Friday, 25 May 2012

Red Badge

I dont know why
the students cry
I work all day'
and pay taxes
in every way
So for me to understand
my mind must go to
a promised land
and that journey
I can pack for.

Stop Stop now
do a double take
if you were young'
would you just 
let the goverment 
do a big rake
But its not
only those steel spines
harvesting you
they give the profits 
of their crimes\
to the banks
that double deal
Yeah we make a contract
and your life
is double sealed
No longer in your life
Can you say a word about
about being cast type
I feel your struggle
I feel your strife
But in Ethopia
we have made a pipeline
We call it life
So now adjust
you fucking few
Who do not understand
The goverment is here for You.
We take your life
we carve it up 
we sell it daily
to the olymart
for how could
simple humans escape
the jungle
without proper
corprorate implemtes.