Friday 28 August 2015

Jones Spaceman cant shake the pvc

Jones , Jones, Jones, Kirk Jones Spaceman he joked
with the press
looking resplendent
even with helmet on
basically swathed in
sweaty pve short pvc
because that molecule chain
do not make or take
no sweat
it truly neutrals;
a PVC plastics
when there is
no atmospheres
that future is a place
that Jones Spaceman has
seen and he had come back
in time to push us around
and  being a creature of the fourth extinction
who did lightspeed travel
he was less than sixty years
all the time on plus g planets
had left him
big and strong
and the tan of
distant suns had left
his skin like some kind
of nut
that matched
his helmeted intelligence e
but he would not take
off the suit
do devoted he was
to the brand
of orange underwear
that were body fattening
mission critical gear
cause in outer splace
things that would only
be gas at home
will kill you
thats why Jones Spaceman
wore his suit full time

Down on Bay Street
he was a sensation
with his gold and
perfect PVC made
from Dandelions
on the front lawns
of everybody
ring the alarm
and stop making
sense somewhere
someplace sometime
something is going to attack
us bad and take the pvc
Invaders what us to wear
natural fabrics
some hemp
some corn
some kimchie
 baked in the
radioactive earth
surrounding Fuckashima

Jones entreated orbit
at close to the speed of lithe
it took superhuman reflexes
to slow down before his light flamed out
and not even orange PVC
could survive
the transition from space
and earths atmosphere
were at light speed
your a burnt spot
amongst the infatismiale
who forgot
realativy always
works that way

Spaceman Jones
was quite a sensation
and he did
so much good
raised all the capital
to create this time
from which O 
type  on a keyboard
old school type
because Jones Spaceman
born a million years
before Orwell
cam back in time
and quickly concluded
this ife as alluded
is on a a short fuse
fuck the people of this
planet are led by major
fuck up, who have never
been a mother or
crapped in their own
bed and then bragged
about good shit
oh man Joes Spaceman
with that suit on
he will never get a tan
but who wants to see
a billion year old man
sine gawkers and
delivery man aside from that
the curious
and while Jones
was not self conscious
all that time in space
had created quite a bit
of belly fat
to say nothing of
his annoying habit
of quotient the Trailer Park
boys when through the PVC
he wanted to pee
Opening the crotch valve
for some usage
that the designer
scored on big time
Jones Spaceman ws
forever grateful
for the great evacuation
systems fully employed

They had him moving freshwater
ice bergs today
some of that water
older than he
Jones Spaceman
the astronaut
for a billion contraries
come back to good
old earth
with a gleam
in his eye
behind the clear
of Moon Plastic

Moving ICe bergs
paid surprisingly well
and Jones Spaceman
was living large
still alone in
his pod
no HAL
to come home

Jones Spaceman took
pleasure in playing the
stock market like a banjo
and giving away the music
with every Peter Townsend
circling arc strum of a guitar
cause that how Jones Spacemen
felt every time he walked
the cement
because he knew for every kilometer
of advanced mankind infrastructure
he  cons trucked another to the power
of 100 was being constructed by nature
left alone'

Jones Spaceman was
politically naive
in his homeland
he would have  been
considered conservative
a place at the table
that does not exist today
So when not dropping ICE Bergs
on dessert
he pushed political discussion
on his blog
dressed in Orange
real Orange not the
NDP kind

Jones Spaceman
never thought he would
be a hero
but when he landed
back on earth
cira 2015
cycle six
he felt
a little a home
and decided
to pulll his
]weight and drank
the primates
until there was
no oil based PVC
at which to stare
and cow farts where
the greatest threat to the
and as far a I know
they still kill cows
and eat them
even if my suit is
made of PVC

i still appreciate leather

Do not read of mp a froemd p cxv;

they are all over
the3  cube[ate3
fpf e tkja;kt tbveuiwes


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Thursday 27 August 2015

Toby 25

Yoi can fuck up a lot of things in your life
a lot of things did I say that twice'
but three time and your in
bad hole

why I said this not'e====
cause I want some much't
to be 25

Golden Photos

She was a geologist photographer
always looking for gold
but comming up 
over and over
one focal point

In the world of images
today there is no
unless you deal in
cat and kitte pictures
for which there seems to 
be an insatable demand

If there every was a beauty
that needed a spark
it was she

Fortunatly all the resouces
that where needed
surrouded her
like undiscovered
and she was

Pick a cause
pick a timeframe
pick a dollar
a calander of Call Center
would make Maxim proud
exept in our case
it would be photos
of real beauties

Sunday 23 August 2015

Lost and found in traslation

Language is everthing
its not a simple translation
its like picking a child
you want to talk to first


How it understand it
its like a random
burst of human thought
about eliminatin
that China chose
to adopt

Sex in freefall

No we are not in outer space
just part of the science fiction future
we live in today

Sex has always had a penalty
that we all pay for in education and
or to a doctor

and today this may disappear
sex free for everyone
and no chance of
Fuchsias Fukushima
that's an allure
that will create
new worlds

but do not be afraid
our Euro friends
have navigated these
forests  for hundreds
of years
but with a lot more
comes the risk
of exponential heartbreak
and I do not want to set the
but our German cousins
do not have a Kempler pfk
in the bedroom

Not taking into consideration Westworld
and believe me 
many men will ride
those plains
and for women
its Hiroshima and Nagasaki
just because we built
that way
and the first place
robotic love got 
a lifeline
was Japan

Wisdom on the right

If Ford, Chrysler and GM adverstised their product like the masters of modern politics, we would all be riding bicycles because the thought of a car would be too horrible.

Dismal Post Journalism Media

The Yellow press was not invented by Hearst
but he laid the foundation and empire
efforts have continued mathematically
culminating recently with Faux News
media concentration
no longer creating events
just for speculation
but mining for determination
caving in the mind
to the point where slick Kabuki Theater
presented flat and round
is for most the only source of
governing information
coming down

While the world was coming to grips with these
personality decisions involving no less
than GWB and Tony Blair
north of the border
the same projects were
bleeding sores
testaments to the power of Capitalists
to back losers as part of the 
larger viewpoint
and ultimate goal
of a business controlled society
working the body politic hardly
and relentlessly to create
a sled dog future for humanity

How many hundreds of millions of dollars
has Postmedia let fall
since conception in
twenty ten.
Even more illuminating
is how its concentration 
and thought machine
has masticated
like American Politiccal
cancer draining
the vibrancy from the 
land of the former
Strong and Free
who have without
been also branded
but for security's sake
put the flags away

The National Post has betrayed
it thinks you can be played
tell them write back
you do not have to be a salesman
to know your being sold
thats why your losing so much 
money Aholes

Case in point less than a week ago
Marget Atwood the author of the day
epitomising the Canadian soul
penned a dirty little Hairball
about Harpers Hair
and was yanked unceremoniously 
then reappeared restarted in safety mode

objectionable language
had disappeared
editorial staff scoffed
 postdastardly deeed
Sheepishly leaking the Simpson defence 
it wasn't me.
Shattering credibility
an American hedge fund
defacto ruling Canadian
press institutions
it should be against the Constitution.

The holi poli and the muppets
victims of their own intelligence
forced to be spoon fed full
of ignorance in order
to live happily in jail
Yello men happily pay
the bail 
guaranteeing their freedom

Friday 21 August 2015

Snow Crash Snowcraft defeated rules governing worlds of simple sustainable neighbourhoods

Addison Elsa Westinghouse Tesla
opened the door
but not for anyone
no more screens using knats
employed than during
the hole use of nets
during the
tse tse war
In her house
she had everything
stuff that money do
not buy

Titanium ceramic widow shades
with a halo of ceramic balls
that can resist a 50 cal
for three minutes

Anyone attacking Addison pad
would face a very lethal
field of fire
full of feints  distractions
and for the dumbest attackers of all
red herrings
armed with 50 cal

Addison like everyone lived off the grid
with a Tesla battery and  a Steve Jobs
solar sun.

The power company sued the family
way back in 2015 complaining
about profits or such
nonsense generated
when you have a monopoly
in a capitalist system that
has not seen creative destruction
in  long time.

So miss tesla took
charge of the household
inputs and outputs
because unless
your badly distracted
there is zero water
today coming out of the ground

and the Great lakes are  minnow ponds
and the air is heavy with a sense of defeat
or a question why
carry on its unlikely we can carry on
a thousand years from now another
group of travelers will
look at our last monuments
and light the Barbie
without thinkingaboot
the mystery

The mystery that we can not
to decide to carry on after
the evidence is given
there have been six failed

Humans have lived through
times so troubled we did
not have cell phones ever
refrigerators did not exist
and we cut ice from the
winters lake freeze six feet
deep and stored it in insulated
barns full of sawdust
upon the blocks
of cooling manipulation
by fooling  mother nature in a sustainable
and by the way although we struggled financially
and had no facebook or close up pictures of Mars
we lived large
large like enormous like
take Kenya West
explode his ego
then map it out
with the expectations
that kind of demographic
is going to spread
we will have a name
for these revolutionary
we will call them
our children
and in defiance
of God
we will save this
planet and prove
we were the generation that
finally filled in the backfill
From Wilber and Orville
or the genetics of it all

Mankind unleashed will
overcome everything
there is no lack of resource
just a lack of a proper management
and the closest we have come is
in tiny tiny Singapore
where they still
speak Chinese and English
and actually have not given up
the idea that everyone in Singapore
should be a millionaire

I have been there a million times
and I swear in that country everything make
sense and most the people live in flats and they
are happy with that

The authoritarian vein is not
there when you experience the country in person
I have been to the most beautiful lagoon on the entire
Waikiki framed by Diamond head is God

painting the earth with the focus
on HDR

Addison benefited from the phony wars
as well
3 D printing had made working
a choice overall
as long as you had the power
and six pack of growers
you could make anything
the imagination
 could only dream about
mankind had become
a universal libertarian
living thing
Sure Addison had to get
the heck out of the house
from time to time
or upon special occasions
leave her own mind to the
and those primal

Facebook is a daily
water boarding for some
a sucking chest wound
of unexamined
reality tv worthy

No one washed clothes anymore
it was more wealth to print
them everymorin
and at night disposed
another candle
finished is the
is the light
that propels
the sustainable neighborhood

Farming disappeared in North America about
2020 because man found
a way to eat the dessert
or that's what they say
about printed t bone
and Demopolis
and rotta tunne
and so many kinds
of food from every part of the
in a normal life you could eat
a different meal
three times a day and not
exhaust the database if
you lived into
infinity and beyond the
universe we feel

Addison went to work every four year
for the annual evaluation that had
been suspended  because a year
was a moot point
when it came to available
talent in the current
boulevards and learning centers
where speaking a human language
is a career killer

The preppers held on to their farms
rural and urban and made sure
there was food and good companions
that cared about the whole
and from the dust of the 20s
after nearly a decade where
the world truly backed
anything that died cooked
in the slow cooker of the existing atmosphere
still humans starved in the billions
2025 the reaming members of the human
race decided best to live in
a Star Trek Universe because
we have not seen a better

The first Star Trek universe candidate was elected
in 2029 because his platform of leaving this shit hole of planet behind
was so logical
Then came the real Kirk
yes it was Jerry Brown
his head in a bottle
still making sense
and full of facial
the rest of his body
being long long
gone and he refused
on Catholic terms
to have a head transplant
cause he could not image
his ugly face on a beautiful
body like the 80 year old
Kardsians that cornered the market
of canceled with real breast
because then they could spend
at least another 2000
years being genuine
touch and feel if you want
all you need is the proper interface
with the website

Addison had a baby when she
was 54
she waited so long because
she wanted the world to get
before she brought forth life
but eventually the biological clock
raised the alarm
it was like she was a ROOOSTER
and a baby sounds very similar
to the morning crow

Civilization in 2075
taking control of the planetary HVACs
system in a very authorities way
smoothing out the peaks and valleys
and directing the good
parts to the healthy areas
in mans mind
a bad part was always remembered
in Canada
Steve Harper
the curse of 2006
All that stopped him
was oil prices
and the hate
of fascists in
a liberal country

The bible today is called

Thursday 20 August 2015

Zombie Steve

do not wake up refreshed
and is that not the purpose
of sleep
if we need to hunt
please give me sleep

So in Zombie mode
I wonder around
looking for life
in a population
that is not around

I am not at my best
and a suck resources
from every dimension
of society
Because I am a fucking Zombie
and I can not think
give me an easy problem today
and I will eat your brain
because you should have
told me the answer
that how I think

Someone Somewhere Somehow
is going to have to lead this
tribe of disconnected citizens
and Zombies
to a working tribe
good luck with that
because we have a
great country\
ruled by

Stephen Harper

Donald Trump virus in the realit disortion field

Donald Trum
to me is like a Disney character
a cartoon in this world
that is better than fantasy

I give the Donald his due
he took a sliver spoon
lost it numerous times
but still ended up
with a glam on his

I used to think he was a joke
like the life of job
but now I see
its the way democracy
should work
TRUMP ideas are
food for thought
and maybe
he is picking black heads
on the body politic
but he is for sure
the first realisation of democracy
since Teddy Rosevelt

No Matter the Inelligen

when when when does politics become a crime
and worse than that for the body politic
another institution
that can be ran over
like a bobcat in the rain
hit on the plain by
a six wheel drive

I grew up in a perfect world
never knew about the pain
everything was rosy
and no thorns
grew on me

this experience fueled in
me a great rise
which I rode
like a great wave
until I missed a curl
and asked for something
and then my world crashed
and I realized just how
unusual my life
was before

Life is slavery
just like a cow
except most society
will not slaughter you
they put you in a window
seat and pretend
your dead
and life will
kill you like
that with cancer
high blood pressure
or a heart attack

Do you ever
know those sneakers
do not fit your foot
as well as moccasins
made by the tribe
not some import from Mexico
made by slave labour
no something the collective made
to make sure when
you walked the world
the thistles did not penetrate
your sole

Soulless monsters we now are
walking this planet
devoid of reason or leadership
confined to tribes
seeking power to rule\
the world with out knowing
the end prize
is loneliness
and no one
giving you the rules
in a knife fight]
because the blade
will never come
right between
your eyes

No matter how great you
and how many rivers
of tears a nation
grieves for you
you know what man or
you will have to something
human incredibly remarkable to
be remerged
six seconds later

Like Hitler every one members
histories asshole forever
human shit anatomy we
can never find
an enema
to unplug

I challenge you to rambler
everything you learned in schoo;
and to think
is there anyone
who wants to rule you
that reminds you of
Hitler today?

I gotta preface this next comment
by I love the Juice
no that was wrong
I love the Jews.

Without the Jews
there would never
have been Sienfield
and if that was not enough
almost anything that makes
you laugh or puts non chemical
solutions in your pool
was brought to you by
a full fleged blood tested
although they may have
squiremed at the concept

I hate the Jews and it
is not a simple reason
they were the ones
that as far as my
History major
of great import
from THE  university
of Western Ontario
says I am certified
to bad for you
if you never had
my experience

Back to my Jew
hating ways
I hate them so much
I think I do not know
what I say
blood like Donald
flows from my eyes

The number one reason I hate the JEWS
is that I was not born rich or beautiful
What is my fixation upon the people
west of the west bank
you ask me steve

My basic instinct is to say
its a lot of sand
in fact its a fucking
desert and I can not
believe we are in
this temporal state
of nonsend
fighting over
something that
is not useful
to either party

Some one some where
has pinged me on my
crepitates as a jEW

Of course I hate them
for leaving us behind
in the wisdom of
we can not trust
the gentile with this

Its all written in the first testament
if which you believe
whole hearty
makes you Jewish
and cock all over
America say no way

What I am really trying
desperately to say to
anyone who reads
this message

is thinkaboot it.

Friday 14 August 2015

Soap Caution, Lust Caution, Zero Hour Trusting, Union busting, Tyler Durdeen getting down!

Soap Caution, Soap Caution
the cleanest caution around
being clean is a great advantage
scrubbing the Demetris from
the body politics
with a natural sound
and super zonic clarity
created dedicated farmed essentially
artificially simulated synthetic organics
brought to you by 
your friendly neighbourhood

Bose Bose Bose Bose Bose boss
it sure pops
the first time
but will your ears
stick around
I love my pioneering 501
but today its old
and market hype
about reflections
has not escaped
the aural markets
(what was I thinkingaboot this verse?)

Bubble baths of cash and credit
lounging around in copper tubs
and vaults of imaginary
wealth created by the masters of the universe
because its easier to lead with carrots
than sticks
but at the end of the day
most citizens
statistically more accurate
than the false average
are the mean
 pounding bricks
to create castles 
in which they will
never live

Buy once your hooked for life
and a wage to your slave
life filled with bright lights
and pleasant experiences
stuff fuelled by
canned emotion
packaged harvested and paid for
with fairy dust and ground unicorn horns

Drunk on Jesus Juice
powerful distillations of
organised religions
intoxicating our lizard brains
with messages we must absorb or 
go insane 
be shunned by the powerful 
on Facebook
oh the humanity oh the humanity
a personal Hindenburg
created just for me
and ten billion

drinking by Ascension
the Tony Robbins kool aid
we have a sugar shack economy
retrofit sweat sweeting the tar paper 
constructed miracle of shelter
in a shotgun shack

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger on Thursday Friday 
and Saturday
Sunday I will fast
Don't call me Wimpy
or I will pop you in the eye
Hamburger caution

Soap caution the best security around
being clean is a great advantage
cause zero hour is cumming down
and big buildings are going to fall
fall fall fall fall fall fall
all the way
down down down
really fucking far far down
even though the authority declared
them fiscally sound
metaphorically and electronically
devastated by the programed
high speed trade
of integrity for credibility
and short term guaranteed profit
based on math fractals
of personality love
and exponential selfies
realized by digital film
that needs no 
silver oxide
thinkaboot it

Technology power can push the past aside
but tomorrow and the day after already exists today
in Zen math WA matics
as an overshoot
like playing lawn darts
drunk and you kill 
your uncle because
you never realized
games were that sharp
toys don't kill
people do
time for the planetary people
to put the toys
away and act 
like we are grownups

I do not ever believe I wrote what I say
God delivered this message
I am just his highest messanger