Sunday, 30 August 2020

Roman Roads

 I have seen the remants

scattered about and the aquducts

a thousnd years later still delivering

Roman Roads - WH13 OGM Rome


and thats what

we should think


likely things made of stainless

steel or 5086 alumimun

will remain


the rest will be for some

to wonder about

like I did walking

a roman road.


Saturday, 29 August 2020

I am trying to unpack history moving at exponential speed, every year is like a century a thousand years ago

Cab driver turned upside down
where the white man has to plan
to get a ride downtown

 Nirvana for Herb Tarlick  (some day I will figure out the double spacingL
jumping on the bubbles
of beer flowing
in sizes
not imagined ever
for brewing
Holy Fuck Battman
they are brewing enough
beer to sink the titanic
every 24 hours
and people are drinking
Its covid and the trucks roll
like thunder
belching smoke
and just looking
archaic in the internt positon
why deliver
the future is electricity and deliveries
of resin epoxy Metallica oxides and fibers
If you could print a house
would you live anywhere else
in the interior
looking now
to the future
and its about constraints
and the number one
constraint in any movement
is Opposition
and the laws of thermodynamics
that dictate to conserve emery
you have to expend it at a Godlike
level to make a new material state
The future is grizzly Adams
small community of Luke Sky walker Inuit
trained survivors who have the skills
to survive in reality and the virtual world
So what to take into the backpack
we all know about the daily carry
maybe a flashlight with some
parachute cord
or maybe a knife sitting
in the hollowed out
quarter in three of your
four pockets
and two in your
socks and three
under the foot bed
in your waterproof
jungle aortic juxtaposition
allowed sneakers
gotta give a shout
our to Vibram
its a patent that
makes the whole
world seem sensible
Meritoracy and democracy
these are concepts
we are inclined
to believe
and worship
because of the promise
we can always do
better and if we
cant we can organize
enough fellow believers
to fire the boss
but thats a lie
we learned
long ago
maybe for certian
the day bobbys brother lost his brains on 8 mm
Z313 - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum
so we have all the games going on
and I will tell you what I think
as taking the position of the 13 man
as explained quite clearly in the film
Z Wars staring Brad Pitt
Stop hear that sound
something is going
round was a wiggly but
lovely part of the DNC
family portrait.
So I will tell you
holi poli
the holy
of truth direct from
Gods lips to my
ears without
or signed contract
about the facts
that change all the time
and the fact is no
one really wants
facts they just
want agreement
to a viewpoint
that points in a direction
that fills them with hope for the
because any deviation
would mean a loss
for the side
a side they dont
even know
except they are willing
to except the think
is alright
and its entrenched in both
sides to the extent
not much thinking
actually occurs in the body
its sort of a Wall Street
take over of thought
So I get finally to the point of this
they matter very much
but the movement is very much off
target and I fear run
by the same crafty foxes
of the Alphabet agenice
that did the Maiden
in the Ukraine
on fact I know
is that after the coup
the gold disappeared
Willis is asking
what am I trying
to say in not so
a straightforward
is that Black Lives Matter
is a Man front
on the chess board
a black queen
that will be sacrificed
and solve the problem
and prepare
the holi poli for three
days with the same underwear
weekly showers and
solyent green on Sundays
Soylent Green is people | YTMND Fads Wiki | Fandom
and thats the best meal
fried cockroaches in honey
Anarchy in the USA
Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK - Live | Releases | Discogs
who wants that
who wins
and does it matter
cause we got it now
and will find out
soon what it means
to film the fall of the Roman
Empire in 1080P minimum with billions
of witness covering the spectacle with a depth
history has feared for a long time
because how can historians possibly explain the kardassions
rap music and black lives matter
Divide and conquer
give every human a tracking device
The First Cell Phone Ever: Incredible Facts And Photos
no make them pay for it
and pay to keep it working every
Invention to clever every day

The school with a Tardis, a Harry Potter world and a glow-in-the-dark  library – Howard Junior School

Saturday, 22 August 2020

I am a man of small intentions


Yes I am I am a man

and thats why I love you


I gotta say its not looking

good, it looks like we

cant move the wheel forward

because of all the backward

thought taking over

and if you want Black People

turning the wheel

they can not be a change

thats not welcome

but in the world

where Black people

are free of Rasicm

its a 3 rd world

despite massive


by rascist

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

What side does the scale tip too?


Another unreported oil spill

how many do you see driving

every day with the black smoke

belching uncontrollably from a diesel in your tracks?

The jury is in, fossil fuels loose.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Wylie E Coyote Economics Part Deaux


In Chicago they are pulling up

the bridges like a mediavl city

too prevent diversity flow

breaking windows in the

elite stores

where only the people

with platinum populate

New York city is in the same

way and I imagine

its the same accounting

all accoss the USA

When the bill comes

due the property values

will plummet and 

value proposition

wil be close to zero

Friday, 14 August 2020

life mission

 My principal occupation in life has always been to figure out what matters and spend as much time on that as I can. Because time is finite and matters are infinite.

Monday, 3 August 2020

No failure to communicate

Captain (Cool Hand Luke) | Villains Wiki | Fandom
Might makes right
bought you outright

Well, Trump was going to ban Tik Tok, because of MUH security concerns — but now all of that gets shuffled to the side because of the very trustworthy Microsoft corporation. With this deal, TikTok can now tap into the rich universe of Microsoft LinkedInners and Xbox morons. Also, and this goes without saying, our precious data is indeliby SECURED from the evil pangs of the Chinese government.

Why just today, the Chinese arrested people and many of them went into jails.

Tik Tok really didn’t have a choice in the matter. It was either accept the Softy bid or be eliminated. Too bad for the Byte-tards who got fucked selling Vine to Twitter and then launched Byte. They suck once again.

Moving on, futures are flat. Gold is up. Cryptos are taking a breather. You need to REDUCE YOUR EXPECTATIONS with cryptos and simply look at them as a hedge against your dollars going into the shitter. It’s important for us to realize the world is barreling towards perdition and everything you hold sacred will soon be lost, amongst the rabble and broken rocks of 50 million unemployed Americans. The whirring speed of the economy collapse was so severe and so fast, markets went up. On a year to date basis, however, we’re still down 14% on all stocks and many economically sensitive industries are OFF by half.

By golly, should be crest again and spin out into fall, we can still bargain for a -30 to -50% cataclysmic decline.

TikTok was last valued at $50b. I’d be surprised if MSFT paid half that.

I have zero emotions on the matter. I feel absolutely nothing.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Montreal Hockey Montreal Hockey. PLAN

18 Hunter S. Thompson Quotes to Increase your Appetite for Life
The gentleman with the drink immediately made me think of death and loathing
try as hard as I can I cant get the name
and tben suddenly I got
Hunter S Thompson
I just passed the cognitive test
for people who have not lived
thier entire life on this eaarth
and thats all I saying because
I am listinng to Tom Petty
saying and singing last dance with Syd
and the KGB
its the best one two
punch since the Beatles
Yeah Lennon and Mcartmy
you belong in heaven
because you changed
the world with
a bunch of punch pop songs
and some Lucy in the Sky
never mind why
we where gifted
to be alive
at the same time
unlike the study
of Ceaser which can
take a long time
which brings
me back to the next
20 mins and how
I will spend
them before
the coivid cup
for real takes
place in our
alien universe
Die Pens but slowly after
we lose to you in five

Trump the one and only Trum0 daily dairy postdated from the furure

Cloudy with
a strong chance
of unrest
the land
thats whyt
with all its
will win
God said
I like Jane
by Janes
but if God
said what would
you call the band
I know the aswer and I did
not make this up STIMMMT

Jesus Christ Smoke Holly
Gasoline, they never said
what octane but in a strange
way i5 more than o55er
stuff from the last century
tyo  eliminat3 oil
you change history
just think agbout\thewhales that died to keed- a l;ight

so will all the bullets
that the entire bandwith
of consprisay theorist could
occu[u I ax U
t 8 a lttle more gree s
science if you follow
is pretty much all on
one sidefor a veggie diet

Me I got a need for meat
love my meat
ate venson dder runing
free and caught
for the benift of
all the meat eater
in the tribe
that lived beyond
the 401
people that lived
north of Hwy 7
the dogpatch
white trash
that made hash oil
in the hasement and
and took the odd
but they never
went with the
addictive drugs
even mo ey\
even money\
you can
feel in the old
tummy a rumbiling
like a call to war
thet trobe is on patrol
and facebook is about
thj only thing they dont control
except of cource google
or the who alapha  he6 companies
not to be mixed up with heros
of the covid revolution
the economist, the bankers
the politicians who
blinked when they
saw a black wall
rushing forward
to destroy without
no colour
no race
no nothing
we ever knowed
is safe
from such a germ
I direct you several
centiures before
or a least one
for HG Wells
and if you are
a lazy missing
a total education
little human
trying to become
the best human
that every one
identifies with the people
that won
and know they
get all the rewards
no nnnoo  no
smoke and mirrors
for me

one nday I will be on realityh tvyt or
the U tube  telling
the world
its no mystery
do not be an idot
we got problems
that we need everybody
to sbe ok
bear rabbit

mink and even beaver
I had specctgi and real moose
halls more than once or twice
and no testicls
ion this testament