Friday, 29 June 2018

The world has always been a place where Greybacks Rule

Image result for images of nuke explosion
Trump has made
the rule of Greybacks
and the public
seems to generally
love it

WW1 generally ended
Greyback rule
WW2 re established it
and WW3
will end it

Judge Me

Judge Me

Monday, 25 June 2018

Is humankind a planet killer?

Many deep thinkers have come
to that studied conclusion
and its hard not to disagree
if we project current trends
forward even within the lifetimes
of some of the living
its a dead planet
for humans
mammals and fish
is general

Top of mind is
Margret Atwood
with her excellent
underappreciated book
Crank and Onyx
where she saw
a Monsenta
whistle blower
create a new
earth without

Now we hear
the Westworld
Crew have joined
the chours

Its hard to disagree
in the snapshot of life
in the 21st Century
but lets just think back
only a thousand years
and see how far humans
have come
now we make great mistakes
but the progression is unmistakable
we are headed for the stars
if we can just live
that long on earth

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Fantastic Picture

The Colima volcano erupting at night, a winning photograph in the Landscape Category

The Colima volcano erupting at night, a winning photograph in the Landscape Category(Credit:Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes, Villa de Alvarez, Mexico / The Nature Conservancy)

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Women and their Shoes

Adidas Pod-S3.1 | Image
Turns out they where
not the only ones
to obsess about 
what is on the

I wonder if the mass
expenditure to walk
was properly
it may be the men
who where over

People Gotta Move

People Gotta Move
with Global warming
or DIE

Snowmexicant Daily Diary distributed Families in Cages Edition

Image result for images of distributed families in cages
Trump acquiescence on the family
in cages thing
score one for
common sense
which is something
Trump seems
to view with 
a contraian
but when everyone
is going one way
its often the person
moving in the wrong
that scores

The cages and the damage done
everyone that defended seperating
families frankly and justifiably looks
like a NAZI

However when you make that 
six million Jew argument
comparison one must always
be careful
and in this case
NAZI is not a
slam dunk

Obama did the same
thing, in fact it happens
everywhere when criminals
are arrested
score one for Trump
in the end

The big question
no one can address
is what comes after global
we can not even agree
its real

But the reality is that
billions of people
will have to move
or die

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Supply and Demand

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Who can argue with that
so next comes comparative advantage
and then the whole invisible hand
becomes more voodoo
than math.

We are no deep into
with millions
of practitioners
doing what
they can
to keep the

More commitment too an I tunes agreement

H/T Montreal Simon

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Montreal Dumpster Fire

Image result for alex galchenyuk

Alex Galchenyuk for Max Domi straight up?
June is the most puzzling month for Montreal Canadien Fans.
First PK for Shea Weber. Still early but Montreal seems to be a clear loser in this trade. Sergachev for Drouin. Again early but the trend is a bigger bad trade than the PK deal. Now Alex for Max. On the surface this is a trade so bad the NHL should intervene. I dont want to beat up on Max. However he is another speedy Smurf who cant score. Alex is the top scoring player from his draft year and should the draft be held again may be picked first overall, or at least second behind Flip Forsberg.
Speaking of Forsberg Nashville got him for a bag of pucks from Washington. At least this trade will not be that bad.

I remain in a suspend suspension of disbelief waiting to find out what has happened? The writ has dropped. The next two weeks will decide the fate of Habs nation for a generation. Buckle up, its going to be a ride.

"Therein lies the first issue with this trade. Galchenyuk was arguably the biggest trade chip Marc Bergevin possessed in his arsenal, and all he got in return was a player who scored nine goals — four of them into an empty net — last year. With no additional picks, prospects or any other assets, the Canadiens traded away their biggest piece of leverage for a single roster player who has 18 goals in the last two seasons combined, and that quite frankly is just not good enough."

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Two weeks my friends no message

Hey Ho let the words flow
but I am constipated
by history repeating
nothing new
in the world
ruled by the
oh yes
in short

Its hard to hit
the keyboard
after a time
when the same
keys are worn down
on the plastic
maybe I need
a heavy metal

Reality Hard to Accpet

Dont say those things
to me please
it just makes
reality harder
to accept

Your not the real
thing no matter
how right
I believe

Time will tell
and thats something
in short supply
for everyone
to make the most
of precisos
and distractions
will kill
you before
the end time

Africa Positive Vibration

love the freedom to rent

Love the

Saving Civilian Lives

Image result for images of bike car collision

The solution is simple
does not need to be re invented
if a pedestrian or cyclist
has conflict with a
car its an expotential
that will give them
lower speed of impact
saves life
because collisons
can not be prevented
we are human
and accident
but we can make
it a broken
of instant

Friday, 8 June 2018

Boom Boom out go the lights

Image result for image of doug ford
The ying and yang
of politics
have gone dark side
and we got there
with a 40% majority
because its
not democracy
but lets put that
because if you follow
Paretos law
20% should rule
and thats
a lot better
than one

I have few
for Doug Ford
its going to
be mob
I wish him
all the best
and hope
he can square
the circle