Sunday, 25 September 2022

Fighting the Sandal Soldiers

 America has lost 20 years

of battles with the sandals

and now in Ukraine

they fight actual boots

on the ground

Its not pretty but 

you have to admire

the groupthink

all around.

So much detail and so much blue sky

 I think Russia is about to force Ukraine to surrender

I hope so , its better than Nuclear war

and its better for the people acutally

fighting fore

some kind of Nato world

with rides on missiles

and piggybacks on warriors.

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Telling the truth, telling MY STORY

 Rap is not music, its a direct link to the lizard brain

and those that do not fear blowblack

will be left with no music

the same is happening

to movies and TV

the message is more important

than the medium

well the medium is the message

so square that!

Ever Play Fallout?

 The pouges song my little town

which is deliberately the rwroog

name, that from the art Garfunkel


This Old Town

we all grew up in some version of


no matter how massive the city

we all had boundaries

we considered home town.

In my home town everyone was white

and we allowed Gays as like

its personal choice.

There was no crime

to speak of

maybe poaching deer

or driving drunk

but violence of one townie

to another was not happening.

No one lock their doors

and a lesser amount left the keys in the car

why bother.

Was this Utopia, for me it was

and it remains so,

For every fault you could find in this community

you could not say silicone it up with the LGBTY45 5779o community

and it would have been better,

I dont post much anymore because I have already said my piece

and the world know it and they don't care.

Especially now with the war in Ukraine

I am not going to open my big mouth 

to let a HIMARS come in.

Yet my finger trembles on the trigger

as I face the day afraid to comment.

So lets just say the rabbit hole

has been opened and I have fallen all

the way.

Were can we start

well maybe Monsanto who bought up  a lot

of land

and in the heart of Europe wanted GMO

Europe if you dont know it is against the franken foods

There are all kinds of crooked deals made everywhere accorss the planet

but I imagine if you saw a heatmap of Ukraine, it would be glowing hot and getting hotter.

As the late great Kurt Von Gut Jr who survied the completely unessary fire bombing of Dresden would say " so it goes, so it goes"

We have information from before Jesus, and the same thing happens over and over again. As the ants in this farm we can only hope this is the last time.

So my read on Ukraine is that she is on the ropes. Russia is a great power, a superpower. In Ukraine America has tugged on supermans cape.

The Americans know this, why are they so desperate, or so cunning.

In the end there are many scenarios that do not end in Nuclear War. Most of them go that way.

Who wins, China. Its very clear that a war between Nato and Russia leaves only one power standing, China. The American and British think because they have ruled the world for a couple of thousand years they are smarter then everyone.

Ask China

Friday, 16 September 2022

History look at the Spanish Civil War


For Gods Sake

Hemingway in real time

and not faking anything

about war

In Ukraine

there is a disagreement

but when the Internaial

Stop us from Dying

organization comes

out with and official

report that says

Russian should give back

the reactors to Ukraine

and makes no mention that

they are all truned ouff

and why would the Russians

destroy their own nuclear reactor

you gotta be scared.

Why lie


Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Failed adiou visual options

 I got everthing 


with liqued cooled video

cards to there is no problem

with the quality of what

I receive,

It is so exception I think

it will prevent most

humans from seeking

mind expansion

from LSD or Mushroom

the reason

being they dont

need that view\

to understand the world

So lets say I am some

kind of genius of watching

everything I want 

well still obeying the


cause if you cross those

laws you can die.

Ok my daughter is getting married, and to tell you everything I am overjoyed about that

 Moments you cant escape I flee them, However being human they are always around and even at this late date I have been fortunate. My only daughter is to be wed in this Month on Saturday.

Life does not get any better.

I cant stop thinkingaboot the finish line in thermonuclar was was done on my watCGH

 Hardware banging

endlessly who has the most

hardware at the harware store wins

He who has ballistic missels mostly

never counts on winning

unless you

believe in th S499

The russians are not more interested

than anyone in thermonuclear war.

Lets just go down to the bar


is there anyone on this planet

thinking, option one negoatee or option two

thermonuclear war,.\

As I sit here today

with my cell phone bill

and my cable bill, and my streaming bill

all at 200% of my income

I have a revelatins

nuclear war would wipe out

my credit record/

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

after careful condiration


Look we are going to domish anything

that does not ring correctly

to a dog whistle


Diamonds dance on my sitrap as I try to absorb what the fuck in actually going on


As you know anything you believe the more you believe it

the less likely it is to be trune

lets look at gravity

in school they will talk endlessly about  nine point eight meters per sec that i some kind of barrier that must be overcome to deafeat gravity

but it works both ways

comminng back is harder

because gravity hates a beat down

Russia and Ukranine reamain in 

a very brutal ballet

where the script could

be abannoded at any minute

and that would bring the whole

stage down

Putin does not have door 3 

he has victory or death

and I hope

I and none of of our readers

die in a thermonuclear war

but it seems

that aside from the war games

in the Ukraine

both sides have not

yet decided when to blink

That blink time is comming fast

and I hope the NHL season can

start before that

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Russia lost Krahov

 Its like they lost burger king

believe me its not the end 

just the beginning of total domination

and western surrender




Monday, 5 September 2022

It is why I studied history and I never imaged the underground.

 Lou Reed and the Velet underground

and the reason boy bads

cancel out lou reed bands

Rock and Roll Animial

if you have the inclanation

to hear a great sensation

from the history of ROCK

ane Roll

you will appreciate how fresh

it was

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane

and so on

Sunday, 4 September 2022

I am running out of steam provided by my Sterling Engine

 No worms,  Roxanne

no worms can change

the future because it was

written a century late'

Jevves asl ty dide wow trapezze and the rope broak.

 Trying to be silent

while I navigate the white

water that I conquered

more before now

Da Russkies

DA supertar RUsskie

Bobby Clarke discontued

probanly swung the balance

in our favour

and at the time

eveyone in Kanada 

was hoping the person with

the funny nAME

    would ever walk again