Thursday, 26 April 2018

Ford lives or dies on the broke back MPG mountian

Seems Ford forecasting
says we all want to drive
a tank to work
so fuck cars
they are something
we can run over

I think its a death knell
but a smart decision
to at least not go kindly
into that dark knight
but its a worldwide

Checker Cab company
tried it and lost
lets see how Ford

Its a sign of the times
that its hard to make
a dime on anything
when Ford decides
it must drop segmented
in favour of fake
tanks that look 
have a militant grill
and a height
that gives cars
vision envy.

The reality is that
mass equals motion
and for most one
person communters
they should choose
a smart car to move
them foreward
all electric
no maintance
and will last
a life time
with just a few
more battery changes
then the remote
on the overpriced

To be honest
aside from the 
Rover imitator
Explorer I would
not even image
driving a Ford
In my worst fantasy
I would drive a
or some
number Lexus
Audi or Mercedes
land yacht
but the Ford
is dead to me

Ford knows Trump
will kill anything
that stops gas guzzling
and they have bet
on him despite
all his failed

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Rental Van Murder Weapon Finch and Yonge

My daughter could easily have been a victim as just a day
before she walked that sidewalk

My feelings and hopes that somehow the people robbed by the deaths of their love ones can find a way to carry on. Incidents like this are a failure of society. When we marginalize and ignore peoples anguish they strike out.This guy was not insane he was mad because he could not get laid. What gave him permission to kill? I would say the phrase collateral damage.

When it is normal to kill and kill over decades with out an overriding moral authority, the governed lose sight of the reason not to kill. Everyone becomes a terrorist or a freedom fighter. To the true believers
killing on both sides is justified. Things are different today. Assume Jack the Ripper was the first, then a long pause and in 64 the first mass shooting in the USA. After that an acceleration, the Vietnam war
and now a mass killing almost daily. So our fight or flight DNA is twisted in knots and we become less human, and its a snowball to hell.

Orbit continues

Image result for images of wile e coyote and acme
Nothing new, same old same old
walking on air
far over the canyon
not dropping
Acme corp
is a buy

Monday, 16 April 2018

Loving Cup with Jack Black

Micks treble is shattering
my big apple ears
and Jack White
is exponential
as a Stone

Like if the Styk
can have
the criminal Mind
can you not image
the Rolling Stones
roll on for a few hundred
years replentished
will there fire
be embraced
I am afraid
not becase
something called
who cant sing
dance or make
coherent thought
won a Pulitzer prize
so for future generations
after 2018 just push

God Future

this is the place for me
this is where i am supposed
to be

I traveled the world
on a magic carpet
but need to drink
seawater sailing
the storms to
truly appreciate
just how bold
we are supposed
to be as humans
because when
the say no limits
its true
the powers
of God are in
our hands
and mostly
need to be found
in the brains
of everyone
lets make
a collective
as if it was a video
and at some point
we declare ourselves
and relax
in an endless
golden age
for there
are many
and tech
has space
for every
no matter
and less
than Royal

Cyber Punks are played by Blockchain

are playedby

Is the blockchain a digital chain gang?

Image result for image of blockchain
Cyrptos and blockchain
are pure cyperpunk
thrillers and in the end
most protagonists heads
explode with overloaded
data chips

What I know is very little
so I am describing an Elephant
from long distance
but blockchain takes huge amounts of energy
to process something that could be done with a
its like the system exists to make energy consumption
Crypto currency is just fairy dust
that only exists if you believe
in something you cant possibly
understand and rely on faith
that really smart people
love it

All of the things finbit
and FANG based where
brought to us by the Alphabet agencies
interesting what Google calls itself today

What is seized as subversive
may be just
the ultimate
honey trap

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Freedom to Rent

We all need
to rent

4k UHD in disc form is dead

OPPO the leaders in the field have just fled the biz. Its all coming on line people. You can never buy, you must rent, love the freedom to rent.

The LGBT and every other appendix needing to be attached

Image result for images of luxury quilted seats in cars
Stop you won
your a not even
a decimal point
in the total population
and we surrendered
so just stop
stop all your

You do realize
your being used
by the right
to betray democracy
so address that
or find another
way to 
the forces
of evil
just dont
flame the democratic

Quilted Cars and Puffy Coats

A puffy suit might
be the best look
for an Astronaut
but for us on earth
its a bit ridiculous
and the same
exists now
that Kanye
West and the Kardashians
have dictated to the
lux industry
what a seat
looks like.

This is the dumbing down
that is killing society
where rap is music
and reality is
and art
and craft
are no longer
to communicate
to the masses

Live Interesting, Bored Dead

Everyone can make their life interesting
all they have to do is thinkaboot it

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Cheese Command

Image result for cheese command for cell phones images

If you follow this blog 
you will know
I have a WaWe phone
it takes pictures by voice
built in
just say CHESSE.
Your phone likely has
the same ability
even if you
need an assist

Thermonuclear War T

Everything we know
may be false
but it does
not prevent the real
possibility of
thermonuclear war

Eve of Destruction

Everything we know
may be false
but it does
not prevent the real
possibility of
thermonuclear war

Hitler had the British
Army on the beach
and he let them
thats not the way
history portrays it
but if you add
up the facts
can you come to 
another conclusion?

Operation Paperclip
put man on the moon
yes the Saturn project
was headed by
a Nazi era rocket
what Walter Von Braun
believed who
but he was a Baron
in the Old Germany

Oswald went to Russia
and Gary Powers was
shot down
and any chance
Eisnehower had
at destroying
the Military Industria
was lost

Then Oswald came
back from Russia
and killed JFK
who thought
correctly Vietnam
was not worth
a single American life

Does anyone see a pattern
any flame of peace
is instantly put out

In Syria the rubber is
going to hit the road
IMHO the gas attacks
are all fake wag the dog
if we still had investigitve
journalism the white hats
provenance would likely have
a three letter birth

Bottom line its all about
Russian Gas or American Gas
what will flow
through geographically blessed
and cursed Syria

The Russian bear 
has been backed into
a corner and if it
strikes out
the bear will lose
but the damage
to the planet
could mean the end
of this civilization

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Add Caption DOGS

Add caption

It Pavlov's dog wearing a facebook cover

Yep its Pavlov's dog Russian as well

So how different 
are humans
from dogs
and can we
be made
to reacat
at the sound 
of a bell
or maybe
the cellphone 
is a vast
like Game of Thrones
and we all better
buy swords
for the times
when ammunition
will be spent
killing the dead

Doug Ford medieval warrior for Evil

Ford Visit

I liked Trump over Hillary
and think I have been proven
right that it was a good

But in Ontario
where I live
I do not want
to see the village
burned to the ground
to save it
and thats

In Niagara Falls today
he more or less
said no Go Train
if it cost money
and with that
the dream
of even being able
to wake at 4AM
and take a train
to Toronto to make
a living died

We cant afford to rent
we can not even image
to buy
but we must work
and that has happened
to most city in the world
the results are ugly and
inhuman sacrifice to 
stay alive
and I believe in Canada
we are above that
so sign up for Singapore
Style Public housing
proven to work for over
50 years.

Otherwise you create
a cadre of revolution
that will come to a boil
in time when people
have nothing to lose
because they rent
dont own

Monday, 2 April 2018

Does your screen pop

Image result for images of 4k
I am all for better
visuals and better
but what we have
now is a nothing burger
the average person
will never see
the 4k atvantage
unless they sit
as close to the screen
as the people tell
you is correct.

How many wharehouse people can float on our boat

I am all for refugees coming to Canada 
in numbers we can handle
from places they risk death.
So How do we get the worst of the worst
from Israel?

Talk about bullshit come to life.

Speed of the Game

Image result for image of fast gamer
What they call the zone
where time slows down
and you can see
the fastball
because your
mind is trained
to process faster
than intended

Gamers know
its a skill learned
and has nothing to
do with fast twictching
muscles or muscle memory

No its tweaking the brain
through projected activity
to make it faster
than other humans
working the same plane
now there may be some
natural inclination
for this
but I know
as a gamer
its mostly repition
and instinct knowing
from where will come
the shots and how
to run and jump
fast in a virtual

Same principles apply directly to
the physical sports
where a milla second is the 
judge in the outcome

we are far behind in teaching
the physical creatures
how to use the brain

Can technology make Tribalism irrelevant?

Call me racist call
me communist
I believe that
humans are
like dogs
and we have
different breeds
and all are loved
and none are
just different

Tech can make
the athelte smarter
than Ensien and
exoskelitons can
make the beer
leauge player
a top brew

that where we
are going people
and I think its going
to be great
but at a human
level no one cares
if you have a great IQ
or can run fast.

Follow the crumb trail and dont worry where it stops

Image result for images of just do
Dis Dudes DO

Just Do
if you just DO
you will be DONE WELL
it dont matter what

DO it with you HEART
and KNOW
you CAN 
this is a well
proven success

Its not going to change things
at the top but who give
a fuck really

Never fear blowback part II

The Taliban seemed to have
had a 17 year training course
on how to fight the US
military and low
and behold
was a tactic
they wanted
to follow
good thing
googles are
top sellers
at the 
camel market.

What I want to ask
in terms of blowback
is how to measure
how much content
in creation was CIA
how many weapons
where given 
first hand
and how many
where left in the field
to discover like
easter eggs in
a video game?

Never fear blowback
if your life depended upon
it, but over and over
the West has given
weapons to enimies
without regard
to blowback
and I dont 
think its a mistake
its like a man fighting
a child
they want to make
the contest 

working for the CIA

The little birds that
win battles to put
the CIA in context
with the Game of Thrones
and thats what we are
talking about Willies
no matter how you
candy coat it with
democracy veneer
the number one
job of any intelligence
agency is to win
its countries
battals decisively
with minimum
blood shed
none at all

Whatever any country
in this 2000 year old
world has
done the CIA
has done it one
two three four
five times better

The stuff we
know will blow 
your socks off
because exploding
socks are a favorite
ploy of the CIA
they give you
athletes foot
go to the doctor
he takes your
DNA and
six weeks
later you feet
are fine
and your paid
by the CIA

If you rip behind the
curtain there is going
to be a giant risk board
for certain 
and the color
codes will
handcuff you
but the goal
as always is
ultimate rule

When that is
the goal
a lot of water
boards are
just necessary

What the CIA
does not know
is that people
dont like to be
ruled in the fashion
of Pavlovs dog
and when they
find out aboot
there is going
to be hell to pay
and a DUNE
like prohibition
on PSYCH Ops

Wha We P10 cell phone

Image result for images of huawei p10
My last cell phone was an Apple 5s 
and this phone is as far above it
as the Apple was from
the Blackberry Pearl
that dropped from
a silo tree

the Pearl was
a brilliant device
if you could master
the learning curve
and that was
its fatal flaw
when Apple
came out with

So the P10 is the flagship
phone from the third largest
phone maker in the world.
Huawei has kicked the global
ass in telecom
ask Cisco

Given all we have learned
about back doors in telecom
its rich that the biggest obstacle
Huawei has in the west
is fear its just a bug

So they went to launch the 
beautiful P10 and the Americans
crashed the launch.
National Security Directive
warning carriers that
Huawei devices could
be spies
what they did not
say is American devices
are spies
its a case of projection
I would love to know
everything and take
apart an Apple 8 and 
a Huawei P10
and just see
who is spying
on what

Net result 
you can get a P10
at about a $300 discount
to a similar Samsung or Apple.
In fact you could argue its Leica
camera was first in the class
Bottom line
I love it compared
to my old 5s
and if you like
a bargain
put one in your
pocket while
this anomaly 

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise the Lord

Easter Sunday is April Fools day. Story of Jesus. Is compact Nuclear Fusion also a miracle joke? If its not we have entered a new golden age.

Harpers great acoplishment

To make the conservative party
the home of sleazebags
and scum