moves in the words of John Prine, "like a broken down dam".

Technology is snowballing but so is human misery. I am not hopeful that we can change the world through technology. But hopefully we can save it.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Do not fear the reaper

The ISIS or whatever is taking over the middle east.  Good for them because the previous goverment was incompetent and corrupt. They got oil, wow, I want to buy some and they want to sell some, is there a way we could make a deal?
Governing is tough, insurgency is romantic, eventually they settle down together like an old married couple.

Should there be a better path to this harmony, of course
but no one has a prescription
blood will flow
and from this loss
society grows.

Maybe everyone who wants to be king
should play Sim City
and Sid Miers Civilzaton
to see what the natural constraints
of a gigantic ego bring.

I see the Holocaust

There have been thousands of holocausts in this cycle of human history. (I  think there have been six cycles)Why I am consumed by the German one is that it is so much a aberration of civilization. If the holocaust could happen, is there any depravity that is not possible in my world, in my today. The corrupt powers that rule this world are capable of anything to keep power. People are becoming cold, very cold, I am afraid that common sense can not deal with technology.  Yes people as a collective do not have the collective intelligence to rule the virtual reality that is our reality. We need a leader we can trust to show the world putting your life on line is not the first step to world slavery, or worse.

Leonard Cohen is the man we loved and feared. Because if you combine Whiskey, Leonard and a shotgun your dead. But he spoke a simple truth.
"The rich have their TV in the bedrooms of the poor" Stop watching TV, stop watching network news, its all lies and puff stuff. The truth is out there and it may be Uncertain TV.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Biggest event in Human History

Was it the invention of the wheel? Maybe the sail. Discovery of Steel or the internal combustion engine. What about the microprocessor. These are all tools not part of history. Humans using tools well and not so well is history.

The biggest event in human history was the Holocaust. Wiping out the native peoples of American and Africa, slavery in general are horrible. But in context they were taking care of business. A mechanical process contrived to kill millions of people, millions of neighbors, millions of fellow citizens has to be the low point of humanity.

I believe most things wrong is this world can be blamed on the Ango Saxons. But the Anglo Saxons would never have killed the Jews because they value value above all. Germans say all "ist in ordung" and in a time dictated by the reparations of WW1 decided to blame the Jews. If an astoried hit your neighborhood it was a Jew that aimed it. In the panic of economic collapse all became perverted.
Germans are trusting people, yes they are the ultimate sheeple if the message they get has all the right seals.

Even today if you knew the truth about Austria and Germany you would find
20% who think Hitler had the right plan. Do not condemn them so quickly. You can find 20% neo Nazi in any Western burg. In the east and the middle well over fifty. This is humanity deal.

How can we save the Jews. Yes they are an endangered species like killer whales. Both misunderstood but for all their merits not sustainable.

Have you seen WWZ. This is how the modern state of Israeli will end. Muslim zombies that can not be stopped by death overflowing the walls. I do not like Lukid, but my understanding of human nature tells me there is no peace to be made. What are your demands my Muslim friends " We expect you to die".

So one thing I might examine on Steve TV is the role of Saudia Arabia in the preservation of the Israeli State. IMHO Saudi and Isreal are butt buddies. Redefining that expression "bro I love you so much I would like you to fuck me up the ass" The Israeli know that the Saudi would like nothing better than the destruction of Israel. Yet they make great plans toghether in the short term.

There is no big next holocaust. There be ethnic cleansing. There be starvation.
The next big event is the effect of global warming. My advice sincerely is to move to Canada. We are the big winners in the destruction of the global HVAC.

Uncertain News

The hundreds of you wacky enough to read what I say have been asking me when 
Steve live will arrive. This is a great undertaking. I do not want to come off half cocked. Credibility is the most important value proposition of those who spend their precious time on your testament. My brand is my brand and I am not COKE.
Pravda means truth, the New York Times, NBC and all the mainstream media mean corporate. That is why my news channel will be called the Uncertain news. I will report the news with lots of alleged, not provable, circumstance only.
If I had to pick one blog that would preview whats coming it would be this.
My backpack is full of ideas, the big idea that rules us today is that history is a biography of great men. Was a time you could make that argument. But today look at Iraq and say with a straight face GWB.
History today is full time full stream full force manipulation of facts to fit scenarios that can be sold. My news will question that brand.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fuck the Jews

They are attractive and smart and have a culture of success.  

I have spent enough time in Malaysai to scope out the place. A furry headed orthodox Jew could live there without press covey, They are very mindful of political opinion. In fact for over twenty years the main guy who wanted to stop all the partisans and sycophants from sucking up all the wealth of the nation has been on trial for Sodomy. I am not making this up. This guy has been on trial for Sodomy for twenty years.

Jew you could live there full batty hat and log robes and trailing wife to your hearts connent without prejudiced. Take over there biggest telecom and they would just wonder if they got enough cents.

The good thing about infrastructure corruption you only get to do it one time in a free world.

In Malaysia they have a lifetime to recover.

Your probably wondering what the fuck is Steve trying to sAY.
Some Malay site that is full of anti Israel and Jew venom has linked to my site. I tried to go on this site and put them down but of course they have no way to comment. I just want you to know, and I know you already do. Jews are the next humans, look at the evidence. No they are not superhuman just people just like us, and maybe they deliever more smart people and artists than statistics would indicate at this time but over the curve of history they are not going to be  more than the right people at the right time.

 I say by that even if you read the Bible the Jew practiced breeding with  enthusiasm. Make no  mistake the people who are Jewish make a impact exponentially above their grade.

Lets celibrate this not condemm it. I believe in every conspricy and the thought or the notion that Jews would do something 
to hurt the human community
is to be 
is to be
ist to
no part of human harmony

Making my intentions clear

People are not dogs or cattle. Yet for most of human history they have been treated that way, Darwin would not be surprised.

This exists today. We have not moved forward so far we can sit back. Slavery is a real thing in most countries and prostitution exits in every country with a blind eye or a licence to fuck.

When the rubber hits the road Asia is blow out,  Africa is a fender bender but the middle east is a full blown car crash.  There is no need for this bad traffic.
Northern European nations have life more or less sorted out. Slave wages make slave products Chinese production discounted. Humans will not make products five or ten years at the least from now. You will be able to print in your bedroom every fantasy. So the imagination will capture the global cavitation,

When people stopped riding horses cause we had cars
did anyone take pictures of all the glue
that was surpluss
or did Wall street short sticky things?

We gotta move some of our great weath to
more productive things
Yes I need a lear jet
no you dont
your a spoiled brat
and a dying earth is
the result

Men and women
Men and women
they make a great team
execpt for the intersession
of women and women 
and men and me
one thing for sure
we all want the same thing

Come on humans
we can do better 
than we do now
we know the science
its like being on
the flying toliet
many billion dollars above
the whole staion is threatened
by a menstrual pad
that the rules
said should not
have been delivered 
to the gov.

Have you seen the graphic
of a solar powered world
were a postage stamp 
of the world
could make us all free

free to do what is humanity
free to be Bob Dylan
or Lenard Cohen
or if you were imperfect
Lenord Syknard

That is not a dram
its a reality
we only have to
move the oars in the same way

Its not like the planet is finished
no its got some good life
but if we make a mistake
do not be an idiot
we are looking
at a seventh extinction event
yeah the first sixth
said alright.

Can we learn nothing
and not admit
we are just passenger'
on this flying ship
when we tweak the par-maters
we crash 
and that has been proven 
time and time 

I love my life
I love my wife
I love my kids 
Is there anyone out there
that would take a chance
that we would all be dead

Sad fact there are millions
and they are already overfed
the richer you get the more you want
to fill some kind of discount you
get from being human instead.

No won is happy with a happy  life
lets go on TV
and hope adoration 
will fill the pipe

It does not work that way
we are animals
and behave in an animal

Silver backs come and go
but the genome
it knows
more and more.
That staying silent
and laying down with
belly up
was a surreder the
Sliverback would
not have wanted if 
he really knew what he 

Roundup Review

Just hunkering down
on the radio
they are all about the storm
but I hope it will miss me
cause when I think of the weather
its always warm

If this planet has turned against us
and denined our biggest thursts
do we have enough rockets
to take out what with mother nature
gave us trust

Do we need more roundup
more GMO frankenstiens
when on the beaches
like Normandy
people died by thousands 
to prevent toxic
substance from being
forced down the throat
there are victims
that are so toxic
they can not be
put to ground.

What we have wrong on transit

There are two ways to do transit. The Hong Kong way or the Vienna way.  Toronto is not adopting either model they are doing it the KL (Kula Lumpur) way.
Wien (Austria) says the most important concept of transit is to plan so you do not need it. Hong Kong says if I move 6 million people before breakfast I will make a great profit. Toronto decide.

Price of Gas Vs News of Threat Matix

I can not produce it everything in one dot in the top corner.

Monday, 16 June 2014

The thng is

The thing is that people are people. When people know something they are better people. All this threat of a super Al Qaeda virus take it with some salt. Every Muslim country is under great tension of falling to the great Satan, as are we all.

Some people just dont know how to approach the peaks/

Thats the key to drug addiction. If you want to climb Everest know the risks. And in the event your mainlining Heroin its going to raise that risk exponentially. Although I am waiting for Keith Richards to weigh in, maybe when your blood is fully in a trance it can retrain more oxygen.

Should a single person get high? If we were all communists no, but we live in a real world with real people living real lives. I think many people who do not get high bury themselves in religion to fill that need to know they are relevant.

We are humans, we are animals what kind of power freak wants to make us machine like. If you eliminate humanity from Humans you get a bad result. Bringing up the holocaust is a good example. This is the reference point. If you think I am being hysterical or convenient you have not seen the Grey Zone.

World Issues Bull Hockey

I do not want to kill someone in Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan because they disagree
with the ruling system.

Role of Mentors

Dadabhai Naoroji mentor of Gandhi

Role of mentors is different from the role of a coach. A mentor has no self interest in mind. A coach is looking for a payoff.

Everyone needs a mentor and in most cases they are your parents. The unfortunate fact is that your parents are clueless about your life and the future faced by the young. I want to create a website called Mentor dot com to hook up retired wired people with yungins. I need a mentor to set this up!

Highly speculative look at le Habs 2014 season

The first two dominoes have fallen: 2009 18th overall draft pick Louis LeBlanc abandonment and polarizing coach Michel Therrien 4 year entombment. 2014 will be played in rebuild tank mode.

Marcl Bergevin  realizes that the 2013 even with super sniper Tomas Vanek team with was a low odds vehicle to win the cup. Without Vanek there is no hope for 2014. Matt Moulson is the only alternative available and by Bergevin critical eye not level.

The loss of Leblanc is like a crop failure. The poor harvest lost means a bit of starvation is in order. The player most likely to ameliorate this tragedy Sebastian Collberg was lost to New York Islanders in the Vanek rental. There is no plausible scenario where the 2014 Canadians are more competitive than the 2013 edition.

 Bergevin did not have to sign Michel Therrien to an extension now. It is going to make negotiating with PK Subban more difficult. By doing it before signing PK Subban he is signaling its going to be my way or the highway negotiations. Therefore it is almost certain PK will be traded. Most likely to Florida for the first round pick overall and Johnathan Huberdeau. To replace Subban Montreal will sign free agent Niskanen from Pittsburgh.

Tomas Plekanec and Bourque will be packaged for someone like Evander Kane.

Gionata will be let go but Markov will be retained. Either Pateryn or Tinordi will be traded.

Montreal will play for a lottery pick knowing they are only a couple of years from a dominating cup contender.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Should I buy a 4K TV?

The clear answer is no. The problem is 4K content is only available as a 50GB download or streaming at 20MPS.  Therefore unless you can crack those nuts stay on the sidelines until things get sorted out. From 10 feet away very few can tell 4K from 1080p, from 15 feet from 720p. 
You can buy two fantastic 1080p sets for the price of most 4K at the same screen size. Buy a normal TV and build up your Blu Ray collection. Also be sure to buy an Oppo Blu Ray player with Darbee

Friday, 13 June 2014

The Iraq disinegration

The British drew lines on a map. But they never ruled the people. Now we see Iraq going tribal. This is a  change 200 years in the making. Let it happen, let the crazy rule, it will all turn out alright. BTW the force behind everything from Syria to Ukraine is Saudi, why are they not on the global carpet?

What we are seeing today is how well Orwell understood the world yesterday. We have always been at war with Oceania. Religion exists to manipulate the masses. This is not always a bad thing. For example in ancient times many died from eating shellfish and pork due to the bacteria that quickly form. So Religion was used as a public health mandate. However too often it is used as the way to divide and conquer, then rule with absolution. The Saudis our "friends" are Sunni. The Iranians our enemy are Shia. But guess which branch is the secular and which is the Orthodox. The west has far more in common with the Shia. Thinkaboot that!

Why Wynne Won!

Land area of solar needed to power:World, EU, Germany

This is the big picture that people know in their hearts. Kathleen Wynne let Ontario know she can see what is hidden by the reactionary world.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

911 Blowback

I believe without reason that 911 was a manufactured event. The world was at peace and some authors were saying it was the end of history. Most people in the world lived in peace and where focused on improving the neighbourhood not the airport.

Into this poketeam village wandered a zealot with a RPG and and AK47. Death for him was merely the entry ticket to the models bar that George kansasta blew. The powers that be thought that peace would emasulate the Industrial Military Complex. The Sunni thought the Shia should die. Thus a a marriage of similar thought promulgated throughout the world of power. GWB came to power with a mandate to make war, war and more war. But what would be a causios bellus. It was 911 how convenient. Fast forward to today.

Al Qaeda is posed to take over Iraq. So we got rid of a Saddam Hussein who was a progressive and replaced him with Al Qaeda. Mission Accomplished.

Now the military industrial complex must balance history with funding for the fundamentalist. How they will do this is not a  mystery, but to most people it will hurt a lot.

Not surprisingly carbon based energy will sore in price. Just a coincidence for a dying energy source for sure.

For me so predicable. The evil empire is Saudi. But we will continue the clown dance.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Why Jesus Died According to the Bible

Yeah he outed the bankstares
Okay if the Koch brothers pay you directly, thats your moral choice as a CHristian. Only Christians can understand the world difficult choices because Jesus died to prevent Banks to big to fail.

Ontario Vote 2014

The Ontario Election

1) Tim Hudak disqualified himself with his tea party math. If he had only said I will be a sensible manager of the public purse he might have won. However all evidence is to the contrary. E Health, Hydro inflation, ORAGE are all conservative land mines and the Liberals stepped upon every one. Then there is the biggest single sell out in Ontario History the 407. This sin can be forgiven when the contract runs out in 100 years.

2) Andrea Horwath is a vapid airhead. She stands for nothing and speaks in air farts.

3) Kathleen Wynn has made hard choices and presents a plan. It may not be the best plan ever but it is a way forward. Vote Wynn. If you want transit, if you want to wean yourself from the Carbon monster, if you believe that children are the future she is the only choice. Of all the alternatives she seems to combine the best combination of competence with comfort. The other two leaders  barely register on this matrix.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Solution is out there

I just want to be entertained that's all I ask
if I make a big fortune
I will take everyone around me to task
cause I need to be entertained
I can not take a second off this task
when I wake up and need to do
some personal stuff
I wonder
why is the toilet not
the eight greatest personal wonder

Cause poop and pee
move empires
and I saw that from
a bottom down perspective
Napoleon lost Russia
because the fashion was not fit
we know far more
but every time we think
we have victory
some protester turns it to shit

We got all kinds of good news
on what used to be the real national news
the mooring show came to the
evening and we take no responsibility
for turning the nation dare.

The killer app in all that
is that we have examples of
how people should want to live
these nations have no resources
and what is going on in the mind
of the electorate that they can  not see
humans have designed and implemented
and have lived for 70 years
a humane way to live.

Living humane has so costs
Its so easy to attack
from across great waters
and they have little funding
just a neighborhood of people
that know how much a load

of poop costs.

Cutting a deal

Thats whats going on every day. Cyinsim is winning today.
Yeah I tried and the Ipad gave more love
thats why I am taking the me first way.
Thats politics today
If you do not believe me
start reading the newspaper
every day
and look with the lens
that the comics section
are the only thing
that will keep you
in your seat
with depends.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Edge of Tommorw

Wow we are living there right now. See this movie, read this book, but I suspect even the most creative visionaries vision will suffer compared to what we can now be subscribed for the visual cortex. Our brains changed when we learned how to read. This is a dead evolutionary path now.
Used to be you thought your vision of a book was better. Now the corporations have invaded your space with authority. Reading is dead as an artform. Personal interpretations are extinct. There are authoritative visions out there that will make you think.

Just like Playboy died when the internet thrived. There is really no limit to what men will do for pleasure. I might have seen a Playboy in my time, but I really do not fantasize in that lesure. Its a photo shop of reality
I got a good girl luckily and even if you suspect your bride will
not meet the queens guide to certianty she is still a gal. We all love a gal
they are our pal, no one shoud think that they are all the same. A better gal is what makes life worthwhile. So if you have several trophy wives
and they are so beautiful as the manipulate you for your rides
is that what you momma would want. You see we used to live in a place where men and women said I do, because they loved each other
and what would happen in the future 
was a journey they both signed on for.
If you marry a trophy wife
I will say this and its harsh
but she is a prostifife
she blows a great whistle
but when it comes to steam
she got nothing
she gave everything

Looks like it will be a box office bomb. Its tough for SF to breakthrough.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Oryx and Crake coming to HBO!!!!

I am not a huge Margaret Atwood fan, but her book Onyx and Crake was number four on my 25 greatest books of all time.  Its the first book in the MaddAddam Trilogy. No spoilers but its a terrific book with a plot entirely plausible. I expect it will be a huge hit. Margaret is going to get America thinking aboot the future.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

China Rules

The Chinese. Churchill said they were an enigma warped in a riddle. It was so hard for a lord of the earth to interpret a people who mostly wanted to tend a trendy lawn. China has a 5000 year history. The west has two thousand years.  Who to bet on in the long run?
I have spent decades in the four China's.  Singapore, Taiwan, Guangzhou and Beijing. They all  compete. Unlike the west only Guangzhou and Beijing are really in a match.

Do I have to brief you on how the Chinese are very smart?. Do I have to brief you on evolution and which humans are more evolved? If you believe in evolution you must believe the Chinese are thousands of years of evolution advanced.

What has held China back was bad software. Their hardware was overwhelming, but the software was throttled for thousands of years. This will change and look out world.
I do not fear the Chinese. I have lived and worked with them and they are cool. They are less zombie than your average US citizen. What they have been taught is so fragile compare to our indoctrination. They have never heard of a sky god. They have never been told that some super force is going to save them. They have lived in a world for generations where the government delivered life. How harsh was this presicpption.
Nanny Nanny state, but the one child rule saved China. No debate.  So how bad are these Chinese, are they Empoures or people that Norman Bethune could die for?

Just stating the obvious here. He who ones the gold makes the rules. China owns the gold going forward.

Every year the right wing of humanity nomiates Hong Kong as the most free place in the world. If you do not want to live in a tiger cage pay attention and fight back

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

When they kick in your front door how you going to come

last week the SWAT through a flashbang into a crip that if it did not kill the baby it will make that baby one scared child. Is the drug war worth one child like this? What is we are preventing, because on some avenues you only see junkie piss.
The cops do not go there its too stinky, they justify killing babies to make sure
you do not end up the same way.
I know something about drugs. I have never done any but I have seen
something from above
Men an Women are the head of the class
they can manipulate their environment
world class
but when it comes to the hard choices
we falter a bit
everyone wants to running around the schoolyard
chasing some nitwit.
Nitwit just a name and just a placeholder
everyone has been one
some more disturbed
by this place holder.

My point is that the cops should not have to burn a crib
to make a small time meth dealer
get what he deserved
And if the laws where free
how man would seek meth
it seems to me
redirect conspircy

Monday, 2 June 2014

the original sin was air conditionig

How hauty was the Man, to think he could take
climate control into his hands
when you make an eviorment
that was never meant to be
it carries an incredible bad
choice history.

People will be free

Thats what keeps happening despite the right.
Slavery used to be part of commerce and that took
centuries to free.

There are so many other behaviors that should be 
revealed as abhorrent.
We are on tribe, one village, one world.
Those who say that the weak will take us down
do not know the will that keeps them walking
Walking down your street should bring joy
and if that is not your neighbourhood
come talking
We humans are simple animals
we may think we are better
but when we score high in humanity
it leves the population feeling

Montreal Loses game Six

There is no doubt in my mind that the Rangers were a better team. We had our games but in the series they beat us fair and square. I do not blame the loss on Kreider accidentally on purpose nailing Carey Price. However Kreider is getting a reputation for putting himself in a position to have such an accident. There has to be a new rule about hitting a goalie at 36 KPH.

We could have won this series. The biggest failure was the power play. Games that should have been put away we lost due to the PP. That is the number one job to improve this team. Our old slow and small defence was a factor, but it could have been overcome by an effective PP.

The big question is how far away from the Cup are we? The answer to some extent will be revealed in the Rangers vs LA final. I think having a scoring threat instead of Gionta, and a second unit PP defence pair may put us over the top.

One thing to be considered. This team made it to the conference finals. That is a huge accomplishment. I am very proud of this team, and every member of this team did a great thing this year. You win and lose as a team in hockey, the best guy and the worst guy are both responsible for winning and losing. Hats off to all the players who wore the colours in this year which ended short but should still be celebrated. Montreal is back, deal with it.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Blindside hit leading to absence

do not watch your pass as your skating alone
someone will blindside you
and send you home
its not there fault
its just human nature
if someone is successful
there will be a traitor

we all want to be rich
and those rich men and women
they admire the king and the queen
and those people are not satisfied
until they rule every little thing.

No one is immune from this human nature
so how can we harness it to make
us closer to the maker
This planet we live on is a magical place
you know its a hunk of rock surround
by vacuum and radiation that
would kill a human in an instant if
they did not have scientific grace
but even the best scientist and engineers
could not make a craft that could survive
out there for a decade of years.

So spaceship earth is where we need all the study
lets keep this liferaft afloat in the jetty
yes we are mighty
yes we are men
but when we flush the toilet
its obscene where we been.

Prevent the sixth extiction

In my world every day everything gets larger
so extrapolative is the day today
we do not know where ability, faith and constraint
will meet

Did you know we are spiraling into the sixth extinction event
the previous five were natural events
the sixth is the one we created
and can by utilizing natural selection prevent.

Will we do it, will we do it how, do we care at all
I doubt that
man is a fantastic titanic animal
a super one but still a self reflecting brat
one appeal to the tiniest lizard brain
and the smartest monkey knows
every bit of knowledge blows
he can be King as long as the track
is there for his train to suppose

Consequences are decades if not centuries away
taking our hirsute future to task
its like asking a junkie not to shoot up today
Right now today as fast as we decline we advance
but the scale is what make the future  a tragedy
Simple vaccines to eliminate disease are low cost
but we can not find a way to make them not fail
not just in distribution but an intellectual whale
so what hope to we have against a carbon industry
that has been here for centuries
and  whose only hope of survival is to ensure
that for sure no other power source has entry

They got plans so big
the earth is only one element
of what they deserve
if the earth is dead
they will live in satellites of pleasure
with every robot that they wed.

Some men think they are gods,
but most think they had it thrust upon them
I was once a candidate for that lifestyle
but I quit because all the wool
was not in my quintile.

I am a sixth extinction babysitter
my child is wild
and every time a vote is taken
it stays the same way
Don't put a nanny state
in front of real estate

Mr Paul Krugman is a mensch
He says what he means
and thinks what it seems
despite the pushback
he keeps on
like a lizard brain cure
riding in a camels humpback

Economics is the dismal science
so many snake oil salesman
take its qualified equations
and make disastrous opinion
for great nations

Joe Six-pack don't know
because math scares him
its up with long term planning
as things he aspires to learn
like the guitar
stroking the strings
as he heard from the orchestra
is an echo of what
he intrinsically knew
tighten your belt if your hungry
find a new pasture
and live life free
Just one thing Joe
Schrödinger's Cat defines
the new economy

Workers we do not need them
they consume resources
and a scant few
contribute to pleasure
on a dying planet
what should the rational mind do?

The minds love some of their family
and some animals
but spiders are icky
they should be GMO fed.

Spaceship earth has no life boats
a international space station
that could support itself
for five minutes if
not earth fed.

I feel like a prisoner
doing the dead man walking
show on death row.
We got real problems
Our leaders are like the Capitan's
of the ship in recent memory
where hundreds of passengers died
because they confused safety
with job security.

There is no security for no one
Have you not seen a suicide bomber
blow himself up just because he
felt his religion was not number one
Well whets going to happen when
the power that be start tossing bodies
overboard off spaceship one.

Fact is and facts are stupid things
you do not have to believe
and the salient point is true
they are reality no matter what
you think is true.

With today's technology we
can save the world
we  can save everyone
and make a universal tribe
So much is wasted every day
and so many starve because we
behave that way
No one needs seven kids if two will do
to move the generation forward
knowing they will have every chance
 to do the same as you and I do.

I have kids and I hope you do
If you don't well its not so important
but you must know someone
who does have children
and is a wonderful person
and would it not be pitiful
if humanity fell
because you by reason or bad purpose
did not fill the well.