Thursday, 29 January 2015

I am the exiction

never, neverr, but at some rality this must be fuckreality for this execution

Polyglot Vs Isolationists

This conflict is all backwards in our real world. Those fighting for leave us alone are all over there. Those fighting for its a big world lets just get alongon our own doorstep are drownded out.

I have no special insight. I have just been lucky.
Anyone who has had the chance to make 
my journey would conclude the same
I could not say it better than Sting
to paraphrase
What if those eviel people
loved their children too

I have been from Halifax to Hanszoo
and the one thing I have noticed
above all
and its an important thing
is that people enjoy
having fun 
over everthing serious
or artificale

I have seen poverty so
striking it would make you weep
but in some strange absract

these people may be
happier than the one percent

I grew up in a village and that logic
works for me.
Native people from China in North America
and the hippes ruled
then came the white man
with all those rules
and they will always
claim it was democracy

If you can read you know one thing
no one can fool me anymore
if I take the time to establish 
what are words and what
is the essentail truth
and just like a photgraphe
lies will never be protrayed
in a true picture of humanity

Yes its easy to bash the leaders of today
because they never say what is true
Nothing has changed historically
its just that nowdays
the lies build up to 
the point where the leader
is no longer in majorituy

Building a Lego world

Hey lets thank the Danish for creating a product the exemplivies life in every way. Like Modern Vikings the people of the North have pushed their way of living upon us in a most rational way. Like some kind of human plastic sacrifice.

Rangor Lothbrok was the George Washington of change. There are two kinds of leaders and we always choose the same. But the surfer we should embrace, ride the wave, work with the power of nature to achieve the same Nirvanaa all people who adapt to nature in a expotential nature feel real.

I turly belive I am nothing more than a better squirel in this life. I sure know I love my nuts, I see from my backdoor the squirrels running around in a spectatular nature. So what is my differance from this kenetic. Is it greater force like gunpowder and kentic kill from above? 

I do not know anything, I just thinkaboot things. If somehow we could call a truce to just thinkaboot all the reasons we kill each other and never call a truce could be decided, I would be online so much favorite,

If you do not believe in my world your a star
there is a black hole into which humanity has sunk
but I believe  in human gravity
expressed best
in Interstellar

Music that travels

Its not a boom beat behind spoken slang
thats rap
and its a dead 
negro brand

Who let the dogs out
was it Albert
or was it going down
deep into the problem
seeking the orgians

I am no racist
and I have no
thinking that
says humans
should behave

All humans are 
built that way

Yet we look at statistics
and informed views
and to say the least
humanity had
and to this day
favorite breeds

favorite breeds
produce some output
I can sell on the stockmarket
as reliable souces of income
today I got the blues

because this life of wonder
and fantasy that I did choose
is so full of holes 
that the Tea Party
has abandoned me
in my unempolyment 
due to being straight

I am Gay about finance
let the sun shine
Let the world 
discover everthing

everhting important
is in your heart
have you never taking
a Va Kay
in a forigen land

A place where the populace
was 24 seven on your 
Did you feel like King Tut
or an asshole

As the powers that be
seem to be determined
against all facts
to flush our beautiful
reality down the toliet
in an efforrt to bring into line
this country with all the successful
dictartorships sailing
not only in this time
but with greater sails
in what came before
with less opposition/

Best Time Travel Movies

Everybody would like a do over no matter how seemingly perfect the first draft of their personal history was. Personal history is a total environment. The reason the JFK assassination resonates so strongly is that its easy for the lay person to imagine a world where he had not been killed. Now we paint a better future on this blank canvas because its human nature. Nevertheless its clear that human nature is a wondrous thing allowed to bloom unfettered by the remnants of the lizard brain.

That's why Interstellar gets my vote as the best Time Travel movie ever. Movies are the most refined expression of human desire. If a picture is worth a thousand words even a bad movie tickles the lizard somewhat. A great movie hits every scale of humanity. Interstellar played me like a grand piano, a harp with the strings played by an expert.

The boundary between science fiction and fantasy is ill defined. My definition is that science fiction is built upon some technology. Dilithem crystals versus the magic mirror. Its science vs superstition on the big screen.

When a creator asks me to suspend my disbelief its not a big ask. Its human nature to never be satisfied and fantazie. As an aside the biggest failure of humanity is that we collectively make it so difficult to turn fantasy into reality.
With enough money we can make the most fantastical dreams come true.

The majority of time travel movies have no science behind their travel. The ones that use science have mostly escaped reality. Interstellar has some plausibility in what we know about the universe. There is no more magic in instellar than there is in the microwave that is in every kitchen. 

The fact that Interstellar producers knew enough about human nature to create a film based upon science is not a first. However its the first big budget movie time travel movie that has physicist probability attached.

In the future learning will be an advanced video game. Interstellar was a learning experience that was both painless and a harbinger of the uplift humanity is going to get soon.

In summary I like Interstellar.

Now on to the lesser movies.

My second movie is Primer. Its just so pure. Its not a big movie, it just makes you think. Its like the reality version of Cloud Atlas, I do not understand it, but it moved me to another place and time.

Edge of Tomorrow.
Magical science for sure. However a great movie. A out of the box plot.
Long after people forgot Tom Cruise hopped on a couch, this movie will be playing religiously in the homes of the informed.

The Philadelphia Experiment

I like movies with a veneer of reality. This B movie has deep truths.

Planet of the Apes
The story of evolution told backwards was in French.  The  French gave the world democracy and this is a missile at the heart of our fascist superstates.


Twelve Monkeys
A serious Monty Python sketch. Historic view of future history.

A very B movie starring Chris Kirsotffison. But a brilliant thought train with a compelling scientific solution to contemporary human infestation of the ecosystem.
It was made in 1989 and becomes more real every day.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home
Explaining Trekkyism is like explaining a freaky religion. I am a Trekkie, can not speak Klingon but admire the effort. This 1986 movie had everything a Trekkie could worship.

Time cop
Why why why you ask do I rate Time cop above Terminator? The answer Jean Paul.

Maybe I am a harsh critic but Terminator broke no new ground. It was a great sythithis of everything.  It remains one of the most influential movies in human history. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Eldon Musk are telling everyone who will listen right now that artificial intelligence is the biggest risk humans have ever gambled upon. Terminator brought that idea home. In the end when we must take action against AI it might be the thing that saved humanity.

Then again we can not take action against the dictators that rule this planet
so what fantasy do we live in that we might expect we could defeat a cold clinical version devoid of human foibles representing the 1%.

I may or may not have reviewed some of these movies. If you like the cut of my jib, sail here.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Harper lied and unnecessarily Canadian Soldiers will die

Harper has gone cowboy in Iraq. Canada is the only country with troops on the front line. The question is why? Our allies including the USA say there is no need for the risk. What is Harper trying to prove? He doe not care about soldiers lives? They are just political props, human wedges for him to use?

Monday, 26 January 2015

The Revolution Begins in Greece

Look at what is notably missing (not tied down) from this photo of Alexis Tsipras as he is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Greece. What also seems to be missing is his belief in voodoo economics. Greece may die under his rule, but it will no longer be a Zombie shuffling about on the behest of the Giant Squid.

Iceland was the first nation to reject debt slavery. Ireland faced with almost identical offers of indenture sold out. Greece also capitulated. Now the worm has turned or so it seems. Stay tuned, the financial world might get a zero haircut. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Taken 3 (2014)

Taken 3 has accomplished its primary goal of sucking the last dollar out of Liam Neeson fans. We should feel good because he got $20 million of the $45 million dollar budget. We should feel bad because its a ridiculous movie. Saying that about a movie in the Taken tradition means its way out there in disbelief la la land. Mills never tells the bad guys about his skill set, he does not even kill that many people. This movie relied on explosions and car chases over use of special skills. 

There is a baby in this movie, the plot should have been the baby has been eaten by dingos. Rotten Tomatos gave it 10%.  If you liked Taken 2 which I did, this movie is about as big a drop off as it was from Taken One.

Two point one stars

Friday, 23 January 2015

Coat that looses Keys

I just got one.  Pockets seem deep enouph, but hardly adequate.  Apparel by the Egyptians.

Mallory she is standing next to me

29 Billion Dollars in a single source non compete contract for ships that are already obsolete

That's serious.
But seriously for one tenth the money'
equip the current version of the dash 8 
with missiles
as a drone
cover way more territory efficiently
with less boots on the ground

Age of Oil is over

Just ask today
Saudi Arabia

They may not be human rights
but the one thing they know
is the price of oil

The age of goverment is over for most nations

Goverment can not provide all solutinon like the free market promises.
So we are all now Hong Kong

How wrong we where, how far we have come, and how much is left to be done!

I grew up completely oblivious to homosexuality. I cant really remember if I used Cocksucker as an epitaph, certainly not before I was my mid teens and even then did not equate it with being Gay. Now I knew about effeminate males. Yes we made fun of the very few obviously , but nothing really mean. We might tease them about skipping. I had a beloved music teacher who had been my friend since I was 10 years old. He was the driving force for decades behind the glee club at the high school.  When I was in grade six he produced Mary Poppins. I was selected to play the male kid. When I made high school I was in the glee club for five years. I never thought of him as Gay.  

About Grade 11 being Gay was thrust into my reality. We had two male teachers living together. Still they were not openly Gay, it was like broke back mountain. I remember at the time knowing they were Gay, I would of at the time used the F word or Queer. One of the pair was my theatre arts teacher. It was the only credit I failed in high school.

Around this time I had my first really Gay experience.  Running away from home I went to Toronto with four of my friends to see Supertramp. Which in the words of Neil Young was one of the pleasures of my life.  One of my most vivid memories of this trip was seeing openly Gay men on the streets of Toronto. In particular there was this one man holding hands with another man. He was wearing a solid brown t shirt and jeans. He looked like Ned Beatty circa Deliverance. (as an aside we said squeal like a pig at least twice a day for at least six months after seeing that film) His t had a pocket. In this pocket was a teddy bear. This was a fashion statement that to this day I found  confusing.  At the time it was shocking. Today I would love to walk around with a talisman.

The other lingering Gay memory of this trip was our vow to come back to Church St on Halloween to throw eggs at the Gays. In the seventies it was a Toronto Tradition. Also a tradition the Vice squad busting Gay bath houses.
As we Belize today yet another example of a failure to implement best practises.
Humans have risen to the top of the food chain using one application. It has many names but best practises works for me.

I gave up on organised religion about age 7 when Sunday school had no logical answers to my obvious questions about the Jesus story. I never had a religious reason to be anti Gay. I think men who like anal intercourse are trending Gay on the sexual dashboard. I make no judgement on that. Because as one of the greatest leaders ever said " the government has no place in the bedrooms of its citizens". I am a go along get along kind of person in general. So it is easy for me to conclude being Gay is like having blue eyes, just part of your DNA. 

However DNA assignment is still confusing. Why would a organism be programmed not to procreate. I speculate that Gay people are part of the Evolutionary Chain that have reached the next level. Evolution never stopped.
So its possible Gay people are further evolved.

I offer as an anecdote the story of Alan Turning. Conveniently it has been made into a movie called the imitation game. Digital living is now indispensably. Yet the man who made this possible was cast out. If I had a way to say baby I love your way for Alan Turning I would broadcast it.

Maybe you know I am a history major. Currently its a designation of disgust
and wasted opportunities. Much like the Imitation Game, how could a history major design a device that would create the future. Well I tell you now
all you crystal analyst and Apocalypse predictors. History majors do our jobs like referees on humanity. When we are not bought and sold, we tell the world
that the past and present are foretold.

No there is nothing mystical about it. In fact it is way simpler than mathematics.
Math is hard. No really math is fucking hard. It takes a very hard mind to do math. Mathematicians are human computers. Garbage in garbage out, its up to historians to give them the code. Physicist exist in a different universe. Did you know that a PHD in physics is philosply? Mathematicians punch the numbers physicist interpret the language of God.

So now back to Alan Turning, homosexuals and the Imitation Game.
Watch this movie and if you still have problems with Gays you are a target rich environment for the Taliban or ISIS. 

Both of which were if not invented heavily subsidised by the Illuminati.
Say the name Illuminati
what does that mean to you
what do you understand
and knowing that
what are you prepared to do?

Well let me tell you
what I speculate
and really it 
does not matter
how much you
the only breakthrough
I hope for
is for you 
to realise
aside from love
everything you believe
about history
is only slightly true

Jews Jews Jews
its always about the Jews
Jews where the first 
start up
someone maybe Moses
figured out the code
tribal script
is great but
it needs
a great update
So Moses
rewrote the code
and created a great Jewish Nation
no one could compete
so Hitler tried to shut them down

The Holocaust was not about belief
it was a code war
Hitler realised that the best of the west code
was no match for the Jewish android

Hitler may have seen proposals from
many operating system experts
I expect just like me he said
fuck it, just eliminate this virus.
That is the true reason the Jews
where targets, they could not be controlled
by the current code

Still there is the Illuminati 
the remnants of Templar's

Templar's made a lot of money
in a short time
because they were smart
and well connected
The pope was
not well positioned
on this rope
and he ordered them all killed.

Now if you think I present freaky history
this is one point upon which we  can all agree
Templar's where slaugterd in a cowardly way
because some Pope dreamed of being Hitler

History is confusing. I always say that is why
you can never be a history major.

People like a simple narrative
where wrong and right
as real as summer breeze.

A summer breeze has brought
so many horrors to power
I would want to eliminate
the construction of any 
device that could 
harness that wind

Right now, right here
we do not need poetry
what we need is voters
cause as big as tribes
there is a simple democracy
when a leader crosses
a line
the lions will eat him fine

The problem that exist
for all society
is that the leaders
have the softer
that tells them 
how hard to push
and when to fall back
and when to assault 
the public
with an 
propaganda attack
given to the naive populous
using tools that cost millions
on the budget they appear
as helpful
but in reality they 
are so sophisticated
and preselected
upon the theory
we have a lizard brain
and that is open to 

Monday, 19 January 2015

We have a whole socity that buys who would I like to fuck overall

When the plumber shows up
at the wedding
it gets messy

You know what
most of us can 
not afford to 
drift between
failed relationships

My partner is not perfect
though I truly believe
compared to me

I expect the same evaluation
from anyone
who loves someone
the most

Love is a village
Love is what makes
us post
Love is ever thing
and as a Kinky Institute Study
the Philippines 
are where you will
find love hits you the most

Not going down on the Pines
these people I know a little bit
they are smart
they are attractive
and the only reason they are
down is as usual
the government
When you live in the third
world no one hopes for improvement
Jesuse Christ and Ivey 
that would mean loss of market share

So we marketeers  controlling the UN
keep pumping money to the poor
that ends up in shopping malls
that no one can afford.

A male doctor looking at a viagina

For those men that are not aroused we have a term: Gay
For those men that can control their animal instincts we have a term:doctor

Hawkwye saved the life of thousands of men. He was not the American Sniper. If your a Canadian you should be impressed by Dr Bethune. Apperently dispite the fact he saved enough lives to make MAo SURE 
he could counterattack he was a total hound. Does that make him a villian today? No not saving Mao, just going all anti socialist on women.

I say, and its a good plan. Given the fact its 2015 there are enough women to look at viaginas that men need not apply.

Men shooting the shit aboot who they would like to fuck!

Its a fact ladies most men do it all the time. It dont mean nothing because if it did, the question Ginger or Mary Anne, Veronica or Betty, Betty or Wilma would not be part of popular culture. For the record I am for Ginger, and Betty.

Even a dentist could not drill into mens minds how wrong this is.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fake World Blues

We live in a fake world
and for a period of time
it has served us inevitably well
the south was built with slave
and it remains a powerhouse today

At the end of the day
we have to eat
we need clothes
and entertainment
the south is all 
about that

Meanwhile were the thinking goes on
talking about both coasts
the people are freaking out
seems Mathus 
was a math major 
after all
there is no way to square a cube
when there in not enough oxygen
to fill a space station
so vast
that men just crawl over the surface
moving flags and other rags
telling us its part of
our collective
sacred truths
that were formed
for the most part less
than two thousand years ago
but what we know
it that humans have been 
doing human things
for near a billion years
and in all that time
we never got one call from
he just left us to do 
our own thing.

Today two thousand years later
can we not just agree
that man has always
been top of the food chain
and top of mind greedy

Everything you leaned as a kid
was kept leaning
towards theocracy
what a great place that would be
Where God told you 
what and where
and a thousand flowers bloomed
just to go there

American Sniper lights up a target rich Giant Squid

If you love American Sniper
I got to tell you
right now
your understanding
of the world
is Dick. (Dick Nixon edition)

A righteous man or army
comes to your town
are you going to 
salute or fight back?

And by the way America
lost the war in Iraq
by a Superbowl blowout
so put that epoch
on the statue 
for the vets of
on your lawn

American Sniper projects
unlimited power at the viewer
but the fact is
America can not control
Ferguson Missouri
let alone Iraq

America needs dumbfucks like Kyle
and they breed them every day
raised on Honey Boo Boo
and Judge Judy
they will stand up
when the call
for heroes
is the only thing
on the tray
of a menu 
that should be way more diverse
and solve problems where
force projection is always the 
first option and can do no worse.

Taking out Saddam and Khadfi Duck
both brilliant moves
getting down on the ground
and trying to direct the chaos
losing lites

Sooner or later the rubber hits the road
and its way cheaper than bullets
to inform
we got these things called I pads
lets drop them along with sanitary
napkins if we really want to get 
the people onside.

Divide and conquer is a strategy
not even written in Chinese
Make no mistake all patriots
this is what is going on
big time

If the Illuminati finally achieve the goal
of taking over the world
there are only two obstacles
China and Russia

I dont know what I should
fear worse
China, Russia or the Illuminati?

Competition my son
keeps us on our toes
and delivering the things
humans need
for all time

Saturday, 17 January 2015

People are freaking out all over the world

Not  content with suicide they want to make the news.
Thats a tough problem to handle
but as the people at NASA

nothing is impossible
so lets invest that way
because more than
a colony at Mars
I want to go to a coffe shop
without AK 47

Be a contrarion to make money

The Swiss Franc debaulbe is the icing on the cake of the Peak Oil  base.
Whatever they tell you in public is the thing you must invest against most in 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Men and Woeman on the hinge

I refuse to believe the may and December
couples work
without a lot
of financial grease
call me compromised

There is just no fucking
way in real
life these young ones
with so much going for'
marry people
their fathers
talk about abuse
all you want
the daugthers 
fathers is a 
case in point.

voting the status quo

A death sentance 0 0 9 0 proven by not weasal words  but history

There are so many ways to make a Fortuene and get oiut of town

Thats why despite the critics. Worms paid by bactreia,
Fuck those we do not have a big enough 
gun to take out. The fact of the matter 
is that for  cost constriants most of society
is going that way.

Rum Sodomy and the Lash!

I got it for Christmas and its Brilliant! (Re Mastered) The phrase widely attributed to Sir Winston Churchill is a great metaphor for institutions bound by tradition that are countervailing windmalls of actual breeze compared to all the hot air that is the least efficient energy every generated emanating from the current holders of the tradition.

Islam today is filling a void of dispossess Western values Zombies with Beards, Sodomy and the lash. When I say Islam today its pretty much like the USA today. A place where Honey Boo makes headlines and Nancy Grace is taken seriously.

The Revenge of the Green Dragon has little to do with Hong Kong. The existential question the movie asks and answers is why do Chinese people indenture themselves for the duration of morality for a chance to be a permanent dishwasher or prostitute in America? 

The answer is so instructive and goes to the root causes of why normal hockey playing teenagers want to kill you most of all. The Western world carefully formed by the British Empire over centuries and expertly taken over by the first colony has Occidental or on purpose created a digital world where no one really succeeds, otherwise Gwyneth Partrow would shut the fuck up.

Try harder baby your not satisfying me. Try harder baby the writing is on the wall. Try harder baby the prophets have been comprised by Wall Street and the City, and we both know there is no way you gain admittance up there.

Did ya know the people living in the mansions in the sky
have a term for us people down there
as they float above us
like some kind of virus
we are just Muppet's
to them
Intelligent puppets
that can always
be pulled 
by a string.

The string is not something 
its everything
Separate the mark 
from his cash

Okay we know the communists
made the parade worse
but socialists
seem pretty strong
in the balance
between right and wrong

But it all comes down to the culture
and what the living
see as sane

France is Paris in my minds eye
Fucking crazy irrational thinkers
creating reality out of dreams
and when you walk the cobblestone
streets you see right in your face
they have proven
what thought means

I could go on and on about
the Northern European Countries
and how they have it all figured out
if only the rest of the imperial world
would let the people twist and shout!

The reason is pretty clear
Freud identified it long ago
its insecurity
Look if you inherit the crown
a very heavy piece of jewelly
to wear
you have to prove something
I can not think of a case over time
is not that your stupid.

Lets go back to Islam. Do not TV preachers
in America prove the truth to the devout.
Its good to be infallible.

Saudi Arabia is the heart of our current problem
and they must be called to account.
I know somethings
and wonder about everything else
maybe I have had some experiences
in other universes that
are instructive

One time I touched down on a dessert planet
much like Dune
but they had no spice
they had this magical dinosaur carcass fuel
and the beasts it seems where
not even buried six feet deep,

The people I met where extremely friendly
they held being a good person higher
than the latest crotch
of hockey coaches

But what they considered good
should be widely misunderstood
All the normal stuff you would expect
when it came to behaviour in your man cave
But when it came to women
they were a 24 full of beer full
of depraved.

They could take as many wives
as they could afford.
They liked those girls
pre puberty so they 
would know 
with a virgin 
they had scored

The little people gave up their
pre teen daughters
for a dowry

Life was great in the Caliphate
then disaster struck. The women got the vote.
Way worse than that they got education
and started to drive.
Admittedly they were poor at that task.

I have no special knowledge
just a history major insight
what could such pious
child fuckers do
to defend their turf
in the face of such
a culture killer

Terrorism comes to mind
Like a sand whitey camel fucker
a consult must have come
to rescue our good friends
and essential allies.

Maybe coincidentally 
the CIA had made
major breakthroughs 
on the sheep farm?

Everyone who reads this
has been a teenager or worse 
a young adult 
who did not even 
reach the threshold

Now someone comes along
and tells you its 
all okay
we are your new 
all loving all encompassing
sham wow plus

Intelligent people can 
not argue anymore
because the language
and facts have been 
There is no right or wrong
only belief.

This belief is well documented
by Monty Python
but Islam was not a 
part of the joke

There is a planet the size
of Jupiter
in our orbit
that represents injustice
most of us who are not
in the top 20% 
face this day to day.
If you are an immigrant
or worse black 
everyone will question 
you all day long about
your humanity
as you work two
jobs and only
hope for your children
we have given the 
people in charge
enough rope.

Maybe know Steve Harper
will make one of his pawns
arrest me.  Maybe in a billion
or more other minds we
will find unity.

Do not blame the Muslims
our institutions are failing big time
yet no one seems to be willing to fill 
the gap 
with more than platitudes.

At some point 
I regret I was
going to have to reference
something as politically
charged as Sodomy.

Sodomy and Gomorrah
wow, god do not like
that much according 
to some testament.

So God nuked 
without radiation 
Sodom and the other place.
So for at least twenty years 
that its been DONE commonplace
why has God not 
just burned 
both place?

I do not want to 
beat down all 
the men that over time
made our fantastic world
with I will admit a lot
of femme help in 
every way

The fact that the world
should face according 
to every scientific dissuasion
is the Interstellar fate.

I believe there is no chance
a wormhole of salvation
opens up to save us
from our greed.

There was no stupidly
in the harvesting 
without consequence 
of our planet

The people that lead 
us to the end
knew exactly 
what they were
and that 
makes them bad boys
and we can not pretend
that bad boys

Japan's Robot Restaurants

The video reminds me of the original Battlestar Galatica. Its been more than a decade since I walked the future streets of Japan. Even in that day it was living a William Gibson novel. 

A great memory of those days was visiting the Cavern club. Four Japanese Mop tops somewhat resembling the fab four did note perfect renditions of all the Beatles hits. I imagine very soon groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stone will be represented by perfect robots and perform in endless perfection. I also hope they do Pink Floyd's the Wall with Van Morrison as a guest singer.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

American Combat Movies

Every time I think about a claymore
its a green block of mass mayhem
going off
with a click
from a human
but in the future
it will be a drone

Why is this claymore called thus
is it a fantastic anagram
did someone over the age
of ten imagine death
in clay where they
where no more

William Wallace I guess
but it could have been 
before him favoured this weapon
a sword if you want to dismiss
all the small things around 
the margin of what we understand
compared to combat
where life on the line
some tech works
better overall

A claymore is a sword 
wielded well by the Scottish tribe
a branch of the Celts that 
could be considered 
most famous.

Ye do nota have to read
the book
Scotts invented pretty 
well everything
and its no mistake
that in Star Trek
Scotty was the chief engineer

Today we look at that and
how racist
in Africa we
have way more engineers
than Scotland

Not going to touch that

We all have warriors
in our cherished past
sample a bit of Vikings
the corporate series
about Rangar Lothbroke
who today is 
my greatest hero

I do not care about 
how he killed
and killed often
and for sure made
lots of bad judgements
displayed in blood

What I see is a simple man
with no education
no direction
and only knowing 
he had to kill upward
to advance
taking a pauser
when he reached the top
I am not a God
I am not the son of God
I am not someone God cares about especially
I am only a human 
doing monkey things 
on this spaceship
and hopefully
I do not get near the HVAC
because its complicated.

So long to get to point
if I was a Sniper no 
way I could take out
a subject of interest 
or a really bad guy
past two thousand yards

If we have leaned one thing
from the movies about life
on this planet
its that there is always 
competition no matter
how skilled one 
might be
at superstition

American Sniper
just the title gives me
a little piss
Sure its the US
who is doing and absorbing
the worst
in trying to keep us free

Keep me free baby
do not let Osma
make me one of 
his wives
Thats the level
upon which the world operates

No darling your fat and ugly
and Osama would not fuck you
with George Bushes dick

I do not want to upset
fat and ugly people
in any way

Its pretty clear we live every day
beside fat ugly people
with liberal bromides

If no one is paying attention 
thats what the Hunger Games
was all about.

We live a life today
full of incredible luxury
what few realise is how
skilled the workers of the
truly rich have been on our side

There is a breaking point
where the dreams of the family
intersect with the death ray

Right now I promise
I will return to the title
American Combat Movies
are the closest humans 
will get in production values
to the one above.