Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Monday, 28 June 2021

Bonne CHane Habitats


There is a vibe out their that Montreal has been very lucky

and that is absolutly true. Good luck often follows excellent preperation.

Carey Price was drafted by Bob Gainey it was a risky pick at the time and almost two decades later it pays off.

The Shea Weber trade an absolute ball buster that had many snake eyes in that roll of the dice, pays off.

Trading Patches, the prize for vegas was Cody Glass, so they sacrificed Nick Suzki the thing payed off

Then we get to this years playoffs, the best players for both Toronto and Winnipeg

are taken out by the hand of fate.

The Fake Flower Fleury blows up and gives away the series

Countless goalposts I fail to mention, but I will put all my money on the Rouge Blanc and Blau  to raise the cup this yearl

Saturday, 26 June 2021

What if everyone was not people but a corporation?


This is a total Dude look him up Phillip K DICK

Everyone believes this

and as my mother

would tell me when

I brought up the everyone argument

look at the lemmings

ok no further questions

But today everyone rules

the day

no way the most hits the biggest

story can be manipulated

beacause they have computers

keeping track

and by the recocd

we distilled from the profile

on your cell phone

we have determined

you overwhelming agree

we are on the ahsolute

right track

It like Phip K DicK

was Jesus

and we are all going

to die on the tech cross

How the Habs modified to RULE


How did the 2021 Habs  become Stanley Cup contenders

in the bullpen. In the bullpen. This team only has to win 4

more games to get a Stanley cup, I would bet my motion

sensors of momentum that the Habs win.

The difference between players is a millisecond

and its an important one, but if you have 4 lines a millsecond capanle

you are going to win the cup with great goal tending and stellar defence

and thats the Habs enjoy the ride we are going to watCH Toronto Fans

falling from the skyskrap[ers in the Entertianment district because

they bleed blue and white and they missed rouge when the sweaters where

handed out.

Tampa might have won last year by changing the DNA

but they got the Astra Zenica, they will not die but there

is still something sick about Tampa Bay and I will

not go down any further on that road no more.

So they got a lot of pretty boys and Quebicos that want nothing more

than to say Montreal you did not pay me to play

because its cold and they got Taxes bigger than the

alligators at the golf course

where I play everyday and everyone assumes

I made a fortune and now have nothing better

to do every day than play golf, talk about

PatricK  and the Soldiers of Fortune online

making him think he could power

up the snapshot with a few seconds more

Let go circle back

Back to the Habitats the team I fell in love wiht

before I was born

and I Know it and dont wonder


beacause if you are going to love sports 

and sometime cry at outcomes

you are heavily like me invested

and I want some returns

on my investment

and Motreal has delivered

They are going to the promised

land soon and I am sure they will walk 

back with the cup;

and there is one reason

and its called Cole Caufield

he is the missing element 

from the nethanderal defence

and the stellar goal tending

and the hard working

forwards that are in the layer

bellow elite but beat the punks

with better music

and CC I call him Whiskey

comes in and everyone

is like saying 


but he plays like a hockey player

that is extra terrestrial for the orbit

of teams that Montreal has iced

for decades.

worried about wisdom


Wisdom can be boiled down

and its the most percious element on

earth for the homo sapien

because without wisdom

you are going to be looking

like a shaved monkey.

Everyone is a monkey

dont doubt the monkey man

by the stones

the point is

you have to levate yourself to

a new astaral plane where the monkey

DNA is turned off and the alpha wolf

shares and the bison stop head butting

that is the exact spot I am talking about

So wisdom is missing this planet is frying

that is the number one task the goverment should be working on

the second is limiting the population, its not eugenics just lets pick a goal

like 6 billion and work with that, Sinapore could run this in a heatbeat

and everyone would think at the end of the day

it was the best thing they had ever seen

because without this effort

the whole planet would

be saying

I cant brethe

Lighting the future

 Led lights allow for the possibility of future lighting. Imagine the lamp below, no shade, the base has a rechargeable battery  and a thin strips of LED run up the shaft, with RGB of course and networked.

I have another idea for a chandelier. four or five identical very fancy liqueur bottles. Cut the bottom out and use the threads to mount them to a wooden block. Put led lights in the bottle wired through the hole in the top.

Somewhere on this blog is a post dedicated to this lamp but I cant find it.
LED would make a perfect lamp better



Have we reached a point of no return. Are those movies where there is no free air future historicals?

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Canada Day 2021


Flying a flag upside down means in distress not disrespect

It should center on our treatment of native peoples. We are guardians of horrific crimes. So lets start the party on how nasty we where and move on to how beautiful we can become.

This has been a long time coming, and it has arrived now. I want a Canada day but it should start with the acknowledgement that we are founded on the land of others, and we went to extreme un Canadian measures to keep it. History flows like a broken down dam, there is no way to fix it.

Ziggy Stardust and the Habs from Mars


This is like a mini festivis we have a great clearing of greviences.
That time is over, we are now like Rudolph on Santas slay.
I searched for this song and I am sure there is one(clash) but it is called
go can punch us you can kick us but we will not go down
We are sufferings from the fist example of positive cognitive dissonance in modern history
psych majors will make major money for decades writing about the reaction of Habs fans to this moment. They may make some new drugs, A TFS, a KOHO, and Nature, they will not touch Whiskey.

I know exactly how to express my joy and I will do so.
Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, that is us and DGMB is Ziggy and well not quite like Ziggy wearing a Komono strapped to a dooly, his red suit qualifies and imperial rule.
Think of the songs, HOCKEY and Hockey suicide, the Subban trade
Starman, Whiskey
Sufferagete City the MEDIA
I am not going to reveal all now, but when I do
it will be something that might replace the cross on Mount Royal
Just saying

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

The Governor of Indiana is like at the race track signaling America is the third world and moving backwards


Its the end of the world and I vote for that because I believe it 

Paying people who are not working so they can survive that hardship is

just great policy,  who is going to argue with that except Bill Gates?

Monday, 21 June 2021

Useful Idiots

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Bamboo Jet Engine


So I met the monkey bars and the roller transrers

and jus the plane climb like bamboo

is a jet engine and a I

am jet fuel

because if the plane

dont get to the top

well it

well t


Lets continue

shall we

so I am going way up

all the way to the to-

Entropee the 21st Century and Me


If I am in a corner
and have no way
I consult my pocket
slider of thermodynamics
which can solve every
problem if you know
how to ask a proper question

Me I am like Ayrn  Landers
spoken by John Prine
I got problems
I got the problems
of everyone
that ever lived
and we got more solutions
now than ever before
but maybe we did
not include the whole
cast before we tried
to raise the floor

We got to the moon
we got computers
and jet airplanes
well white men brought
those things entirely in
their own genius minds
so do not talk to me about
privilege if you like a cell phone
or maybe a lifesaving treatment
at the hospital for free
white men not me
have been evil for a long
time, we be evil long
time and the worst
I tell you are the Anglo Saxons
you know them today
as the rulers of a royal family

Anyway there is so much history
out there and so many different
paths and still here we are
look back and thinkaboot what is
really important looking back
becasuse A wiseman
likely white from Greeece
every dollar you invest in the past
is one less you got to fight the future

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Sheet gets real, real fast


The drought in the southwest, northwest and something

that does no fit in a normal geographic discretion is real

The climate has not really changed a lot but a couple of degrees

when the thermometer is up your ass is the differance between

living and dying

and the geographic regions I reffered to are dying

and the impact will be something this world has never seen

it will make the dustbowl look like a local event

Say what REF????

 This is history I copied from a commenter on a hockey blog

August 19, 2020. (Recent enough?).On that date, Chris Lee officiated Game 5 of the Montreal-Philadelphia play-off series. Philly was up 3-1 heading in. Many will recall that game. With only 5 minutes left in regulation, Flyers Matt Niskanen viscously cross-checked Brendan Gallagher directly to his face. Gallagher suffered broken teeth and a broken jaw on the "play", on which the refs saw no infraction and made no penalty call. Gallagher left the game and was out for the season. Coach Julien did not bring the refs over for show-and-tell, and Chris Lee did not inquire on "where did Gallagher go?". While the Habs won the game 5-3 (all 3 Philly goals on power plays), they lost game 6 without Gallagher and that was it for that Stanley Cup run. DOPS assessed Niskanen a one game suspension afterwards despite the refs (including Chris Lee) "not seeing any problem with the play". Chris Lee never got another Habs game after that important play-off game, nearly a year ago.
Until last night.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Restraid Habs fan look at the ribbons of La

We are all giddy but none of us is Getty Lee, so stop singing start thinking of the road we must travel togehher as brothers od tghe 4F no matter what it means, no matter what it meant, we are here together at a hisoric mommment where we do not have an automan as CHoach. We are living with key centers whou would are as like ask your self at 21 how complete where you? I could go intok iTS A BRIDGE TO fAR, BUT IN THE END THE alliES WON THIS IS WWW1 ATTRITION gO HABS gO

Sunday, 6 June 2021

As Diamonds ever was


Yes Leo and Jen, the best Jen

I watched Blood Diamonds the semial film

on the explotation of humans

to get pretty objects on the cat walk

but I do not want to engage in outrage

becasue we have at least a 6000 year old

historical reconrd and incredible detailed documents

that tell me nothing ever changed

In the end we are nothing but humans

and we cant move past

being the smartest monkey

we know to


and do to little

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Oscar from Steve cancelled

  There is nothing that blows me away or

even gives me a stiff breeze.

The Witcher tv series,  Tenant was amazing, and fulfilled its primary purpose to out wit the veiwer to the point they just went with unbridled suspension of disbelief.

Guilty pleasure Manifest which is like Lost but with a minicule buget, better sandbox, and more beautiful people who  acted better, with real production values, still I love Manifest like a great B movie or even a C movie that elevates due to the efforts of great story tellers. We have listened to a bad story from great storytellers forever.

Okay watch

 There is nothing that blows me away or

even gives me a stiff breeze.

The Witcher tv series,  Tenant was amazing, and fulfilled its primary purpose to out wit the veiwer to the point they just went with unbridled suspension of disbelief.

Guilty pleasure Manifest which is like Lost but with a minicule buget, better sandbox, and more beautiful people who  acted better, with real production values, still I love Manifest like a great B movie or even a C movie that elevates due to the efforts of great story tellers. We have listened to a bad story from great storytellers forever.

The pony dont run no more


There was something

called the Pony Express at one

time and it was an adventure

to make a single trip across the USA
with all kinds of bandits and natives

and even lots of snakes and gopher holes

and other things that could leave your

face in your nuts do to the phycis

of a bad collision riding horseback

you got the momentum of a horse

but the bones of a human

and they were not designed

for collisions at 20 KM an hour.

Capitalism vs Communism for the planet baby, place your bet


Capitalism works to keep the public service skim level

to a reasonable level. As long as we have had something called 

goverment we have had a civil service

and they are the last choke point

and they can block it without

blinking and eye

Communism of a kind existed in the Soviet Union

and it was not all horror show

just mostly

but I know people that lived that

life until Gorby fucked the shiney pony

and it geburt Yeltsion the terrible

and then I don know how

Former double O KGB man

Putin became the leader

but he has done an incredilbe job

as a leader of a troubled land

constantly under attack

Tuesday, 1 June 2021