Monday, 28 November 2016

Despite cashing all the chips on the F35 a major collatrall damage blind spot revealed

The Chinese and Russians are cheating at air war. They have 20 ft long hypersonic cannons that work beyond visual range and we have 12 ft ethical weapons meant to be used in an old world dogfight.

Shooting down anything that moves. The Soviets and the Chinese are all up and the USA has nothing on the table. It seems that silo vision has no spending limit.
In plain speak, collateral damage in the air is so much less than on the ground, except for the Hindenburg effect, which seems to cripple Hydrogen even as we speak of the need to find alternative energy that is practical.

Even Moneyball players find Math is Hard

Its very clear that Moneyball was a great movie but despite all the math these guys are barbies and they are pulling on the wrong string. I have been cold and cold on Westworld, it deals with ideas dead as the Terminator, mowing grass well clipped. However in this bionic age I can only hope it stirs some non connected thought in the Yutes of today. I still stay fuck robots will make most women extinct. I am so glad I was never a gladiator in the future world.

Fidel, carding as a response to Black Live Matter and international jihad

Fidel, carding as a response to Black Live Matter
and international jihad
all hard truths
that must spill
and asked to act as
glue but their
not acid, acetone

Lets just take
them one by one
and march them hard
until like ducks
they line up in a row
so some hunter
can beam with pride
how he killed
a clay pigeon

Carding and it more aggressive bro
stop and frisk
can almost unarguably
be prove to be
a very brisk
broom for which
the streets need
to be clean
especially on mornings
following Saturday night
if you have not woken up
on the Sunday morning sidewalk
you head an island in a sea
of puke
then you really have not
but not recommend
for all of the above

In 2016 for Black people to
suffer the indignity and aggressive
race war
of carding and stop and frisk
is a crime against humanity
first world problem
of significant moral

We can look to sports
for guidance of best practises
colour obviously all put to one
side except for the all encompassing
diverse attraction of green
They don't call it money ball for 
nothing but is that really what
its worth
Horseflesh is it statistical
or its it intangible
is it art or science
or can the two be merged
to create one champion

Carding is moneyball for criminals
its a mathematical way to reduce
statistics in a seemingly positive way
but like the drone death from above
the math may be adding up backwards
because the sum of elimination
just makes the product worse

Math aside carding sucks balls
its totally against any norm of human rights
or just society
it does not matter 
even if it works
because making the trains
run on time
is a great thing
if done with a sliver dime
but if you contaminate the currency
with cheap metal ethics
a society will eventually
and go to waste

Now on to Fidel
may he rest in peace
the greatest MAN fighter
of the human race
How can we measure a man
like Fidel
who walked this world with
Giant steps
and clearly read
all his press clippings
he killed alot of people
probably directly in the 
thousand and all the collatrall
damage can never be 

But just who is judging him
from above GWB or Tony Blair
the King of Saudi Arabia
or the latest president
of Aganistian
lets not start on Egypt
or even Israel
the fact of life
if you want
to live as a functional
defensible nation
 in this world
you gotta kill

If you celebrate Fidel's life
your a glass half full
if you rejoice at his death
its half empty for you

Can we measure his barbarity
by how much he enjoyed the crime
can we compare his paranoia
to the Snooper laws just put into the 
disporia in the UK
when your a villain in a Monty Python
and avoiding exploding cigars is your 
perhaps you cull the herd a little
only because you really like
your job
and most of all
you want to stay alive

Is history a biography of great men
or are great men just footnotes in history
another question about angles dancing
on the head of pin
we can never answer because
of all the cause and effect
variables and how they are
never direct
and shots taken
linger in time
sometimes for generations
but time to time some
lucky food gets the game
shot at decades or even
centuries ago

Now you feel me
we gotta be ahead
of Islamic terrorism
and its not safe to have
a jihady sleeping in 
your bed

Sharia law is worse than carding
its worse than anything Fidel ever did
it should be outlawed by every civil society
just like the Spanish Inquisition did
The problem with Islam as I see it
is like the problem with Kansas
as described by Tomas Franks
people work against their own
self interests when they
grow up in a land
infested with silos
because that's the only 
way to bring the crops
to market
that's the only 
way to get payed
and for mammon
people will know
what they disbelieve
and wantonly take
pay to know nothing
about something 
they know everything
and even lobby to make
it public policy
case in point
the F35
and that's a life
and death matter
self described

Flow Batteries are in the mix

Fuel cells, capacitors and flow batteries are moving mainstream. Diversity off the grid is a a beautiful thing.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Green Car Reports

Big Data Quid

The Narrative machine.  Only fake news sites have this kind of information freely available.

Canadian flesh wound on the F35

With a nudge nudge wink wink Canada has commited itself to not building a defence based upon F35 flying bricks. Instead the logical move was made. Canada will purchase 18 F18 superhornets and defer any decision on the F35 purchase until the 2020's. Seriously even if the F35 could do half of what is advertised by 2020 this plane which began development in 1996 will be a quarter century old technology. The Russkies and Chinese for whom this plane is the only target can already use cell towers to detect and shoot it down. 

The biggest design flaw of the F35 is that it is a flying brick with one engine. This engine has to produce so much thrust it stands little chance of working reliably under normal circumstances and in combat conditions......

The F16 is a single engine plane that is used in Alaska. However the mission is quite differant from Canandian arctic patrol, furthermore a squadron of  F22 is always available.  

For Canada to use a single engine plane to patrol the arctic defies logic. The F35 should have been a non starter from the start. Of all the stupid things Peter Mackay ever said " the engines will never fail" goes right up there with nuclear reactors having the same infallibility.

Had the Conservative won the last election Canada would be flying the F35 into a perilous future and the cost would have destroyed the armed forces inperpetuity. The Liberals have won a huge victory for the Canadian taxpayers and the Canadian armed forces with this decision.

As for the F35 I expect President Trump will axe it just after he shorts Lockheed Martin and goes long on Boeing. The replacement will be called the F-Trump.

Snow Mexican Daily Diary Day 7 ish

Snowcrash is the history text needed to understand the Trump presidency. Whats good for Trump is good for America. Snow Mexican writing about Snowcrash as Winter approaches, its sublime. So far I am batting 1000 in my predictions for a Trump presidency.

After outlasting handfuls of Presidents Fidel Castro finally surrendered the mortal coils to President Trump. A complicated figure that Fidel. When you walk with such big steps upon the world some things are going to be crushed. On balance he was a relatively benevolent dictator. In modern history those are rare even the ones that are elected.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Paris Accords are Camplogh

The world is going to keep on spinnig and for most humans
in a bad way

How far I am from Ecstacy

Just about to watch the Town extended edition.
Thats life, mostly burtal short and sharp.
Unless your extrodinary, and I thought
I was, but life or me said
hey dude
we got
some new
kind of lube
for the always
on guy
with high
in fact
we took
the personality
out of technolcogy
and for
we got
the lube
and planet killig
and as we are a
moral company
you will work
for minum
wage with no
from illega

Ranger Danger Rabbit

Who eats rabbits
wheel no
we fan stop that
so the world will
be perfect
with our

The Pouges

Yeah you got Bob Dlyan and
the Clash
a enjoyment of riches
but if you want
to feel me
go Irish

Clouds of politic weather alway come out fair or foul

Hey babe
your gorgus
are you the
donald tripe
cause I dont care
about what happens
I care about yesterday
thats why I voted
because no one
can dispute
we were better of
for hundreds
of years than the rest
of the planet
and now
this decline
is a - policica
that I have to explian
I grow misty eyed
and the role
I got to play
I would like to
do more than cry
but never expected
the MEN in Black

Survivalism by 9 inch NAILs

Its a start a really sonic start

Have you ever heavred: lost cookies not due to illness or virus

I have never regurutated in my entire life. I need those nutriets to survive
I was born for a Mars mission.
But famous people have puked
and I bring my examinign eye
to all those flashpoints of
liquid humanity
expressed with\
no control
except in the case
of babies
the directin'
and to some extent
the time

So GWB pukes allover
some Japansee important
and I say no accenfdent
fill in the filter
and Iluminatti
no coffin
wipe out
cream pie
nasty maid
ever happened
but it did
and GWB
became the only
world leader
in history to puke
on a supoosed
should he have
worn a gas
was the meeting
for the youngest
person in the world
to fight and fall\
inot the pacific
like a barbie

Mountian Gorrilas with Apps

As the next goverment pours through the emails that tiltel I hope will get you a commons commite and at that time we can cut down the bullshit to 10%.  Trump proved that all the clever bullshit is wasted put the effort into prose instead.

You know I only support Trump because of the nihlism advantage. If you want good goverment. forget all natural laws, forget all the human asperations, just foucs on the mostly proven three laws of thermodyamics. Its all there buddy and if you want a cabinet position. Apply them.

Okay beyond serious stuff. My love life has not changed.
My kids drive me crazy with thier decisions, how can they be like me?  Walking Dead is well named because the viewer was warned in advance about the narrative.

Seriously I think we got a cup in the hand. Everybody
is fuckud up, the general public should know this, and told this over and over their lizard brains can not keep this in mind.

Okay I am not the smartest person in the room for a long time, but watching TV I feel like Bill Gates. Okay world I lied
I have not watched TV for years. I have had a subscription to the Toronto Star for decades. Like every other waste paper they tell me the world suck deal. No I will not deal
I know there is something better. Ever been real drunk at a party and everthing is wonderful, this is my belief this is human life, and we have to work backwords to create this.
We are mountian gorrilias with apps, it should not be a hard

Chess more than Go is a God Game

Don't get me wrong they both plow
the same field
one is all rice
the other
mostly wheat
but what make
CHess more personal
is the pieces
and imaging for
a time you are
you control the board
and your success
will lead to everything
being better if only'
you could lead the nation
in the case of GO
its just
I hope the emperor
does not fuck up
worse than the last

So we have the slanty eyed
orientals facing off
with the City of London
in a battle that will
lead to much grief
I sure hope its not
all eunuchs all the time
and peasants keeping
their cocks
working overtime

Just a second Steve
you called Asians
slanty eyed
does that not make
you a racist son
of a bitch
something your
children should scorn
just like
jeffery dommer
who ate every kind of
despite the fact
he was a mass
murdering psychopath
he did not discriminate
he ate
all races
without fear
or favour

Asians have slanty eyes
Blacks are dark
I could break down
every race on this
and not
stand still
but it means
nothing its
all a distraction
cause you know
slanty eyes
are naturally
what white girls
spend thousands
to fill
and we
all go out
to get a tan
to look better
so fuck off
you tools
of something
bigger than
what you understand
in summary
and brief
if you study
its called
divide and conqueer
and the master
dont care about
slanty eyes
or skin
even religious
no the master
only cares
about fine wine
nice cars and
if declaring war
there will be
profit before
post war
and new
to the brandc

that we call

I got a Man weepon
beryt3ween ,,yu
my legs
and its foaming
should I cut it offo
or just go
man its tough
to be a citzyen
in a post rome

Amazing Sportsperson

Rookie QB wins 10 games

IMHO real sports are activities where potential death is price of admission. I am not going to curate them all for you. IMHO the finest athletes play NFL football. No other sport combines violence and skill so expertly. In fact NFL football may be so good it makes itself extinct because mothers will tell their children that Friday Night Lights is the gateway to being a Cowboy.

If you have ever tried to make a decision while 3 or 4 people are running at you swinging a sledgehammer you have some idea what an NFL QB faces every game day. On top of that the margin of error between success and failure is milliseconds.

People who succeed in this environment are NAVY seal tough and mentally able to not only overcome the lizard brain panic, but also slow down time to the point they can make composition out of chaos.

I am not really an NFL fan. Its two minutes of action in a 4 hour time frame. Same objection I have to the passtime called Golf. Try playing golf where the foursome has 3 Zombies and then I would call it a sport.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Highway to Hanna and Trump Curves

Fuck Getty Images

To understand the man
you must drive
the road
which curves
like crazy
and most commuters
would be driven
except for the beauty
of the experience
and Trump is the

Snow Mexican Daily Diary Day 6ish

The squirrel hair has hit the fan. Trump is not going to pursue crooked Hillary. I predicted this and attributed it to Trump cutting a deal, most likely protecting himself from prosection for emulating the excellent Clinton Inc.

So far the fallout from both right and left muted. Given this is a major campaign promise and just about the one reason he won, look for waves of cognative dissonance.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Hillary Still Drunk

She only has George Thoruagod as an advisor now

Trump and the myth of Horatio not the Miami Vice Detective

Well well well what we have here is a place everyone is above average income!

America is sold on the myth of Horatio Alger. It is the black kid from the ghetto making a billion dollars in the NBA and for white folks the stock market, or inventing sham wow. You cant change this attitude without total humiliation, aka the great depression. FDR was a relief valve that preserved everything to come around again. I believe as Marx said Capitalism will destroy itself and that's a pity.
Because capitalism is needed to make socialism work and that is an understanding of human nature and relief. We would all work hard if rewarded, but how many jobs fulfil that task?

 fact is you can not support a capitalist economy where robots do all the work. Its an oxymoron.

Supply and demand and if your not working you have no supply and lots of demand. Winston Chirchill that wonderful leader gassed the Kurds for the same ideas, what becomes us.

Get off my lawn Diversity

Dont get me wrong I love diversity. I hate the same strip malls and malls of every kind that are ubiquitous around the planet with the same voice and same brand and no one upstairs really gives a damm except for the universal glue of  currency and Luce.

No other place, no other nation has embraced diversity like Canada and we are all the wiser and much better. More flexible, more able to withstand body blows from one direction and making all kinds of beautiful music together for the most part. 

I just think CityTV went to far to be diverse when a women with a hi jab is now spewing truth. We don't have anchors wearing crosses, Hanukas or spatulas on their head for good reason. The news is supposed to be neutral, especially with a polyglot audience.

This is not the play Hamilton, this is not artistic lic, btw how do you think a play about Martin Luther King hound doggy around staring a white guy would fare?

It must be a level field for all in our secular world. Those with religion on their sleeve or in their hair should not be on the public air as neutral commenter's.  

I am not going to change the channel if she is on, I am proud that most Canadians will not give this statement a second look, but its these little
wedges that bring civilizations down.

For Massa, despite the hijab being a clear symbol of her faith, she believes it should not affect people's perception of her impartiality as a reporter.

"I hope people will realise that having a piece of cloth on my head does nothing to influence whether I can be a good journalist or not."

Amen to that!

That keeps the staus quo and everyone goes
home fat an happy until they have
to fast for a month
which is iherintely unhealty
and not eat pig
which means
everone from their
can not enjoy bacon
I eat meat
and bacon
its the best
way to eat
and surveve
I know today
they say its all\
and I say
I know that
they will find
a drug
that will
let me eat
in peace

Snow Mexican Diary Day 5ish

Not Hot
American Klepocracy is the theme of the day. Trumpster is a trickster for sure. He is looking like maintaining the good old status quo Trumps everything.

His cabinets picks so far are short of the Zombie Apocalypse but a department of Justice with Sessions at the head means war. Scores will be settled and lawsuits will rain down like people ripped off seeking justice.

On the war front a pair of hawks. However I remain optimistic they have their eyes on the prize. The prize being judicious use of US hard power applied prudently. Remember it was Obama who has the US still fighting in Afghanistan, and started new wars in Yemen, Syria, and Ukraine.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Love the sound of new audio technology applied

Only one cubic foot of footprint

If your in the market for "good speakers" Golden Ear may be a bargain.  I cant think of any other sub woofer I would want for a above average system, at an attainable price.

Snow Mexican Diary Day 4ish

Biggest news of the day comes from the Hildebeast. Was she drunk and disorderly on election night, is that why the unimaginable speech by Podesta happened? One thing we know for sure is she still does not get it. She spoke to the Children's Defence Fund for which she received $250,000. Everything for the children Hillary. Apparently Jessie Jackson still has fish to troll for.

Trump may nix the new Airforce One, not tremendous enough. Trump may want privacy. Trump may not cut ribbons. Trump floating interment camps for Muslims. Other than that basicly everyone kissing his ring and sucking up.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Robert Heinlien's work deserves totally to be put on the screen. I hope they resist the urge to pad this into five years. Also excited to see Hyperion is in production. Three more than need to be produced: Peter F Hamilton, John Birmingham and David Brin.

I am still lukewarm on Westworld, though last week was the best episode so far. ⧪


So it begins we know where it ends. I am all for it. I would make people apply to have children, and every child would be boosted.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

John Boliton

A crazy mustache of a man. Yosmetie Sam not a cartoon.

Jet fighter in a love dogfight

so much is stratosphric
and so much is fear
of lving alone
and the sonic
settels over the neighbourd
and we need new
windows all
around because\
of the sonic boom

David Suskit

totally right
we need to keep
our birthright
clean air
clean water
that is our

all our problems have simple solutions

be good to each other
and create equal
no matter

Racist lives matter least

I get it
but it not
going to win
we all got
to get along
or we will

That aint no way to say goodbye

The cultural touchstones of my life
are falling like I am stuck in some
kind of autum and its totally relevant
because every voice is warning me
winter is comming
goodbye Leonard Cohen
arguably the most culture
encapulated in one man
that has ever left Canada
Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river.
You can hear the boats go by,
You can spend the night beside her.
And you know she's half crazy,
But that's why you want to be there.
And she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China.
And just when you mean to tell her that you have no love to give her,
Then she gets you on her wavelength
And she lets the river answer
That you've always been her lover.
And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind,
And you know she will trust you,
For you've touched her perfect body with your mind.
and Jesus was a sailor, when he walked opon the water
And he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower.
And when he knew for certain, only drowning men could see him,
He said: "All men will be sailors then, until the sea shall free them."
But he himself was broken
Long before the sky would open,
Foresaken, almost human,
He sank beneath your wisdom, like a stone
And you want to travel with him
And you want to travel blind
And you think maybe you'll trust him
For he's touched your perfect body with his mind.
Now Suzanne takes your hand and she leads you to the river.
She's wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters.
And the sun pours down like honey on our Lady of the Harbor.
And she shows you where to look, among the garbage and the flowers.
There are heros in the seaweed,
There are children in the morning,
They are leaning out for love,
They will lean that way forever,
While Suzanne holds the mirror.
And you want to travel with her,
And you want to travel blind,
And you know you can trust her
For she's touched your perfect body with her mind.

Snowflake Brown Snow Diary Day not more than ten

Trump needs to be in the news everyday and today
he is just a failure, a loser, a big fat squirrel hair loser
the best I can find is that Laura Ingram might be
his press secrectary. Laura is like Ann Coulter without
speculation she has had a sex change.

Laura has good things to say about Rick Santourioum thats about all you need to know.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Neegan has distroyed Rick

Rick could have killed
Neggan at any time
but Rick said
something eles
in the lizard

kill something
and your
going to die

Universe without triangels

So I am not Ecild
how do I go on

Its so human
to pick the
angles and
even say
the math is
not true

but if we are
all honest
we know that
math is ture

Why I am so fired up today

Cause its Trump as President
and that is the moderm
more acessible Ceasar

Dammit Jane
I wante
more Gorilla
friends its 
a culture class
or maybee
a lesson 
in sustainably
cause if you
have culture
in 4k
and that is your
your insane

Scottish peole and Jewish people race wars

It sound bad
but its true
about anything
with scotts
and Jews
if given contro;
is true

adip video victrory lap

it lost
big time
as it should
no one shoud
tell stupid humans
how to be

we need a law to prevet
but that would not be natural
at all
a vote
a vote
no matter
if its fucked
as most are
means something
so banjo

Snow Mexicans dont get your back up over this

Sit back roll a fatty
and enjoy the great
show cause 
even the the lights
are brighter
and the issues
all portrayed
its the same
old shit show
just with a 
bigger name
and watch for 
you cant miss him 
because one thing
we know
he likes the spotlight
more than the show

Day 3 or 4 or five or six
math dont matter no more
cause Trump knows
all the economist tricks
if it dont add up and
it makes no sense
at all make a wonderful
complicated equation
full of smoke and mirrors
distractions half truths
and outright lies
and put down in the fine
line that lawyers as
50% if the GDP
but no human 

In his first in depth interview
on the formally reviewed
60 mins
Trump reveals
you dont know what 
you voted for
he will decide in time indeed
the real way to watch this cat
is like any animal
what they do
what they kill
and what they eat
and for Trump
its going to be kitty litter

Trump is today a blank slate
he said on 60 min
he will do nothing
therefore we must look
to his staff for clues
and even there is is ying
and yang
and no direction
which makes me wonder
has he played the big con
an looting the world
while every one is looking
and breaking no laws
the victory of the people

Breitbert News is just as credible
as CNN in my opinion
but the fact is that guy
is dangerous
he is full of piss and vinegar
and will despoil
many fields
where good crops
used to go
just to fill
his juvenile
narrow minded
18th century

Every country has lost
something in the Trump
maybe Russia has won
because Hillary will no
longer have to push 
the nuclear one
to prove she
has balls 
in the place
Trump would 
never grasp

Number one loser 
on this planet is
Israel because the 
reality distortion
field that protected
it from the rabbit bomb
has lost power

I believe Israel has played
a wicked game
in this century and
now the chickens have come
home to roost
and they are all radicalised
it did not have to be this 
way but the person most
responsible is Yassar Araft
and if makes me conclude
you cant make peace with 
a religion
you got do it with a people
because religions are
basically fundamentally
the enemies of men
where Gods rule
interpreted by priests
who study bullshit
until they make
it an artform
of word

Today in every way
according to the conventional wisdom
the exceptional nation
has become a Christian Iran
where Gods law tells science
get off my lawn
and the people
yawn because
they are just
trying to live
working three
jobs because
the economy is
so swell

I wish it was not true
but my wishes and hope
turned out to be a disaster
for me
cause I believed in 
ever thing I was taught
and never leaned to pivot
in this human race
between common sense
science and plan old power
where the tortoise wins over
the hare every time
because change has
less grounding

For sure that is too
we got legal weed
in the marketplace
and carbon neutral 
tech will defeat
the smoking cures
cancer sect
the only question
is will the time
allow us to beat
nonsense matisticstd

Shout out to Eldon Musk
who says one man
can not make global change
his cars his energy walls
will all have future generations
worshipping his name

Thats if for today
in summary we have no idea
what President Trump will do
he has bad people on his cabinet
but because he is such an out
of the box thinker
he might be compromising
them too
we can only hope

The Snow Mexican Snowflake Diary Daily

Extrodinary Snow Mexicant

This space will be tremendous, extraordinary, literary, irreplaceable, insightful, analytic beyond belief. Your life will be shallow if you don't follow.

Now it may not be daily and I will not melt, but in some way shape or fashion I will Interpret Trump world regularly with the tag Snow Mexican Diary. I am Thinkingaboot a image to use.  The first thing that comes to mind is a snowflake with a Harper face shot in the middle. Harper is the poster child for Snow Mexicans.

Implicant in Trumps proclamations about Mexico is that Americans are vastly superior to those brown beans tolling away to give America cheap cars and Tv's.

Calling Canadians Snow Mexicans is just as condescending but white washed.
The truth is that both Canada and Mexico are vassal states of the United States.
We are like the Walking Dead, America is Neegan. Neegan is like Dread Pirate Scott, immortal and multifaceted but one thing endures, execptionalism.

Trump is the mule just as described by Issac Asimov in the Foundation. Trump is an Orwellian double speak Ninja and tracking his movements may take 6000 years old bowel examinations to determine exactly what kind of shit is going to come down. But it will be a shit show,  there will be sewage beyond belief, its going to be stinky and we can only hope that in four years the opposition can offer real concrete relief.

Trump on Sixty Minutes was all NEVERMIND THE BOLLOCKS I AM A SEX PISTOL. The 70 year old punk rules.