Sunday, 25 October 2020

snowmexicant 10 days to Hiroshima election


I still think Trump will be declared the winner. Joe is the deep state state of the art, and is that not scary. That why I think it will be close.

Sunday, 18 October 2020

For the second time the dial winder shorted out


I cant explain it

there are no omhs

no amps

nor current

that could cause

the part to fail

so spectrally

and kill someone

because they were

told its part of a bigger plan

that cant fail

Saturday, 17 October 2020

Habitat Happening post from nowhere near a season


Montreal has to win the cup

now, now now now

like Genis singing Seconds Out

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Little known fact 

the Beatles 

4 people

where not

as great

as the big


on game


and we are playing

Toronto and I want

to get an injection

to keep the Cole


or any othher  homers

that exist in almost

any place

there is a media

and I dont even come from

Motreal but I say

the TSN 69=

is like a two way 

insight into 

the Belle Province

they may speak Anglo

but they are something

way more complicated

than black and white

and language

and what

does it


a spanish sparrow

or an English one

Did they just cancel this decade and today we should prepare for much worse, like be prepper not a seperator

 \Eatons center nineteen seventy

or slow, some time in that

slow time

when men where men

and Timithy Eaton bronze statue

was shiny from all

the upvotes

they created

by rubbing his toe

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Weaponized Retail


Not saying Amazon has done anything wrong

in fact they are probablly one of the cleanest

companies in the world

But they weaponized retail

and that has killed the middle class

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Habitats in the autum of Covid


I like the Anderson and who knows about the Gulie, 

we are getting better and the window is closing

so go you fucking Habs go, in three years its

time to blow things up again

Snowmexicant gotta plow through all the covid on the sidewalk edition


Did the Donald ever have covid

thats the ask?

Did the fly know that Pence

was a Zombie and that is why

it stayed so long

Will America ever heal the racial

divide, thats a big ask

The polls say certified Zombie Biden

will win like they did for Hillary

but I feel Trump will Triumph

and say goodbye to liberty

Sunday, 4 October 2020

carful what you wish for part Deux

 (the new blogger is not user friendly so videos and photos are not going to happen as much in the past_

We have always had empires

as long as we have history

what happened before

is worse

so if the American Epir

like the britshis empire

colipase under its own weight

of stupidity

what fills that vacuum

and if its CHian

we will all wish stupid rules