Saturday, 27 August 2022

Coyote ugly where the rip the joint

 Its not to late

to adapt

to to google

We have no chance 

what google wants

google will get

I hope

its a rental

I can afford

Friday, 26 August 2022

Search my blog for Trump and you will see what I mean


I am Zero fan of Trump for long long time. Decades before he became Pres.

However what has happened to him since and just shortly before he became prez is very instructive of the destructive nature of the deep state.

He has been alledged in political terms to have doubled park.

The USA is on fire for no reason but greed.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Sounds original

 I just want to say

that we have heard

so much copy

we no longer

can say

singer or

Karoke lounge lizard

Cant be paid enough to stay salient as the last zero was zero as in you are zero

 Talking about exile on main street


Yes Yes Yes can I  not translate

it into 2022 talk

like well its I dont have no pronouns

I am what a someone with the pronoun

female she would want to to stop her

from being a lesbiean

I done that so many times

withouth a single touch

Not a touch just a jedi mind

trick called common sense


So If you want to rule the world

you gotta sing a a good


and I am a Karoke


and I dont even rule

one day into the future

I take what I can gety

and hope to move

forward in a position

at least as good

as the current statue

but you know

as Bruce said

and you are thinking a provdo

Bruce Springteen quote is comming

lke thunder ro=ad

but I am talkikng  about

the talking head

and the Bruece Cockburn

and what he said

many times in so many

creative wayys

to knokw that the future

was a time

when normal gets worse

every day

So I live here now

and I gotta tell you 

Bruce was right

the daily grind

is not makeing  a


I want to invest into

the future

when I can get

some syth something

in a cup 

Yeach fill my loving cup 

with my desire and I will

keep shopping

till I die

I was looking on the web today

for artic boots 

something that will take my 

feet to minus 40 and keep walking 

away from the world that

lives like that everywhere

not just Hallibiurton

or the places I grew up

that where so cold

I wanted to move soputh

but when I got there

I discovered I had

a cold cold heatrt

and all the calistcichans

that kept people warme

in the soluth did not work

for mee

 because I grew up frozen

in a land that made

people love something


in  a real wayt

not just what they steream

today and tell

yuou your special

your a something

we never imaged when

Napooleen fired a cannon

or when Rebranmatn

looked for guard at the night

watch or

beforee Van Gopuh lost

his ears

listiengi tot the voices

from the starry starry skuy\

Friday, 19 August 2022

Bitcoin and the meta universe

 I donna know about bitcoin, but I always thought it was worth nothing. The meta universe. I don want to spend one second there. Gamers have been there for decades and its only good for killing.

I love Germany

 Germany was the most perfect country in an imperfect world. They have sacrificed everything for Ukraine. Such Madness.

Friday, 12 August 2022

Time to make sandbags

 In the last six days it is like the six day war all over again. But this time the good guys are losing on every front.

I think the shelling of the ZAP NUKE plant is a metaphor for everything wrong about  the situation in Ukraine.
The fucking Rhine river is drying up. They are recovering enough dead bodies in cement from lake Mead to build a highway.
The universal health care system is falling apart because we have a bunch of premier who want an American one, because hey cash flows.
THe last and most important point I want to make is earth and even mars shattering. I am so fucking bored with the streaming content comming at me like a fire hose, I think I know why people self immoulate. They want some heat in their minds for their lives. Only the top 1% can self generate completely. I think I could do like 75% and if I could only get to 80 I would be an influencer. I think 80% of the population does not want to be firemen or doctors or astronauts. They want to be influencers. Why do they not teach this in school?/