Thursday, 31 May 2018

Snowmexicant Daily Dairy end of the world as we know it

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The Donald has landed
like a meteorite of 
policy from another
university on the body politic
his points are sharp
and they all are going
to bled his class
from the inside

at the root of trade
imbalance are 
labour rates
we can not compete
with nations
of slaves
so if he 
really wants to stop this
I applaud
but in reality
whats happening
is he is threatening
the root of all evil
and penalizing
Europe and Canada
the progressive

Eggs are broken
lets hope the omelet
is better than
the scrabbled

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Ontario Leaders Debate

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The election now is the NDP
to lose
Doug is a trainwreck and I am so
happy I live in a democracy
that says I will note vote
party on that
Andrea is a panda bear
I just hope she can keep
the cubs under control
nevertheless it could
be worse if the Ford Nation
wants more membership
and the sheeple apply
because the Harper
team has mastered
the lizard brain

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Presenting The Waifs

P10 vs P51 Mustang

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The P10 cant fly and cant shoot
but it does everything else better.
The camera cant be beat
and the audio is better
the navigation with
the fingerprint'
beats a touchscreen
just about everything
you could want
is done
right here

To many white guys in ties

To many white guys
wearing ties

I had a prob lem with GOOGLE

They wanted my cell phone
and I refused
after a few days
they let me back in
cause they already
had all the information
so Now I am flagged
as a non shepple
I expect a big

Said Said Said so many times so much better

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Bob Dylan and Leno rad Cohen to name a two pair
that could beat a full house
have said so much better
everything I discovered
to think
and I wonder
no one listens
to the truth
about living
and why dont
the people want
to live in Bob Dylan's

Monday, 21 May 2018

New Deal Scorched Earth Politics

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Govermenting is hard. In a 21st Century democracy its becoming impossible.
Life for the majority is not getting better. For the youth Nihilism has replaced religion. No one sees a better tomorrow. The corruption that is human nature is constantly exposed, without any attempt to cover up.

Into this void jump the nastiest of the politically power hungry, whose only vision is power. We are living Game of Thrones and the cell phone is our sword.

Donald Trump is proving that if you are going to plot against the King, total victory is your only plan.

In the world we imagine we live in there is no way someone who used aggressive interrogation would be approved by Congress to represent a functioning Democracy. Now that killing civilians and torture are normalized you have to wonder whats next, slavery? One could suggest there is already an element of that in Private Prisons.

The Alphabet agencies seize control of the lizard brain lemmings.

WMD are curable in England. The falsest of false flags are not fluttering without comment.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Dream E Car

Jaguar E-Type Zero

Its a E conversion of a E Type Jag. It costs half a million dollars, GULP? Its not easy being green.

Comming soon something slightly more reasonable.
Jaguar I-Pace

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Heart of Darkness Rabbit Bomb Blues part 3

Predictably the Rabbit Bomb has been deployed in Gaza. Just as I proselytized, prophesied, and predicted. Waves of cognitive dissonance are shaking the walls of Realpolitik. If any other nation shot over 1000 unarmed people can you image what CNN would do. 

In the case of Israel the official line is to blame the victims. Its an immoral but largely correct position. The problem is it defies every narrative we are supposed to live by.

It seems the Palestine nation has just about run out of people willing to get shot for now. This is far from over.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Bullshit Rules

If you are a voter
its your job
to pick the corn
out of the shit

Lies Lies Lies
are ok
because the other
no one tells the truth
and we go down the
rabbit hole
with our flags
our guy
puts it up
the pole

Paper Tiger Default

America has run up against
a boatload of third world
countries where
the B52 make the rocks
but they still aFter
20 years not
conquered Afganistian
In Libya today they sell
slaves on the street
like the jungle meat
that Alsatians this
broken society

Regime change is a good thing
and most the world needs it
but when the change
brings chaos you
must consider
the reason.
There are lets
say 500 nations in
this world
450 of them probably
need regime change

Sunday, 6 May 2018

My friend got a new Android TV Kodi Box

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Its was $119 at Canada Computer plus GST. Xiaomi like Huwawi are giants in China and just starting in North America. In fact you have to search the Mi Box package to find the word Xiaomi. 

If you have a Android Box running less than 5.1 you need a new one now. The old operating system is no longer supported by most the addon industry and you cant install latest version of Kodi either. The old boxes can not install 5.1.

Its Android 6.0 with 2GB DDR3 RAM and 8 GB Flash hard drive. It will play 4K and HDR video and pass through 7.1 audio.

Its a breeze to set up, pair the remote, then pair the device with your android phone and it becomes the remote. Kodi can be downloaded with one click from the Google Playstore. If I where doing it myself I would download Kodi Krypton from the Kodi website to a flash drive and then install that way. The reason being if you use the Google method, they know everything that happens on the device. But they promised it was private.

Next Repository and Addons. Install zipfile. From the repository make sure you install the TVAddons especially github. Then from github find MrBlamo420 and you have just about everything you could need. Just Neptune alone will keep you on the couch permanently.