Tuesday, 31 July 2018

I now wear a helmet: Giro is the facebook of MIPS

I used to think wearing a helmet
was a bunch of bullshit
and it was
but now
you can only
depend on somebody
not paying attention
to the fact you
have a naked

Detriment to sociey

Plastic is like opiods, 
useful but addictive
 detriment to society

Queens Park Tire Fire

Image result for images of queens park today

Okay lets break it
a Pakistani Canadian
speaks with a very slight
he was chosen to speak
by the Government
suddenly all hell breaks
loose because its alleged
a NDP member was making
fun of his very slight accent
and the outcome from this
allegation is that the Government
does not have to answer
questions anymore
figure it out
for yourself

The New York Times Posts the Russkies are hot in 2018 Elections

Vlad the impaler Dracula

I can not think of anything more
Nations act in their own self interest
what is the possible interest
of the Russians to be meddling
in the 2018 elections?
For one its small beans
that they could do anything
and right now
any false step
could mean
nuclear war
so what
if you where
would you do?

Paint by Numbers

Civilization is a great masterpiece
you can not implement policy
as paint by numbers

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Wake me in September

The Shit always hits
the fan when Summer Ends
this could be a September
to remember


Image result for Blondie

Better not forgotten
a band from a time
where Blondie
was a complement
she was a female
Mick Jagger
in my mind
you got to listen
if you want to
the 70's
which everyone should
hold dear
because baby
we were free
there was no Aids
no global warming
the cold war was
just cool
and music
was real

Once more who was Al Queda, was it us?

Examining the garbage left
of the mind
that put the kinetic
action into lethal force
that pounded the rocks
and they showed it
on TV.

We have white hat
and helmets
and I wonder
if they can ever
what they 
were doing there

Who knows 
who these people
really are
could be good
could be
war criminals
could be
just tools
of the MIC
just like

Walter was Paper

Image result for images of saturn five
World war II was won as a race
against time that we today
can not compared
because we have never
been told
just how far the NAZI
where ahead in the technology
we took into our fold

John Smith put to pen
and it was on the highest priority
because to fail meant certain
death in the war
of idea
and patents
and moon shots
for the future

I failed once more
to tell the story
of Apollo and the
Nazi at the controls
without humanizing
who knows what
Walter believed
no more than

Fort Bliss Scientest
Related image

Could be a copy dont know

Related image
Trump rules do not be mistaken
he is playing the the same 3D
chess that every grifted
has learned
is the best education
if you want to pull
the big con

Yet now it seems that
Trump has graduated to
Spock levels
using logic
and hypocrisy
to stimulate
the crowd
like chess
was a contact sport

The Donald says
lets have Free Trade
just free baby no
harness no
lord of the flies

This is the capitalist
manifesto as full
of folly as the
communist manifesto
you can not trade
freely with slave

The Donald says
I made a deal
with the rocket man
because although
he blows apart his
relatives with ACK
ACK fire
he is no worse than
a hundred other
bad guys we
are fremiens with
On that point he is
spot on
but working in the wrong
we should be weeding
out the psychopathic Kings
and Queens
not praising them
Nevertheless full
marks to Trump
for at least addressing
the Elephant in every
room of diplomacy

Trump takes on Trudeau
hard and does not stop
after a couple of days
what is going on here?
I dont know but
its not good for Canada
we have never been
so disrespected by the USA
since the war of 1812
and the offense
seems to be that
we will not lay
down and accept
things that make
no sense
because Trump
needs votes in

The Donald is breaking
up the old order and that
IMHO is a good
No more lies
no more talking
do you want to live in
Trump town
or another world?

The Voters are always right

Image result for images of the voters are alway right
This is a universal statement
that in my eye test
does not pass
mathematical scrutiny
for example in Canada
where the majority
goverment has probably
never had more than
40% support
it seems to be 

with overwhelming
from the people
who like to rule
when they
dont have
popular support
we rail on PUTIN
but what is on the
in our own back
its not democracy
at all
time to clean
the grill
to stainless steel

So now we have
Doug to deal with
and I really hope
he was a hash dealer
in his youth because
it makes sure
he knows
and how they

You can step on a stoner
for ever and he
will just ask for
weed and put
your indescretion
behind and part of the
price of getting
because when your
spirits are illegal
you will go
long on economy

Now weed 
will be legal and
the cops
will go all in
on impaired
and good
for them
lets cackle
real problems
not human 

Fukushima keeps on Burning

Image result for images of Fukushima
Remember Chernobyl
well Fukushima makes
it look like a spill
in aisle seven

The only thing
we can do
is eat properly

Played by a Soccer Ball

Image result for Putin give Trump FIFA Ball

Did you see the story
about the Putin
Trojan gift of
a soccer ball
with a chip?

Any Media that
gave a nefarious spin
to that story is your

Every official FIFA ball
had a microchip built in
from the factory.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Surfing for real

I tried surfing once on Wakaki
it was exhausting and I never
did ride a wave for more than
a split second
as a reasonably good skier
I appreciate just how
hard it is to ski liquid

If nothing is true anything could be

If nothing is true
anything could be

We can no longer deal with the Truth whatever that is we no longer care

Image result for art of war
Everything is overt
every word
must score
and the truth
is the casualty
as we move
towards collective
bound by the
warrior code
by leaders
who worship 
the Sun Sue

Myths lazy edition

Image result for images of hindenburg
This is pretty much
a thinkingaboot
cut and paste
and the truth is
the myth
is way more
powerful than the
thats why we dont
have Zepplins
see Hindenburg.

To be fair its far
from contianed
to America
if it could be measured
I am sure as a myth driven
society America would
be far from the leading

Although myth creating
in the last two centuries
number one. with a bullet

Super Bionic Sennhieser Headphones fail and rebound

My dear dear headphones
which I had for a couple
of weeks and came to 
love almost as much
as the sound they provided
stopped auto connecting
on blue tooth
I could have lived
with manually connecting
but gave in to the idea
that if I made a sacrifice
they would work
like they did
so I sent them back
and in 3 days a new
pair came
and I love them
even more
I dint like telling 
people what to do
but if you like
to listen to stuff
through your
ears and thats important
to you
and you like
to be on the move
dint stop until you have
a pair of 
CX Sport

These are the greatest thing
to happen to portable audio
since the original Walkman
and I find using my Android
box I have Cinematic sound
comfortable on the couch
and without disturbing
my partner attached at
my elbow

Dont know what your
missing if you dont
hear these beautiful
cups of technology
in your ear

Five days away
and I just got
them back
and all I want
to do is listen
because the sound
is irresistibly

King Ford

Image result for images of sun king
BTW as a history major I love the concept of communication between remote parties in writing. The best biz lesson I learned at Western was how Canada and America was administered from over home. It took 3 months sometimes for the letter to arrive and similar to get back. Yet we progressed and people who believed it was better to ask forgiveness than permission came to rule our world.

Today for Canada was a great day for history, if not for Canadians. I doubt you buy into any of that hate Toronto Anglos envy. There are so many other reasons to hate Toronto Anglo besides envy. I was born and raised an Anglo. At its base its a terrible culture. The problem for the human race is that in the game of civilization it has proven in modern times to be incredibly successful. One key example in in the university where every biz major and MBA is indoctrinated beyond belief to believe that a marketing driven company is the only way to profit. Apple , Tesla, Amazon and to some extent Facebook prove that model is false. Yet people still work at our lizard brains to shake the nickles from our pockets. Yes competive capitalsit companies need to shake the nickels and dimes out of peoples because the dollars have already been claimed by the goverment and the plutocracy which is best represented
in Marshall McLuhan words by the Media. The message is bullshit. Case in point and to circle back to the point I am trying to make. Doug Ford decried today in a imperial proclamation to change what is democracy in Ontario in fundamental ways. Justin IMHO ran on the plank of proportional representation replacing the ephemera of first past the plank democracy with the real thing. Even though he won a mandate he got cold feet at giving the people democracy.

Doug Ford basically ran at nothing except being Trump light. I did not vote for him but recognized that after 14 years the liberals where rotten to the core and really in the scheme of things a change would do us good.

Today in an absolute train wreck of the rails of reason that
makes Canada the envy of the world as a place where despite our Anglo my way or the highway traditions we
adapt and reason and bring forward from the forge
a comprise everyone can live with Doug Ford declares
himself Ceaser and the possible is an insult to his perfection.

The worst part of the whole incident is that a majority
is going to agree with him because they hate politicians
so much they want to throw the bathwater of democracy
out with the bathwater.

I dont want to be hyperbolic. The Germans if we lived on a Star Trek planet would be the Vulcans. Germany did the holocaust the most incredibly stupid public policy of all time. Yet the spin-doctors of the time made it incredibly popular.

The Jews where easy targets. The whole Catholic thing.  As a genome Jews where incredibly successful punching way above their weight in almost every field. But as Bob Dlyan said this was because the culture was not based upon pulling someone down into the hole you are in. Today all our politics seems to be based upon this appeal to the lizard brain. I do not know how to send this message to Canada but we need to sharpen our defense against this message. Because if we continue to hear and accept it bad things are going to happen.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Never Thinkaboot Facial Recognition

Image result for images of teacher leave those kids alone
Facial recognition
was a powerful
tool the teachers
used to help
me be better
by reading my
face while
I learned
so they could
when the lesson
escaped me

Today the state
uses facial recognition
in the classroom
to teach the students
how to think properly
and never thinkaboot

What I was taught in Kindergarten

Please consider
it was long
ago like a fairy tale
where there really
where faeries
like the kind
lou reed sang aboot
my favorite
the sugar plum
fairy who hit
the street

Compared to today
we where really living
did not need a cellphone
if we had one
would have thrown it
away because
we did not even
need no stinking

Every day now
I am on the deathwatch
instead of celebrating life
there are a million
great things happening
but the lies drown
out the truth everyday
because you make
more money lying
than truth telling
and thats why
a company 
that has a great
product will
always lose
to a marketing
driven company
add that to the laws
of economics
in a unanimous decision
signed by the invisible

What I remember of Kindergarten
is we were taught God is good
the policeman are our friends
and no matter how delicious
they look
dont eat crayons

Todays 4 year olds
have to deal with geopolitics
and having two daddy
not that there is anything
wrong with that

However I see
our society is under
so much stress its ready
to break at any time
because we have lost
faith in Jesus
to solve
traffic congestion
we have lost faith in Jesus
to solve any problem
and now we are on the 
hook to solve our
own problems
and we dont seem
to have the collective
will to move forward

In the background the
smartest people in the 
room all recruited initially
by project paperclip has
assembled a Tesla type
paradigm change
that is almost implemented
a single message
in the media
a facial recognition
control of movement
and an absolute 
double tap 
for anything that
move outside
the parameters
of unquestioned
Julian Assage
will get his
anal rape
made public

Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Sky Sail

Houston we have a solution
this kite looks to good to be
true but I have not found 
the flaws
you gotta watch the video
and now a version for small boats
is available
If it works as advertised the sailing boat as we know it is obsolete
Ya hoo!!

Boats that Float

Pretty much state of the art displacement hull 67 foot Alloy Yacht for only 400K USD
I love boats, ships and RV
houses that move and float
and today you can build
a green one if
even net zero 
if you want to go 
at six instead
of 12 knots

There are two roads 
to being green in the 
blue water
the easy path is sail
and mono crystal cells
mounted on a trimaran
While the Neel 51 may prove
me wrong for the most part
trimaran  design means you
dont have much room to play

My problem with the Neel is they use
polyester resins at all 
and epoxy not at all.
New ones are just over 7 figures
but they depreciate faster than
a Jaguar with one year old models
around 6K driveaway
furthermore my dreamboat
will be a 5000 series alloy aluminum
skinned vehicle for safety, longevity
and maintenance purposes.

The solarwave uses carbonfiber
to gain lightness and the sail version
of this could be a netzero home
kudos but the price
and Carbon Fiber does
not go well
bump in the night
a little brittle
for my sea skin

Lightness by design 700 kw electric drive pod

For around a million US 
one could finish the Yacht 
at the top above
drive with pods
which means it
turn on a dime
add in batteries
a tier 4 generator
and one would
have a class A
Blue Water Yacht
of the highest

Slippery by design


Anti fouling is a big problem for boats. It seems an out of nature solution has been found. Why has it taken so long for humans to reverse engineer God?

SLIPS® marine coatings are powered by our patented liquid surface technology. Our coatings create an ultra-smooth, slippery surface that algae, barnacles, mussels and other fouling present on marine vessels, structures, and equipment can’t attach to.
SLIPS® marine coatings are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for applicators to use – a truly green solution to biofouling.

Whats good for the Yacht is Good for the Home

Yachts are super efficient homes. Lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration are three areas where the sea should move to land.

My building code has zero structural wood, metal roof and no plastic siding. Fiberglass insulation is forbidden.

China Targets Apple

One China to rule them all
there is no other organization
only China
thats who we are dealing with
a mobilized all encompassing
entity with a 6000 year history
to draw on

The art of war was written
2023 years ago
Thinkaboot the implicatons
of that!

The Ballad of the White Helmets

Image result for images of white helmets
Bad guys where black Hats 
and in Syria
the black hats were all
Aliweed Assad
and his creed
and the difference between him
and the King of Jordon
is the side he was on

Even the most trusting patriot
can see the civil war in Syria
was an intelligence operation
that ignored the blowback
of Al Queda
because god dammit
we have pipelines
to build

Yesterday Israel elected
to save the White Helments
from the hangman's noose
how humanitarian
now good countries like
Canada will allow
them to settle in Canada
wiping the blood
from our hands
with a multipolar
of Realpolitic

Every time Assad 
was on the precipice of 
victory a devastating
gas attack 

OPCW designated labs conducted analysis of prioritised samples. The results show that no organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties. Along with explosive residues, various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples from two sites, for which there is full chain of custody. Work by the team to establish the significance of these results is on-going. The FFM team will continue its work to draw final conclusions.

and first
on the scene the selfless
white helmets
cheer them on at
your own risk
I dont want them
in Canada

To be fair the defence
of the White Hats is overwhelming
every link on line telling you
every disturbing coinicidence
is fake news
so it really makes you
wonder what is 
the truth
what seems obvious
or the convoluted
was there ever
as case where Occams
Razor was so dull?

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Why cant we all just get along

Image result for images of rodney king
In the words of Rodney King
is great wisdom
why do you care
if someone is wearing
a funny hat or a veil
is black or some other
because we are all
one people
those who make
political points about
our differences
are evil

Sunday, 15 July 2018


For Sale by Human

Nice Expanse T

Looking forward to seeing if Predator can suspend my disbelief. In other news Tomb Raider First time since march I have made a review.

Go Short Tesla

The competition is ramping up.

Cost of Ownership

BMW, Honda and Tesla cost to own for five years. Bottom line, go long Tesla.


Maybe the most amazing speaker ever
Fidelity used to mean
so much to me
I sought it everywhere
and paid extra
to rave at the
sound created
by the technology
from magic

But all that changed
with the MP3
content became king
and cheap ruled
a pair of $2 headphones
became the medium 
of choice
and is it any coincidence
the music stopped
and Rap came out
on top
the medium is the message

Today there is new tech
called Aptx
a codec for Bluetooth
that permits the transmission
of audio with the fidelity
of a CD.

Search the web for products
that support it and you will
be disappointed.
Bang and Oflusen
no, shocking
JBL has some headphones
but most products
still dint have the codec
its a metaphor for
whats wrong with today
people dont know whats
important any more

I know my CX Sport 
wireless headphones have
and that makes them the
greatest thing since the Walkman

Opportunity Lost: Doug Ford Closes Electric Avenue

This is a Canadian electric dream car/trike. For commuting in the GTA its a slam dunk no brainier. It now retails for $20,000 CDN. Before the last election you could have bought one after subsidy for $7000.  We will see what happens in Quebec and BC which still subsidize electric cars.

Doug Ford decided it was better to eliminate cap and trade and take $0.10 a liter off the price of gasoline than to give people a cheap option to go green in style. So far $0.043 has been taken off and surprise surprise the gas companies just pocketed it. You had a choice sir, and you made a bad one.

Full disclosure this is not all sunshine and rainbows. The cars are made in China.  Lets hope they are a huge success and we can build some here.  Speaking of Made in China there is another super product designed by Canadians made there. Aside from the look, they have the APTx spec. Do not buy a bluetooth audio product without it!!