Saturday, 31 July 2021

Game of thrones fiction or a place to get your passport

\\ \Yeah I have seen the british empire

just move in with might

and leave with the autorityuh

to just fuck up

nop chancew  for the peo0plle

left behind, they did not 

even know at that time\

about coding

but insftif;y\\\\

l;eft opmes anmd A\

zer0slm   alll down

the line

Sunday, 25 July 2021

I feel fine

 I feel better than ever

because I appreciate every day

worst case I have 400,000 days left

and no bank to support the daily total

keep working Steve

Friday, 23 July 2021

Going to unload on the anti vaxers the hesitant vacers and all other idots that prevent us living a normal fucking life


Smallpox polio and a thousand other killers we 

have eliminated through vaccines'

and now your worried about a Kill Switch

or DNA tracking

as we face the biggest heath crisis since


I believe in all the conspiracy theory as

a talking point

but I do not bet my life

or the health of my society

on weirdness

get the vacine save your ass

the people you love

and the whole world.

Friday, 16 July 2021

Peral Clutchers


We are grabbing our perals and clucthing

hard because this mulusk carboncale

give us hope

for something treasured

to rise from the intestianal slime

and today

there are not enough 

pearls for everyone who

wishes to clutch

let alone the ones

who need to do so


World keeps spinning

and it will do so no

matter the biological content

but who can say

for the head of the food chain

the world is spinning our way

in fact its like a tornado that

has sprung up after a million

years and seems pretty determined

to push us into the dustbin of history

without a trace.


did not make enough wealth to keep

us all happy and sustainable

call me a super racist but I believe in the theory of evolution

This is a winning argument in the world today

Darwin said only the strongest survive over millions of years

and now we are arguing about the best way forward for a few


This planet has way to many people

we can argue about the numbers in the billons

should it be six should it be ten, but more than that

everyone should have no daylight

Eugenics will come

or maybe it will be a cleansing

thats worse

There is no guarantee when the billions of humans

stip the planet naked

that everyone will not die

I was adopted and my mother

had so many children

many I never met

until my old age

but the fact is she should have

been stopped after the first one

and the right to bear children

should be far more debated than the right

to bear arms

At least in most of the world you need

some kind of qualifier to get a gun lic or 

a driver lic

but to get a kid you

only need the most basic skill

this is wrong wrong wrong

and we can no longer afford to make

this mistake because we are good people

the world is falling apart 

and we have to choose good

people if there will be 

a future

For me its not a big

deal, I am old and

will die before

I fry

y9 lite= lepordats'an

ad  I illed ti a wordlathata
I levid
and\ thisiks all
aboiut notkknwnnguy
yr alkve,

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

South Africa Slips Away

 I can say nothing about South Africa because

it would be racist.

But what is happening is not a good sign

for any diverse community.

Monday, 12 July 2021

I took a bad hit

 It was pure physical and pure single car, but I was not driving

It hurt like so many other hits

but it was more splendid

and it gave me some joy

in misery

Thursday, 8 July 2021

ODE to the 2021 Club Du Montreal


I am saying outstanding and that should

be the conventual wisdom

because of paper we

should not have beat anyone

But we moved on like a strong virus

that contacted weak players

we epoxied everyone

with our strength of defense

until we meet Harridan's wall

of lightning and some thunder

the Tamara Team is a Dynasty

and I dont know how many cup

the players will wear the ring

but I predict it will rival

the 70 s Habs.

They have figured it out

draft develop and win

does not matter

what comes down that spout

a good body

can be shaped by time

like the Rocky Horror

Picture Show

into a hockey Man

maybe now that we

are woke they will do

it with women

I think this current Habs team

will struggle to make the playoffs'

because you can not live like every

day is your last forvever.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Game 5 how I feel about the Montreal Canadiens


I feel good like I know that I should

they have overcome biblically obstacles

to stand before Goliath tonite

and the past is prologue and the truth

dont lie

we are winning this cup

because if it is not God s will

it is Maurice the Rocket, Howie Morenz

and Louis St Laurent's will.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

The truth will shock you about how stupid we are: concrete editon

Frank Gehrey Knows its all Stainless

 Making building or any structure with steel bar not expoxy coated in planned obsolesce in my humble opinion. We have wasted trillions of dollars making structures that do not last. Ref The Roman Empire, they did it without steel, to be fair the structures where nothing like we make today. However right now ban the use of unprotected rebar in construction.

Steel is a good temporary measure, when you have time make something that does not rust.

Friday, 2 July 2021

I die in flame like Ghandi

I am so in love with the girl
I hope it consumes me
and I die in flames
consumed by my desire

this is not in anyway sexual
and many wonder how I can
be so cold about love

Its because she raises the standard
far above physicals love
its like making love to Ghandi
or Mandela or maybe Kurt von Gut
its all in my mind
she has a pretty face
and a body that supports it
but what I love is deeper
and so hard to explain\\\
I love the way she says
I am plain



Very Steven Segal of you. In the movie hard to kill , there is a promise you can take that ROI to the bank.

 I am happy for you excelling at high finance, because that is something difficult to do. Applying your IQ, your education and your native cunning to the biggest game on the planet and bagging successful kills and captures, it is the ultimate play for a human today.  I wish I had trained for that game.


 There is no word, but if I where to guess

it means the joy of having no viral load of virus

To SERVE man


I was worried yesterday 

about the heat that would'

not go away if its not the man

its the weather and another

commonality they share

is the totally unpredictable nature

of each and its also fascinating

if you look into the choas

theory that makes them behave

that way.

In the case of the weather its just

the size of the sample its to big

to process at this time

in case of the man its

entirely predictable

see Bill Cosby

look it up June 2020

the Jello man

goes free

and the girls

say its not

fair and the 

courts say


 So I have no predictions left

because the reality has

become the lottery

the place of an incredible chance

that will change the world

execpt there is not enough money in

the whole world spent

for centrius to change the way the earth spins

and how the hvac works

changing a valve on the world

would cost more than all the wealth

ever created because its all artificial

and a valve

well that is a very real thing

that can get backed up

and change the entire

frame and thats where

we are today

calling for the fireman

to fight the climate

like turn the tides

 K Kunucke in epoxy

and carbon fiber

So lets go Canada and Russia

and maybe Argos and Peru and other

low lying civilizations

because the middle is cooked

like a dodo bird

extinct forever

but apparently very

good tasteting

Like the cook book or

aliens that had a cover

that read


and we thought it was a legal

document some kind of intergalactical

agreement Trump negotiatied

that when the Aliens landed

there sole purpose was to serve Man

because they were so impressed about

how great we are

and all the fine cars

and  the 757 which

many do not know

was a kind of race car

boing that could take off

like a race car

and land like a


every time over an over

and nobody died

they did this without

real effort

and tremedous profits

dispite the fact it drank

AAA Deisle which is like

kerosene in fact

I wonder what is the differance

form those smellly lamps that

would leave carbon stains

on the wallpaper

if you lit them enough

and I read those

stains as a youth

and what I learned

is that electricy

beats and oil

lamp 150 thousand percent

and we have not stopped since

so stop burning shit

and produce energy

that is going to solve 

every problem

we have and

I know a simple solution

to all of mankinds woe's

you see we have been on an upward trajectory

exponentially since the end of WW2 and I suspect


Project paper clip where we took Wener Van Braun the Nazi archeitect of the V2 to and turned him into the hero of the Man on the Moon

I just discovered Phoebe Bridgers

 Lots more to explore. Sarah McLachlan  crossed with Alanis  Morissette 

Movie begat by Starship Troopers : Tomorrow war

Tonite we Dance Game 3 Stanley Cup prep

I am wearing the Big TiTs Tee. My daughter went to McGill and every time I went there I bought the T of a traded Hab because it was the same T with the same logo just $20 cheaper.

There is a fasinating story about the draft that brought us Big TiTs at number 10 when Bergevoan Boston and Shea Weber and a host of other besties was still on the table.
However I have always loved Big TiTs and he will remain on my CHest forever.

OMG I just signed into Amazon Prime 30 day free trial for the third time and I am going to watCH the hottest movie in the galaxy right now. The Tomorrow War. It 30 years in the future and the franchise is just about out of gas because they have not been in the finals since 2021. So from the future they send the franCHise player to ask the current crop of Habs to give up this Stanley cup quest because they already know the outcome, and send TFS, BBQ and Whiskey to the future to save the franchise.

Go HABS GO GO MY LOVE TEAM dance like a Walken with the puck