Saturday, 30 July 2016

Its 9am

Its 8am
do you know
where your
parents have
been while upi
have beeen sleepi g\\\\\
so much sleep deprived
making the rounds

Arlo Guthere son of Waldo sings about travel and you should listen

t Woodie Guthrie sings protests songs daily until he died. Now his son tried in his own way. Failed despite truly artistic attempts

Thinking aboot a Billary Presidentry

So has Hillary promised Bill 
he can recuit all the interns
just to get him to turn 
on the Bill worms
in your skull
change a holic
has been thirty 
years and addict
like undiagnosed

Christmas Moring I am disappointed

Its Christmas morning
I am more disappointed
than a druid
suffering the cultural approriation
of the bible

Its 104 degrees
it must be hell
but its man made
so on this fact
we must dwell
and seek solutions
instead of air con
that ring louder
than lost dial tones
in worseing harmony

Handling the Jihadi Berlin Style

Just Thinkaboot the Traveling Wilburys

Super Super Group

Not the Beatles Pagliaro

Friday, 29 July 2016

clic sl;uts my audience

I am never going to change anything

Bill Clinton ap[in vs Trujp pain

Oemone is going to be
in a world of hurt
and not an orgasam \\\
away from making
ot better

we have no oxygeh on Mars

and we have no rain on earth

Enouph non natrural ingeiteats to make cement

thats what is see
in any event

I love you because you are beautiful

Do not want to brag but IMHO my wife makes liz a hag

That sounds so hollow
but your beauty was just
an introduction
to your soul
which mated 
with me
leaving me
and hoping
and wondering
if you had the same
love virus
that was not a COVID
but a love
that could 
the ages
and Mark Anthony

Grading the post WW2 Presidents

Truman - A+

At the time dropping two A bombs was probably the best way to avoid bloodshed when ending the war with Japan.  Just as dropping one on Kandahar would have been the least bloody way to end terrorism following 911.

He founded the UN, launched the Marshall plan that succeeded brilliantly in Europe. Fought the Korean war that created the wonder that is South Korea today. He threw the weight of the US behind the creation of Isreal although I often thinkaboot better alternatives. He allowed America to absorb a lot of Nazi brains, and I am afraid this was a double edged sword.

He is the gold standard of post WW2 presidents

Dwight Eisenhower -  B
After the Soviet Union launched the world's first artificial satellite in 1957, Eisenhower authorized the establishment of NASA, which led to the space race. During the Suez Crisis of 1956, Eisenhower condemned the Israeli, British and French invasion of Egypt, and forced them to withdraw. He also condemned the Soviet invasion during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 but took no action. In 1958, Eisenhower sent 15,000 U.S. troops to Lebanon to prevent the pro-Western government from falling to a Nasser-inspired revolution. Near the end of his term, his efforts to set up a summit meeting with the Soviets collapsed because of theU-2 incident.[5] In his January 17, 1961 farewell address to the nation, Eisenhower expressed his concerns about the dangers of massive military spending, particularly deficit spending and government contracts to private military manufacturers, and coined the term "military–industrial complex".[6]
On the domestic front, he covertly opposed Joseph McCarthy and contributed to the end of McCarthyism by openly invoking the modern expanded version ofexecutive privilege. He otherwise left most political activity to his Vice President, Richard Nixon. Eisenhower was a moderate conservative who continued New Dealagencies and expanded Social Security. He also launched the Interstate Highway System, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the establishment of strong science education via the National Defense Education Act, and encouraged peaceful use of nuclear power via amendments to the Atomic Energy Act.[7]
Eisenhower's two terms saw considerable economic prosperity except for a sharp recession in 1958–59. Voted Gallup's most admired man twelve times, he achieved widespread popular esteem both in and out of office.[8] Since the late 20th century, consensus among Western scholars has consistently held Eisenhower as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents.
All good stuff, but he did allow the military industrial complex to take over the nation. (see above let Nixon handle the political stuff)
John Kennedy - C (incomplete)

Kennedy was more of an idea than actual acomplishments. He was for civil rights, he was for space travel, he was likely against the horrific Vietnam war. The Cuban missle crises could easily have been the cataylst for thermonuclear war. This was the highpoint of his presidency, but it was his blunders in dealing with the Soviet Union that perticipated the crisis in the first place. Its also likely he overthrough the monarchy in Iraq starting a chain of events that we now see has spun out of control.
Lyndon Johnson - F

He legislated civil rights but in many respects it was a chimera. His great society has been terribly executed. The legacy of Vietnam alone destroys his place in history. Many believe he was direclty envolved in the assasination of JFK. and part of the deal is that he would not run for a 3rd term.
Richard Nixon - B+

We now know that all politians play hard, Nixon was just caught red handed, or perhaps more likely set up beautifully. Was Bob Woodward ever a CIA operative? Why was Nixon manuvered to be in Dallas on the day Kennedy was assasinated?
He ended the Vietnam war. He created the EPA which while not perfect has been the best friend the earths enviorment has had since the day humans discovered fire. China can thank him for sparking their current economic miricle.
Perhaps his worst initative was defunding and realigning NASA.
Gerald Ford - F-

Pardoning Nixion was unpardonable. He opened the door to governing without consequences. On the plus side he made Chey Chase a national institution, and cemented Saturday Night Live as a cultral totem.
Jimmy Carter B-
President Carters reach[
just barely exceeded his grasp. Had he not been sabatoged by the Iranian hostage crisis chances are he would have been an A+ president and the world a much better place today. Does anyone believe the second Ronald Reagan was sworn in the hostages were released was because they were intimidated. Ask why Iran Contra was almost suicidal?
His greatest accomplishment was a lasting peace treaty between Egypt and Isreal. Its likely that with a second term he could have made that universal. 
Me and Jimmy flying to Osaka together
Ronald Reagan F- - -  - - -- - - - -

The black swan with the perpeturally natural black hair. Ronald Reagan appealed like Donald Trump to Americians most purient interests. His list of malfeance is endless and enduring. I will just pick three. 1) spend now pay later politics 2) American exceptionalism is real 3) God approves so I cant be wrong.
Everthing bad in the world today has a direct connection to the Reagan Presidency. including Trump being taken serioulsly. He lowered the bar so far that anyone who could crawl out from under a rock could be considered a legitimate canditate.

George Hubret Walker Bush F

Many people think GHWB was the first crossover president. The leader of the shadow goverment also the leader of the free people. He flamed out worse than the F35 when it hits a rainstorm. This Bush thought he was an expert at shaping the battlefield. Sure he probably made hundreds of billions on the side. But he left the middle east a mess and without his deft hand, it was left to his idot son to try and get his drivers lic in the sand.

Bill Clinton C+

Made things work with his charm and seamen.

W - F--------------

Practically destoryed the world.

Bararck Obama B+

Inherited the worst mess of any President including FDR. The economy stil a work in progress by Goldman Sachs contractors. Approved the overthrough of the elected goverment of Ukraine to server the need for an enemy of the industrial industrial complex. Made black lives matter a legitmate voice. Bullied through Obama care which will fail spectaculary but pave the way for the obvious single payer choice. The TPP his betrayal.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Interesting but stupid

biggest thrust ever.
The US space program has suffered greatly since the glory days of Apollo
It did not have to be this way. The Saturn 5 was not broke, it cloud have been tweaked to have reusable first stage boosters. Third stage boosters cloud have been boosted into space when light payloads where being launched. These cloud be used to assemble spacecraft in orbit. modules for maned outposts on the moon etc etc.

Sail on Silverbird

I flew millions of miles many of them in the 747-200 up in the top deck.  If the seat beside you was empty you could lay flat for most of your 13 hour trips. Now like the other giants of the 20th century its now obsolete.

Force Fed Hillary

Why is the mainstream media blatently pushing the rock that is Hillary up the electoral hill?

The meme that Trump is a traitor for his throw away line about the Russians hacking Hillary's  email is beyond the pale. Credibilty zero. Meet the Manipulation. It would make me a Trump voter.

Hillary has panted (cant say skirts with her) crimes with her email activity, and the mainstream media ignores the story and tries to shoot a straw man messenger.( The Russians)

We do not even know it was the Russians. Edward Snowden knows we could know but that is not reported.

The Doors are playing this is the End for Hillary.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Gen Five Super Soldier Revealed

The lastest crop of super soldiers have left the test tube and are ready for battle. Their bodies geneticly modified to withstand high impact. Their mucsles twitch like simians giving them superhuman strength and endurance. 

I will write a great novel about the first one of them to fall in love with a standard human. Maybe I will call it beauty and the super beast. The basic plot is one of them escapes the between missions holding facility and becomes a star hockey player. No chance of CTE so the insurance cap makes him highly sought after.A super soldiers natural truculance and willingness to play the system makes him a  management favorite. 

His name is Jones Spaceman.

Home Grown Leather

This is some DNA I would wear. The jacket not, but growing leather in the lab instead of harvesting it from animals, thats progress.

Yes we have no Bananas

Why not grow more food locally. If we can grow bananas and pineapples locally, why not do it for all crops. Food self sufficiency in a starving world is good policy.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Make room for another appliance in your kitchen.

Another positive revolutionary development.

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI

Preparing for The End Of TheWorld As We Know It. Is that what is behind all the underground activity? Massive buys of ammunition, ignoring climate change, it all adds up. Something is going on and Mr Jones, your not invited.

Be a "TEOTWAWKI Prepperationist" another copyright.

BTW I was wrong about 40 cal being a pistol round.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Carenege Canyon not scottixh liberation victory for reading

Czrnage Canyon a movie
like the Hills Have Eyes
and just as good

The albains assianfg

AlwaYS  LOOKs like a bowling ball
be aware if your see
one outside the five pin lanes

Lake Erie Stinks

You want to catch
the prep
but they are invisible
cant be found
it makes the scientest
Jesus people
can you not
smell anything?

I live on Canada's south coast

Near the shores of the great Lake Erie
but today you cant drive bye the beach
without smelling the usal
we know its phospastes
but like the bees
the reason 
has no sting

this is economic sucicde
when we live in a world
where water water is

If you search Google not 
one story about what 
every local 
would say

Now thats Revolutionary

Cooltech magnetocaloric effect refrigeration. Moar better in every way but up front cost I imagine, Covered by Gizmag.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Post word spoken world

We are now in  a time
so differant from what
became before
the world
when the spoken
was the bomb

The first order of biz is to drop acid

Increasinly as companies want to tap into the higher levels
they are forcing employees to do acid
those who do not jump of the roof
thining they can fly thought
the moon door
are generally well
and come up with 
unique cod

Heat dome VS Polar Vortex

Who is weaponizing the weather?

The Trump Takeaway

The first woman president of the United States of America.

a terrible system can defeat a better one through execution. Thats our lives people.


Your Lying Eyes keep you free from reality

Water Water nowhere and nothing to drink. We should not be worried about oil, no the life lubricant is where all our efforts need to be.

The last time Lake Mead was this low, was during its creation as part of the Hoover Dam. Look away, look away because there is nothing we can damm well do. Thats the problem we actually can.

Last Train to Busan

I was many times to Pusan now Busan. Its Korea's Vancouver. Never underestimate the provincial  problems in Korea.

Imagining a Dystopian Future

Dystopia is comming to the USA
Donald Trump swings the country
to think that way
and he could be correct
because no one dares
prepare to stay

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Considering our Biological Connection

Considering our Biological Connection
could you just cut me some slack
when it comes to being human
this was Darwins
last wish
found in his

The Rolling Stones

they sang about you and moved on to superstardom

I admire the Chinese

They are just to advanced for us
and must be stopped
or your son will
not have a cock

How do I put the heat to day old Pizza

Microwave or oven
and what s the taste test
no answer man
just another lost
thought in the
world of white people

Arch Duke Ferdinands last stand

Arch Duke Ferdinand's last stand
was in star crossed
with evil
He died real bad
his skin was fried
but we call
a person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy
nihilist, insurgent, agitator, subversive, terrorist,revolutionary, revolutionist, insurrectionist
Now that covers a lot of intellectual
and a unexamined ocean
in the public eye of
political topography
cause how can the death
of one dilettante
go global
go viral literally
if gas warfare
is a virus
in one of civilisations
most catastrophic events
putting bricks into
place that never
should have been laid
and now a century latter
we are doing
home world
Consider Pheboes
before facebook
was even imagined
let alone invented
social media
it was a bitch in
the old days

Good old WW1
perhaps the most stupid
war in history
was won
and the victors took
all the spoils
so greedy that
they left a Mahler
from Austria
without a tip
and he was outraged
and would not
let this insult
and the German people
felt the same way
they lost and Kaiser
and their currency
and the City of London
said Fuck off and Die
but we are long on
the NAZI

The world returned
to the same old
fiefdoms and empires
and everyone was kind
of content
until some one pulled the
plug on the roulette table
and out spilled Rosmary
reality and the Jack of Hearts

The great depression was
the first phycotic
episode of modern economics
the time where the invisible hand
penetrated the chest cavity
and grapped the heart
because the brain
was worthless

High on the speed of currency the world
crashed because of false assumptions
and ballooning cash
wealth creation
its a hard to establish

And the people became ugly
and depressed
and inchorent
because the most
reliable book of the day
was the bible
and its sole economic message
was something about
throwing out the moneychangers
which post 1929
became the Jews
Ironically when the shit hit the fan
the man that warned everyone
a Jew
was held accountable

I tend to drift off subject
in an interview
like I see by the light in your
eyes and I would never
really want to work here
because your soulless
and chasing the nickel
and not even Jewish

I am not a big fan of the current
state of Isreal
I see Netanyahoo
not as evil
just another clown
looking to fill his
pockets with scheckls
will every one else
is concentrating on all
the Mcgiver missiles
falling down
on the iron dome

I diverge for a reason
to remind you all
about the boss
all men want to be rich
the rich man want to be king
the king is never satisfied
until they rule everything
well the Jews understood
this from the time they realised
unrefrigerated pork is
going to kill you

So the Jews
were the first kickstarters
of entrepreneurs they knew and
and over the centuries
a persecuted people
made gold out of strife
all because of the false
narrative that is was
the Jews who gave
the false Jesus the

We can never deal
with our myths effectively
if we ignore the truth
Jesus no more walked
on water than I
he made no more
water into wine
than the Napa Valley
where drought
and climate change
may make them dry
his multiplication of
fishes I cant explain
could of been some
kind of fish run
and as for the healing
it could be true
this is the one element
of the Jesus story
thats rings like a bell
because we are biological
and we now use
that to cure cancer well

Readers of history know
well saving the Jews
was not even a plan
they just happened upon
the Holocaust
and were horrified
at what young Winstons
concentration camps
had Darwined too.
and again I got to go
so far into the future \
while I examine the past
6 million Jews died
or maybe more
or maybe less
but its a significant \
number nevertheless
and in a Star Wars
the screen would
have felf the effect
I witness with pain
the terrorism
that exists today
accross a broad
and no dusty
retreat in invundreable
to its pain
Germany today
is the worlds leader
in Evey metric expat
ability to end the earth
and for that I feel glad
but but but but
they are failing to reproduce
genuk gut deutch to keep
the dream alive
and would they not love
six million faithful
loving intelligent
culture creating
scientist braving
citizens back today

Okay time to move on
to world war 2
which was totally
orchestrated by the USA
it was all about taking
England down
and making the colonies
number one
and it was the
City of London
who was the guilty one

No doubt Hirohito and Hitler
needed a trip to the woodshed
and likely neither one
would every listen to reason
but intelligent people
could have found
a better way to pave
the superhighway
to the future
but I also know
this wiill never happen
unless someone in
the sky paves
the roads in
permanent granite

After WW2 which was
bigger than Kardashian
he world was in
and the mycologist
took over
we are a medical patient
in the Hospital from hell

The gunfighter position
used to be a good bet
to emerge from an unexpected
with gunmen
who bet they
could take you
cause you
had some interest
in which they did
not believe
or maybe just
a lucrative reward
turned a farm boy
who could not read
into a skilled assassination
without a reason to
lone gunman
take the express

Today for me it
July 21 two thousand and sixteen
and I am glad to be alive
cause when I wake up
in the morning
the first thing I want
to know
is the grass
on the right side

So are we totally fucked
or going to survieve
this is a question
no person has ever
had to consider
and now its our

We gotta stop using so many
resources thats for sure
and population control
is neccesary
you can drive a car
you can buy a gun
and you need a license
but to have a kid
you have to ask
no one

We need a lic
and a procedue to have
the best genes
are just past puberty
lets harvest them
and store them well
then screen out all the defects
and give the parents
who are ready
a perfect baby ball

The future can not support
passangers and while this may
sound really facist its the truth
the planet we know that supports
life is dieing
does not matter if humans
did it at all
the fact is we need
to deal
and in the wilderness
the sick will not
be caried at all
and thats not of course
the world I wish for
at all
but when there is not
enough food
water or oxygen
what are you going to do
and I dont want to be
there life of Pi
so please listen
when I say to you
you gotta do something
or this world is

Footnotes always appropriate
so the killer was just a lone wolf
no need to worry
do we not see this over
and over and 
if we were in a hurry
to got to a good place
we would bury all the
lone gunman corspes

World Class Douchebag

Ted Cruz takes the throne. The public face of the Republican Party is right out of a Dickens novel. They have become makers of truth instead of speakers of truth.
Ted Cruz epitomies the whack in the whack that quakes like a duck. I have no doubt when it comes to public policy Ted Cruz is the smartest guy in the room.
He could have put all that brainpower to good use, instead he uses in in lazy huberis to baffle brains with his bullshit. For him to go to the Repulican National Convention and commit treason illustrates just how far his grasp on reality has become. Scary to think he was the number two choice of Republicians. Houston, no the whole god damm state of Texas that keeep serving up demented leadership canditates has a problem.

Whats going on in Incirlik

Incirlik is the vital US air base in Turkey. Its armed with Nuclear weapons.
Turkey seems to have it in a lockdown. Why is this not front page news?
Oh yeah its important and may cause cognitive dissonance.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Read it and Weep

Suprise Suprise Suprise, just like no one would ever believe an commercial airliner would be used as a weapon.

Toys for rich boys

Top 24 military surplus airplanes you can buy today. Missing are new versions of the Spitfire.


Chronicles of Amber

Another great sci fi world coming to life. This story of alternative universes I read decades ago. and still remember it as one of the top worlds I ever visited. The best part of this news is Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) will be the showrunner.

Lord of Light was the first Zelazny book I ever read. I was in college at the time, a long time reader who dreamed of writing himself one day. I’d been weaned on Andre Norton, cut my teeth on Heinlein juveniles, survived high school with the help of H.P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, “Doc” Smith, Theodore Sturgeon, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I read Ace doubles and belonged to the Science Fiction Book Club, but I had not yet found the magazines. I’d never heard of this Zelazny guy. But when I read those words for the first time, a chill went through me, and I sensed that SF would never be the same. Nor was it. Like only a few before him, Roger left his mark on the genre.
-George RR Martin 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Manufactured News

Oboma wife speakes Trump or vise versa
really does this qualify for millions of hours

of commentary

Game of Thones explained

It popular because people
know its true
with or without
and for those who
are fasinated by
the Chinese
their eneuch
armays are true
and well it may
no be eviel
ist genetial manipulation
at a corparte scale

Stone Me

turn that water into wine you smart minds

A world were America was just a playeer

It was the old America it could be the new Tiawan
being number one is a burnden
time for a team with no captian

Life is like monopoly

Just because the banker cheats does
not mean the game is not better

Monday, 18 July 2016

Jane had an addoctopm

jane sad sad sad no one gave out
a safe site
cause  I kno2w
nothing about H
execpt its kept
Keith Richards

The Times they are a changing:Dylan warring it may get false pretence

Now the times they are a changing
was not an organ thought
its just that the know humanity before hand
had never exprexxesd the obvious
in such an obvious way
and it look like that lesson
will soon all be

I took as strange trip on a cab door
he had a skateboard on the frame
and a little handhold
clouting the window
the driver said why
cant you uber with one
and I told her i predated
the massive data programming
training style.
so she charged me a premium
for being suspect
facial recognition
will reveal
in less than
thrity seconds
what might me pre
identity be
before I went
into cyber warfaresd
well let me educate you
goat herders of history
you leaders who missed
a chance to feast and learn on
historrys main course instead
like Tony Blair you had to go
for the money first.

I wear cyberpunk cloth
every day
Swen with graphite
up and down the spectrum
as all carbon based life forms
remain trapped by carbon
when Hydrogen is the most plentiful
element in the universe
and won every vote
untill carbon moved to earth
and we made carbon proud
proclivities produduciong pumps
of black thought to darken the ages
and a Sheila tough enough
to resist the lazer beam of intelligence
that needs to power our thoughts onto
a distant galaxy to be
lost for billions of years
if a future intelligence finds
its bored and needs a new
reality show
cause our lives
in our soap obera
where real

Now reading the above you
might think I am a Scientoltogist
programed to steal your thoughts

I  just want this stupid human race
to out grow adolecenece
amd behave
we can run this world
or lose it

the problem with people
choosing is that it has proven
to be a blind end
best described
by Authur C Clark
you know the guy
that invented the satillite
and wrote sci fi
so hard
he could end
world war
with his words
if every one  at the top
where real lkf goes
on breaths
paid attention
to every elememt
of keeping society alive
and did not juxt spend
hours ruling if my town
should have a raild gun
aimed at Chinese Satlilltees
just in case dome day
my neiboughrour had
Chinese spooks
looking from
a thousand kilometers or
more how big
was the ornament
on my

Well I cant tell all the facts
due to a data lockout on that
going way back
but four shure
due to all the attacks
there is going to be
some fighting back
and it makes me scared
because  its so uneccsary
and anyone can not or no
or maybe yes to possible to
get along and just be happy
raise our kids and sing
tangled up in blue
and anything else

Every day we live now day
is long past the future
people going back
as nine teeeeeeeeen
nighteen  nighteen
sixty threee
when time died
for civilization
due to the
extremetly accurate
projections in un believable
speed  from unbelievable
angles hit more than you
no matter what
you motherfucker
you should have figured
out the Pa"nsid
long before Clay
put you down
like the CIA
warned you when
you signed up
hey kid
if you go to Russia
and defect
shoot down
Francis Gary Powers
and then redefect
to the USA with
a very hot wife
at least idendified
by the traitor
Stephen King
sorry Dude in who
my belief ripped off
the black mesa
for all the inspervation
or vice vesrsdadaadf

legal for who cares
Stephen King
to people that
read and write
or transmipit
the immersive
beauty of the
written word
who will understand
flat words when immersive
universives can make
them useful as guards
cause if you do not thinkab00t\
think about religion
and all it brings
and what if the CIA
was  populaatecd the same way

Pokeman Go people google
and you will have the new
thninking abooot place to go
and think abpooot whats
going on
cause if you never
lived through the Nixon
years there is no
clear place to go
Burriing down the house
is not a harvest only the
most accoplished farmers
would know and if you
ask the expertss
they will say
dont ask me the
FDA should know

Everthing you know in your heart is true no matter how delisuonal

Its just reality does
not believe you
and if it dont come
the masters of the universe
as well

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has the world playing
pokeman go
but walking
so asleep
into traffic
that remains fatal
in the real world

Still its a wonderful thing
for a globe to shake
mostly like
a united earthquake
and likely realize
we are all samuri
and our swords
work better
or pixalized
at least

Imagine if you will
in the age of pen
and quill
conductucting great
wars on unknown geography
when the chain of command
worked on a six to seven month
timeline at best
still the English conquered the world
will bright red vests
that made perfect targets
and this was the message
you can shoot us
but you will never see
us bleed

Today everyone
knows more about
war than Napoleon
if they want to
and by osmosis
if they dont
cause in every hood
is  a drone
and they are not there
for you

I am not part of the Reddit community
not really a social particpant at all
a old fashion ionclast
who seeks approval
from few if
any at all

Seeking approval and acceptance 
are the deadly sins of the digital age
be brave, be brave. littte piglet
do not be afraid to 
be yourself 
and your true actual
friends will do the same

False empowerment is the herion
of the digital age
Its the NBA of college 
where no one who graduates
can read or write
just more bits and bytes
for the server
to assimilate
in a way
that leaves humans
in a worse way

I want to shout in frustration
at the future I see unfold
like Ray Bradury
who wrote not to predict 
the future but to prevent
it from happening
and he has proven
to be way way

I studed history and was a history stud
and I see nothing but anarchy
in the flood of progress
that is owerwhelming us
if we could just hit pause
and sort things out
we could be free
of the man

Lets break it all down
for the ignorant
with finite anyalyis
just because a number is to 
big for you to understand
does not mean it does not 
exist or that there is a man
or women who somewhat 
understands it
because you could go to school
for a million years
and never have
their comprehesion
and in that you must 
believe or
the planet
will just fucking leave
and what we call civilization
will sieze to exist

Science math are not black white or purple
they just are
Gods words if he is not spagetti
but even on the best plate
you can not ignore the fractuls of realization
that the world has a blueprint a
a foundation of logic
we have just barely touched
and those who deny
are working on 
short cirutigy 
scientific overlord

Just like the doctor 
is not the best businessman
despite their wealth
the scientest
is not the best messanger
to distribute the wealth
but that is the answer to everything
because people who need nothing
are capable of doing amazing
and real people do not work for 
we work to have a good
time at the local fair