Saturday, 24 February 2018

Intractable errors in society code

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In the IT world
it means
your sever
is going
to blow
the slaves
will not
to the master
and they
leads to a fire
kept inside

Guns are equalizers
they give great
power to the
trigger finger
no matter

a nation at war
is going to
be trigger
and the
will suffer
but they
must support
the troops
and in the
end its

Thursday, 22 February 2018

I just wanted to eat you out and leave nothing behind

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Everyone seeks orgasm
with the earth
and in the end
there will be waste
from any session
no matter how
well funded
its never the end
its just a new
crushed under
magama plates
as they travel
at godspeed
around the planet
and humans
who gave them
permission to exisit
or even if they will
be bugs in the system
scrapped off the windshield
with Gods perfect wiper

I live on the earth
I am reasonably intelligent
I dont belive
in God
I do not believe
anyone knows
if he exits
or he is real

God given minds
find that everything
written in the holy
textures is 80% false.
The sun does not revolve
around the earth
and if you perpare
pork and shelfish
with science
they are safe
to eat
and delicious

Humans in the animal
are an anololy
like Trump
as President
and we should
see what
we see
that math
can do
can do
we do not
but at least
its a better
plan than

Sail Boat Crush Part two

This is a boat started with love that was lossed I could jump onto.

Sail boat Crush

Image result for images of a crush
A crush is the greatest
thing ever
cause your
mind goes
all HAL
like 2001
and you 
can only think
surpury thoughts
and your brain
in like functioning
as the ancients 
but its all
tied up
in the love
and not else
in the world
seems to matter
and thats 
the truth

The truth is
your not going
to live more
than 3 days
on love alone
so make a better

Crush dont work
two ways like
traitor heterosexuals
it has to be a union
of thought and
I got that
it just 
yes I am a lucky

Lets deal with the Ten Commandments

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God word we ignore daily
it surely means
the Jellystone crater
is going to erupt
and wipe out
the wicked

Here is what I believe
well its not here
its not stone
and if its true
no one will ever

Regardless there
are truths we
all know
you dont
piss into the wind
or pull on supermans
or mess with the Man
when he has come to
collect from your territory
cause the Man does not
break you
he breaks your

Most of the ten commandments
I have in my memory are
for example 
thou shall not covet
your neighbors wife
well how many of us
know our neighbours
wife and if we wanted
her she would be on
tinder, thats Gods will

Killing really killing
well we are several
hundred million past
that being something
worth talking about

The big one for me
and it touches everyone
is that you should not

If your fucking stealing
your an abomination
your a disease
your a plague on
and you need help
and you know what
you fuckheads
its there
you can be helped
if your stealing
your going to face
the worst of Gods
as a Prophet 
thats my

Sense of adventure

Image result for images of humpty dumpty
I grew up in an incredibly
safe world
a place where
doors never locked
philosophic extended
to cars as well
because people
well they just
did not steal

The world was
a safe place
and then
we let in the immigrants
and all that dissappeared
like humpty dumpty
you can not 
bring back
a fairy tale egg
cause thats
what it was
due to our
we lived
like gods
without any
special powers
from above
except for
freedom from
and abuse
(we gave the Native people
everything up the ass to our 
eternal shame)
that was our
secret society
we all agreed
not be be be
asking for
more than justice
based upon the truth

The world changed with
Trudeau and this is a world
I embrace
the fairy tale place
could never meet
the embrace
of the giant tides
moving our earth
but I have to 
living in 
a fairy tale
world was
the best
except for
it was boring
and more
or less

Dogs of War Soviet Style

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Oh yes the Soviets loved
Christopher Walkon
when he double crossed
the capitalist
who considered
him expendable
and thats the view
I have of the
world today
we are all
for the cause

President Bone Spurs
loves the military
Rush Bunion
exalts them daily
and everyone who
ran away from
the fight
is egging the world
on to war

The USA has troops deployed
in 150 nations
the Russians
just one as far as we
but maybe their
version of Blackwater
is dug in 
the Donbass

The USA spends
on weapon lets just
say a Trillion dollars
a year
the Russians not
even a hundred billion

So let me axe you
if you are Russia
why are you wanting
to fight the USA?

But right now
we have two
proxy wars
in hot combat
the Donbass
in Ukraine
and Syria
in the Middle East
Hotbox of 3 D
allies and enimes
switching daily
with deadly results
if you dont know
today they are
not your friend
but Orwells
shifting narritive
of foe and friend
and how its
always been
to the holi poli
who can keep score
when they names
keep changing back and
I just know my people
are going forth
to battle and dying
for something good
in the dessert
so far from home

This is how I understand
Syria and I have not read
a single book
just watched
tales of Templers on TV
Assad is a Templer
yes a Christian who
thinks the Pope smokes

He is a leftover of the crusades
the Muslims captured all the
rest of the holy spots
but Syria remained above
the fray except they lost
a lot to Isreal
but at the end of the day
it did not matter
the Golan was never
theirs anyway

If your the only Christian nation
in the middle east
to survive from the crusades
to modern times
you have to have 
made some deals on 
the side
plus when it comes
to dealing with Muslims
there is no carrot
only stick
and vice versa
in the wasteland
of humanity 
that is the 
middle east

Muslims are divided
between followers of the word
Sunni and followers of the blood
Shia. Syria bet on blood
and that meant
their biggest ally in the region
was the Ayatoolias
talk about hard
but it should be
clear that between 
the blood and the word
there is little choice
in a fight

So this situation simmered
for centuries until the newborn
baby Israel arrived in 1949.
The Jews believed they
owned the land of the people
of blood and the UN agreed

Many wars latter we 
are here
Israel allegedly 
arming the people
of the word who 
are blood thirsty
terrorists allededly
produced by 
the CIA
with the intet
to rid Syria
of Christians
because they
stuck their
nose in the wrong
centuries ago
just to survieve

Into this mess
comes fossil fuels
which lay fallow
in the sands
of time
and are easy
because its
gas and it
hardly needs
to be pumped
it flows

Guess what in
every equation
Syria is the choke
point on the map 
to get the gas to 
when the USA 
makes the offer
Syria refuses
and next thing
you know all
hell breaks
loose and Syria
looses everything
except a place
then the Russians
step in and everthing
becomes half way
normal again
and that the point
the story ends
but it could
be WW3
if greed
keeps getting
in the way
of common
how wealth
is created
and spent

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gitmo taken over by the inmates

Thats the truth
and why the war
is fake news
there never
was a war
and it
strains the
resouces of
the war
to find

The department of justice lies

Image result for images of lies

I can not identify
anyone post
soviet because
they have layers
and lawyers
that bite

13 condemed citizens needing fair representation

Image result for images of troll farms
I have worked at a troll farm
the man calls it a call center
and for sure there
are crimes
the FBI
but they never
the company
that squees
the law
like a lemon
in Tequilia
to the election

I just heard on the Radio
that serious crimes
will bring down Trump
Lie on facebook and
its gitmoo the precenden
has been set

For all the citizens
of the world that have
lied on social media
we are going to kick
down your door
and how are you going
to come
with your hands
on your heads
or on the trigger
of a gun

Saturday, 17 February 2018

I enjoy eating shit today even though its not Caribou

Image result for images of eating carbbiu shti\
Caribou shit is so full
of nutriets you could
not understand
unlees you were
free thinking
and that is

Global people known
better and we all
will fall in line
with the prompts
from social
little Gertal
you have a fat
ass behind
pay me five
dollars and I
will cover your

So it goes on
and on to medieval
and thats a place
we still have
in the 21 first
century world
lets stop talking
about flyint
and look
into female
if you want
to have the
best ride

I cant think
to image
a society
a women having
pleasure was
a sin
and how
a man could
stuff his cock
into a dead
just because
it might bring
him children
some of them
who would
have the same
horrific expericence

If we want to get
better we got
to say like the
label on every
do not strike
yourself on the
head with
this tool

Unwed Fathers is why we need sex ed

By biology men
can spread themselves
around without consequence
but women
they get pregnant

Its Gods will
I expect many to
and I cant not agree
we should stop
fucking to keep 
the animal populaton
on earth sustaniable
its a small sacrifice in
a great plan

Scary car face

Image result for images of rx7

I am not saying this is the best face ever put on a car. What I am saying is the grilles on many cars today now look more Hannibal Lecherter than Pretty woman, and I have to wonder why?

I love Honda and Accura but right now both are in the ugly phase. Is this a plot to make people keep cars longer, thats my only stupid explanation.

I am my own houhse

Living somewhere is
important to the human
so I call on the catholic
church to spend billions
to give Jesus showers
and food to a dying

The catholic church
is not prime suspect
in humidity decline
but they ruled for
centuries and know
it seems no impact
no exuse but it
seems it wa
Gods will
we would
live worldwide
in misery

Things will get better
in the 5000 world century
and every man
will have a custom

Strength of argument and maybe MANPADS

Image result for brother love images
We humans so different from animals
we have a million books
and tricks
to convince
if we have
we are
Euo trash

Stopping humans from being animails
is like stopping a physicist]
from discovering anti garvity

13 Christians are called internet criminals

Image result for images of the 13
Even if true they did some
dodgy things
some catfish on line
is it really worth the
time of the whole
power of the US
Justice system 
to condemn them
no doubt if they
did as said they did
something bad
but does it really 
go to criminal?

Everything has become criminal
in the USA except owning a
semi auto gun
people look
at the big picture
and the harvest
of gold the US
Justice system
mines on its 

Case in point
I moter around
less then ten
kilometers and hour
over the speed limit
and in Canada I can
travel for ever
In the USA I would
be caught in a 
speed trap

There is war on 
common sense
going on
and common sense
is not what you
grew up with
its like a Star Trek
Chess set
all three dimensional
because the people
playing the game
correctly summarize
the voting majority
of the USA or any
country play in 
two dimensions
its always an
easy checkmate
for those with
full discovery
and a Vulcan
that would
see the ends
the means
as logical

Comic Book Movie Blues

Image result for images of dick tracy
I have seen them
from the start
and most of the first
comic books I read
first hand
then threw in the trash
as they were one
time entertainment

Overtime the genre
changed to be serious
and now social
of the first kind
up there with
Gullivers Travils
and to Kill
a Mocking bird

Get Serious
we may have a comic
book president
but if we have a comic
book culture
the Samuri
are going to 
Me Too will
transform to 
a love hotel
every resident
I love you
long time

The Hype over
the Black Panther
makes me want to 
watch this picture
as it apparently
deals with great

Fact is when
Europeans came to
Africa the people
where living
in stone age culture
when they left 
technology was
left behind and
the stone age
took over
the stone age
did not end
due to lack 
of stones
and stone
age culture
did not die
due to that

The great thing
for stone age
culture is that
its impossible
to kill

Whose fault
the conquer
or the conqured
well lets take
for example
they have
risen from 
colony to master
in less than a hundred
in Africa
we have centuries
of animal chiefs
with thousands
of mares
dictating policy
like its wrong
to bring
children to 
this world

So Black Panther
may be a great movie
I really hope so
because most of what
I see is shit
in the future I predict
good commercials
will get more eyeballs
than the equivialnt
of rap video

Black People
seem to have
so little to celebrate
that a Marvel Comic
brought to life
is a cosmic event

Does any serious culture
celebrate its presentation in
a comic book
Did the Scandivaians
go all ape on Thor?

Shirley Mr Mueler you are not Ferris Bueler Serious

Image result for images of school of silly walks
The team decided inditing 666 Russians
meant too much paper work so they
settled on thirteen. Eighteen months of intense
detective work by the worlds superpower found
13 Russians with not a single computer science degree amongst them working at a rathole in Stalingrad
attempted to throw the 2016 American election.
Talk about Hubris when they only had a budget
of 1.35 million dollars. I take my "facts" from the
documentary evidence of the crime. Facebook may be
the greatest gift ever to the enemy in terms of asymmetric warfare.
You dont need to train, just sign up and spout off.

13 Russian masterminds pretended to be Americans
and cat-fished the election. Okay lets accept that as fact.
It seems plausible that Russia was conducting some social media
experimentation.  Evidence indicates the starting point was 2014, and the efforts
to discreet or support went both ways. The FBI claims the Russians were very meticulous in analysis of the impact like a blogger checking stats religiously for clues of which way to go.

Remember Colin Powell testifying before the UN. He brought out some CHeech and Chong outtakes and presented them as Gospel. No one at the time questioned why the Iraqi commanders where speaking English.  In the case of the Russians there is some similar troubling evidence. One of the accused its claimed e mailed a confession to her mother. 

" Hi Mom, its seems the FBI has Scooby Dooded us and I am a invester, not really a real estate agent, so I will be late for dinner as I have to delete everything before Shaggy sees it."

Bottom line as I understand using the American facts: 13 Russians worked like a Vendi round the world sailboat team to muck up the US election. They had a budget of 1.35 million dollars and spent $100,000 on facebook. The rest was all vodka and hiring US activist. Initially they did not know who the candidates would be, but as soon it was clear Hillary was one and Trump was the other they thought Trump would be better for Russia. (thats the one true thing, for anyone in competition with America Trump was the number one draft pick)

Follow the money is what the wise men say, and over and over except in the case of mental illness they have been proven right.  So in this case we have spending of about two billion dollars by the US side and 1.35 million wasted by the Russians as the FBI has clearly stated: Russian efforts had zero effect on the election and there where no US citizens culpable. The Russians played Vegas and the house won and they will get a plot of land in the dessert forever.

Putin must be a Yeltsin for every approving a plan with extreme risks, and no chance of reward.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

What if What if they had a sniff of Pavlov's dogs urine

Image result for images of pavlovs dog

We are all under constant
attack everyday
from the people
we suppsidly
elect to reperesent
you and me
they know everthing
all your posts
all your fears
and and  and
an AI pretenting
to be your friend
will groom you
to vote in the election
because the fraud
of democracy is
that the vote rules
but no one
has ever thought
about the mind of
Phil K Dick
and thats what
we have
I do not think
any pol
about the process
I got elected
and the process
that did that
has my fidelity
and we are
out of democray
just into a game

Justin Trudeau
muffed on porportial
that may be the
death throw
of democracy in Canada
and around the world
Democracy is falling out
of fashion
the single reason is
the corruption of the vote
bad people can  capture the
system if its constructed
like a cement block
we need a more advanced
democracy and I hope that
no matter what Justin leaves
behind he will at least give
us a chance to defeat the
big insert the word conspriacy
that rules the world and makes
us all poor in pursuit of the nickel

Valentines day 2017

Image result for images of 2017 scucce

Whats to love
for me
except my 1982
bride who looks
stunning today

My Kids are mostly
of the dole
one is self sufficant
the other likely to
follow in a big way
government job
freedom forever
and what would
be wrong if we all
worked for the goverment
and lived like kings
in this world

My Valentine is Eldon Musk
maybe he is a fuck up
and it will all come
crashing down
but he has used
the Steve J0bs
reality distortion field
better than anyone
in history

I give a valintine to Justin Trudeau
he make me proud to be a Canadian again
unlike Stephen Harper who
made me skulk in dark

Vladimer Putin gets one
for destroying the end
game in Syria
which was an run

This guy may
be a James Bond villian
but compared to
the alternatives in
he is a superhero

Brendan Gallagher
who today is the heartbeat
of the rouge blanc and blu
finally called out PK  Subban
for being a narcissists with
demonic tenancies

Thats to strong
I like PK and
approve of
all that he

It been a bad
year for
next year
is going to
be much worse
so put something
in the frezzer

Faraday Cage Fail

Related image
The Chip bag
as demonstrated
in the classic movie
Enemy's of the State
can no longer protect you

The Faraday cage is
spy craft has advanced
but the enemy has
known this since
and use
to communicate
no one has
hacked a crow
to date

The US goverment is
doing serious push back
against Huawei cell phones
because of projection
the NSA and the alphabet
agencies already know
what a great tool
it is to big brother
the people if
they eat an
there is
no place to be free
and even a Faraday
will not protect
your data
from these
clever people
working so
hard to save
from rot
protecting the constitution
by violating the fourth
amendment a
at will. 

The cell phone
is a personal spy
the target pays
big dollars for
to provide
surveillance service
not even Alduxs Huxley
or George Orwell 
but its the perfect
to make
the world
big brother

Nuclear Energy
Plastic fantastic
GMO foods
Climate Change
how many
disasters for humanity
can the holi poli take
before they

Oyster Yachts Bankrupt

Image result for images of oyster sailboats
If you have never
dreamed of sailing
the seven seas
this headline
will mean nothing
and life will go
on as before
unless you were
partnered with the
enterprise that
just went bust

Oyster was to sailing
what Bentley or Rolls Royce
are to cars
beautiful meticulous creations
that move
at great expense
in perfect style

I used to love the brand
before I started to look
and the boats are plastic
and the marketing fantastic
no serious sailor would
buy one unless they thought
that burning money was
the best way to see
the world everyday

Plastic and Carbon Fiber boats
are just for the very rich
if you really want to sail
go aluminum
and titanium
believe it or
not stainless
steel does not
do well in continued
exposure to the sea

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The one rule

The one rule
has worked
for a milliana
and may be baby
but its done
the skygod can
no longer keep
thinking citizens
on its side
and we will
give you ohms
and amps
until your dead
the problem is
when the
dragon is

I am far from first to find truth at the post

This world is running
faster than at anytime
given the pressure
of global warming
and just general
commity scarcity

We have the president of
the Pines dealing with
terrorists by telling the Troops
to shoot villiagers in the cunt
Torture memos going all
around saying
its good to kill
in a cruel way
because it makes
for a better today

all that thinking is
false if you know
human nature
you act savage
I am going down
the same rat hole
forvever I dont
care about sunshine
in decades to come

This is the IRA in the
the time of troublles
that was solved
make that an app
and give it free
to society

I believe
there are satanic
forces that make
money from war
and they do not
want peace
and they have
to keep us
for nothing
important at
the end of the day
like what is of interest
today for the USA
in Syria??

Yet billions are being
applied to push sand
in a desert where
we all know its
not going to move
a bit in the long run

War with the USA

When then run out of soft tagrets and
are tired of defeat
Mexico and Canada
will be the reasons
for the MIC
to have war

Mexico is not worth having
Canada has water
and the flyover country
and even California
could be presued
if Canada was
going to give its
water for free
thats the bargin
of the USA
we give nothing
you give everthing
and nothing
ever ever goes
to the people
we talk about

Monday, 12 February 2018

Silverbacks are US

dont rule
the heard
they are 

Dirty old town

Image result for images of dirty old town

This could not happen without recording
and thank the sky God for that
and what to think about
the Pouges, Intelleectual IRA


Geroge Micheals always made me want to dance above all other

thats something you should know
sometimes the clothes do not make
the man or I would add in a very big
way vice vesa

I would suck cock to get a new job

Fact is you people
we live in a game
of thrones environment
and when the push
comes to shove
and all the metrics
are done
gay people
came out
number one

Is this wrong 
is this right
its a correction
on the scale
of every
nickel is 
to the dollar

Andrew Scheer the eptomoy of poltical evil

He has been so
strident in question
period questioning
something for which
we have all the answers
and in the big scheme
of things its like
where the PM
filled up his
classic SL

We know he has one
we know his father
was our greatest
PM despite being

by standards of yesterday
and today
hardly rich
but Stephen Harper
the mail room guy
at Exxon
how much money does
he have today
after living a life
where he never
had a non goverment
and perhaps Adrew Scheer
faces the task to reap this
wishes  and I would give
him this pearl of wisdom
from the USA 
which is where every time
he speaks he tells us
we should always live

Blankety Blank Senator
from Philadelphia had
a thousand children
at the taxpayers
and they were
mostly retards
because of his
but he kept trying
again and again
because he was
a sick individual
who could'
not accept
the rule\
of nature

Mr Scheer your gowing
down and I expect
it will be because
you live in
Vic Towes