Wednesday, 30 December 2015

History is over, as are we

History has already been written
that is the major opiono of
history majors
world wide

you see we took the words of the
past serioulsly and studied
long into the night
to find the causal forces
and the truth
which as always is
elisive but
i got to say today
its so obiovs
you do not need
a four year exhaustitve
to know
its been caught

I am a witness at the end
of historuy
and that is in no
way no how
a good thing
it means the lifeboat
is sinking and
I am eating the other

People have gone to far
on this earth
loike cokoe or harion
it does not give birth
but you can not tuirn
the tracc tporop
when befould
is howling
need to spell not
that is the fucking point

The breakdown into
the individual
is the siren call
cause I can make
an aircraft carrier
all by myself

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Not being a bloodhound

Like dogs the world is dived into breeds
and some can change but no  matter what
you never leave your baby alone with a
cause to that breed
its lunch

The elite breeds suffer from so many
altercations and genetic defects
its painful to list them all
so be labradour
with a little Irish Setter
and to top it off add poodle
or Collie of some kind

There is no monopoly
on good humanity
it just seems the
white brand
has moved the ball
down the field
dispite the fact
they do not have the
best players

Rubbing shoulders and finding the one

Rubbing shoulders with Presidents
oil barons  Saudi scum lords
and neo wealthy Chinese
I always remember
it was your shoulder
that was the best
I would not trade you
for a bullet proof vest
in Falliuji

cira 2003
looking into the 
eyes of the 19 year old
Marine who was 
about to shoot me
cause he loved his country
just like me
and we both had a mission
but the bullet proves
he was right
Cases decides would
have been greater
if he was in his own
back yard

Worlds far apart
changed their orbit
the day we met
the future became
clear and the time tunnel
swirled and spit us
out creating a new era
where love truly transcends
time and for forever
means something
when the talk concerns
me and you
translated simply
take the Taj Mahal
or in a deathly case
the pyramids
no monument to love
could exceed your grace

As the world dies
our love stays alive
and baby love is all that
might be left behind
of this human experience
if I am not a God today
I will be one tommorw
going to make miracles
to save my baby
to keep all the dingos

Monday, 21 December 2015

Green Energy Policy Mistakes

Sure the goverment of Ontario has made a bundle. But the bottom line is that the cost of energy is not going up due to green. Its going up due to sweetheart deals with the Nuclear CLub. In a perfect world when the Harris disaster left town we would have signed a massive deal with Quebec, but that would not have been politically correct. A global signal the Nukes were dead. But like the Monty Python Parrot they are. Nuclear energy is a fine triumph of engineering but not a bauhaus house for power.

Green Energy is the only way we can live on this planet, so put a cost to that you NAZI Lutenet.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Half the same way

every time I seee you I need some
of that medical attention
my heart stops beating for the moment
and in Zen I carry on without beating
a beat
then I come back again
and your the first thing I see
and it starts all over again

there must be some way we can communicate
without me seeing you at all
like in the dark with no lights
in a room full of barrier
and kick boxing
gloves to prevent
dangerous contact

so I can breath once and while
cause you on this earth
will forever give me shortness
of breath
and gasps of astomishment
every day I wake up kowing
you feel half the same way
or more

Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Phones

The phones ring
like a curse that is digital
but seemed to be anlog
in their worth

and they ring and ring
and ring and ring some more
and their is no answer
ecpect to ring no more

Ring a dingy more
and like a life raft
I answer and take
that call cause
I almost drownd
not in water but
in higthwater
in a flodd of
when I was just
puking mud
and being mad
and still had
my Dad

still the phone rings
and I answer hopefuly
and then I am shattered
its a call from not from
native sprites
but from INAI
some bastrard in Mubai
go me in his head
and he needs
some delivery from
me to keep his
children feed
and I want to brush him
off with a first world
fast ball
but I already
have three strikes
against me
so I offer some relief
by saying
at least your not]
from Pakistain

Nothing Man

Caught a botl of lighting
the day the doctor
slapped his bm
and now he was alive

just what to do with this fact
is a quesiont the truh dpo
not know

Moving in nuberews
creeping in shadows
crptic warriors
who dedide the facts
when the truth is
nothing man

Keep me safe moterfuckr
yu knw the vibe
if i pay you is it]
cheaer tha the ta
tas tzx tax
just ask the man

are you busting my balls a litle bit

Well they were getting to large anyway
so I needed a doctor
to put that swellling away

Now normal sized I am imacculate
and looking for virgins
even though I was
on myself
and if I found one
it would go on the
because i got
all the virgin i want
everyday everyway
and just plain
not going to tell tales
but my virgin
is so hot
you cant keep her on
any shelf

Living in a cave cause I know your name

If I had some money for tomorrow
I would spend it all today
cause I am so in love
with yesterday

I cant deal with the futur
cause its so hot
and comming
so fast
that my glove
no matter how
will not leave
my hand shatterted

Living in a cave
just me and me
and my man brave
thinking aboot
the world out
and clingy
better than whitty
and people
and women
and love
and the whole
damm thing
that made me
go semi

Meltdown LOve

Yeah baby thats
what the years
have given me and you

My mind is not my own
our totally own me
and when I try to
its a meldown
meltdown of love
it do not leave
any phycisal screens
or insects of love
that might crawl back
and destroy the presetnt

Meltdown of love
its nuclear
and loving Fuckishima
because I am envoled
with love in that plan
cause I love you so
much I would eat radiation
for lunch and asa gohan

Baby baby baby
its like I just do not
not knw
were teh world begins
and you end
your legs are
so long
but I want to walk
with you forever
so that should be clear
and if I do
I know that we can
live without any atmosphere
casue my love is oxygen
and I breathe it to you

Life is like lego

Life is like Lego we just have to collect the right
brick by brick and then another
and assembly them carefully
but the biggest problem is
we don't know how to
deal with the ones we have
let alone obtain the special part
that make a life masterpiece
of perfect harmony

The partner brick is the one
the one magic assembly
that every predistitator
needs to create
an illusion of mastery
over life because
we can think that
way if we are powerful
our models may be torn apart
in the future and reallocated
for some other lovers
part, but today all that matters is
that the modules fit perfectly

I made a Lego submarine and drowned
an ant in the rain barrel
and I was Jacques Cousteau
and Blackbeard
and someone named AL

I carried in my backpack 
through life all those bits and pieces
tearing apart and reforming
things beyond belief
and still when it came 
to love I found the 
directions for completion
were totally from
from God or someplace else
but I never had a choice in
the matter my brain
became a tunnel of love
with two trains hitting 
head on and dissolving
with no casualties
into one 
soul mate
two beating hearts
but one frequency

Yeah Lego Lady
minifig of beauty
you assemble me
totally under your
loving every second
you put me together

When our plastic parts
melt under the sun
of an earth with 
a touch too much CO2
I will join you 
gladly in the trash bin
because really truly
forever you 
complete me

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Get your Kicks now before the planet totaly catches on fire

The Paris accord is climate truthyness. A Chamberlain accord with the internal enemy of the planet, humans. Ironically just when science can give humans immortality, the failure to embrace scientific thought will condemn the planet to death.

Friday, 11 December 2015

love yu love yu and thats no curse

women fall in love with me all the time
just a hungrarian curse
with big eyebrows and
eyes full of mirth

I love to take it on
but at the end of of day
make it clear
I love an Irish princess
so beautful and wonderful
everytime I see her
it makes me want to

She is so beautiful
its hard on my heart
cause everytime I see
her it stops
and it take a few moment
to start
and then I am fully pumped up
for her

What a queen
she is a beauty that
is rarely seen
and for sure beyond capture
I am so lucky
to be in her

Love you babe all the way
love you forever
cause thats the way
I see life in your eyes

Love you so much it hurts
and as proof see the tears
that come from my eyes
everytime I see or think of you
your perfect and I balacne out the ]
equation by being worse

Mother Nature Lashes OUt

trying to turn the theromsat down
because the heat of global warming
could consume everyone
that mean you and me
no matter how incoccent
we were when the fumes
got tossed
we can not exist
when the the whip of
mother nature
takes back from us
the planet
that we never loved
and there is not other
reason she would \
behave that way

Ceramic brakes not necessary I love you all the same

Ceramic brakes not necessary I love you all the same
I have been touring
in a near perfect car
and all I could think
about was why the audio
did not play you

Front seats, back seats
shotgun position
these are all important factors
for a good car

Still the question remains
how good a travelling company
will this old jalobly be
when it rains
Sunshine is always blowing
out my ass
when I am dialled into
but sunshine has an expiry
and mine is so much shorter
what a shame

Girl your driving me crazy
causes of the way you
control the car
all acceleration and brakes
and my head is whipsapaning
cause I AM in love

I can drive from here to forever
and never need to brake
that is my fortress
that is my mistake

So i must open up
to the stop and star
start start start
to give love
no breaks
your F1 baby
even though
i KNOW that
ceramics will
not push you forward
cause you already are
so beautiful

there is no device
that could put on the
breaks on me and you

Thursday, 10 December 2015

like I have been shot in the head

another mass killing
hit me in the brain
still funtioning
but fucked up more
than usual

mind over matter in the discuson of love

you know i KNOW
your beautufl
but thats not
what moved love
to make me think about you
in that referance
because I HAVE
read every book
and me falling in love
with you
is unwritten
and a big part of me
hopes its not true

so do not be a poodle
out of France when we
do the dance of liberty
charle hudro
and all that
like the world
was free to print
without major\

Like i have not take
shots to the head before
which lead me concusiod
to read a wrong score
so baby dont you think
for one instanst
I can not idedify
a land mine
from a royal

Been in love been shot down but still fly

so many sentaces ending
with no verbs
given the vibe
we shoud all be in love
all the time
in the future an improper
rejection will be a crime
was it mad on a race based
or communtiy sourcred discrimaintan

look I got to say I am the product
of a racist culture
yet I love everything
except basketball

we got to do wop no prop
and just get on cause what
you call racism
is for the white man
just someone pissing
on my lawn
with bad intent

Well now you got ten millon
in your pocket
is this the time we danc
e with germany in sprockets

cause i was in overtime
when I found your dime
and it was so shiny
I thought pre war
but as it turns
out chemistry
has fooled me

no way now way]
no understand
not possible
could not be
that is only the
first wave of attack
when it comes to
me and you

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hawking Kind of love Song

Crazy about you and that
is a short description
cause what I feel for
you is way way deeper
in my mind

Like the kind of reverse headaches
that follow when sightings or even thoughts
of you transpire
like a deep sleepy slurp
flowing around my temples
and eyes
making me feel stranger
than anyone Else
who has ever been alive
but in a good way
a feeling not well described
because it has never been
felt before with such intensity
like the northern lights always
burn bright and put on such

a spectatulare surrealistic
totally reality night show
and when a solar flare strikes
the world in exactly the right
way the atmosphere ignites
in a display of otherworldly
and that's basically what happens to my
brain when any event real or imagined
strikes me as being you

This phenomena seems permanent
and what a beautiful curse
to be stricken in love with
you could not make life
no more no problem
it does not matter I have
this covered time
where no matter what
there is no worse

Crackling Ionosphere
every time you come near
or are far
or can appear anywhere
even places Google will
never map
bring it on
my head can handle your
drug inducing head alarms
that ring so true
baby baby wonderful lady
I am so totally and universally
in Steven Hawking's terms
infinitely in love with yo

Temporal Lovrs

temporal lovers can bring real heat

but it will never registrar

because the laws of thermodynamics dictate

conservation of energy

and when the time

has been spent

without proper alignment

no amount of proper management

will let temporal lovers

ever touch and feel

what those living in the real

time always take for granted

like it will always be there

and so well positioned

we talk to our friends

constantly about some aspect

of it all the time

while temporal lovers

only dream of a new future

or a altered past

and for sure of those

two option

changing time wins

the prize for dangerous

every time

Temporal lovers can only travel

on public transit

because the car

would place them so

close that contact might

be imagined

and that would just

make temporal love

way way way wy


Temporal lovers all become

amateur physicists as they

seek solutions to the

fact of relativity

that make love go

from bad to worse

because the difference

in age

has no scientific cure

except gene therapy

and its still a temporal


for would a vampire

suck the life out of a youth

just with the promise of eternity

if the young had never lived

without the wisdom of the old

and still make mistakes

but progress past what it mean

to think old

Stealing youth is a crime

no matter how many thousands

of years will pas

the stain of the original crime

will forever impact

and one just has to ask

what kind of temporal lover

does that in any


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Festival of lights

Cars where driven
and GPS was used
but still lines were
crossed that should
not have been abused
but they where

Words were said
that cant be taken
but it still remains
totally unfair

Monday morning the drive
in will be as usual
on the radio
and nothing will have 
sometime the frequency 
of life gets crossed up
but then it reverts
to normal
every day is meant
to be the same

People shooting each other 
up and themselves as well
the MAN building empires
and us just water in
that well

Janes Addiction
they said it all well
even before legal
it was just another form
of medieval orthodoxy
that you hook the holi poli
as a means to a proxy
for workers are addicts
cause they love the cash
and you can make
them do anything to 
build their stash

Time takes a cigarette puts it in your mouth
you pull on a finger 
then another finger 
then cigarette
is that really the 
whole hand

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fractul Sailing

Fractal sailing on the seas filled
with glyphs and ancient alphabets
so complex and momentary that
none of the technology needed
to run the stars
had been left behind
to serve the seventh extinction
of civilisation

Sitrap says
buckle up baby
in a steel ceramic
laminate baby

The formula
seems cant get hot
the faster than light
trading of the future
has left anything more
just a series of diminishing 
returns except on the comming
occasion a long quoted
easy precept of the inexact science
of invisible hand self
rectal exam individual
ober all
insanity that prevails
way to much
in a world with so
many different kinds
of the planets
smartest apes

When the farabuchi falls down
and is picked up because the GOD 
Particle Particle Particle of infinity
has been proven scientifically sound
and like making genetic fish
the people of the earth will be able
to create fantasy world
complete with unicorns
and pots of Gold
for more people
not only the most
bold and clever
who use the lesser
as cannon fodder

We are living in our business
world where everything is
done better better better 
said three or three thousands
times better 
than anything a government 
of people has done anywhere

The future has no place for slavery
poverty or discrimination of any kind
let the worlds people who are as everyone 
knows on this spinning dice 
look at the result
when the odds
are all
over placed

Fractaly Fucked and and I ran the math
until the cpu gave up and told
my prediction program that the leaf
would win the Stanley Cup

Why does the world spend in my rough 
estimation about $6 trillion on military ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready ready
ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready
ready ready 
When so many are waiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting wating
waiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting watingwaiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting wating
and if you thought about it generously
counting the dollars of political
favours and chum deals
like airport radar scanners
that exposed you to the truth
about Fukushima and you 
never felt good 
about abooot aboooot aaaabooot
turning on the power again
cause if you give me a choice
 between not having a 55" screen
while the leaf are in the playoffs
and on the verge of winning the Stanley
Cup because its a micle they got this far
at all. In the game series and match before the
principle one
these teams will play in the future
I know this because I watch TSN and Sportsnet
and just generally subscribe to every cable element
that has to pay a bribe
to promote the leaf
cause the corporate teat
bet on Stanley Cups
and then realised
by mistake 
all those references to princess 
where not some kind of code 
meant to suppress the even
below believe levels of supplicant
that are the press
cause journalism died when
it replaced pride with dollars and cents
instead of making the world better
a craft build with many hard knocks
and flagrant legal Pearl.

For example hey kids there are some
things you can goole and others
you just must know
if you have a snowball
chance in hell of serving
the Zombie Apocalypse
because no matter how
hard you prepare for 
Zombies your going to
find the people of the illuninati'
are so over you
they will fix their brand
as humanitarian because
they made mother nature
kill you and there once 
again are no fingerprints you 
can attach to the brand
just like the bullet
that fell out of Kennedy
cause the ride in that
ambulance had been so
for sure a bullet without
a scratch on it
would have fallen
out of me and you

World listen up and hear
a Northern Tiger roar
its very game of Thrones
a political soap opera full
of the struggle between good
and evil as if they were equal 
forces when the math
say everyone would
rather be Bill Gates 

If the great JT can
craft not only a plan
but a reasonable 150% overshoot
on the initial investment
every one in the country
would agree government is 
a good investment because
you know it can be braver
than the average man
because collectively no matter
what artificial measure the 
man can label us wiht
we are one tribe 
we are on people
we live together in constants 
sunshine or darkness 
its all what kind of education
one has had to give the practitioner
a real chance to see the light
the stars, the galaxy and the universe
it alll there babies, sugar plum faries
and Bruce Jenner wannabes 
cause if  can indulge you for
a moment longer I need to explain
that it started with Primer and it moved
on into the hard to explain Primary Color
the movie that made the worm turn.

Best Practises 
I endorse them all
expect when I am 
all fucked up by
alcool or the drug
of choice given
what day is on the Calder
and how many days
till the new presciption comes

and I congratulate myself 
for being drug plan paid
legal working higb
prescription good time

I jumped again into the future
and the year is two thousand and
so I light some kandles and watch
them untill the last flicker
when the battery ran out
and ask myself
who needs nature
when one can enjoy 
oneself alone in such
a joyfull individual experience
as a virgin
but fortunately I can
share this media orgasm
with society
free speech it means
everything in everywhere
else how can we be infored
sharpen our pencils and pens 
into swords
and I just realised why
we are apes
and fucking baboons
those freeze fucker 
make all the best trade deals
and sell the best weapons
it not only legal its what everybody
contributes the most for
so it must be the smartest policy because
this monumental devotion of resource
to bang a drum in the corridors
of diplomacy saying
if you want to go 
15 rounds 
I might not win
but as Mike Tyson opponent
might of do you realllly
reallllly  reallllllly  reailllly
want to lose that ear on live
TV because some day in the future
and actually as you know I am 
looking backwards at every 
keystroke to make sure
I am not being a jerk
like like like like the Canadian thrown under the bus so hard they did not need to pour concrete when he died because obviously Canada lied. Tell me little Ben just decided to shoot up on his own. Me personally buddy salute you as a Canadian Hero who just got caught first because when it comes to fucking wiht
chemicals or anything the Americans are always one step ahead of the worst. So Canada let you down with our backward Chemistry or I like to think as you
do it was the CIA who gave you a drink on that day that alerted your future for all the time we have that Seoul Olympics on line.
Now some future history may say that you won, it depends upon how long
the new reality tv series lasts
and the testiest must be on

While the planet the blue and white and small green spaces
swirls on spinning on an a xix
with no y no other way
no chance to just say
hey sunny boy 
or are you a girl
or any other 
or other better outcomes
like an economy
that works for us
not as a machine
to take every last nickel
out of my jeans

I grew up before the internet
in a land that was as white as
the snow and the first time I saw
in person a black man.
I got to tell you you  you and you\
comming from a community that had \
never seen a black man before it
was a 60 s experience no body talks about

It was my old man
the guy who would vote
blue if you whistled and
in came  a hound dog

That last stantz as I have 
indicated needs some interpolating
and fortunately I am ama  am
anata wa still living on
this frequency 
cause I was really hoping
for change
I will insert the comperail 
here for Canadaa with umlats
now that there is room for 
German speak in Canada again
without thinking
Harper paves a dark road ahead

Justin Justin juSTIN
its clear after 9 years of Canada Farts
smelling like drinking 
something something something
that can be described in many
ways, so many ways even love
for the black gold that should
always displace the world above
or on the side
starboard or port 
humanity floats on a sea of oil
like some heroin addict that
thought hooking A pipeline
up to the human brain would duplicate the wonder
of the Ming dynasty
where every civil Sergeant
and even generals in the ultimate
positions of war and peace authority
were Eunuchs. Yes that me and cut your penis off
and put it in a jar and if you are loyal and dont die
by the horrific amputation at some
time the jar
with the sharp tip 
of you jewels
will return

For me that is the base line. Everybody done some poop
in the Neighbour hood
is it not ironic
that to get powerful you think
more about pooping 
than eating
and if I could identify
the supplement the DNA
I would give a fee 
release but I get to name 20
subway station as the way
I want to be remembered

Monday, 30 November 2015

Dont own a sword want one for now

Ritter Steel William Wallace Sword
If I am to advance
it will not be
as the result
of picking at scales
and making great
reports at that

It will be because
I took a sword
or some kind of relevant
weapon and just
that fucking beast

Stainless Steel Rat Coffe Pot

Beneath the stainless steel exterior
you see is
a designer 
coffee pot is
percolating over
and over
every time you
bring your heat

Wrapped in Canada Goose
and sparkles
you make
the cold a
puncuation remark

I am cold
a domestic Finlander
short on Vodkov
and long
on the forest and the trees
the northern lights
and other things
that speak to me
and do not expect
an answer

So coffeepot
what do you want to brew
something domestic
or a more international flavor
where there is more atmosphere
and less of
me and you

Roads well travelled
drive my car on its
I do not register at the controls
and that's why it brings
me home alone
every night I leave work

No room for passengers 
in my perfect life
I have the good wife
she is something special
not so they say
something special that
could make the worlds
orbit change
if I asked her 
the right way

Can not believe when I look outside
I have been wearing goulashes
while most of the world died
from slush that was produced
not by winter
but by excessive summer

My survival instinct is in overdrive
and I cant afford that car
but I want one anyway
and maybe that is what 
keeps me working
when the cynic 
would shut down
not going to stop 
even if it is just
be writing it all down
in titanium
so someday a hundred thousand
years from now
some prospector 
will find true gold
true gold like Jerry wrote
true gold that would 
make me laugh that way
which was better than living
cause I loved you 
more compactly
 than coal
loved diamonds

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I am going to say NO to YOU

like thats ever going to happen
on this planet
maybe somewhere in the futur
that opiton will exist
bu for today
I stick with NO NO

Your wish is my command

My powers are limited
but within my scope
I will always raise
the perescope
and look around
and if something
in my prevay
was in your way
I would attempt
to move it

Nirvana on the Rears and Van Morrison in Front

That's pretty much how I roll
looking out for transport trucks
and not getting T boned
by Kia

La Women I have a couple
and they are travellers
for sure
one she owns me
the others
just pay the rent
but its a beautiful life
with ladies
who make the sacrifice

Transport is in question
if the destination
is the next life
for I am quite secure
in this world
supporting my own
reality distortion

That is essentially 
my place in this universe
and I realised
that for now
I only have one
but I believe 
more than God
that second one
will come
to rescue me

I woke up this morning
and got my self a beer
the future is uncertain
and the end is always

Why cant the world
heed the advice
and move on
in a better direction
taking all the recourse
and making plans
instead of putting
it in the cupboard
and making

We could house the world
in perfect houses
in Texas if we
had the will
because that is 
the way

Stack humanity in towers
filled with stainless steal
and it will not be babel
no it will be
true love

My biggest Imeadite problem

Yeah that problem
is you
cause I cant think
my brain is bound
in bands like
the Xmen
and even those
lost souls
had a plan

So friagile you can not be in this tiee

so friagle

asll tht time
so fraigilae
give it half loaf
and we can make bread

most beautif places on eath

I have been to everyone
and beyond nothig
more than comparable
in the lizardbrain
you would get more life
and expercince from
watching a really good
show first on cable
and now on Kodi
for freee
for example
a good example
of capialisim run
like Boardwalk Empire

so when you piss on the
sidwalk the splash comes
back on you
and no one wants that
no mater how hard
they have to pee
we are all one family
so lets just take the
preduijce off me and you

So we are all freinds
thats the way we
are all despite the

What we feel is what we demostate when the streets have no reason

Look body a I feel b about you
and now your trying to kill me
at least thats what my TV
told me

We looking at the big picture
always see
humans do not kill humans
the lizard brain is set free

Mulslim Christian, hindu or Sik
with a sword no matter how small on
their chest
do not give a fuck about
making you one of them
the only thing they care
most about
is just like you and me
and in any language
its spelled and spoken
the same
we are talking about
writing about
makng videos about
and doing some
face book on the side
the one thing the internt
can not destroy
with knowledge
bescause there is no
chance of made up lies
to gain a place
in the media