Sunday, 28 June 2020

Clint Eastwood

You have to ask yourself, are you a punk, do you fill lucky and how many shots do you have left.
Myself the recoil is more aggravating then when I first shot harder than the Mexicant, otherwise
I feel like an older fatter taller Cole Caufield.

The Covid crises in my GTA bedroom community has been like a wet noodle facing a Chef with his own knives, not rented.

Totaly been reading about bomb shelters all day

We all need 5 or six weeks
shelter in case Russia nukes

The safest place in the world
today is living beside a Russian
Russia has it gear in order
Russia lost multitude of millions
fighting the Nazi
Russia actually won world war 2
in Europe
Now what, Russia gave up so
they let love Rule
Putin Kissed Trump
and got no tonge
so do not believe what you

Cases in point
read ahead if
you are willing
to be ahead
in your life
and living
on this planet

Number one
is do not shit in the bed
your pants or
anywhere else
you dont want to
make the worst kind
of individual normal
living mess

Watching the gorrilias
and them smashig
pooh aginst thje plexiglass
in my face.
I now know what the Gorillia was
trying to say
I am not sure how much of
a claymore his patty was
but I can say for sure
he did not like
living in an artificial setting.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Its Friday in Ontario Canada

Its Friday but its not a weekend
its part of a prison
made by a virus
or maybe God
or its fake
and the goberment rules?

No its real
and its Gia
striking back
at us for all those
fossil fuels

I dont know
I dont know
I am 63 years
old and I
dont know
I do care for
my children
and hope
for grandkids
but I will not
see the result
of what we are
which is essentially
because science
is smarty pants
and easily mocked

I must be the first Minister of Sci Fi because Must rymes with Musk

Sci-Fi Icon Robert Heinlein Lists 5 Essential Rules for Making a ...
DO a right thing make me Minister of Sci Fi
Fake news I have freaked out and lost my mind, its the world spinning out of control and I am just clinging on. In fact, thank the Giant Spaghetti monster I have not had anything bad happen in the covid crisis.

However, everything we have ever thought about economics is now going to go into a D Day with WW2.  WW2 as horrible as it was was a great economic stimulus. Covid 2020 is a great economic cock blocker. I am going to need viagra to go to a movie, a restaurant or a sporting event. Admittedly I am weird. 

Japan is the outlier we can all stake our future of voodoo economics on to receive the dead economy. They are about 220% of GDP to debt ratio. Canada is somewhere in the less than 100% but pretty sure to reach it soon. The USA is going to make big percent great again.

Nevertheless people in Japan live like prairie oysters. They have no idea what that means.

Persons I know what your are thinking. Has Andrew Scheer found a mind drive and implated it in Steve?

No Persons I have solutions, I have Robert Heinlein for the right, I have Isaac Asimov for the middle and I have Harry Harrison on the left. This is a line up that could save the future from  Cormac McCarthy. I implore you to get me an audience with JT.
We need a new narrative grounded in sci fiction fact. I fear if that does not happen there will not be Zombies but will be Cannibals. Again I would be an asset there. I dont like to brag, but my scores on Dead Island where impressive to say the least. I am confident I could handle an island or even a city full of cannibles single handed.
So if I could lead a squad of flesh eating destroyers, it would be cost effective, but if I could lead an army it would make cannablism a bad thing.{_

Sometimes I just dont know when to quit, no I  never quit when it comes to fighting evil and stupidity and you find there is a lot of crossover in those genres.

Real Canadians are real and they live in Canada

Real Canadians

I heard about a poll today
where x percent of people
not born in Canada
thought people born in Canada
did not consider them real Canadians

Well you are
and thanks for coming
changing your life
to make Canada better.


I am not going name names, in fact everything I write is fiction.
Two dudes one a cop are takeing a dart in the garage
when they hear something going down in the driveway.
Maybe one grabs a pipe
They find a black Ute nearby
and beat the fuck out of him and
he loses an eye

Who is wrong who is right
I say the black ute is wrong
because why was he a TO dude
in Whitby at 2 Am


Saturday, 20 June 2020

Snow Mexi9cant Ppst {p Post from the future reality, after the bacholer turns out to be a rotten creep

dvd sol naciente sean connery & wesley snipes - Buy DVD Movies at ...

I start on a fresh page
having just
experienced about
10% of the rapture
and you might wonder
exactly can a weigh
something way more
engineered than\\
more godlike than
cabon firber
can I give a shout\
Buckey  Bkewy
Buckminister Fuller
was a great white
the points on his antlers
can not be counted or
he was that kind
of person
you dont see every

Thats my point
is history repeats
we may have more
tech than the Romans
but they had way more
consensual orgies
and they move many
a culture up a notch or
two and inspired intelligent
I know your going to
say Scotts invented the world
which they did with the tools
handed to them and working
from the idea of understanding
invented the modern world
Thank God for the Scotts
because you know
and I dont want to repeat
a gruesome scence
from True Romance
execpt to say some of
closestet neighbours
came to your hood
and came and came
until they went away
but something remain
yes the seed of Odin
combined with the people
of the Virgin Bride
made humans excited inside
like they had been 5 days
in the wilderness with no
food no water no skills
and they come accross
a seemingly abondaned campsite
and there is the smallest
weber bbq you have ever seen
and it cooking the biggest steak
you could ever image
I wondered if it came from
a brontosauruses, the dinisour
Fred Flintstones both manipulated
and word and ate for
dinner when the taste
of prime brontosaurs
became overwhelming
because Wilma
went Veggie
I agree the science in on her
side but I am furious
because as everyone
I am drawn and played
as a cave man.
Look the Great Gazzo
now that dude has turned
onmm my stone age world
and I am making a fortune\
with the simplest idea
when I get into technology
I will make humans into the
noble animal they should
not killing anything
living large every day
and more than 100 healthy
years until you naturally
pass way practicing
Kirk Fu on a big
purple barny in your
The autopsy said you
just shut down and
refused to restart

Big changes comming to our world
which is about to enter the
menstrual cycle where all the
ideas that could make
the world a perfectse
place where naturally

We all know so much
we can create a perfect
world and I say so
Austraia Singapore 
there is something
in there for humanity
if you cant be king
of the jungle like
the orange orangutan
but wish for
something better
were work will still be work but
you will do it 4 days a week
and live well your whole
life even long after your are not
considered productive
you know why
They have discovered the 10000 hour theory\
of Malcom weighs heavy on our minds and oure
People long passed their expiry date
are suddenly aggregate trying to build
20 th century human genius
with the magnifying lens of
fiber optics and thought
process like a thousand
years of humans in a few
seconds considering the outcome
of any event
to ask a computer to predict the next
day stock price is
like asking a genius painter like Van Gough
to paint your garage door white.
Starry night, I seen a few
i saw the southern star for
the first time
I think the big
is better
Thinkaboot it the big dipper is tech
the southern star is belief
which direction do we want to
go on a thousand year journey
make a decision Dr Mcoy
dammit I have to admit
I dont know covid
and the tricorder is
and maybe there
is no cashless classless
Star Trek universe
waiting for humanity
after they over come
the struggle
to be human
and not animal
to betrey the basic instint
and smuff out the worst
of the lizard brain
to find and evefective
zone of operation
between fight or flight
the middle way
like water
like water
watch Bruce
I may link later
but right now
I am thinkingaboot so
many things
no fiber optic
could transfer the data
between my mind
and my imagination
as I try to understand
that God has put
me for amusement
and I got to say
God dammit
I am so amused

Have you noticed
the main source of amusement
the boob tube has become\
quite static
I only have about
3 weeks of content
left to watch on my Netflicks list
when that is done what
do I do start again
well I have dont that
maytimes before
and its the exact reason
I set up Suspended disbelief steve
because what I believe
is art should suspend your disbeilf it
should be another view of reality
that you must respect even if you
hate it
or cherish it
case in point Rap Music

Japan has been fucked since
Sean Connery made that movie
which is what I am going to watch
today to remind me
there once was
something logical
or believable that
we called magic
today its all feelings
hurt feelings
I dont want to hurt
when I leave the cimima
I want to be uplifted
and you should stop reading
and watch Shawsank Redemption/

I have aboot three weeks on Netflicks to watch
and a lifetime of repeats after that
There is nothing good or bad
left, its can you watch it till the end
and did it give you a lift at least in the middle

suspend your disbelief we are living in the future
and we cant even live on the moon or mars
all things within our grasp
if we had a grasp

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Train to Busan Part Deux

The first was fantastic and this one seems a little more Westerized. Looking Forward.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Macgiver taught the world you can make almost anything using everything within your grasp

Yeah Macgiver

Trail Blaster


The JBL Click 3 is fantastic gear for both the bike and audio enthusiast. It is a puck shaped palm sized sound power house. Its close to perfection for immersing  yourself in near perfect sound while riding hard soft wet or dry.

It has blue tooth 4.1 but not the highly regarded APTX codec. I have Sennhieser CX Sport earbuds and Edifier over the ear headphones both having APTX.  I find the delivery system of a speaker wins every time over the purity of headphones. As you can see from the graphic below there is not a huge difference. Apple seems satisfied with a lot less.

AAC doesn't reach frequencies high enough to match CD quality or standard Bluetooth's SBC in any instance. That's concerning for anyone who prizes audio quality over convenience.

JBL has a linking system for their higher priced bluetooth speakers, I hope it trickles down. I would have a three speaker system for bikes, two smaller tweeter mid range attaching to the handlebars and a Click 3 or slightly bigger Subwoofer on the stem. However since they dont offer that I MacGivered a robust and silent speaker mount using zip ties and the packaging that come with the Click 3.

If I where to do it again,  I would find a heavy plastic and made a stiff back for the package. You cant see it but the holder is bent and the puck does not fit completely perfect. Nevertheless the carbiner grips the packing like a bull dog, no shakes rattles or rolls even in the rough.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Careful with that axe Eugene

Angry Star Trek GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

there was something we forgot
to do
a lesson that should have been learned
from world war 2
that peace lives matter
more than Warpigs
and we have had
them throughout
so I point to no one in
like they do in Jaggetville

The Greeks the Romans the Hawaiians
man they all were not shy about
blood work
can you imagine how the ancients armed
with the same knowledge of the virus we\
have what would they

Kill everybody for 100 miles
and reduce the staff
to the point the palace
was self sufficient
the footmen 
are the redshirts
of the latter centuries of the 18th
time we started counting again

Minister of sci fi points
out what Kirk would do
of course it would be kirkfu
and in the end Spock
would have to mind
melt him back
to a world
where no body
said a word about
Vulcan ears
looking like the devils.

Whats so funny
about peace love and understanding
we could live in a Star Trek universe
with that mentality,
even if we could not drive
spaceship earth
like a star-ship
but we could
do better keeping
the paint and Hvac
up to date
leonard nimoy GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs

Friday, 12 June 2020

Not the only Nut in this world

Why Is The IUCN Red List Important? – North American Mammals
My Swimming White Bro
Not to be disrespect, but I always thought thought that squirrels lives matter, because I believe I am one left over from a battle a billion years ago. I was taken from the trees of earth and upgraded to human, but I never lost my taste for nuts.

Every squirrel in the world
loves nuts
and I am the one
they want the most
because I am the only
nut that seeks
a bolt

I am a nut
and you are a bolt
lets screw together
I am a nut and you
are a bolt
lets screw together

That is how squirrels
think and thats
why they die
crossing the
they only see
bolts not cars

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

Yeah Yeah Yeah. The Pole ice have been running
for the MAN forever
and Black People are shrapnel
Black people are a warring
to white people
of what happens
when you
are not

People free of
can make a civilization
in a few hundred years
people in conflict
can destroy it
in a few days

Make it so

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. The future of fashion, the key to large gatherings, the time has come for personal containment.