Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Ignore the absolutes and self verification

If someone tells you they are honest know its lie It someone tells you its going to be the greatest tell them goodbye

everybody walked and there where no Beatles

Thats our past who knows our destination but it may happen that having no transport and having no pop music was better than the future

I no longer see the Oyster clam shell as the best way to sail the seas

Sopermon catch Ket
I am referring to Oysters that float the luxury boats editors note they are basically made of plastic this is an ideology that started with the graduate and has led civilization down a dark path ever since plastic is cheap and veristile but for humans a death sentance when conditions turn against us

Friday, 22 December 2017

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Man won

i give up

I am done, I am shutting down

let the free matter deal with the grey matter,
I tried and failed
no big thang
I was just\
a person on
keyboard trying
to move

Malifick CXick done

I have raged and run and taken
something but not enough
to keep us safe
I am just aboot
why bother
if you cAN
the astoried path
I am pretty much
my data
moved no

I have said everything, there is no longer a reason for me to blog forward

It was nice to see the nits
and the shove on the shoulder
as we took down Trump
but in the end
we were lucky to
escape prositutioin
as the winners
are not forgetfull
in the settiling of accounts
and do not place this
anchor on Trump
for if you want to kill
the King
you better have
a true hart
and its the same
in democracys
you better have
carbon fiber arrows
if you even think
yoou cAN  kill
a king
but what y9
donot know
is the east india
has not lost
a cent
in a thosand
and if yoyu
want to change
the world put
the lens on
that enterprise
and forgetet
about the distracioin
of dirty old me
cause that is the\
last defence
the apes
will use

zwy6wyy s8 ao2w 59 to now pavement negver tgets down

Its IMHO do in
tghe sux dab'
uts tiy you'
utes no'mater
hit hiu====]
and how smooth
is that raide
and telluing
us too
'tioo just get
Zeus is not
going to put
up with us

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Is there a limit on entertainment?

Yes there is and
I am in withdral
just like they
tell us that
Rap is better
than rock
and roll
I remain
a skeptic

You can beat on
a log and chant
but that is not

Everything in life
does not have
to have a racial
black pe0ple
make shows
only about
if white people
like this
its a new
be color

When you have to cut off your nuts and penis to get the big job

Image result for images of eunuchs
Google Eunuchs and understand the world

You know whatthats a sacrifice
for being a key
risk player

the Chinese
at least
by making
who still
had the mind
but no balls

Humans chasing sheep cause dogs are too expensive

Facebook has proven that
humans are nothing but
border collies with
better vocal diaphragms

Tribe T shirt

 No tribe
we are all
stuck in
 the suck

Montreal Canadiens bear market

Image result for images of habs sadness
The French, what can I say about the French. Have you ever seen Paris, thats my answer. Which people made the Western World free, the French. Like many people with a great track record they may come off as arrogant when as they see it it just gee shucks matter of fact.

If we where to measure Culture as a percentage of sales by GDP,  the French would be undeniably number one.

I am an Anglo who grew up hating Germany and Japan, thinking the French where cheese eating surrender monkiees because my birth happend just a decade after the end of the world war.

I have come to believe that the Anglo way is for a western society the code fault in the software that keeps civilization from soaring. I blame the Anglos for the fact that there are no colonies on mars, global warming and that the rent or cost of housing is too damm high. For the Anglos all you need to know about economics was expressed by Samuel Clemons " buy land they are not making any more of it".

My beloved Habs have fallen in a ditch. There is only one way out. Dig the ditch deeper until you drown like the leftovers and be reborn.

gooI d owner would put the Francophone question to rest for once and for all. They would say this is a team that is rouge, blanc, blau without question forever. Those colours do not run, they skate like hell on ice. It does not matter if the talent is like the cat. No one cares if a cat is black or white as long it catches mice. The Montreal Canadians will do everything to catch mice. If the best coach speaks Russian we will ask permission of Trump to hire them. Its 2017, we have AI Lusitania translation. Was Kirk ever stopped by language from scoring, no, green, purple, all the colors and languages of the rainbow where fair game for his discovery.

We are in the frappa crappa due to three key mistakes. One is anything to do with EMTY, two is not tanking another year after getting gCHuck, three is having Poloriad do our development. We do not know what the picture is going to look like until its way to late.

We have a good core of role players, and two superstars. TFS and BBQ. gCHuck and Druid are on the bubble, and after that we are lunch bucket, the question is Schwartz or MacDonald.
I still believe this team has a window, and it will let the cup fall into our laps with good
luck and a cell phon
e jam

Friday, 15 December 2017

I dont feel at home in this world anymore

No one does
its all fucked up
the tribe
has gone
all ones
and zeros

we live in a
spagettit western
and the
wants a cut
of letting us

The citizens
are like the
props of
not willing to
for good

Mission Statement

Its easy to say communism
but that in my life
is the best sytem
its math
and Leion
was nothing
if not clever

In the room of
corrupt democray
which just leads
to anachray
or the rule
of the holi
we have
hard to say
what is best for
every fellow
one thing for
sure is that an idea
is open source
any other defintion
defiese the idea
that we are here
and just tasked
to discover everthing

We do not all need
and transportaion
that can take us
from stop and go
with a six session

How to share the bounty
of intellegent life
is our challage
every group below
us has a hareem
thats a big log
in the road
to intelligent life
but he biggest
one is the rule
of a silverbaCK
who is alway
getting fucked
so many ways
from Sunday
to Sideways
and see no
need to
change \

Planet Gia

I do not have any idea
if the way the planet
works has intelligence
but if you thinkaboot
it you will be convicned
its a liveing organimsm
that has machines
we can not even image
even as we understand

Everything on this planet
works one way
execpt humans
and we have
tried to tame
the beast
at least two
times and
evidence exists
that it was more
than multiple times
and what the humans
is that they
do not like
each other
and instead
of being reluctent
we laid waste
to the whole
goddam world
because we
did not get
our way

No freeride to tommorw

Anyone who has
got protein
by sucking
on natures
is going
to find
a dry well
in a resource
that should
have been
that they
sucked it

we got to live
like it was
with an
amount of humans
trying to work
that math
and we are
not fucked
we just
got to be selective
and clever
and collective
when we slay
the beast
there is enough
money in that
to fund
we can imagine
and thats
how we
are going
to survieve
and riding
and making
sci fi
we read to our
because they
were born
after it became

I really think I am fucking brillant

Image result for images of brilliance

I finally realized why firms are not optimized to hire me.
I am so brilliant my constant sunshine would weaken
the foundations of empire much like hydrogen
makes metals brittle.

Like a hero that kills a villain with a nail gun
I will continue to tack in my own direction
and hope humanity can keep up.

I truly believe one day 
I will be seen as a
poor mans Van Gough
with both of my

i T ried  to link a post to this communication to make
a salient point. I failed because every post I make is
a diamond in the rough. Its not for me to decide
which ones are truly valuable.

To the spider came the web

The spider is the most
intelligent creature
on earth or maybe
that is to lame
its the most
copied system
of rule
on this earth

Once you are
in the web
their is no
only death
if the spider
wants to consume
no matter
how many
flies you
she is going
to eat you

Everyone build
and hope they
get some friends
and a mate
at a minimum
but today
this is really
and its out
of control
and the human
mind can
not deal
with a thousand
and three
except in the
case of
a phyopath
and that
is the zombie
is going to bring
when the electronic
hits the physcal
there is going
to be carnage
big time

Goverments of the
world ban facebook
right now
and make Google
a universal resouce
under UN  control

Round fulcrums and economics where leverage is not mathematical

Related image

Its a game of risk, its a game of thrones
and today if you want to rule
you have to control the internet
Facebook has proven that
humans are nothing but
border collies with
better vocal diaphragms
So know everything
tied into the sheeple
mind which was
long ago idenifed
as a soft target
becomes incredibly
send in the forty foot
containers because
in the end
thats what the liqiators
they come to your
gather up your assest
through you out in the
street as part of the
and then move
maybe there is a housing
bubble in Nigera
and they are short
on big screen tv
and king sized
well I happen
to have a surpluss
in texas
so lets
comparative advantage
for both parties
Texas can sleep
and watch TV
like Nigeria
You know I could
go on an on with
this song
but it would
make like
absolute zero

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Life and Death encouters

Every interaction for a citizen
with the police
is potential death
with no
this is a
that ends

MP caught Jerking off during an important vote

That  person male of female brought passion t0
69 to that vote.

Everything you believe is false

Lets start on with the things
we can agree
your partner is cheating on you
or something else
so lets just cross
off love
as a imortal
place we
all want to

to be fair
there is true
love everywhere
but in most cases
its only feasble
with six figure or
greater incomes
and that is the turth
no matter how
big you think
you are
and how
is every
at the end
of the day
love has
a process
that fades
and the people
that last
can turn
that god cast
into solid

Jesus may have existed
he may have been
malcom x
for his generation
but over the thousands
of years there
is no way
a scienetes could
make this declartain

So short story fast
the way we are living
as humans is very
now tribal life
may have had
some challanges
but ignoring
them did not
kill the planet

Anyone who talks
about God
IMHO should be
put in a mental hospital

So down here on
earth were everyting
is getting worse
what should we do

First fuck the dicks
yeah anyone that
is a dictactor
fuck them
all parties

So know we
screw Putin up
the ass
I say no
this is not
a diamond
as a democrart
and he might
have made a
in the role
but he
to Yelstin
is a GOD

All the other
feed from
I only hope
the people
with new
opened eyes
and a net nuertal;
can give the world
a surprise

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Commercialize this tech

A jumbo jet taking off has been described as lighting a gas station on fire and throwing it over the neighbourhood. (strange I could not find the exact quote on Google?)

These electromagnetic catapults could greatly reduce the use of jet fuel. Around 15% of a planes fuel load is used just for takeoff.  Take up noise would also be reduced in both intensity and duration.

My dream would be detachable hydrogen rockets that carried the plane up to 20 km high and then glided back to the airport to catch the the next flight.

Perfect Building

La Seine Musicale's solar sail is self-powered, and moves in gradual increments every 15 minutes to...
La Seine Musicale's solar sail is self-powered, and moves in gradual increments every 15 minutes to follow the path of the sun(Credit: Didier Boy de la Tour)

When I walked through the Buckminister Fuller Geo Desic dome at Expo 67 I was awestruck. When solar panels became mainstream I dreamed of the building above. Its perfect, perfect natural light, and free energy.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Coral is going to die

We are the leftovers

Shit stained underwear

Image result for images of chinese gods

Everything is history to what happens today. What we need is to learn from that and prevent more disasters tomorrow.

Right now in the world of the future where lost. Blade Runner was set in 2019, 2001 a space odyssey is beyond the current dreams of NASA. So where the prophets wrong, or did society take a Chinese detour. The Chinese had a society that stagnated for 6000 years.

Upon the assassination of JFK we stopped moving forward. The Deep state moved in and consolidated the past to profit forever in the future.

Things went well until the blow back of Watergate. Am I the only one who believes that Bob Woodward could be a asset. Some people think the Watergate break-in was performed by the same team that worked Dallas. The purpose being to keep a lid on Nixon.

Then Jimmy Carter was virtually assassinated in Iran. The people who controlled the oil
gave him trouble big time. His attempt at rescue died in a mysterious dessert. The savior of the American people Ronald Reagan watched the hostages go free milliseconds after he
was President. Then you go on to Iran Contra, and containers full of weapons for Iran. We are all supposed to believe none of this happened.

This team moves forward and GHWB becomes a President who
is amazed at bar codes. For this flaw Clinton becomes President
who passes the anti welfare laws
and through proxy wages
war on Russian 
in the former
the Albanian mafia
becomes our
best friend

Then Al Gore
the ultimate
perfect candiate
loses due to 
heavy breathing
in a debate
where GWB
can barely

Nobody cares
after 911
that the people
so bold at PNAC
said they wanted
something like
this to happen

Do not want to 
go all deep into
conspiracy theory
but jet fuel burning
does not melt steel
Steel melts at 1200
If you want to make
steel you need coal
to hit those temp
with applied oxygen
there is no scientific
explanation of how the
two towers fell
let alone building

just one more little
detail that has alway
been sad for me
the people
at tower
two said 
do not 

In summary Owen
when you are playing
in this rarefied playground
with high stakes
in the trillions
I would speculate
that Muller is

all evidence gathered
by the Trailor Park Boys
the only authourity
I trust

Saturday, 9 December 2017

I am all in for you

take all the marbles
and the mind
and the shiny
and the
abilty to
track through
and I am
your pefect
self driving
full o f
of the web

I am doing a Gods Work

I am doing
Gods Work
God does not exist
I pick up the slack

Am I being paranoid about being Mr Robot

Image result for images of schizophrenia
I keep getting these pop up 
asking me to take a test
for schizophrenia

When I put on my tin foil hat
I dont here no voices

I do not think
anyone is out
to get me as an
but the man
is after my
every day

I just wonder
who targeted
me with this test
and why?

I take it as a sign
that someone
thinkingaboot me
is worried
I might
be on to

There have been
many variations
of the same program
probably the most
successful one
was the crossword
puzzle in the 
London Times
that got workers
for decoding
the Egnima

Through the years
I have spotted other
efforts like full
page ads
in the international
herald tribune
but the internet
is more push
than pull

A stupid argument

Person A says something will be carbon neutral or even positive. Pearson B will claim the manufacturing process of the carbon neutral device means it is actually creating more carbon.

There are few carbon credits in producing a product. However in the case I am thinking about its just nonsense. 

A yacht maker said that with the 1 kilowatt array built into the boat the ship would be carbon neutral at port. The idiot claimed that the manufacturing process for solar cells would make it a carbon threat. They promoted the idea that running a diesel engine to make electricity was actually more better than solar cells from the standpoint of being net zero.

Dude lets look at the carbon debt of a diesel engine part by part, then compare that to a solar cell. Furthermore a solar cell when finished does not burn any carbon, but a diesel engine is created to do just that. Plus oil changes, filters
belts, glow plugs forever.

Scopes Monkey Trial Redux

Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial- Outdoor proceedings on July 20, 1925, showing William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow. (2 of 4 photos) (2898243103) crop.jpg
We are going to have a EPA sponsored public debate on global warming.
Where Ted Cruz caliber deniers will make mincemeat out of thoughtful scientists
who cant position quickly.

In the original case it was found that the Skygod made us.

I expect the same outcome from this debate. Man is not a God, so he could not affect the planet,

City of the Future working the present

Related image
Shenzhen, I traveled through it multiple times, but aside from the train station never actually let it touch me.

Today if you have a dream you can describe this city will have a prototype delivered to your room before you wake up.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Visions of machine like precision in every life except my own

Image result for images of terminator salvation
Yep we are here
long after Hitler
made being
a meglomanacip
the losers\
have polished
of the resume\\\
and are salivating
to lead humans
to a new paridise
with walls
and other
maybe some eletrododes
to keep the dudes
in  line
and for the \\\
there is no
age of consent
so lets start
working on
child labour
those little
can do
so much

For people who read me daily to get some facts

Image result for images of terminator salvation
Hey I am not perfect
but if I had a trillion
dollars to spend
I could make this
world for the
first world perfect
and then we could
be doing all the
good things
for the third
and do not
tell me know
an do not tell
me when
we could
not all
be equal
and that
is my sinice
I want all
people to
be equal
black and white
and all shades
this i our

I am not driven no fucking car

the warring was limp
but no trasprortain
is autorized
on the roads

Its a traffic
that will
never be
as rust
is the final

So what to
due with
your Teslsa
ski jumps
in the mind
of most the people
eating coal
for most of thier
lives now told
they have to
adjust to
hot cold future
of climate change

Seeking a Modern Tribal Idenity

Image result for images of silverback
We no longer undulate
but we have the wave
and thats the thing
we should realize
we are great apes
in billion dollar
stadiums paying
our hard eared
to the

So the silverback
association set up
with the whole
total tax feed
support of the goverment
on grass, ice
or any
other surface
where heros
of the game
can be found

Silverbacks got
to go
but every
succesflul society
has been lead
by a silverback

Oh No mister bill
we are not the masters
of our own universe
so the challange
how to control
the masters of the universe
to keep their
planet mastery
but let
some plasma
flow down
to the middle

Do as I say not as I Do

"Salvator Mundi" ("Savior of the World") is one of fewer than 20 known paintings by da Vinci.
He looks like a Dude
All the puff piece blow job
written on princes 
should meet
a insane
like when
one buys
a small framed
sheet of canvas
for half a billion

I have seen the 
mona lisa
and would not
hang it on my
wall as art
as a billion
dollars in
not so much

So did the prince
buy something
he could hide
in his carry on
or is he really
the first Muslim
of Medieval Christian

This is the guy
the New York Times
after seventy years
of promo his'
failed brothers
is the real deal
he must be
western because
he loves Di Vinci

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Really Smart Reality Dis-tron field disrupting fuckers

I do not know
what to think
as I see
these enemies
of our society
at the gate
chomping at
the bite
to make
us their

people like
and musk
and the other
in which
we must
now trust

I have a kick
for a Bit Com
that can
a fifty cal
at short range

Blue Water Dilettante

FPB 64 Iron Lady Fatu Hiva 1
All the glass is 19 mm thick
Sailing the suburbs in
my Honda
makes me
some kind of
on machines
that work
to take you places
without drama

Blue water has 
flowed over
my decks
and filled
me with
like Robert
and I feel
in my
heart I
must navigate
a CAT five
I give up
the next
five minutes

If your rich 
and want
to die
early buy an
because the
sky is like
a Greek
a place
that cant
wait to put
down high flying

Neptune seems 
to have a better
sense of humour
because he
mauls more
than he kills

But if you 
go blue water
you need to
be made of 
very stern
stuff or just
a silly fool
with a lot
of money
and thats
where my mind
and fiberglass
get into an epic
but in 
reality its
a slam dunk
except no subsitute
but titamian
and carbon fiber
and kevlar
are great
until they 
and your 
four miles
of queen mauds
land in antartica
and the Nazi
at the south
are on your
and they are
using ZPG
to through
ice in your
way to sink you
never leave

So if you want
to make the trip
and you are not
fit to sail
there are power
that are pretty
cool and in
the end
the adventure
is more important
than the tool
as long as you
are not one

Bitcoin Bedazzles

Image result for images of white tulip
I cant think of another phenom 
like this
I have seen pet rocks
hockey cards
and beanie baby's

We have Scientology 
as a religion
I say bitcoin
shares the
same faith
and for
white tulips

Trump says Jewrusulim is the capital of Isreal

Image result for images of trump jerusalem
two of a kind that can beat a full house
Not to overstate the obvious 
but a city named JEW
in a country of Jews
is likely the capital

IMHO it was the right
thing to do at this
point in time
peace in the
middle east
is an oxymoron

There is no peace
so lets just impose
some reality
on the huddled
you lost
the Jews won
move on 
ask the Kurds
for direction
dint take
it so
pack away
those child
suicide vests
and attempt
to play
a very
weak hand

We and I mean the
Western taxypayer
are spending
hundreds of billions
a year
to ensure 
that Israel survives
it cost more
than establishing
a colony on mars
and we have
to question
is it really worth
I dint know
but Einstien
and Springsteen
might have
something to 

There is no doubt
this is another poke
in the eye for Iran
just like Israel manufactured
wars to grow
the neo cons
how to set
the table
for the bountiful
forever war

If the Saudis dont
mind and they
are happy over
at the UAE
and even
ISIS has
no problem
who we
the truth
but in realpolitick
or as the holi poli
call it
life and death
the best death machine
always wins
this move by Trump
indicates the powers
that be dont
really care
about much
but that should
have been 
on the examination
of the first ISIS
when the
tag said
made in the usa

Monday, 4 December 2017

What I like aboot you two timed

Trump Proof Apparel Kick Start

Image result for images of atomic gear
Its been a fantastically fantastic week to be alive
because in history 
most weeks
and years
and months
are basiclly
and that
is something to consider
if you want that news

Right now Right now Right now
I said it three times and
I am free of conflict

I see the shitfarm
is about it harvest
so wear a shitproof
and that is the point
of my post
I am kickstarting
Trump proof
and I offer
you a CHoice
to be the first

She loves me too much

Image result for images of the death star
She loves me too
no way she
is ever going
to let

She loves me too
much it makes
me slow
and warm
and cuddly'
and I forget
cruel world
in her arms
a missle defence

She loves me
too much
cause I am not
a killer
never could
hit a target
I am just'
working for
in the basement
to kill
some robots
to make
an empolyee

She love me too much
for her own good
but we all now
there is no
good in the
and we should
all just realiaionship
with end of the planet
bye bye

Paid a thousand for my bike near 2o years ago

It was my best ever investment
par none

We are fully and fiscally prepared for that threat

What is the money was
better spent
and there
was no

White Trash Come on

Convince me in the less
than elevator second
telling me lies
that person
never looked
I never saw
and you

What I am doing Period

Image result for images of the meaning of life
I am not making something
for anyone else amusement
I am just saying what
I want to say
without filters
to everyone

Yes I had hoped
in the early days
I could change
the world with
my voice
my intelligence
my harmonic
but that failed
I was not living
in my parents
but kids doing
that are getting
more hits
than me
and I dont mind
and not bitter
because the market
on the internet
is very true
if you got game
your going to
hit some numbers
I have had some
but if you
where to compare
this to something
I love
I am a pee wee

Love Me Long Time

Image result for images of love me long time
No thats not
the reason
does anything
as GWB
in history
we are all
HK mechem
of him
the worst

I think GWB
was a pilot
on a plane
that had been
and he did not
give a fuck\
cause he knew
no matter how
where outside
the plane
would come
down so
and he would
sit upon some
kind on throne

Eating Grease Salt and Sugar

Image result for images of eating geese
Have you never
thats what
they feed
lab mice
to do what
they train
and we
are humans
on the same
see I said
ti three times
and your
still on
this plane
so I must

I will never defend the choice
of parents to feed children
transfats and sugar water

Nice guys as opposed to wise guys make civilization work

Nice guys may not finish first 
but they will always
finish far from last.

The Man established billions and billions of years ago

 is success
based upon
ripping you

War Fever or Wet Dream

Image result for images of war fever
Watch the pebble
move through
the cups
can your eye
follow where
the master
makes it
end up
no of course
a sucker
is born
every minute
and that expression
can be found
in every language
and its perhaps
the most profound
statement our

Of course I am not
a sucker
I have a degree
I watch the news
totally informed
I exeed the data
plan on
my smartphone

Garbage in Garbage out
is the first word
in code
never forget that
as you are programmed
because in latency
your a computer mind
with biological
that need
a lot
of fixin
after two thousand
years of expericence
we seem to have worked
most the bugs out
of humans

Today we have a tax
cut that will shred
the holi poli
and they are
their own
Tony Robbins
with emoji
of joy
on the
of the flophouse
that is going
to change
their lives

Lets get serious
as every knowledgeable
knows is
a racket
so said
col smiley
from the inside
and the evidence
would make
your bones
but we play
the RISK
game over
and over
and over
its easy money
if the battle goes
and the kids
that die
had life
and we

today I warn
the pigeons
flying around
fat and happy
eating grease
salt and sugar
that they will not
all see that

War fever
is like the NFL
where no one
takes a knee
because it would
be unsimily

Today war fever
is close to breaking
out in the USA
because of terror
Iran and North
having an

while you cant stop all
three because one
is a verb
Iran would be
a good outlet
for the mobs
and I cant
really disagree

But that is me
and if you
look at history
from operation spearfish
and the Shah
and all the
its not surprising
that we end up
with two countries
at logger heads
and Israeli in the
middle for
all the usual

The penicillin for
war fever is time
and peace
and let things
play out