Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Canadian citizens with no criminal record surveilled on purpose. I go no problem if you thought I was going to plant a bomb. The fact is that your more likely to win the lottery than to find a Canadian Citizen that would do a fellow citizen indiscriminate harm. The terrorist threat is an an invention because we have some kind of peace between nations. Why do we need so many cops when the crime rate is dropping? Same for the military. Who you going to fight with $200 million dollars fighters that aerodynamically would have been grounded in Vietnamm?

We already with first past the post have some kind of democracy where the 30% rule unilaterally, and this is not a good thing and needs to be changed.

Democracy works. Lets try it for real. It beats bandages and strife and prison populations that siflte economic life.

Every breath you take

I wonder if anyone cares that the Federal Government of Canada asked the telecoms 11 million times to see the activity of Canadians. I am not doing anything wrong. Thats not the truth I have done a lot of things wrong. The end point is the goverment sells the ruined lives of the people they prosecute for profit. Watch now while that job he is ten times overqualified is denied because the database said he was a liberal. Think it will not happen, Jebus people in the last century saw this so clear and made some money writing books about it.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Is the NHL racist?

Of all the things I know little about but assume I am an authority I am a expert non-expert upon its hockey. Every hockey fan knows instantly how to change the facts on the ground from defeat to victory. Arm Chair quarterbacks are way more prevalent and quoted in hockey over football because the game is so simple. I have never seen a hockey player doing snowboard moves on the ice. PK does this as a routine. The question remains could he have done the job with out the effort and skill? I think it does not matter but if you can do your job with some kind of aplomb you should. Sports are entertainment. If you can score fifty goals without notice you are a valuable team member. If you can score fifty goals with media coverage you are a sensation. Sports live on sensation, this is not a black or white issue.

Football and Basketball are games played by pitt bulls. Yes I am saying in this world humans can be defined by race. Sure many labrador retrievers have an inner pitbull. Many Pitt Bulls have no aggression. The interesting thing is we give breeds natural DNA characteristics a excuse of natural experience.  We can not tame a Tiger or a Lion, but we champion the idea we can change natural Pitt Bull rage and natural aggression into Labrador retrospective and natural acceptance.

It is not racist to say that humans are only dogs who have reached a threshold of intelligence. Some humans do not exceed dog brains, and some races are known for this trait. Is it racist to point out the obvious?

It never used to matter. These things worked themselves out. But know we are on this spaceship with a failing HVAC system. If we picked a team to meet this challenge it would be mostly Chinese. I am a white person and I do not think this means I am inferior. It means when you have a task at hand, pick the right breed for the job.

All humans are equal. It is a crime against humanity to think otherwise.
All races have equal intelligence, stupid and smart.
Some races have historically superior intelligence  characteristics.
Lets bring the factors that made that history to all races.
I believe all dogs are equal in their DNA.

Friday, 25 April 2014

someday I will be cautght for all my offensise dessions
against the polyglot
we see today in England
the people say fuck off
I watch soccer alot
who can find the balacene
between preventing herpes
and a goverment diseaae;
We are all stupid players
no on will dipute that
way of looking upon the millions
of the Minisrey that is there
by the will of the public
to prevent or at best case mitigate
industrial disease

For the warriors that have some streght
you can not fight
because your grandchilren are held hostage
They will kill them if you annonce strenght.
So on we go
captivated by the Cinema show.

Stay Tuned for Steve TV

Sometime you are forced into a position that make you uncomfortable when presented matter of fact. I am at my ends wits of deciding what I should do.
SteveTV is a life preserver but its more about you.

At one time in democracy we had the fifth estate that would barbeque. Now its a weenie roast of critics and something worse.

So I will attempt to learn how to make a U tube video that stinks of truth and production values that make it work.

SteveTV will be principled. Yes I will take a stand against those who use freedom to attack the bold.

First of all and its sad that this is the first horse in the stall. I will come out for the Jews.  Jews Jews Jews, can not read a single paper where they are not part of the refuse. Fuck Netanyahoo and his kind, they are just people doing the same old ruler knows best fuck mankind. But the real Jew that I know is just a Catholic who knows you have made a fortune off our boy.

Why should I give a fuck as an atheist about the Jews. Bob Dylan comes to mind and there are another thousand fantastic minds. Like Einstein and Steve Spielberg and so many that I can not carry this load on my shoulders much more because of the attack.

For those that are aware we live on a spaceship in peril. We need those fucking Jews because they have a history. Yes it is doing what is best for you and me.

I believe in conspiracy, it shapes our history in an evil but eventually way.
Forces stronger than gravity work upon humanity with certianty
and slavery
A minimum wage means the standard of care has been lowered.
And the master can ride more wonderful horeses and trade
them with an industrial economic internationally approved standard.

So SteveTV will be going to places others do not dare.
I would love to have some funding but wait wait wait
to see if I can be so clare.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Collapse is not victory

How important it is to have players
history does not doubt this at all
but must they all be so physical
when the truth is a loob ball?

We are not among the ignorant
we can not say we did not know
why the castle fell
and how picked up the bricks
and threw them at our

Destinys CHild

What we are seeing is a success at communication. At the NHL level the physical abilities are closely aligned. Its like playing a RPG or nowadays most FPS game. What attributes are going to give you a winning character? In hockey and even NASCAR speed kills. Of all its faults todays NHL makes it obvious that plyons like the Princess are dead dinosaurs. Those not fleet of foot must have amazing skills in other areas. Increasingly those skills are not going to pass NHL muster.

I am not alone in ripping our coach multiple new ones. So our current reality caused me to suffer through some painful cognitive dissonance. As a history major I have a unique perspective upon everything. Do not envy me, you could have easily gotten that degree. What I relish is more than hot dog coverage of human character suddenly given main stream exposure by HBO and others. Little innocents like myself grew up believing all they were taught. I was in my forties before I realized it was mostly lies. There is only one thing you need to know and I heard it from the boss. " all men want to be rich, and rich men want to be King, and the King is not satisfied until he rules everything" And as a footnote if he had said women I think for men it would be a disaster but for humankind a blessing.
So as far as the cognitive dissonance coach we have, right now he has to be exalted has the mental edge piercing the sixth astral plane, and apparently he has done it without acid,
I have been in charge of channeling the efforts of more than a dozen humans towards a mutually beneficial goal. Herding cats is an easier proposition.
If this is a team of destiny, destiny's child is eMTy.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

You have to look at the little church

Anything that has been behind any solid had been backed up by some kind of belief not totally going to float. I wish for a day when we would all say, something like we are now drowning in a a ocacan our grandfather put as a profit play. Life on this planet does not move with Adams Smiths invisible hand, no the wisdom of the planet predates his original play by circumstance, and the body of evidence.
We are animals you can put us in cages but sooner or later
it will be your death
and a sad mourning of circumstance.


I have to admit that cry from the crowd raised my eyebrows more than I would have been in similar circumstances proud. That cry erupted in a Tampa vs Montreal Canadiens playoff game. Did the locals think they were playing a game against Canada, for sure in that context the chant would be in sync, So what happened there and is this a precursor to the notion that when it comes to thinking the USA takes first place in not there.

Showing the flag is one thing, but not knowing how to host it in general is another.
I worry about the USA because they are living a myth, that now days is being torn asunder. One nation could rule the planet and there would be no push back, how nieve. The British tried it and failed it for centuries. So why did not some bright spark just say. We got a great country here, and we do not have any need to rule the planet, thats just greed I say,

Monday, 14 April 2014

drugs make money

every day in every way
there are millions
of citizens working
away to make life better
some of those are on the dime
but no matter what the motivation
they are doing things right.

In this life I have seen
there is so much to criitze
and mostly it has come from
the wrong end of a realiztion]
the only reason
they wanted contact 
with me
was to decive.

So cancer patient warriors
and drug people with PHD
that are working on low
pay for you and me
well I salute you
because you are the finest
taking your brains 
that are rare and working
them for humanity
well that is so rare

As a unworthy humanity device
just do the same 
but drop the profit advice

Jungle Cat facts

Some people want to see you
live not ugly
others just do not care
they say to justify
let you make your own world
of not worry
like a jungle cat
knowing it can not
be knocked off
as a matter of a fact


time wisks of history
move the dust so slowly
but in the end
they get the job done
if you are smart enough
or so disenfranchised that you care to notice
do not be bedeviled by historical
gathered at your windows
they all subside
most never hit home
and the worst of them
die in flames
in a battle
which they entered
rich and infallable
and were to stupid
to leave/

continuum so fantastic

Wow lets get hot
lets take the signal
and jump it up
up to a place
where even the
most jaded
can recogize
some granite
if geology
is not were you mix
ok politics
just get it started
just ket it real
just recognize
that like a doctor
what you do
every day
means people
will be here
or politics rule

Bullshit Bullshit
hard and heavy
predomitates thouhg
only in your world
If you can find a majority
living in shit
you can rule the world
but mother earth
will give you ELboa
for abusing the rules
of which we are
everyday and with every birth

I want to be subersive

I want to be subersive
I really want to
do those things
that will change the world
to make you the one
that wants to cling
to some kind of love
based upon chemistry
but that is long dead
based upon a silicon society
that might as well in the real
world be dead
bits and bytes
and bandwidth
we used to call it masturbation
but now its a romantic truth
I love your page so much
I want to expire
if you got a virus
and we could not connect
in the usual texting
of unbelievable wire
did you know that betty Sue
was only Sue
and her father
was Dick Cheney
and that how she got into Princeton
and thats not even the start of
how far our life
from Nature has grown apart
Men and  wOMEn  lived as
long as children have existed upon this land
Those living long before we suppose
did great things
even the Greeks know
democracy was a ship that
sailed long before
anyone named Jesus
could take up a row.

Today I am fat
as a matter of a fact
I could not push over
a klue Kluz man in a wheelchair
let alone a Nazi with a master plan

The big problem some people have is organization
they see the sheep grazing aimlessly
so they breed a dog to make
them do it more diligently
this is cause for celibration
among the people who
when they lose one sheep
face devastation
And so it all begins
and so it will all end.

He did not die to soon

Game of Thrones is a well told story. Has there ever been a character you wanted dead more than the little prince? And this is a story just in the middle.

Women no longer Nwords of the world

I am out for a walk
a long way from nowhere
if that place exists
in this sandbox
I gotta take a pee
I got no choice
when you gotta go
you gotta go
is my phyisiand remorse
Someone doing the same
captures my event
they tweet it out
and its bytes ill spent
but if I were a women
it would be a different story
so lets just close down
this debate
if you are born a wonmen
on this planet you face
a different fate
and we can be lords of the jungle
or just be civilized
when it comes to women
lets always make the law on their
after all they have a magical ability
they can reproduce.

One Skull one Ear Redux

Do not know you at all. But I like you. Thats a rare skill.
Obviously you exploit it, but what makes you strange
is you have the intellectual heft
as proven by the way the worm turns
to back up your stuff
A subversive with a pedigree
we have no seen that in Canada
since Darcy McGee.

The problem as you as well are sure to analyze
what is the target
we got a lot of sheep
and sheep dogs
working the fields
making some kind of economic
activity beyond the comprehension
of a border collie
Someone sometime
has to against the stream row
when then know
we are on course to go over the falls
I invested in that boat
and I thought I had built up a moat
that I just saw go over the falls.

One Skull one ear

Van Gogh left a legacy of one skull ear missing. Plus the colours in his painting all bled into each other. You have to believe I want to monetize my body parts. 

The winners I despise have made their fortune keeping people down.
I have not a single upstream swirl of progressive air about me like Dyson
If Tesla charge their batteries from me they might have a one time world record but I could not sustain that output.

Show me the money. All politics is local. You win a ground game by dominating the space you work in. We have a surplus of very smart people doing very dumb things. I would like to see local brands defeat the Irvings but would settle for slaying WALMART and Target.
I know one thing about myself I like to consume things.
I examine every thing that I consume
Everybody does
But what if there was a brand
that told you how to do it
with maximal effect on the mind
but limited effect on the body?

Game of Thrones and the great illiteracy

Special interests no matter what their stripe despise knowledge.  The pen remains mightier than the sword but in the 21st century the movement to fuse them together defies history. History is a broken record of science replacing the siren song of lobbyist. While we move forward on many fronts its remarkable how the lobbyists have reason if not in retreat under some kind of he said she said control.

Vaccines are proven to wipe out disease that previously killed millions of people and left millions more weakened for life. Yet today we have millions of idiot parents refusing to vaccine. If I was one of the infinitesimal parents of whose children received a vaccine proven safe since the 1950's who had a bad reaction or even died I would be very sad. Sad is the fact that baby was weak and probably would have died when they got the real disease. Fast forward to today. Do I trust guardasol and anti anthrax vaccines. Yes I do. However I do not think they are safe for a worldwide database.  The risk of taking these cures outweighs living vaccine free IMHO. So many promises of science have been proven not to be infallible. Someone not a God has to make the call when the cure is worth the tradeoff for the good of us all. That used to be what we electected people to be.  Some kind of human being who would make gODlike decisions on our behalf.

Now we have human beings who make godlike decisions  because they are human.

Some people call those who think aboot actions and consequences elite. In war the successful ones we call generals. Right up to WW2  being a General was a smooth ride to the top of the world. McArthur ruined that for everyone with his crazy love to be the focus of the sun. After that people in the freeest nation in the world
that were the fire, police and inteligene attack on the Nazi bilovoak,  saw
he was just craving some kind of empire based upon his questionable views.
Okay sports fans think aboot this
I got a winning team, we win every event we care about for 6000 years.
We cut the cocks of all our draft picks
cause it frees their mind to higher regards
It is a system that worked for six thousand years
I believe that is longer than the leaf
have missed the playoffss

We got a operating system today
The biggest provider
is called USA
can this system
work when
the cockroaches
are the perk.

My point is if you want to know
read the books. 

Thorium free at last?

It seems so much better than Uranium. Is this the greatest resource to be held back ever? Watch for the 100 MPG carburetor to be revealed next week!  Full speed ahead with this tech. BTW Bill Gates for one is all in!

Ping Ping MH370?

Is this just another red herring in this mystery. The pings give cover to the official story, as weird as that is.

Yes We Have No Banana's

Monocultures are dangerous to human existence. Politically, ethnically, religiously and most important food. ThinkAboot that when considering GMO foods.

ThinkingAboot oily bits -Climate Change

Climate Change, Tar Sands and non binding referendums - Kitamat BC is ground zero in the Climate Change cost benefit  experiment. Despite the overwhelming corporate and political forces thrown at a local group organized by a postman, the Tar Sands lost 40% to 60%. This is the end of the Gateway Pipeline, maybe Keystone as well.

All I have read about the North American Energy Sector is how fracking has changed the equation. Yet despite this flood of new supply, consumer prices for natural gas and oil continue to soar. Ironically for the tar sands its a snake eating its tail. Can't make oil from tar without hugely ineffective use of Natural gas. As I have said before the tar sands is like a Goodfellas Bustup where the Government is the Mob and the people of Canada are the patsys.

Thinkingaboot tidbit - Managed Democracy

Canadian Free Elections Act  - an Orwellian three act play. In USA its the real deal Republicans think they can suppress the vote with a slickness that will bear fruit. Surely Harper knew this was not on in Canada. So he set up a straw man called vouching. In the end he will coincide vouching and try and slip in the true anti democratic vote management measures.

Thinking aboot tidbits -Ukraine

Ukraine - Looks like a soft Russian takeover of the East. As I have said before you do not tug on Supermans cape, you don't piss into the wind, and you do not start a land war in central Asia. Neocons never learn.  Unfortunately when they mis play the Great Game everybody else suffers. Follow the money, who wins from High Energy Prices? Who wins from arm sales? Who wins from Global divisions?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mommy I see Monsters

Yep your kid has been watching the news in North America, Mexico and way too many other countries. But what about the countries where monstors are rare and children can watch the news without fear. Do those countries as they do, simple solution to a complicated problem.

After all its all about the children is it not. If this is really  true bring in a team from Finland to manage the USA until the adults have learned thier lessons.

Friday, 11 April 2014

NHL Playoffs

I played hockey, not well. But I think I study it with insider knowlege. My team is the Montreal Canadians. I can not understand how PK Subban can win the Norris Trophy for being flamboyant and now that is seen as a bad thing?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why I do not answer the phone anymore

You see its like lions
when they identify some prey
it will lead to bloodlust
if I hear something so bad
on the phone
that I would take
any other way

We are talking about
its coming through
our pipes
the onslaught it
and I can not
protect the pipes
Flood me with
your come on
to the point I break down
one more chicken
roastin on the barbaque
of the down,.

RIP Jim Flaraty

He was first and foremost a Canadian. I can not speak about other current so called  Conservatives so well. He did a tough job.  His like will be missed.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Not moving on

I am a survivor and I know thats true
my latest problem 
was deep
and I asked the VP
but there was no solution
My Itunes would not work
when I moved my mouse
So when there was no solution
did I pack it in
no my friends
I attached my Iphone
to the stereo
and here I 
am living large
and getting tunes
blasing alfredo
Now I tell you about 
this as babies
and I know there
are more sophistacted
people around.
We got to get our sound
we got to get our light
we got to have a routine
that does not make
]a 36 waste tight.

model gone bad

I walk the line
no I walk the line
really I walk the line
yesterday and today and tomorrow
I walk the line
I see everything divine
I know at the top
this is just a small
percentage of the plan
Increasingly it seems our leaders
just know its going to collapse
therefore they behave like
the last members
on a sinking life raft
Humans are at the core
stink in cannibals
we will do anything
possible despite the
consequences to eat better
or have a bigger house
or a better car
lets not talk about the men
that shot a real partner
because she was not
long necked and young
So given the choice
I got to bet on
the elimination of the human race
and maybe thats what
the big bang is all about
Our gods set off something
in a laboratory seeking
some new way
to make things

and we just failed.

Americans have lost their minds to fear

The police are supposed to be there to serve and protect. Not to project power. What purpose does a vehicle like this give to the stated goal.
If the goal is to intimate and distract and protect the fascist it makes sense. Talk about wasted scarce resources.

Electric bike gear shifter

Performance enhancement aside just getting rid of the cables is enough to entice me. For now thats all because it cost is in the two thousand dollar range. 

Is HD digital audio a scam?

I am questioning my faith!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wish I could go back in time

Where would I go
what would I do
there would be some
pain for the future
no matter what
timeline I pursue

I would go to
old America before
she had been borne
and made them
acknowlege a charter of right
do not worry about slavery
its really not a salient point
but giving human rights
to corporations
thats a despot
I would slant


You know yourself and when it comes
to giving your first in line
if the cause is worthy
you scrape down to your
last disposable dime
now should such cause
be tax deductible that giving
gets better over time.

I want to give so much
I want to see a Canada
where America can eat
at our brunch.

I rod a few fancy horses
but lost to Virgina
can we not
make a level
playing field
where a Canadian horse
can compete
full time.

Pump up the voume

It can make the lame
sound alright
if your skilled
enough and desperate
for a hit
it becomes a soundtrack
for a dead rose
You talk to BOB
and you will not
carry on like that
Everyone he had ever
known who was white
and not from his home
took everything they
could steal from his art
collection and they did it so
with anglo saxon zeal
this black story can
not be fueled
We got no
places lower we can go
so lets snuff this stuff
while our randy
coke smoking princess

How could an individual exceed the limit

I have never wanted to be part of a two on one. Yes I can see the attraction of those that would paddle their boats in alternity.  Now it may be very progessive and world changing to expect like Ranger Lothbrok that you could have damesi in every respect, As this series expects you to do think about the way,
we see women and just do not give them credit everyday. Rangar Lothork who could not read an write gave humanity more respect than the republicanism who I say without prejudice by evidence are the borg

The world is built upon Gilligans Island do not fake me
If your a critic you have a a limited life span
so who takes that job, I guess its me.

I will say all political parties are filled with filth
that is the normal way.
We got the filth of humanity
pointing us in the right way

How could I be so cynical
we have no more slavery
that is the right way
We see Gays and other
people who do not
meet our meter as normal
as usual freaks
You can not mount
a forceful attack upon the
ballasts of reality
like they have for
a century
Rejoice human
there is some intelligence
the clouds of climate change
will not change our stance
and we will save humanity
regardless of stupidity.

On being timeless

I paint a picture that is muddled off colour and even befuddled. I do not accept the world the way it is. Those who thought we could ignore slavery are still in charge and they use the same old skills to make what should be a simple a victory something that causes good thinking citizens to think they are on the cusp of some victory for those that would deceive.

We live in a world where facts are used
as a weapon to give the writers of the same
a heart attack

No matter what Ayn Rand or Adam Smith said
there is a kind of reality compnet
that one would of freard and the other just said
hey I never imagined the goverment
would interfere with what I said
but on the otherhand I never thought
so many lobbyist
would use my words
to make their special interests
mock the words
me without the knowledge of modern economics

We are fucked
we are humans
this is our discovery
form which I am sure
at one time during our
life cycles
the great apes fled.

Change without stuggle is an OXY Moron

If we teach nothing else in the quest to be excellent, we got to let the children know that people behind the oxy moron are in control.
There was a time not so long ago
leaders were fearless
and determined no matter 
what their flaws
to propel their society
ahead of it time.
Now we are increasingly looking back
the challenges of living modern
are the best plan of attack
Sure I have no solutions
but if you remeber back
I was a sweetheart
who had all the answers
when your bra
I did attack.
To rule a modern country
you need more than
folk tales
and false economics
you got to have best
in your first grasp at the
tool belt.
We got the big data
and now more than ever
we can understand
that the people in power
are making a medieval last stand
For them there is really no loss
except not having people bow
and scrape as they moved past
in respot.
For us all, yes you and me
from the person on the grate
in the middle of winters hurt
to Richard Branson 
not choosing to live in 
a gated community mansion
there is great hope.
Love the sinner 
hate the soap
yes thats the opera
but we may go wagerin
Broomhilda clones
will be there for everyman
that might chose to lay
down with God.
Me myself I would take a different
path because
I am not worthy

You Should Not Do That

We all know that when we are doing that. And So it goes. In this world no matter how you lawyer up or buy the press it remains a fact.

Art of War

This is a truth of 6000 years of history we have embraced. If combat is envitable it works well but what about peace? Smart monkeys as we are we know the first instict is to beat the brains out of the opposition.  But that result is not moving forward in any actual event. So lets just spill our guts before the CIA does the same somewhat. The future is here, anything we could imagine in our youth is now here for people to market and serve to the populations needing relief.

The question that should be on every glad hand
is can the world sustian all the people
you have on the master plan.

I do not have a great footprint around
size ten in the master plan
but all those size thrirteen
that have sprung up in the last half
century will need some kind of accomindation
I give this warring to the masters of the universere
you think you can control shoe size
you will be the first on the bonfire
when we hit the great fail.

Backpedeal now
tell the world what
will happen if you fail
there will be a panic
but at least you
got a couple of weeks
to stock up the cellar well

Why Kill the Jews?

Kill the Juice, hit them in the JEWels. If you misunderstood it was because I asked too much. Kill the Juice is what the haters say because in the 21st century you can not make a universal statement like that about a recognized entity without prison time in the civilized world. But you can still call for death to environmentalist, or stoners, or pacifist. Dear Leader McSplooges on the Jews. That is why he needs to be hit by the Jews in the Jewels. Harper panders to every entities Lizard brain. His 24/7 Harpo podcast should be called Lizard Brain Stimulation. Just as real people in Quebec indicated that the dog whistles of the PQ hurt their ears, Harpo will find that divide and conquer only works in great games like Risk. People living in Sim City are much smarter.

Kill the Jews was once an easy exit from stupid circumstance. Now we have moved on to kill the muslims. Progress is not perfect.

The Pono Player

I lived through all the technical wonder of  advancing Hi Fi. The CD (16 Bit 44 hrz) turned out to be a barrier to further advancement that has been very difficult to breach. Neil Young is making a spirited try and breaking down the walls of technology and commerce that have kept musical masterpieces largely unavailable. Yes you can download FLAC 32 bit 194 Hrz files today. But its the equivalent of having a reel to reel in 1977.

Hopefully the Pono Player will be successful. A huge part of this would be for the record companies to give us a break. Any music older than twenty years should be sold at cost plus 10%. If I buy a HD download for some music I will have bought the 45, LP, eight track, cassette and CD version already. Enough is Enough!

I am full of confusion because science says the Pono is bullshit. Its the source material that need to be better not the player. 16 bit 44 Krz is all we need,

Friday, 4 April 2014

Go You FuCHing Habs Go!

When my Habs have a remarkable chance to do some damage in the playoffs.It tickles Pavlovan joy in my sport gene stimulating streams of consciousness cascading  excitement.  Indisputably interesting times.
Filled with hope, for a cup and a ring for that dang team.
Refueling memories that keep the faith burning like a flower
that rarely produces seed in Spring

At the last possible moment  moved Vanek
into the Stanley Cup sweeps. Literally and figuratively
fated to carry the team along with him. MB busted a legendary move
acquiring a Frank Mahovlich  instead of a Peter. Its Vanek that has the league in a panic. Prior his arrival the team was not running on all cylinders. Just because they put you on the powerplay does not mean your a threat, just like standing in a garage does not make you a car. Vanck has dialed up the scoring dashboard exponentially. He is a Porsche driving the Autobahn line racing to the cup.

MT is not a lousy coach. I must eat a lot of crow for both him and DDD,
I just wish he could make the rest of the team react so exact.
 What is wrong with PK rushing the puck? Why not let him play firewagon hockey, make him a Queen like a  Bishop in a Knight combined!When he makes a rush where is the set play, where is an open man to pass off to?Certainly its hard to find open ice and this may be Eller's greatest weakness as well. Is he a bad passer or no one to pass to as well? Put together a highlight reel of Lars season and its going to be mostly filled with penalties for being a Viking.

Now that Montreal has clinched a spot they should be bringing up some rookies and plug them in. If we can platoon two rookies TinTin and NB through the playoffs we have peaked in Hybrid Range Rover Autobiography level luxury. Having your 3rd pair fresh every night turns hamburger into a cheap steak. A  plug in hybrid defence. Therefore building this craft should be MB's number one payoff activity moving forward. Home ice advantage should not be rejected outright. However combining the synergy of a higher draft pick and a hybrid defence is a winner.

As for the rest he has not been terrible. Notwithstanding, that the capabilities of Supercomputers would fail to decipher the code behind; ice time allocation, combining of lines, and just overall the completely puzzling counter intuitive handling of personal. Making the playoffs with Cup potential and all must be forgiven. Any coaching move now is going to be a disaster unless the coach replacement is a all star playing one.  Even so your manic Sam Pollock considers the opportunity cost of continuing on with this clown.

Every fan except Philadelphia, Boston and Toronto fears for the worst every game. Maybe the team will be flat, as lost on the ice as Stephen Harper's agenda.  Assume Montreal is the people and the Government is the League. The team from Fort McMurry is beating up the environment, taking all the subsidies,  the dirtiest team ever assembled.  This is the kind of epic battle that could take place. Justin vs Dear Leader. 

Toronto fans never fear because they are hockey zombies picking over a half century of cadaver, blissfully  immune from reality tripping in cognitive dissonance.  Country Comcast teams fear the boardroom and its stripped minions like Al Capone feared the Chicago PD. Jumping over this hurdle will never be easier. Fortunately keeping Karma intact Philly has been bad managered out of the playoffs. The Shaved Ape in Boston is more like a Phanef with hockey sense. The Princess picks up the puck and begins to lumber up the ice, like a logging truck on a twisting ice road. Suddenly Dion wonders "where did I leave my car keys"  

Tampa is going to be a challenge. Les boys are going to be better in blasphemy, scoring on a Bishop. Ottawa gave him away for a bag of pucks for some reason. We will know it when the puck drops. Every member of the team with have finally hone the maneuvers of attack, exploiting the kink.

My PeePee song!

Go You FuCHing Habs! Go You FuCHing Habs GO! Go You FuCHing Habs GO! Go VonT and Patches, carry DDD on your shoulders. Go You FuCHing Habs Let PK exploit and back up his rush, TFS can put lipstick, high heels on the fishnet mistakes and we will score more than we waste. Go You FuCHing Habs GO! Lego you got back your parts now EGG it to the Man, please be Ragnar Lodbrok more of the time. Go You FuCHing Habs GO! SuperpleXXXe be super and Gio Giant. Go You FuCHing Habs GO!  Vodkov drink it in, her comes your Cup ring Go You FuCHing Habs Go! Keep calm Carey is on, TFS will save the day when daddy knows nervous, he  has to lower the drawbridge cause the castle must not fall,  all it takes is one Buttman call! Go You FuCHing Habs Go! Ride the AUTOBAHN down the line Go You FuCHing Habs Go! Plan the parade, same as last time Go You FuCHing Habs Go!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Invisible Hand Masturbators

( I love the question. This is an intellectual exercise. There is an M in goverment, so his reference to the Market tells me he believed in big goverment) 

Their ejaculation is profit. Their porn is screwing the holi poli for hard earned income. There was a time when merely viewing the vacuuming of disposable income was good enough. But today the big hard on is for quasi monopolies and bound necessities like water, power, transport and waste.

Unsafe at any speed. The X cars. Its not like GM had no warning bad engineering could lead to unnecessary deaths. Just one of these near death experiences should have changed GM into Volvo North America.  What level of rot exists in corporate America that the $0.57 death panel wins the argument?

Fukushima, Enron, Duke Energy and the list of corporate immunity charge preps go on and on and on. Love Canal is now a honeymoon destination for those who want to take a chance on good mutations. Monsanto has a near monopoly on something as insignificant as the food supply. Government which once was universally admired as a defence against these proxies of Neo Nobility,  is now a leading cheerleader.

Its never to late. WAKE UP ZOMBIES!!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The $8000 dollar table where all the value is in the wood.

Holzano delivering 50,000 year old woodies.
H/T Gizmodo

2014 Worlds Greatest Buildings

Like everyone who ever put two Lego blocks together I am a frustrated Architect. Click here to see the work of 49 people who paid the price of admission.

You are what you eat and you

H/T Business Insider

If you dont not need no stinking watch

I have owned two solar watches, one cheap and worked great, another an expensive German brand that never worked right. IMHO wrist watches are trending like pocket watches, but if I was to buy another these would be the type I would seek. Currently when I wear I have a Swatch Skin, and a Swiss Army Orginal as a backup. My RADO is waiting for a Museum to call.