Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The F35 is a chiwawa in a Dogfight

Failure to govern is epitomised in the F35. There is a good argument to be made for a nation, especially the USA to be armed to the teeth perpetually. There is IMHO a more compelling argument that such a policy is wasteful and ultimately a financial catastrophe for the nation. 

The F35 combines the fight or flight instinct with a huge tailwind of corruption and committee design. The main design feature of the F35 is that at least one part of it is has a lobby group in every congressional district.

Now it is alleged that a deliberately handicapped 1970's tech F16 clubbed a payload free F35 like a baby seal.

Things go on until they stop. The F35 will turn out to be the greatest weapon ever built to take down the military industrial complex.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Confederate Flag moves to it, while the Rainbow Flag escapes it:The Closet

In one of my closets 
stuffed full of the past
is Future Shock
and its all change
has come to pass
History is accelerating
outpacing the news
transforming the impossible 
into daily commonplace
and life moves on
with most unaware
there has been a revolution
and so it goes
and so it goes

Personal transport has gone electric
flags glorifying war and slavery 
are shunned
we all prefer to live
under a rainbow of hope
instead of dark clouds
of fear

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Listeningt to vocice and image as starting points of awareness

Well you have the Pouges and Paul Krugman
and many pretenders. Mostly excellent
but if you want a message
in your musical mailbox
there are only a few options left
what ever happened to the protest
in todays world
bOB dYLAN would not
be an iconclast
its all about today
somebody who would'
not fuck me
and that a great human universal expression
but in the past
everyone alive
knew that\
and that is the last thing
they would ever sing about
witness if you will

So what is wrong with you kids head?
I think I know and you will not 

like the answer
like a cell phone from Microsoft
you have been programmed with
a bad operating system
call me crazy Macafee
I can kill your virus
just read and read
and do it agian
on every source
even wikpedia
and then you will
know you are
a fellow Zombie
and Space Lizard
Defense force member
go human dry up LIZARD
And the undead

ARe you taling to me

describe a dessert Island 
and in the future its a Continent
and we will need
so much retroactive
to tell the young
punks that the water
that powered the cell
phone towers is gone
and now they will have
to live like humans
talking to people they
do not know in order
to survive
what a fucking disaster 
in tech terms

Are you coddled by the Man, serving the MAN, or oppressed bythe MAN?

Next to Don King I the biggest Amerian Story:Only

The MAN is Omnipotent 
in this universe
he killed JFK
brought down the twin
and just generally
operates like Mr Smith

Case in point the Clinton's
they went to Washington
as bad corn poon
twenty years later
they are on stage
with Bono
eliminating Smith Pelly
and are best sycophant friends
with the guy
that was Delta Alpha
in getting the blood
on Jackie's pill box head

Lets get excited after
a thousand years
about the confederate flag
yet while a real non political
threat like Fuckmeashuma continues
to burrow towards the earth core
is not only not reported
no one can hear the nuclear drilling
which is more like a volcano melting
magma in reverse
and with it being a non natural progression
carries a bigger destructive curse

Man got this space ship nearly new
in God terms, only about six billion years old
It was only yesterday we got our drivers license
which entitled us to drive over the rest of earths 
creatures like the ultimate version
of Grand Theft Auto

God gave man for some reason
the car keys and so far we have
mostly crashed.

It is only recently with our MAD MAX
creativity we have found ways
to make the planet uninhabitable
for higher life forms
and we drive on 
with diminishing fuel
the fumes of faith in God
who will come and pluck
us off the planet
in a relevation
Bible studies trumping science
because there is no real argument

Now God must be our father
and our mother in one
a spiritual anthromorphodic
on a cosmic scale
So what will mother father God
think when they see our room
we shit on on everything
so bad the actually atmosphere
in our living space turned Passions
the toys anamorphic parent gave us
are badly broken
and we hacked the HVAC

Sure hope God is really forgiving
but as I see it 
its a death sentence
I hope we can do a better job
of leaving something behind
for the 7th try at humanity
than the pyramids

Sunday, 21 June 2015

I bog and try to do it with some religion

Why do I blog? Its because I want to be immortal. I think my posts are spongeworthy now, and will be  as valuable in the future as an unopened
bag of prision panties from Lynchfield.

I blog to express myself in a malevolent evnviroment where I have no control
over living in a hazardous area.

I blog because as a history major I want the future students to realise
there was a least one sane person currently. (I am not alone or even to be considered amongst the people who express this daily with heart)

Make no mistake I am going to do this regularly because its my true voice and in this world its a luxury to speak that way. I have 14 good members, I want cult staus and that is a 100 in a good cult. Lesser numbers work if you have good earners. I do not want good earners. I do not want anyone to think this is some kind of commercial venture. If the world comes to my door I will charge for sure.
I really hope for that but remain realistic. A dollar and an opinion on blogger is close to buying a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons.

I get lots of hits, likely mostly mistakes but I would love more comments
over more followers. Both would be nice.  Last post from Needy Steve
I will go back to being Iconistic hard wired cynical beyond belief.


Whats wrong with facebook and why does linked in not exnay that error.

Facebook in highschool for grown ups.
Mostly for those who did not know
that nobody is going to make you popular
but yourself. In a high school ring that is 
amazingly effortless, but in the real world'
that skill will mostly see you working'
in a fast food joint where smiles 
are mandatory
but its all like the NBA
the draft comes
and you are selected
and some vapid airheads
who have great tv hair
and teeth that are no objectively
score big contracts 
and become our  voice
of facebook heroes

The baseline is that facebook
is all high school
so if you want to play 
with the pros you 
shouldwant to elevate 
your game somehow
thats how it used
to be in a somewhat
meteoric society
but facebook
has made the world
all tribal
and well
it might work out in your village
the nation is going to burn
and the world is now on fire
thank facebook
facebook is the face of the Man
spawn by the first women 
who would sign that contract

Say Sayonara to Camera Brands

Phone cameras have destroyed the point and shoot market. Now phone camera accessories have upscale in the view finder. Your product is no logner relevant, please move along and take your empoyees with you. How long before the cell phone becomes the universal tri corder?

R Billy a real pirate treasure

A captivating story about treasue hunting. For sale now.

Friday, 19 June 2015

We are our own God I believe

We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.We are our own God I believe.

I could have repeated the message more for those that do not believe.

The tech exists and it costs pennies if people really are our biggest resouce

We can do it all today
we do not need no
stinking future
but why not?

Cause some rich ass holes
like living like Gods
and it admit it
we are wired that way
but the Star Trek system
which I believe
the educated will call
commusinus is the answer

Probe the people in the barrio
they are happier and more content
than those living in glass towers
on the top floor
with glass walls
and guilty conscience

Conunimissm has never actually been tried
democray has been
and it Germany it seems successful;
but with tech
it will be obsolete
so we will need a new model

Bill C51 fucking vote

No need for Steve face here

It means nothing realy
just a get out of jail card
for what has been long reality
will it make things worse
but its nothing new
we have been spying upon
ourselves for generations
and as we see in Game of Thrones
those with an ear
to hear
the little birds
rise to power

If you object fucking vote.

Living in a post Van World

I live my life in a Kurt Vonnegut way
where so it goes is normal
and we should never expect
our daughter to marry Jerry Rivers

But the butt of the butt smells
funny in that statement
as in everything every human
ever said there is always
and angle on sincere
we can not speak a word
without telling some kind of lie
if a statement is universal
it will not apply to every situation
and if we talk about love
it changes more the the weather
and its a harbinger for climate change
for sure love knows when the thermostat
determines the relationship
one is hot and the other cold
this is our planet that we love right now
someone wants it hotter
some want it cool
but for a relationship
its better if you go all natural
and just admit manipulation
is the end
so lets stop telling the planet
we are your best fried
while doing all this fucking around
with hydrocarbons which in terms
of life expectancy of a human sustainable environment
on this planet
are way worse than AIDS
as an STD

Is that a Sombrarro or just a big head?

Perceptions is reality and reality
has been so distorted recently
you can live a hundred years 
from a cell phone
and still feel the effects
of the reality distortion field

We have free trade with Mexico
which really means we must
all live on beans
because the wage
paid there
can only give
such sustenance
and we should accept that
plan because the God of free
trade has spoken
not alone
but also in an
Adam Smith 
Yes lets govern our
economy which is just
a artificial construct
by the voice
of a guy who
died 300 years ago
Maybe medicine should
adopt the same mindset
and let barbers do medicine on 
the side
talk about a way to kill 
two birds with one stone
and we would have so
many dead people
with a perfect haircut
the funeral home
would save  money
and generate new income
that would lead to more
trickle down
trickle down is real
when the glaciers 
are gone
and the aqua filters 
are dry
the only drops of moisture
you are going to get
are from the plants
that harvest humid
and let those drops
trickle down
if you can cut them the right way
without killing the golden goose
as obviously so much did before
that's why you need water
from a dessert plant

Thursday, 18 June 2015

tried to input new information into the local situtine, attempt failed just saiying

How to triage the truth?

Summer in Siam

Its the pogues and I do not really
understand the agnst
but I have sat alone
on Patong wondering
how great I was
which was a complete illusion
that I never followed
but nevertheless I
never brought home that

cat is black or white

well it does not really matter
if you care about the bounty
of cats
and I swear right now
and I will sever today
that was the worst use
of rhetoric that ever
happened and as a consequence
we lost China to the USA

Looking at a stupiid world

There is no depth or argument that can be as bad as what humans have to accept to survive. I am talking about America which has a constitution which has never beeen applied IMHO. So where are we as a civilizaton when the great house on the hill with a candle or multiple LED is not responding to the lighth'
that is somewhat tribel but evertime comes back with a ping, saying
I have reached humanity

nOW DAYS my friends
nothing is free
and the ping is going
to say sign up
and then you
will be free

Living my life like a cable channel in the age of Netlix

So you do not need me
front and and center
I never thought
the bulk of America
could wait
like a supertanker
wanting content
fresh as the cherry blossom
in Osaka
on a good spring

So now I live
on scraps
of hope
for content
to make sure
when some one turns
on the Internet
there is something there
that brings them spring
and if that should fail
I hope that reality tv
will give them hope
as they struggle through
this life
without premium channels

Pack your bags correctly cause we are going on a big trip

I unload my backpack daily
though I prefer to refer
to this essential tool
in its native language
called rucksack
why do we have to change
nomenclature form someone
else to our own hopeless
i tell you its a very
true example
of the power of the word
and the fears of those in canto;
who are not bilingual
and out of control
in every sense
because of their
intellectually incompetence
but still the same
they are the governess
on our acceleration
to a better society

Fuck me and Fuck you
that's the history book
I see today written by
our piss poor leaders
who do not give a crap
they have come to power
by intention or accident
but at the end the game
is so bleak\
they wonder why
they even tried
and if by some acciodent\
they might try
the powers that be
will tell them to shut
the JFK up

Like the great man
the great thinker
the guy who had
experienced the 
war crime that was
the bombing of Dresden
experienced would
and so it goes
and so it goes
this was the best
a great thinker could give
us given he was drone blasted
to near death
while he was on our side

How to solve the worlds problems
I do not knw
I have seen a thousand barrios
and the people that live their
are more human
than those that live 
in Frank Gehry artifacts
and the residents of 
said palaces mostly commit
suicide or just leave the rails
in a way that would get more
government funding for Amtrak
if fox news considered it part
of a ratings abstract.

Did I do right for my time with my resouces

Fuck Ya!

I do not belive anything without a mathimatical proof, that can not be faked

Our lives are ruled by lies
Adm the the profit
goes to the one
who can muster
the fortune
and gamble on
the facts with enough
insider information
or just payed off hacks
to make a profit

sure this is a system that has
been around forever
but why not do
something better
I ask all you candidates
for 2016
why do you want to give
a lapdance to money
instead of as pole dance
for the future?

Someone is getting fucked
repeatilly without pleasure
and we have laws about
just like Magna Carta
will never be enforced
without a democratic

On getting older

Hey man where did my years go
I never spent them
the great regrets
should have, would have
could have
well I tell you as someone
who was in the steam launch
accelerator of jet aircraft
of a might military machine
failed to launch
some problem with my software
and then I was trash
because I could not communitcate
we all need to commnicate
in this world
are you sick
are you afraid
your mind and 
your world is
being taken over
by slick salseman
who mitagate everything
so you remain humamn
just 20% afraid
and the other 80 fear
they can turn off an on
depending upon the 
shopping season
their will be no terrorist
info or attacts in the weeks
before black friday

A Pope for the 21st Century

The Pope smokes dope
and when he got high
he saw that Jesus
was not talking about
a place in the sky
when describing heaven
heaven is on earth for humans
on our human centered spastic
spacecraft of Plastic Fantastic
meticulously crafted
by random numbers roating
for billions of years
or 7 days in Gods time
its like dog years on and infinite
man God must be old

The Catholic Church after 2000 plus years
finally has a Pope who understands Jesus
Jesus did not care about spanking the monkey
or sleeping around
when love was sound
Jesus cared about the bankers
and the poor

and the sick
and those who had
no power to change
their lives
because the Man
had occupied the town
sold the rights to humanity
by rewriting the rules
carved in stone
to a lighter more malleable edition
written in Gold foil

Fearing irrelevance 
suffering from terminal cynicism
and hubris and a lot of diddling around
the church made a leap of faith
and got a hail Mary touchdown

The new Pope 
I don't believe
but this is a Sheppard
who wants to lead
the sheep
to a better place

Friday, 12 June 2015

the humam interaction exchange

Its gone down disastourly
as we can see buy
the confliclt
wheere weapons
replace neccities

For oone mitue 
can we replace exachnge
with commerce
amd kicjk
the life exxhNFW
FOR fucks SAKE

Black Sabbeth

It sounds like a telcom  commercial today
but at one time it was a voice
of revolution
and a call to listeners to enlist
in the army to save the world
from the suits and the MAN
who controlled them all
Why the man wanted us to
wear polyesters ties
befuddles me
when the best way
to control a human 
is to make him happy
then give them a task
we are all just advanced
creatures doing the work
Pavlov's dog  could never
due to the cannie

The Calculas of winning

The calculus of winning is complicated
but some know the answer
ask Charlie Sheen

Everything is an equation
and for those counting
on toes and fingers
must always have
a sum
equalling ten

Math baby Math
huge amounts of Math
spoken by cunning linguists
tickle our economy
and map out on a grid
our lives
and our wallets
and determine just how
much of our pockets
can be picked
like fruit
its a vineyard of
and we are being harvested
by the MAN

If the MAN screw up a calculation
its a revolution
and they must 
send in the teachers
to get the vines
green and ready
to produce

Math baby math
its always the same
you calculate something
and that is retained
if you own the formula
you are self explained

The Great Con War on Drugs Exposed as Farce and Pharma Fidelity

Its obvious the beer lobby and the drug lobby fear pot more than Al Capone feared a judge who could not be bribed.
H/T Montreal Simon bookmark this BAMF.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Not a day of rational thought

You want to think rationally
that make you smart
but never wonder
what is the candy
that in planted in your mind

Every institution in the great minkind
has one mission
its to preserve the current order
given the supreme court or
what ever you want to call
has the final say
its pretty important
that they are more
than oak
and somewhere in that solid
is a fluid
to deal
before the people
light the whole shithouse
on fire

Give anyone the reins of power
and they are going to be
Jesus Christ
as a lesser God
that we should admit
so when dear leader
makes that play
we should just laugh
at them knowing
they are nothing
and the people
that put them there
to guide us in the best
way are everything

Five hundred years from Mangna
Cartia in universe one
So now the people half a century
should be living free on stars
with no disconnect
from the monopoly that
controls the Internet.

Today the good folk
take the taxes with
no spoke
but in the time of Robin Hood
there would be revolution all
over Sherwood oak

So we pay our money and we take
our chances paying multi millions in
the long term for a bunch of people
if you look at their life experience
have no clue.

We live in an illusion created by smart man
there where no femmes there
today for sure we would have
included them in the masterplan
and maybe that is where the whole
humans no so much experiment
went off the rails
in terms of solutions
having any contact
with reality

Comming hard down effect where pleasure was expected

This world is a spaceship
alone in a big galaxy
no matter what God or thyme 
you realize
you must understand 
the basic
we live on a snow globe
and lately when it
it is shaken up
the snow does
not go]
with all our science
we can not understand
a single snow globe
shaken up
and how it falls
how stipied for you and me

Actually the case is that the smartest people 
on the planet 
known for manipulating GODS languae
we call it math
are working overtime
and with a passion
 not seem amogst
humans ulesss 
two bodies collied
both in heat

Mankind or womenkind or
humankind and we spend
way to much time arguing abouit
the label
in in a hell of a pickle
we got to burn carbon to live
but every kilojule we expend
kills the planet expotenially
for our prodiedgy

Facing this kind of dichotimey
Chirchill surerended to his dark
No on who wants to keep the world
as it was in credible. We have a great
life raft of humainty but some will have
to be tossed overboard

Cruel as it seems it is consistant with
the fact we are animimals who have
access to the operating manual
but we remain animals who
do not want to read.

did I break blogger sorry

I hate tech as much as I love it. I am not sure if both emotions could be expressed and zeos and ones what would still exist as me.

Salty Radocatice Real estat

I went to califonia to find sunshine without rain
just when they went dry
so I moved on to Vegas
where the billion dollar gamble
on red went green
and now all that real estate is worthless
without water
and what should I think 
from what I just seen

The world is on a precipece
with no jet pack
a BASE jump
with the wrong wind
could end cilivilzation
talk about an ill wind

We are scattered like ants
beneath a heating up magnifying glass
yett wwe  alla hhhave the ssaame inteerests
and stock portolion
if we are rich

So how to survieve when we kill the planet
daily and water is like a dessert of
of Gay in Saudi Arabia?

Kick into action my friends
because there is not challangag
that exists today science can not
its just the political winnes have'
to put their name on that IP
which means open access
for everyone
with no cable blill
and just watch what you like
cause making money 
is going to warm the planet
some way
are you in fact
a terrorist
or do you just
think a differant way
and would rather die
to continue on in the
same way

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

G7 Bold Leadership will close carbon economy by year 2100

This is the leadership equivalent of Abraham Lincoln announcing he was going to end slavery by the year 1950. Chuchill saying England may have to surrender by 2040 or John F Kennedy pledging that America will have a man on the moon in around a hundred years.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sand Trash?

If Saudi Arabia received the same media attention as Iran or even Russia we would be reading about a very despicable place with a long history of thwarting human development. Internationally there is a good case to be made for the number one sponser of Islamic terrorism. Now a brash young man has been given the car keys. Expect a hell of a crash.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Going Down on Ukes

Ukes on the praries
women more fair
than the Wheat Marketing Board
and now Harper has dimisished
both of their beauty
just to get a few votes
from those who speak up for
but have never been self employed

Ukanie and Russia in history seem to be like fabric
and fabric softener. The fabric wants it so much but the softner
is dead at the end of the cycle.

Whats going on now in Ukranie is a chess match, were the citizens are the pawns and the endgame is nebulous.

We in Canada sit in judgement of a world we can never understand. Democracy six times zones away may blow the average Canadian mind
so speak not to me of democracy, speak to me of rights
and its pretty clear in this circumstance
in the Ukraine Putin has Harper dead in his sights.
By any standards the world is corrupt. It make Game of Thrones look like
a purity playbook. Every nation does the old tut tut, but now more than ever
the skeletons come out of the closet. The internet has exceed the bandwith of democracy. Well not perfect its bringing goverment to the majority.
We live in a world that is total illusion based upon our best economic witchdoctors degree
in authourity.
It means nothing really
as the GWb authority established
If the president says it
its reality.

Everyone knows this is bullshit
but we have been living on bullshit
for such a long time
we are afraid to sample the sweet truth

The whole world has learned by example
and do not be naive when they could not
learn fast enough aggressive learning was applied

Econmics is as much a science as astroggy
with the execption that some economists
can make relevant arguments
but the world does not need to know that
and so it goes and so it goes

Your life absent your children
unless you are a member of the 1%
is dependent on a false set of facts
Who do I confess to!

On Fathers Day

On Fathers day lets just celebrate
the old man
strange in adult life
but superman for the kid
and we never asked
for that kids

Some kids figure
out Dad is not a combo
of the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny
Santa Clause and Jesus Christ
others are left disappointed by the truth

My father was a really great man
the town named a school after him
even before he died to soon.
His greatness was all like Buddha
just humility and trying help
when help is hard to find
and uncertain
and not part of any teaching plan

I learned from him everything essential
about how to behave and be deferential
when the MAN came to town
but how in those moments
to plot how he would
never come around

I had the perfect Canadian Dad
he was a hockey superstar
and when I was older 
I got to play games left wing with
him even though I was pathetic
and he was Bobby Orr old school
on defence

The most important thing
I learned from him
was to be patient
try your best
but do not expect dividends
for years of study
for dog years into 
the future

Most of all my Dad loved
me just the way I was
which believe me 
is jigsaw puzzle
now fifty years incomplete

I remember him dying at the hospital
and out of the blue he said Steve
wheel me around outside for one last look
many peoples have faced a worse trail of tears
but I took that one
I never said two things
and I hope he can read them
Dad you gave me so much
but our beloved dog Ginger
which I raised from a pup
and my first car the Mini
they meant ever so much
not every Dad can or do
so much for a kid.
I love you Dad forever
I am sorry I can never
be the same Dad to my