Sunday, 21 July 2019

If I had a billion dollars

Montaro MIPS
I would make a hockey helmet with carbon fiber and technology, why dont they?

I would make bikes something like this.

Running Cause I Cant Fly: Fukashima Fukashism Fukashima

The experts say dont worry be happy?

What if they put a man on the moon?

One small step for a human
one giant leap for humanity
as they would say today
50 years later
we  are still moving sideways
Imagine if just the money spent
pounding sand in Iraq and Syria had
been redirected to colonizing mars
we would be all Kim Stanley Robinson
by now
with space elevators defying gravity

What happened
After thinkingaboot it
I think I know
It was the corrupting influence
of power combined with 
instant gratification
the competition for wealth
sold out science for profit

 Juan  Juan Puerto Rico should
be a paradise 
but its not because of corruption
hard to imagine
but what if you city, your province
or state or even your whole damm
country just managed the curtain better?

The race between technology and common
sense continues to prove we are just smart monkiees
nothing more

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Summer of earwigs and sanctions

The relentless squeeze on Syria and Iran continues, what happens when it pops? Well if history repeats itself a Pearl Harbour level event.  Hidden in history's truth is lots of circumstantial evidence that FDR knew what was coming and could not wait for it to happen. WW2  caused a lot of pain for America and the world. It was noble pain, lets hope war with Iran turns out half as well. Now on to our regularly scheduled ear wigs.

A Sonny and Cher cover, no wonder she left him

John Prine and Emmylou sing a song of haunting beauty, it does not get better

I like very few songs of this genre, but the ones I like,  I like long time

On of my favorite faves, one of three go to songs to pump me up

My entry point to Pearl Jam

Mostly my favorite song of all time

Another Song about Jane, cover of the Lou Reed classic

Linger a song of a summer long ago

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Facial Recognition

Image result for images of facial recognition
I am actually all for it with a cavet. Only used for good not evil. Like thats going to happen. Quell surprise dating apps are collecting and selling your face.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Device is not charged

So I  cant think
or do anything
until its bACK
thats me
to a T
dependent on tech
to be heard

static chatter and 4ever true

Static is messing
up my transmissions
to the great mind
it interferese with
good decisions
and lets
little mind cuts
make incisions
to the ceberal cortex
of humanity
which is contained
in infamy
in the city of london
where they
work in bulletpoof\
palaces and care\
nothing execpt
because they
are blind to
after 4 centuries
they dont know
if having a piss
at the wrong
is right