Saturday, 29 September 2018

Monday, 17 September 2018

3D Chess Vs GO

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It appears that dear Donald
is doubling down
on his Bronx
cheer economic

I expect a very rude
in the very near
if we are not
already in the
third act
of a Kabubi
theater setup

US citizens have
every right to be upset
the US has become 
a Chinese concubine
so maybe Trump
is putting make up
on a suckling pig

If thats not
true he has gone
into a gunfight
armed with
box cutters

How much US debt 
to the CHiacoms own
how much of America
would come to halt
on Thursday
if on Monday
the Chinese 
said stop!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Mexico beyond Belief

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El Mariachi band opens fire in plaza. I cant imagine the toll 
on the ground, how does the country operate
sooner or later 
the financial fallout
has to be fatal

Lies Dammed Lies and the F35

One of my hobby horses
is an examination of the F35
as a metaphor for the toxic
soup cooked by the 
Military Industrial Complex

The truth is out there
way out there in
Fifth Generation Stealth mode

The unvarnished truth right
from the horses mouth
comes from pilots who
actually fly the plane

Contrary to everything 
else the critics say
this is the best plane
ever in all its roles
and to top it off
its dirt cheap
talk about
salt pork

This is the money quote for me

 "A former A-10 instructor pilot said the situational awareness aids associated with the sensor suite of the F-35A allowed pilots to execute close air support missions as well or better than the A-10 in low-threat environments. The F-35A is the only multirole platform capable of conducting close air support in high-threat environments." Weasel words in bold

I am not a pilot
never been in combat
however the A10 is a flying gattling gun
the F35 as of today does not have 
a gun that works

The money quote

"Even if the designers are eventually able to fix the sighting problems, the design of the plane itself hinders using the cannon for the close support mission. Effectively employing the cannon requires the aircraft to fly low and close to the target and to survive ground fire, an impossibility for an aircraft as thin-skinned and highly flammable as the F-35"

Whatever the F35 turns out to be
a better close air support plane
than the A10 is almost
certainly nonsense

The source of the article
praising the F35
as Gods Gift to the USA
is the Heritage Group
who IMHO
have a heritage
of distortion
and disbelief

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The unofficial Shelter of Burning Man:Shiftpod


Like a modern prop from a 60's sci fi movie
we have the shiftpod.

H/T Bless This Stuff

Death of Institutions

The thing I remember most about 911 was the magic
burning kerosene turning steel into molten tear
black boxes destroyed
passports of terrorists indestructibly found
of the tricks 17 years later

This has opened the door
to ignore every institution
or societal norm
in the pursuit of short term

GWB defined the future
with his statement
"in history we
are all dead"
of course Jim Morrison
said it better first
"gonna get my kicks
before the whole shithouse
goes up in flames"

Sunday, 9 September 2018

where my dreams and your dreams intersect

 where my dreams
and your dreams

Its not a simple place to go
and its why we will
die because
we cant all dream 
the same place

On the Sunday Morning Sidewalk afternoon editon

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Before anyone accuses me
of endorsing fack news
I will admit
its about 4pm in my
time zone
and I am not
walking up
to something
bigger than me
no I a live
telling the world
how I think it
could survieve
and please listen
to me if yo
love this planet
or more importatly

Right now today
Russia and the USA
are in a Mexican standoff
in Sryia
A Mexican standoff
makes no sense
its just who will
blaster faster
to bring a conclousion
or one side will stand
down relize it not
hill to die on
and drive away
well that is today
in Syria
with the USA
and Russian
both hoping
for sure
nothing serious
and we
start sending
nuclear arrows
to settle this little
deliverance in
a shit world country
that no one back home
would make a backpack for
on third world day

Trump not Trump the deep state
has made Snow Crash look
a lot less like ficton
and I am just about as
feed up with the corporation
as could be
exept I depend upon them
for feed and susticance
so to fight
them is suicide

Who Knew Dig was a true story?

There really is a search for the red calf. OMG just when you thought the world could not get any weirder and strange. Turns out GMO red calf are not Kosher.

Friday, 7 September 2018

CHAOS in Kansai

One of the largest most advanced airports in the world Kan
The most advanced airport in the world
in the most advanced
nation in the world
suffered a catastrophic failure
due to weather
following on
it does not
bode well
for the rest of the
world which has
been lapped
several times
by Japan

I have been to
many a big airport
Changi in Singapore
is delightful
to wait around in
but the main
idea of getting passengers
to planes
quickly was
mastered at Kansi
they have two car
automatic trains that take
you to your gate.
Its brilliant 
every airport could
learn from this
and why they
have not
only God 
and maybe
he does not 
want a perfect
and thats
why he chose
to destroy

Mono Rails, Casinos and Merry Go Rounds

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I gotta say I like all three
Do it Dougie
Do it right
and you
will actually
have done

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

All the stuff of culture

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when did we lose all
standards and just
go with what sells

Every pop song
today sounds exactly
the same
and its not
just my opinion
its science

Rap has overtaken
Rock and its like
illiteracy overtaking
litieracy in my

Movies are
all about fringe
society and loved
or comic books

Man I miss the old
expect for 4K
love the upscaling
and the music
on CX 600
every where
will its
even if its
old as 
the hills
that had no

Ever Greater Problems

Greater Problems 
Less Intellect
21st Century

Jedi Mind Tricks

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Tony and I are the same age and could be bros in looks, I hate when my gums show
100% of people right
now are not reading this
they are studying Jedi Mind
Tricks that will make them
successful as selling something

I say its all bullshit
if you want to sell
something to someone
who is able
to be sold by
a Jedi Mind Trick'
you are selling some

Real sales
are based upon
logic and some
emotion to go
along with the

The biggest of the big lies
was the marketing driven
yes you need to explain
but when do 
we stop
selling sugar
to stupid 

I feel Happy every day to be on the right side of the grass

Image result for images of waking up on the right side of the grass
I seen that grass and it was magnificent (Gross Glockner)
Maybe that is 
why all the old
people love
for the left side
of the grass
would be

I am just glad
to be alive
and count my
because I really
have none
that are worth
but the 
ones I have
are worth more
than the GDP
of a good sized

So as long
as the world
does not collapse
I will be happy
and if it
does go to 
I am Zombie
master patrol
and while that
would not be
it would be useful
and I could take
some satisfaction
in the idea
that my 
mind was

Lets do the dance of Joy

You have to know
by now why
because all the 
bullshit rain
you drive through
every day to get
to work is all
by the people
who exploit 
your labour
to keep them
above the clouds
of the shitstorm
and that is
going to 

I myself
have had 
a rolling seven
days of change
not YES like
but still notable
in my own 
of strife
which in the real
world is a red
ribbon you
wrap a CHristmas
present in
believe me
now and I will
tell you later
I have no
about anything
in my incredible

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

I Gotta Job day one

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Well its better
than cash at
trader Joe
and I am not even

No I will work in a
wharehouse for a FANG
delivering good
for the man on time
how the wheel turns
and I just
know that
is going
to bless

This is the kind of story
that makes headlines
when I do something
to make a positive

In the meantime
I will get in shape
and make some
money without
any stress
if I do go
I could go 
for a hundred
because the first
people to get 
will all be important
at a 

It never got better

Image result for images of zimbabwe
What I am referring to 
is the human condition
Iraq, Syrail, Lybia
just to mention the
Arab Spring

The situation never
got better with
so called democracy
so what to do know
I say go all Lee Quan Yew
an autocrat with a good
to make blood
into oil

Sure its simplistic
but what we have
seen when we give
people democracy
they steal the
regime and never
give it back
call me