Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top ten things you need to know about 2015

1) Oil prices defying gravity giving rise to to a worldwide thinking that something about pricing is out of control. More importantly than that there has to be a big back story to this collapse. I was a bleiber in peak oil and that has to say the least not been the trend, and if will continue in 2015. I would just have to remind the fans of foment, Thomas Malthus may have been wrong for nearly at thousand years, but his logic has to touch home on a planet with an eco death vibe. The same people that told you smoking was good for your are supporting a selfish campaigned to convince you that more smokestacks are going to make living on earth less insane. The Kick to this reality is that economic growth is going to spring forward in the short term with one of the biggest constraints to growth there right now at half price, with the promise it will remain that way for a middle time.

2)There is some kind of paradigm shift coming to energy. The things we know wind and solar are in a snapshot way cooler than burning coal. Its just when the wind do not blow and the sun do not shine its embarrassing.
Something wonderful is on this pike. If you could live alone off the grid
or better in a world where power was free what kind of human potential
could the planet realise? I think pretty wonderful/

3) The rule of media lies and distortions is at an end. Everyone who can read and right now knows that Gobbels fantasise have been realised. Its all down hill from there. Humans like bacteria advance and maybe tear down your chair.

4) Wearable tech will be a mixed bag. I already have one wife, why should I have another nag? Exercise machines are used as laundry lines way more times than humans pumping. This idea that we will listen to a bracelet is so new world belief crystal cure thumping.

On the plus side Occulus Rift will become real. This is merely the soft landing for humanity before plugging directly into the brain. Plugging directly into the brain is such a game changer and potentially a huge rift. Money would mean nothing anymore. I can live like a rock star as long as I pay the rent. Ok its a good way to quell dissent. But its something wrong. You should not be able to plug into a superscription that makes you Jesus.

5)NFL, NHL and even baseball have to admit they have created
a hazardous work environment. The effect on the game today is significant.
The pharmacy that keeps the players strong will be disassembled.
In the future no parent who loves their child will lauch them
directly into a brain dead future.

6) Western World sick of being the good cop
in a bad cop world. No Western nation will
go into a place fit for the French Forgien Legion
Yep the Empire will hire a whole die hard movie
full of rento cops,

7)We will see real Nihilism. Cops will be shot increasingly
and there is no military solution.  In fact I think we will
see some kinds of black holes of civil war in America.

8)Kodi makes content almost  free. The entertainment industry is like the dARK KNIGHT IN MONTY pYTHON.  The world had cut off your arms and legs and still you exist. That's all kinds of wonderful to me. I like to see the content
those motherfuckers provide that let the prirates exist. Leonard Cohen now I pulled out the big gun, Before he dies let him mediate a way forward between Pirates and Monopolists and just let us all see what is to be seen, without prejudices.

9) Politicians have realised along with the financial markets that fantasy is not
a good fiance plan. Both sides contributed to our current dilemma. But the biz side as always in any govermet contract got rich. P3 is a legal robbery. Advertising is the last refuge of a patriotic goverment. Can no one kill this outrage! Apparently not any government who had the day.

10) All the little squirells toiling endlessly will find some nuts.

Jebber VS Hillary

If this happens its the signal to the world 
that in the USA democracy is dead.
sounds like Kim cheer to me.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Kodi, Kodi Kodi. Its Tora Tora Tora for cable companies. It  works on any platform including a  $35 raspberry that turns any TV with an HDMI or USB port into a dream portal of free streaming entertainment.

I am still learning about it. I was up and running in about 15 mins watching an earlier video. 

It is very difficult to use it without watching stuff that may or many not be legal. I have not been able to stream NHL games so far.

 I live in Canada where downloading is not a criminal offence, but leaves you open to a maximum $5000 civil judgement penalty. In theory that would mean the Man would have to prove you cost him $5000.  Kodi is a streaming version of Pirate Bay. Significantly its only a video player, no directory function. It is a stand alone program, not a browser. It has no real content its only a player.I guess its working through the dark net.  Watch the video below and laugh and learn.

There are tons of how to videos out there, make sure you install Justine. The official Kodi site is only useful for telling you which addons are banned, these are the ones you want to add on.

Distruptive Technology

There has to be more behind the oil price collapse than meets the eye. Something is coming, some truth will explain the fall. You do not give up trillions of wealth like the Saudis are without a good reason. What is the reason? I believe the invisible hand has been wearing Goldman Sachs for close to eternity. So show me the money!!!

Historical low point of jurisprudence

When a Supreme Court Justice of the beacon of liberty sites a fictional TV Show (24) as a proof that torture should be legal. How does it feel, how does it feel, to be on your own, with no direction home, like a rolling stone?

Interstellar essentially Magnificent

If you have not seen the movie at least twice do not even look at the picture!!! This blog is not a just a spoiler its a freezer full of dead meat that has not had powered for a month.
I choose this picture because it captures the idea that we are explorers mostly lost and most of the time up the creek. Yet we always seem to find a paddle.

This movie is meant to be a Gulliver's Travels Travelogue. Gulliver's Travels was one of the most influential books ever written. It was a real case of the pen being mightier than the sword.

Published seven years after Daniel Defoe's wildly successful Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels may be read as a systematic rebuttal of Defoe's optimistic account of human capability. In The Unthinkable Swift: The Spontaneous Philosophy of a Church of England Man, Warren Montag argues that Swift was concerned to refute the notion that the individual precedes society, as Defoe's novel seems to suggest. Swift regarded such thought as a dangerous endorsement of Thomas Hobbes' radical political philosophy and for this reason Gulliver repeatedly encounters established societies rather than desolate islands. The captain who invites Gulliver to serve as a surgeon aboard his ship on the disastrous third voyage is named Robinson. (paragrahfic Wikipedia)

Our current crop of idiots only know Gulliver's Travels as a Disney story. It was a epochal successful attack on the Tea Party of the day. An idea expressed in print that changed history. Interstellar in video has its sights fixed firmly on todays Republicans in the same way.

The movie opens is a degraded world where crop blight is a malignant cancer upon humanity. This is a very real possibility. Just think about bananas. 

Though its never mentioned climate change is destroying the habitat of humanity. Big dig number one. Cooper goes to school and finds his daughter is ostracised and delinquent for believing man landed on the moon. MASSIVE BURN!

I think the opening was too subtle. I would have had a James Bond type panorama of Republican stupidly creating global destruction.  But even Christopher Nolan can not be perfect.

He clumsily pounds the point home with Coopers remarks about us no longer looking to the stars but concentrating downward on the symptom of topsoil erosion.

The movie shifts to a Contact event. Likely not a coincidence also starring Matthew McConaughey. When the dust settles we find that NASA is a black op still working overtime to save the world.

"Those are not mountains, there waves" is what our characters find first after transversing a wormhole. MASSIVE BURN two.

Next our intrepid crew find the best of the best the human that the establishment established was a great leader. He turns out to be a psychopath. MASSIVE BURN three.

Then at the end of the day humanity is saved by science and people just showing up. Most importantly religion plays no part in this film. Man saves man no higher power. MASSIVE BURN 4.

I have read so much science fiction its hard for me to be surprised. This movie surprised me. Christopher and Jolan Nolan should win the Hugo and Nebula for this film. They have taken real science at the edge of understanding and made a plausible case for their plot.

Star Wars, Star Trek et all are wonderful escapes. 2001, Clockwork Orange, Planet of the Apes are a few in a big handful that deal in real.
Interstellar eclipses them all IMHO.

Christopher Nolan is a special genius. A modern day Shakespeare. A testament to the logic that cream rises to the top. Wow Wow Wow Wow.
It is one of the pleasures of my life that I lived long enough to see a movie like Interstellar.

Update Ocsar nomination day. Interstellar shut out of the Ocscars. Very sad day for cinima. A groundbreaking thought provoking movie like this would have been a shoo in for an Oscar sweep twenty years ago. Maybe people dont like to face a future that is too close to home. On the other hand maybe the movie had flaws that fans ignored but the broader audience could not hear the dog whistles.
A review that explains that.
Its also possible the Academy is dumbed down to the point of no return. Not nominating the Lego Movie is my case in point.

NATO combat ends in Afganistian

The Pogues captured the war before it ever started. History repeats itself but hubris never learns. Afganistian 2001 -2014 was a horrible loss for the West. As the song documents the hurt will remain for generations.

The problem of Empire is one of control. Emperors demand it. Citizens detest it more when imposed from aboard than when grown at home.

I would love to see real nation building. Did you know that Sub Saharan Africa receives a quarter of a billion dollars of year in direct aid. Yet remains hopelessly poor, thinkaboot that!

How accurate is Homelands Shot?

Homeland is one of the most remarkable shows currently in production. It shows both sides of the security nightmare dramatised for sure, but how true to life is the depiction? Well it has officially pissed off Pakistan.That's a significant mark for accuracy.

Season four was the best. However the last episode was out of place. It should have been Episode one of Season five.

A special shout out to Carrie. Claire Danes gives this whacked out chick gravitas.

Sky High

Who can afford security, certianly not the poor or middle class. A strong defence now belongs to the 1%.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Interstellar dreams telling me

Gravity in which we all believe
thank goodness there is one thing
we can agree upon
as for the rest its
the planet open to
be exploited 
by the best spokesman
not spokesperson
because when you 
want real facts
science has proven
men never listen to a women

Keep up on your Morse code people
In Executive action it saved 
us from a worse than 911 Event

In Interstellar it saves humanity
Just watch and learn about science
and why we live today
in relative modernity

How can a scientist explain ISIS
or so many jumbled similar forces
there is no math that applies
to mans irrational mind
a mind focused overall on 
one thing

Very recently rulers 
would agree that God
had chosen them to lead
and therefore all there
actions were infallible

So many of these Zealots died
or were put away after 1918
the believers had to make a 
new play.
But does anyone believe
at the heart level
our current leaders do
not believe at the highest level
they are Gods will?

This is were religion becomes a problem
I thank in Hockey terms because for true fans 
it is a fundamentalist religion.

To a man who has never seen writing
learning to read is a magical thing
Its this magic that ever leader we 
ever had depended upon, to lead.

Whats harder than herding Cats?
Yeah humans and that's why 
they seek them out so often on the Internet
Cats never surrendered to religion or anything
they prefer to be cats.

Cats like food. If there is anyway to motivate a cat
its with food. Flashback between needing food and Interstellar
There is no more food, well this is something that will get
the cats off the couch and co ordinated. Cats without food are so

What if the most famous NAZI scientist you never heard of
specialised in herding Cats. Gobbles created Madison avenue with his
tricks.  Yet this master of reality was always frustrated at herding cats.

Well that barrier has been broken in our century. Eureka!

Yes humans take comfort in that fact
we can now herd cats
so be optomistic about the future
that achievement proves
humankind can do anything
just like Interstellar.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Tribute to Guy Clark

At Amazon.

The future is bland

hey hey hey Vietnam protest cheer
there is nothing close to us
so near

We are missig in a big way a protest song
everthing is all right
just listen to Taylor
she is pop right

Protest has gone grass roots
if may be back in the 
Guthrie days
when a single guitar
and voice
illuminate the world
in a way that changed
the day

Black Gay James Bond

No fucking way I say
first of all James Bond
must be in some way Scottish
are there black Scotts 
even today?

If the world will accept a white actor
playing Nelson Mandela
I will be okay with a black

A Gay James Bond is
not so hurtful
However I do not want
to watch it.

Whats next a black
Churchill, a black Patton
please people do not mess
with history to make
a product politically correct
or even a finacnial win.

Your fucking with peoples minds
if you take historical characters and make
them black.

Steve's year in review

Lots of ditto here. So I am only going to go with whats new. But there is no reason not to thank for another great year: Moeman, Allen, Simon and James for taking the Bullshit out of Blogging every day or so.

Person of the Year is John Tory
Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary thats Canada with one finger left for the collective. These cities are where the boots meet the ground in forging our future. Toronto is the most important and it has been rudderless for four years. John Tory has the CV to do great things. I both wish him well and pray he can do the improbable if not the impossible.

Best Movie is Edge of Tomorrow! (No late breaking Interstellar message)
It was really a toss up with Guardians of the Galaxy. The Edge went to the Edge because the plot is so inventive. Also in for consideration Snowpiercer be sure to see all three.

There is no best new music, no new best new book. Mostly my fault I am sure but nothing new crossed my threshold.

Best New TV show is the The Librarians
The two part pilot was tier two goofy. I have only seen one real episode. Rebecca Aile Romijn of noticeable Dutch ancestry is just totally captivating. I also would recommend Black Sails and The 100.

Best new Montreal Canadian Jiri Sakac
Size, skill and smarts. On the smarts part he signed with Montreal. This is a win win for Hab Culture and no other team in the NHL has such soft power.

Best New Car the BMW i8
Its Electric!!!

Worst Fear for 2015 is a no brainer. Steve Harper gets re elected.

Best Hope for 2015
Three D printing takes off. Leaving China to suck it big time.

Best informed people in 2015; those who read my nonsense. Thank You!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First Strike Ammended Accidents

They happen evertday
and know one cares
execpt those struck
and for those people
no one gives a fuck

There is no old Jorney

Its warpigs vs living things

Tommy Chong does Prison Time

Hiw === dc  c=s safe
thats preety welkl
what I am thinking
it probably took 
a several millon dollars
to incrate Tommy Chong
keeping america safe
by putting in prison
old men

There is danger in that commucincation

Yes if you do not come accross
as an asswipe
your a trarget
to make 
your thnking shit

You think elections 
have a thing to do
with democracy
then your a fool

Its a ruby game
of offworld sites
and scrums
and just like 
the game when 
it comes down
to gaining control 
of the ball

Anyone like me
who screaming 
there is a four alarm
fire on the house
we bent
and burroued
to make safe
will be the first
targets of the 
great hypocracy

The only thing
I want those
who hear the sieren 
call of tea party
is that there was
a regime just like 
they wanted
and it lasted thousands 
of years
way to long
it was called a dynastty
and it was run by men
with their cock cut off
and if you want that kind
of relieble
knock yourself out.

If I could do something lightning

Yes you know
Supertramp is part of this show
and tell
you what
Socialism baby
its not a communist front
its a place to live
where the rich are rich
but the poor
do not pool anymore

A new Master of Alternative History

What is science fiction what is fantasy and what is alternative history? Sure they are all in the same bag. John Birmingham writes novels like Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum, with the exception he is a liberal, and his literally battlefield is clear of the blah blah blah by using a tool of extant change to express his opinions. I have to mention the Harry Turtledove who pushes out fiction like Oprah does good wishes.

I day ago I finished his second trilogy. This is false advertising because it was really only one book split into three parts. 

There are many problems in this world and Birmingham asks the reader 
what would happen if most the USA just ceased to exist? What would the world look like?

The world he creates is very plausible and the characters that tell the story
should be in a cinema near you big time. I would never accuse an author of writing a book as a screenplay but Birmingham's prose screams film me.

I put 30 hours of my life into living John Birmingham's world. It was a rewarding piece of time. I am in my fifties and the first science fiction book I read I can not remember. The ones that stand out are the Ray Bradbury R is for Rocket and S is for Space. Am I the greatest reader of science fiction of all time, well I like to think so. As an aside Peter F Hamilton has the hot hand right now.

I read his first Trilogy Axis of time as the books came out. This one was kind of a surprise.  Wow a new trilogy and all in print and available for free at my local library (through inter library loans at the highest level) I had a very fixed time to read these three 600 page each suckers. I did it in thirty hours and never stayed up past two.

Every author of intelligence is trying to tell you something they think you need to know. Some just puke on your lap with smelly things that we eat daily. Birmingham who must be stewing at home being ruled by Tony Abott wants us to make good choices, like his characters do. What is right about them is they are all conflicted. There is no black and white. Hero's can be villains as long as they have a moral compass that makes little wrongs fourm great rights.

So my Hats off once again to John Birmingham. If I had a million dollars his first works would already be in film.  I love Game of Thrones but compared to what Birmingham offers its dated.

Do not read these books before you read the axis of time. You will see a progression of page turning dynamic.

Monday, 22 December 2014

K noe You Selg gtyh=y vws noy vcomplain

 am very sure I know myself. I do not want to control or be responsible for anyone. When you control there is a dark side of responsiblity.

Its the virus of impertance. If you want to be more than a bandit you have to have some kind of control. I really believe and ECHELON upon reading this may strike me dead, is that all the animals in the jungle hidden behind the Calvin Kline adds where just cut outs for the prevaiing wind.

Allen i know you know I am full of piss and vingers leaking out on the
expessway like a tossed away salad that was not that tasty/

There is a thing going down and its been to some extent enginnered.
Fact one is that the price of oil was negotiated.
We win big time is so short sight.

For sure the big question is
what do the people wi6th
6the big oli shorts hope to gain?

At the  center of all this bullshit
flag waving in a very real state
one I think is extremly niave

Isreal exists lkke the next wave that blows away
Miami beech.

If y9ou have friends there
get them on the phone
and link to what I said
as evididence as 
much as they tried
to bring intelligence
to the commno senceyjy
they failded
Isreal has failded 
but it will be an instructive
as how to lve as a people
without wandering to close
to the nuclear explosin
of those so dense
tjey would not
seek sunshine \
Nuke the motherfuckers
without qu35ton
Nuke them from
Nuke them fro
popular music

I knw fr0,m living there 
that the people are
gatus but I hab to say\ww
knoelfh4  fry the beast
You want to stop terrorism 
dead in its tracks
fry the fields 
and hope they 
do not have
monsanto attack 

Do not tarp it

When the wonderful free wind blows
do not trap it
because you do not know
where it might bellow

and in most case right up the ass
for local officals
who are candy assed

No shortage of heros
on the big plain
the people working 
there are not of the
sane name

How many Mall cops
are now DEA
how many little dicks
are now working
for the CIA

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Every Muslim Nutjob in the world will now try and kill us alone!

Its true
we got more lone wolves
than a fern bar in the nineties
on the perimeter

Does it really mean anything
I dont think so
but one thing you can say
about Islam
is that it unites
the crazys 
in a way
that needs
a lot of study

But compared to the run of the mill
crazies who kill
they are nothing
but a bolt
of lightning


Never heard one myself
but as I understand
the others are overwhelmed
by a flood of them

It started in the new testament
when Jesus fed everyone and gave the whole beach
a drink from a single bottle of wine
the union person was there
to complain
about the cost to jobs
this miracle would cost
please do not do it again

Something we should teach in school
is how to complain
and what is really a complaint
because 90% of what we complain about
is unimportant
5% of what we complain about is Gods will
the last five percent
we never get around to in a big
like voting about it.

500 filter free channels

Yes I know they mostly clog 
your interface with surprisingly
interesting shit

We humans will watch anything
that's on TV
some will pay money
and others will blog
about Honey BOO Bo
like she was Angelia Jolie
from a different mother

Big Steve saw this decades ago
in Japan on the hotel TV
in the age that you might be lucky
to get CNN 
or the BBC
and watching them both for 12 hours
told me something true
the only purpose of this
interface was to deceive
the consumer
in between commercials
but as we know this 
simple misdirection 
was not enough 
for Faux news
and the beauty pageant
of lies 
that shimmered
with availability
on every screen 
they every touched
from behind

But at heart I am 
a good ole boy
at heart
maybe without 
a confederate flag
but I take those that
say its not a racist
symbol to heart
I just wonder why they 
are all white?

Anyway back to the TV
or Video Screen
or Image interface
or whatever its called today.
I love what the Germans call it.
the Fernseher, the far seerer like it
some kind of cystal ball

I consider myself a connoisseur of content
spoken, sung, written or a video combination of all the above.
Today is a feast and in comparison yesterday a famine.
One only has to know what to harvest
and wasting time
is something to be admired
not a controversy like
Judge Judy.

To get to a point 
I apologise for setting up
such a discovery
but for those used to being
lead along by content
it increases my authority

Justified is back for the last season
on Jan 20, 2015.
I love this show for more than
its really worth
because I feel
Timothy Oliphant 
has in the circle of life
hit the jackpot
with a James Garner soul

Other things to numerous to mention
that are entertaining but none of them
really special
are The 100, Homeland, Z Nation
and on its return Black Sails.
Sure I love the Walking Dead
and Game of Thrones
but I wanted to put the spot
on the lesser lights that
just might be as great

Did you like Sanctuary
I did
if you liked it at all
tune in for the Librarians
the pilot is very lame
but one thing
comes back to me
fantastic every frame
that she is in 
The blue skin x girl 
now 42
I could watch her
read the phone book
skin coloured

Do you want to fight this Bull?

As I tell my children
I not expect you
to be saints
but if you go anywhere
know the the name 
that will make
sure your shit
do not stink

A good lawyer will
make an average
procisction back down
and flee
from even a fee
a great lawyer
can guarentee that
in all but the most hopeless
And a team of great lawyers
facing twelve honest men
can do anything.

Into the Suck

Do not know from which war
this term described combat first
could of been Korea and most certainly
was normal nomenclature by Vietnam
and repeated over and over
two times in Iraq
and for sure in Afganisian

If labels are truth
then we have been fighting
the suck
all of our life

there is no victory in sight
but should there not
be some kind of grand
committee filled with warriors
and sewage agents
looking for a process
to fuck the suck.

Obama no bed of Roses

take away the colour
take away the spin
and just look at the fact
although I know 
they will not persuade
anyone to change direction
in any

Obama inherited a poison chalice
FDR would have sought\
imunity from
Sure FDR was shooting blind
but he was not
black in America

Obama may not go
down in history as
the writers will chip 
away at him forever
because he looked 
up the GOP skirts

Right now today
the patient is still 
on the table
looking at 2015
with a smile
hoping to leave 
qualified willing 
and able

I interpert the volcanic noise
we are subjected to today
with some irony
never have those who
cared had so much information
and never had we had so many 
citizens whose sole source of
knowledge was disinformation

For both sides I think its a draw
big powers are always going
to have a big paw. You cant stop the 
silverback, you can shoot him between the
eyes and watch him fall dead
but still the next day 
in some shape or form
he will be back.

Great Powers Great Mistakes made Greater

No one really knows how
WW1 started
it was in every historians
book a mistake

today if we believe history
we are on the precipice of
an even greater
lack of self awareness 

People left and right are
at the top of their
and some even using
unfronturnalty for humanity
its the Frank Lutz wordsmiths
for now that take the words
and make us all speak

I really do not know about 2015
we are hard people
looking at the failure
of our dreams
which way will we go
when the boss speaks
more into the path
that led us here
or something 
for which our
will not speak?

Anyone who knows anything
about something 
will tell you the conclusion 
of WW1
made Hitlter
so lets no matter 
what make that mistake again
and I am just afraid we did
google operation paperclip
and cry
we are fucked again
by the same

Does your playlist keep reapting is Apple at fault, and is there a damm thing to do about it?

Yes, yes, maybe and no. Thats my conclusion
when it comes to listening to music
who could mix it up well 
enough anyway
would that not take
some kind of cosmic
beyond an althogram
which is math for
a forumula that 
will control you 
who do not know
the math behind it
and I tell you now
and believe me later
even the guy
who made the equation
is like a witch doctor
getting results
they really do not

Word Dancing Wonderful is the expression that truly wins

words dancing along the margins and then filling at some time the main
like this content was meant to be
creating wisdom for the new age
but its never like that
for authours
they have to wait at least a decade
for words to take effect
and for many its centuries 
before an increalily diminishing
body of creative critism
comes to regognize they
really had something to say
to bad
it was not recognized in their
own day
when it could have made 
a differance
and now it just makes us
as we pretend to believe
our current leader
knows the way.

Dad dies every Thrusday

I am your Dad
and no matter what
through and through
I would without question 
die for you

I would take that bullet gladly
but life is not so black and white
there is no bullet
there is no smoking gun
only life

So your poppa
watches and hopes to never
that you fall down into
the inescapable by conventional
means rat hole
that now defines
my ways and means.

I have surrendered in a conventional way
no one no longer needs brilliance
they will just steam roller you
in the we control everything way
If  you are not good at giving steam
to the steamroller
lay down flat in front of us
and we will give you
mercy for your dream

There are some and they are in
the press everyday
the admirable ones
who took some steam
and peeled off in a different desertion
and when they got caught
they had enough money
to pay their way 
out of jail
and establish a non thought

Anti Muslim anti Cahtolic of Anti Semntic

Is there a moral equivocally there? I do not think so because the world is still powerd by Catholics or the excommunicated tribe. As a mere non believer observer of all the religious folly
there is only one thing
I believe
and know for cretian
unlike democracy
these people really
believe in numbers
and use childbirth
to manufacture
what is not
there in reason.

Two Brooklyn Cops Shot down in the dark of Night

How off target the lunatic  be
the men in blue they serve
you and me
the thin blue line
its no fucking joke

it the difference between shopping
and scavenging
an while doing that
meeting an ugly blok/

The world is not black or white
but best practises can tell 
us the best methods
to handle the mixture
that is grey

We are all great apes
in our DNA
Everyone that every lived
wanted to be King 
Or if the were more devious
in this male DNA oriented

Would the Brookly cops
be shoot if 
one bad chokehold
went away

That's a supposition
with no way of finding 
but one thing is
true and it should
ring alarm bells everywhere

People everywhere no 
longer see the police as
a force to serve and protect
no sadly they see them
as some kind of occupying force
and I just wonder how many
mafia chiefs have more sway
than the central command
and it is at this point
it all breaks down to brand
but not substance
because every cop 
that works for corruption 
is a neutron bomb
glowing every day
preventing democracy

The cops today need
to take a history lesson
when they had low pay
and no pension
and had to stand 
aside when the MAN
brought in Pinkerton
intervention which
was ninety nine percent

The solution is simpl;e
and so wonderful
a exploitation of technology
put a camera on a cop
and he is a captive hound dog
with a tag.

I am a great reader
of history 
and more speculative things
like 1984
and brave new world

these guy 50 years ago
feel our sighs 
of frustration
but they still 
managed in 
such a distressed
to image our future
without interference
from the state

Today its not the same
write or believe something 
not considered mainstream
and your going to get a ton
on non critial bricks on your positron.

Some fireflys protected by distributing
from a safe place get to live
this is a way for the enemy to have
constant fire on a raging Shock Point
that is hard to control

The world as we knew it 
no longer exists
it has vanished exponentially
will all the humans
hope of a better tommorw.

Some people 
and I say that is the 
mainstream media
will never connect the dots
you need if you hope to survieve

Maybe the big thinkers\
there at the big
media post have
already conclued
no bugle to be blown
no strategy we could employ
at this late
would stop the forces
of nature
from annihilating us
for our failure
to recognise 
that the planet
was a place
a place in balance
that could only
tolerate a certain level
of disgrace.
Many prophets warned
maany people died
because big energy 
decide the earth 
was its rich bitch bride.