Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Trump Clubs the Hildebeast in Public

Where can I start with Trump. I wrote many a scathing blog about him somewhere but in summary he is a combo of Brother Loves travelling ministry mixed with PT Barnum and Andrew Carnegie. Love him or hate him he is a force of nature. He is Suri Genurs in the flesh welcoming the decision if its flesh of the devil or flesh of an Angel? Not to run my narrative into the ditch but when it comes to Hillary there is no decision. As it turns out the devil wears Prada pant suits.

To nite he was brother love protzilizing immigration as the greatest sin to ever
walk unencumbered on the remarkable American portrait, wearing no shoes
and muddy stinky feet.

I did not deliberately listen to his bombast
no I have a third world job
in a first world country
and another shift
of wage slavery
ends late for
and I caught
him on AM radio
cause I just cant
stand one more
to advertising
just like Aeorsmith
died the day
they belted out
for mothers ageist 
drunk driving
this is the safest
of rebellioon
given to us
by heroin addicts
who have chauffeured
to take the fall

What the Donald did 
is make an argument
that is brick wall
that concussion
victim Hillary
dare not bash
her head against

You see giving money
to foundations
and not following
laws may not put you
in prison
because your above the 
But ask Steven Segal
if he did not come back
from purgatory
to slay so many
if he could not
be the hero
in Hillarys story

Trump had a ten point plan
it was lucid and followed
logical outcomes
and he ends the night
with a stage full
of victims
of inaction
on sensible immigration
and there is no one in America
or any country today
that could argue
agaist the argument
he gave
balls in your court Hillary
you dont play basketball
because you
old white women
who are out of gas
do not jump

When will the CRA pay?

Pay for being Harpers minions, and dont get me started on the RCMP.

Flogging a Tesla

Battery and drive train failed at 75000 miles but its a good news story. Its just another indication the Tesla dream is just a dream.

Hydrogen Horse and Buggy

You can take humans to Hydrogen, but only good goverment can get them to consume it.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Canadian Legacy Giant

China has a memory that remembers 6000 years ago like it was yesterday. Pierre Elloit Trudeau is still remembered fondly. 

RIP Gene Wilder

I have been trying to think of anyone who was as funny in an individual movie, than he was in Blazing Saddles or the Richard Pryor collaborations, got nothing. His body of work is beyond compare. 

RIP Gene

Monday, 29 August 2016


Bombardier wins the biggest prize in rail history. High Speed rail will serve all of North America someday and in the United States the winner is France. Ironicly the winning design is based upon an Italy companies tilting trains. FIAT Ferroviaria was sold to Alstrom in 2000.

Today the Canadian goverment should announce a tender to build a rail corridor from Niagara Falls  to Windsor that is compatable with the Avelia Liberty. The natural connection between Chicago and New York is on that route. Tommorrow the Canadian goverment should announce a plan to build a high speed rail link between Hamilton Internatinonal airport and Quebec city. The Hamilton hub would merge the New York Chicago line.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

No Excuses Sign Removed after 6 years of losing from the Montreal Canadiens Dressing Room

Did I say six years its more like 26 but who is counting. Based upon the last six years I would say having to hire a French coach is the excuse. 

Well due to budget cuts the Analytics guy was given the job of making the player excuse statements to be used in the post game scrum, after all they never used him for analytics anyway.  After they fired him he leaked them to Julian Assage.

Of Course the coach has the first excuse  " they traded away PK nobody asked me!"

Radalov (Ché) -  " Strippers. Montreal Strippers take your breath away, next year wife says I am playing in Winnipeg"

Patchority (Patches) " I never played Jr Hockey, the NCAA is for pussies"

Alex Galchenyuk (gCHuck) " Coach does not understand, I am not a Russian, I am not a left winger"

David Da vid DESHARNAIS (DDD) " you try falling down and getting up 300 times in 28 mins including double the frequency on the PP"

SVEN ANDRIGHETTO (gHetto) " I am only 23, coach does not even learn your name until you hit 25"

Brenden Gallager (kidA) "just put the fucking sign back up already"

Cary Price (TFS the franchise saviour) " allowing Nascar on ice, CRYDER"

STEFAN MATTEAU (likely not worth a nic) " I am only here because I am a pure wool, I cant play hockey, everyone know that"

DANIEL CARR (Auto)  " I was never drafted, has any player never drafted got his fair share of ice time with the Montreal Canadians?"

TOMAS PLEKANEC "A" (Super Plexxe) " sometimes my turtle neck causes me to overheat, I am going to talk to Jagr about that in the off season"

ANDREW SHAW - (Cable) " the ref was a f**got"

PAUL BYRON (LB Lord Byron) " DDD outweighs me by 30 lbs and look how he gets pushed around, what do you expect me to do?"

ANDREI MARKOV "A" (Vodkov) " I nearly 40 years old, the arrogant fuckface has me playing 30 mins a night"

ALEXEI EMELIN  (Y)  " My head weighs a ton cause of the steel plate, and I cant pivot right"

JEFF PETRY ** (Dish)  " I spent 6 years in Edmonton, nobody recovers from that"

SHEA WEBER "A"  " Instead of Josi I am playing 31 minutes a night with a guy older than my father"

NATHAN BEAULIEU - (N8) " coach fuking hates me"

The rest of the team " coach fucking hates me" or "coach is an idiot"

Never enter a land war in Asia, and never release a movie with subtitles in America

Another well deserving movie defeated by subtitles. Catch this movie, likely the studio will not even care if you torrent it. Rob Stark plays a pickpocket, and if Bastille Day is any indication he will slay Jon Snow as a movie star.

Featured Character and their Firearm

Internet Movie Firearms facinating.

Walking Dead Season one starting with Ricks Gun.

The Epee Pen:Clintonomics in writing

Gaming the system to make a profit where free enterprise cant operate.
This is a prime example of the TPP economy. A true knowlege based economy just like China had for 6000 years.

BTW in Canada Eppee pens still cost about $100.

Nothing New

The Harper carcass finally left the house
Jason Kenny contiunes to play on the public 
lucky they are not in Boliva
where ministers are beaten to death
Zimbawbe continues its death spiral
big companies lay off thousands
and everyone waits
for the Economic collapase of Japan

The brillant hot sweaty summer of 2016
draws to a close
as the world waits
for something to happen
because we are not on the wrong path
we are on the wrong

Thursday, 25 August 2016


going to sail
to the
worlds end
cause Zombies
are not

Spelling and Grammer died thisis birth

Who needs them
to commicate
and who crares
if its accracte
9 times
( tao talk
the world
dont fcare
about the\
old ladyu
e, mg

I ve be wearomg synth clothing

yes its
i was in the
fully clothed
thinking I was
a Muslim
and a women
and I  just
dived in
to appriate
the felling
go feeling
cause the
water reeks
havoc with\
our lizard brans
sop kind of
wants us'
to lose the tail
but I digress
polyester should
neve be discoucted'
any more
is rocks
and burka
clad women
populating the beach
what can a I say
a giant laser beam
to exterminate the
thougjht behind
that action

once again Van Morrison

angels are singing
and Van
interupts them
with his
and the
all applaud
he is just that

Every house has one

Every house has
a microvwave
invented in
the fifties
to heat up
things in the bong

Why do we not have
a cool down version?

Warm torpedo

* warm torpedo*
part of a cold war
its a nation
its a part of
our place
on the table
and its seriousl
but I have to
laugh at the
added on


Doors just came on
my Itunes radio
and I am rocking
I cant see
any floor
I am dancing
and the room is
and I dont
need no
any more
cause the
music it feels
me up
like a
spike into
my viens
never will
and beside
sound is
ell, I just got into town about an hour ago
Took a look around, see which way the wind blow
Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows
Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light
Or just another lost angel, city of night
City of night, city of night, city of night, woo, c'mon
L.A. woman, L.A. woman
L.A. woman Sunday afternoon
L.A. woman Sunday afternoon
L.A. woman Sunday afternoon
Drive through your suburbs
Into your blues, into your blues, yeah
Into your blue-blue blues
Into your blues, ohh, yeah
I see your hair is burnin'
Hills are filled with fire
If they say I never loved you
You know they are a liar
Drivin' down your freeways
Midnight alleys roam
Cops in cars, the topless bars
Never saw a woman
So alone, so alone
So alone, so alone

I was a door gunner in helicptors in NAM

Maybe but
it could have been
PTSD from
apocolypse now

Playing the hand that brought you

Yep thats all I got
is a smile and
a cock in hand
and I get bye
but it cant
be that impressive
cause I dont
get the big jobs



Ice bergs are melting fast, you better start swimming or you will sink like a stone

I need time

I need time to
digest every thought
before I can
thinkaboot it
is there something
wrong with digital
I mean does 
need anlog
to get along
and digital
will click
clik clik

Why not sit still looking at the stars every night

Well it was good
for the cave
man and I am sure
they had happy members
with that life
but I want moar
I want to roar
like Snoop Lion
when the pool
will not go clear
if I have never
done bomdides

I live in idivedve x city

th ey builf
wqsay up bewolf
like a symbphoy'ok
make it my way
and nevef consult
the humans'
its all concret
in the sky
 becaues thatg
paid the mst


I cANTR   get kow
cant get kow


lioke  three
day old
o9   lokie

The mystery of Easter Isle solved

tge= rab i iydo  io iy  oku oi= ou r i iffokf
if i of teqyuka its mat=yab
ab be nector of tge  Giids
who det

Tracking CHistry

Just know wa= whg what
\ t your tr
no image'a

Images missing cause i am laxy

like a pregnant women who hates lactate
thats me and thats why i Post part um
dustrubyt un un u ina= inage in Image\
magicaoooy yes

Not going to lose me to a Medical event

One great thing about
being old
is knowing your
going to need
a walker some day
because your
and a walker
is hardly
an agumtaioon
but its a
lot of aluminum
that changes
a world

Epee and the damage done

has there ever been
a better argument
for universal heatlh care
including drugs
which we discovered
long before the seventies

You know your old

You know your old when
you have time for regrets
the river of life
has tossed you
on its banks
it comeserate

Moving into Kaos

Moving into Koas
without get smart
its like heating your
house with air
instead of
there is no
limit to the stupidy
of mankind

Planets beyond Uranus

Thats what I always thought
there is more out there
than good booty

Iraq the surge and me

Yeah I surged
but unlike Iraq
I never picked
up a weapon

Mr Robot Truth

Today the news has
proven the truth
is lies
it does not matter
nothing changes
and embarrasment
is just a talking point

Lies on ICE

Some people comment
upon things they
know nothing aboot
and I am often guilty
but when it comes to hockey
I am like every fan
an expert

Expert knowlege
won the old fashion
way with smelly
bags of plastic
leather and wool
and a drive
to another arena

Anallitics are like
porn for atheletes
it looks good
for a moment
but its not life
on ice

Moneyball is
round and you
can throw it
at the wall and it
will stick
but hockey
is vertical
and slippery
and stats
do not matter
as much as the heart
of the matter
not the size
of the sample

If you get to the NHL
your a player
these days
no cement head
with hands
of fury
you gotta have
a great stick
and legs
that can stride
200 feet
back and forth
on glide

This is fire on ice
my friends
this is the Club du Montreal
and its a crime
we do not have the first

Let me call it a Tornado

Now I am not a storm chaser
I am happy with sunny weather
but I know an F5 when I feel it
and I have been in one
for a long time

Wakjbg dwobn tgat street yioy grew tinatatio

tiy wakubg
no walking
thats what I do
down your strett
so do not take a
rainbow painted
pony childhood
toy piss on me

I pissed myseld so
many times all
you activist
should knw
that pissing on me
will never come close
to dropping the dime
hey eh hey ehey
I watch your lips
and know'
the truth
and what your
say are
decades away
from any narrative
from the lone guman
or truth tellers
at area 54
and we know
its 51
but as everything is rainbows
at the fedreal level
we can switch a number up
and they will not know if its
September or November
and equally depending
upon the merdian
will not give
a local dam.

Turthe Truth
can we just not have
Turth cause we love
a cat fitght to much

Do I make sense not

But I try
and I try'and I try]
and I try'andI try
and I try nd * I tyr\
andI try
but I get

never satisfaction
and thats the differance
you once could expect
lament at failure
and now its
de rijur\
for those not able to
its common
If I way speaking to anyone else
in the the whole world
I would not use these words
if I expected
that you were my boulavard
in a perfect world
where meal where
deliverd by drones'
in a 15th century\
still perseverd
of living

Me Me Me
let me live
no matter
I exist
like a billion
other potential terrorists
now I got to go down with
I would never never pyyically attack
but if we could change the world
with our minds
I would be into that

Isreal Trump and the Game of Hearts and Minds

I have spent a lifetime in preperation
for what I am about to say
I am like Bob Dylan
I know my song well
and now I will start

Anyone who disagrees
with me I will be charitable
and call them ignorant
because if you disagree
with me
you better
have very strong evidence
or I will label you
along with 80% of the population
and at the least misinformed.

There is a Zika virus
for the brain
its carried
by your parents
and its very difficult
to escape the reign
of whatever bullshit
religion they practice

If your not familar
as am I with mathicmatics
the basic principle
is that it is

You got to think about
more than fingers and toes
when counting cocuonts
and who needs more
than twenty of those

Yeah the lizard brain
does not like math
because it interfers
with the basic OS

Intelligence is a virus
and its not catching
we had a spell
in the 18th century
where is was viral
but the inocullated
have mostly beat that
all back to the dark
for joe six pack

Climate scientest
can give you and exact date
of when it all went wrong
It was 1958 the year
I was born
and if that does not convice
you I am accurate
nothing will

In the words of our greatest
living thinker
Dr Phil
you got to stop that CO2 kill

On the bright side
CO2 is a slow killer
humankind has
at least half a century
to slowly suffacate
but whats hot right
now is nuclear war

Now you may be thinking aboot
the cold war and its climax
Russia had condoms built out
of cardboard and the capitalist
ejaculate biodegraded them
big time

With no more Soviet porn
the big ejaculators
went through
a few weeks of misery
in fact they were
observed as
and the world
because althought
most like
up the ass
is by any measure

Mark me as bonnie prince charlie
often says in the wonderful
historical fiction Outlander
the world would gladly
do anal with America
despite their prudent
nature because this
was the best ass
humans had ever
produced by far

What changed was WW2
and although in comparison
America took a kick in the balls
compared to decapitatioin
it changed the way
the Lizards
could talk to the people
were as once they
could be denouced
as shammans beating
a drum to keep
tigers out of the classroom
everyone you knew
had lost a son or a brother
and thats not politically
correct because
IMHO they kept
women out
of combat
not to deny lots
of women in uniform
died in WW2

Bombshell Bombshell Bomshell
if you come from the Austrian School
of Economics
or you are just a plain fool
you might think
that to make
an omlette
you got to break
a thousand eggs
to get the\
perfect texture
and if you want
to saddle up to
the breakfast
at any five star
the breakage
is expontential
collatoral damage
for the hens

Shape ing the battlefield
for your lizard minds
is what I have been doing
and now you decide
if I have been successful
or I am just an old fool
that some at that time
accredited university
decide that I had
a GOOD mind

One thing one world one thing you gotta know
the city has been the city
since the time the romans ruled
and the city yes that shuttered
forever locked down city
lines up humanity every day
and decides who will die
and who will take the shit
of the deadman in that row

So we believe that Jesus
with all his magic
decided to die
a virgin
because he loved
the world so much
that a narrative in the book
that has been for hundreds
of years a top seller
Oh My God
is there no wonder
in anyone
why the world today
is so fucked
because we refer
to fairy tales
so often
it makes
life what nature
would consider
the anti christ

If your a Christian and you have foreskin
cut it off right now or become a Pastifarian
like me.
I was never circumsised or by a fluke of
predujuce baptiased
or maybe because the congragation
realize I was not Steve
I was totally Damion

Its a fact
Contintince invented Christianty
whole cloth
and you have to admit
he was the greatest
salesman in history

Now I got to attack the first testament
or the Koran as I know it
you may call it the Torah
but it makes no differance
they all refer to each other
like some cabal
of expensene denier
by the auditor

I have a foreskin
its not pretty
something that Riddley
Scott was inspired
by when he
made Aliens

I have no way of knowing
if you continue to read me
I will not burst from your
chest cavity
but chances are
it will not happen

Are you warm now
to my thought process
yes my crazy thoughts
are a suduction
because I am about
to introduce to you
thought that if it was
in a porn movie
would be anal
and I just wanted
to make a progessive
liberal sex toy

Just an asid
how come
there are no
male sex toys
can I bring this
to the Shark Tank
and make a billion

Have you ever taken
a trail where there is no
going back?
I did this on the great wall
of China.
I was hanging
and thought I would never
go back and if the forensic
team was not good enough
I would just be anthor
dead communist
who did not escape
that wall

If your still reading
it proves at least your
and I think that
is the brand of a human
who is genours
in thought
and likely in
if they can put
a govener on that 300hp
engine enough to drive
safely in a 100 kilomiter
and hour world
if they cant
they should be clever
enought to move to Germany
and is that not a testament
to how fucked up
the rule of law
is in America
and by little brother
sticking up Canada
and in Mexico
they just shoot you
for having an opioion

Back to the title
cause the title is vittle
vittle vittle vittel titel\
if you want to understand
you got to walk back Kardashian
and pick up the cod
at Mcgiver

If you have hung in and read this long
I salute you
you are true patriots of explanation
or very bord

I read all kinds of stupid stuff
because I have discoverd
not throght gentics
but through personal
experience I am easily

Okay my friend you have
done it all
maybe your bILL Gates
or Eldon Mush
or Larry Ellison
or something
we call success
many times worse
and I would call
all those quoted
above in our
world superheros
do not diss
them in any
way or Karma
will shut your
a hole

Now I pres pres
I make my statement
aboot something
everyone fears to

Its going to be condensed
and some will say hateful
but its the truth as I know
it about the Donald
and Isreal, and they are both
the same in my domain]\
moving in differant directions
I hope but with fundementals
based upon fantasy
that came
execpt to be living long time
not enough honey
no matter
what straw
they suck
the public through

So we are talking about
a person a village
a city
not about extermination

So when Turmp
I hear
Isreal must not die
no matter what
or so may war\
we live becaue
we are more moral;\\\
than the rest\annd
the only thing
that gives
me pause
is what must be considere
the most succesfu
rule amongst all the pundents
is the Chinese
six thousand years
of succes
with onl
cutting your cock off
standing in the way
do you have a mind
that thinks that
is intellecutualyu

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Briget Patron Tequila

Most people
even very successful people
will never sample

Its that rare and even
the rich will take second best
but I was gifted a flask
of something better

No plant ever gave its
life for a more
nobel cause
Bueno Briget
your the

Saturday, 20 August 2016

All the voices from the past

Now Coalescing around our future
is that not spooky
especially Mr Malthus's
when we see
our foot print
is like five fold
and we have been 
plowing this same
field for generations
without believing
in the Bible
especially the testament
about fallow.

I await food

How can a break this chain
of satisfied mysery
it tastes so good
and it comes
three times
a day
its a fantasy
like Riverworld.

You can fuck all you want but in my perfect world your going to need a lic to have kids

There I said it

If one above could draw a straight line mine would be close to perfect

Pre augmentation

Meanwhile on the sub down below
all the valves are blowing steam
an it looks like the climack
of Das Boot

So hard to be self aware
in the days of the selfie
but I manage
with my dial up

Great Movies make
great civilisations
and that was a real
factor in
but great minds
realise it was mostly
and there were
no good guys
on either side

There used to be good
guys they stared
in every western
to bad in real life
we all have feet
of clay
that is except me
if you take me as
your leader
I will blow my
trumpet and
all the blues
will move

I am a history major
with a fucked up mind
but I think I understand everything
because that was some devils
to make me an observer
when I should have participated
harder and died
because of the stress
of lying all the time

Yeah I am your best bet
not perfect
my six pack
is waiting at the beer
and my mind
is something Microsoft
wants to capture
but windows ten
declined at this

I really got it all figured
out if anyone would listen
its just institute what
we now know works
and do not listen
to the mind dead
the Zombies
of evolution
who can not
see that when every
human is an institution
we will make
some good drugs
and other inventions
that will serve all the
people on this planet equally
without magic
from above
sky god
in particular
mine is full
of spaghetti
and that's

Spider bites that do not kill me our make me a Manchurian Candidate make me stronger

I had a huge hate on for Paul Krugman
and Stigliz
then I passed
or maybe
swarms of streams
or red
neo spiders
I dont know
but I am back 
to normal now

Scientific Clothing is something I always thinkaboot

I could have invented the modern hiking boots cause I have a pair of 
pristine red laces and all 
70's Swiss impostors in my closet waiting
for the time
that fashion
comfortable underwear

I bought out SunICE before
Canda Goose even
knew a skier was alive
and I still say
Goose quill

Man I have progressed from
whitey tighties
to underarmour
ploly spandex
and my cotton above
all cry has been
made to look
silly by polarfleece
and all the other blends
that have
some I can even wear
for a day
and not stink
like a bad polyester

For you late adaptors 
Mountain Warehouse fills your boots
for half price.
21st century goods
at 18th century price
with all the best
textile tech the British
are famous for.

Burn down the misson

Trumpocracy the doucumentary

As long as one billionare has to pay taxes no billionare will ever be a trillionare.

The Orange is the new black effect

Feds dump for profit prisions, no more federal inmate panties for you.

Friday, 19 August 2016

We already have agumented humans

They are Chinese and Indians
and they steal our lunch money
with such skill
we only notice
we are hungrgy

I have the photo evidence of red CIA spiders

Look at that red spider hard to capture on a cell phone because like most mechanial mintiures it cant sit still.

Edison VS Tesla Redeux

Eldon Musk may like changing the world more than making money. The big guys have entered the all electric contest in a big way. I do not expect Telsa to last.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


monkey monkey
understand me

CIA red spiders

they were crawling all over me
I have photo evidence (got it)
but its blocked
by reality
I will go deep and
recover it soon
but I am worried
cause one of those
red spiders bit me
am I now a Machiaina
a pasty\
or something
how knnowxs

Post Car Happy

I was made for you
and you for me
in a factory
that would make
Mercedes Benz
look like Ladas
in the detail that
gave us the
and the way we sail
through life
is just
and you cant
add that
to any accessory
it just is
when you
make the connection
that is your

Living in a world without headlines

Thats where the headlines
are taking us
so why not be premptive
and take away
all the silly
stuff and insist
people just
with reality

What a metaphor

American heros accused 
near Ipanema
of making up 
In a city
where you
never had 
to fake that

Snowcrasher was not an instruction manual

People with the imagination
of Neal Stephenson 
should be eliminated
at birth
because without
his brilliance
the pollutions
of today
would only be
not selling 
precisions to
Pizza Hut

Steve Patent 101

Its a phone that transmitts pheromones
using the old smellovision technology
cause the utes today
do not realize
in order to make
you need more
than photon

New Shadow Brokers T from Canada Eh!

Shadow Brokers and other blowback nightmares

The Shadow Brokers
have hacked your mainframe
they now have all
the code
they need
to expose you
naked to the
world and
you did not
even think
they knew
your name

Shadow Brokers Shadow
on silcone
with vapour
trails and
the brain

Only tinfoil
can protect you
from the geosycro
of mind control

Turn that shit up!

Does the day not feel like its going to be a whole future of this kind of feeling.

Stroller Envy

Only 5 grand, mine is four times better

Strollers used to be rube goldberg umbrellas
costing 20 bucks
but now I am selling one
with airbags to prevent
baby head injuries
and it costs
and is self propelled
and bullet proof
any takers

Bum Zepplin

Its payload is the same as a Chinook Helicopter, but its effect is like Waldo and Company.

BTW Mr Man I coinded the term "Bum Zepplin" just ask my attorney.

Pigs Iron Madien connection.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hillary sicker than you think?

Dont know, but she sure is keeping a low profile.

Are Turkey and the US on the verge of Nuclear War?

Lots of chatter about Turkey wanting the nukes at the US base. Whats going on?

The Russians and Mr Robot

Now do not get me wrong
Mr Putin is no Jimmy Carter
he is more like Nixon
on drugs
a throwback leader
where strength is
all thug

However in this Alice
in Wonderland
we have a dilemma
why is Edward Snowden
exiled in Siberia
for the crime of merely
pulling back the curtain
and proving
what everyone
knew was certain

Case in point
the NSA hack
Edward points out
its another blowback
for using Russia
as the bogyman
for all the times
the USA crosses
the line in the sand.

this leak looks like a somebody sending a message that an escalation in the attribution game could get messy fast.
Bonus: When I came forward, NSA would have migrated offensive operations to new servers as a precaution - it's cheap and easy. So? So...
The undetected hacker squatting on this NSA server lost access in June 2013. Rare public data point on the positive results of the leak.
You're welcome, @NSAGov. Lots of love.

Baby its not Cold outside

One of my guilty pleasures is listening to right wing radio. Michael Savage is really good and unpredictable, Rush Limbaugh has a real talent for shaping the charge. Both deny climate change and repeat over and over the planet is not getting hotter.  I would love to know what is the reason for their refusal to bow to the facts?


Based upon Sicario and Prisoners this should be good.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

RIP John McLaughlin

I did not know until today upon his death and all the words and voices
speaking about the man that he was at one time a Jesuit Priest. Now do not rain scorn upon the Jesuits for their failings of the flesh, because as intellectuals
they are all good Fathers. John left the order and became a staple of the best of the talking heads using everything he learnt from thinkingaboot Jesus.

I must have watched from the orgins on PBS.  Though I often disagreed with him or the panel he gave thought an honest opening for discussion a half hour a week.
And it was directed thought. John would take the Kardassian out of the news and talk about what was important with people who knew the score.

Unfortunately there is nothing close in this universe to replace him. I do not say this as a tribute but as my admission that the fifth estate today is what you found in a pack of bubble gum in a prior age. Cardboard and only looking for increased sales and not even thinking about collectabilty.

If all the talking heads had John's intelligence and integrity both Hillary and Donald would be working their first elections for dogcatcher.

The world is less wiser today John RIP.