Thursday, 30 June 2016

RIP Alvin Toffler

Future Shock (1970)was the most influential non fiction book I ever read. It explains what we are living today. The answers to thriving in today's world are there for all to read, but most ignore.

NYT expands on the above.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hey Now

I am not your only friend
you just have met the
millions of others

Flying Just Walking around

Put your feet on the ground
your hands in the air
your flying
flying just walking around
your flying
this the fact
no flighty of fantsy
its the new world
lies are nancy
and betty
doe not want to
come out
and play
she has a vide
thats comfort
and the truth be
told it doesnt matter
when the votes come
in your flying by
walking around

Monday, 27 June 2016

No Good No Eviel

Just better

Just the basic thinking

If another country has their troops in you hood
are you friends? I s tthis not the basic intablitly in the world?

Thirsty Camel finds Tent

Diverting water from the Great Lakes, oh yeah and so it goes,

Been Caught Stealing

I've been caught stealing; 
once when I was 5... 
I enjoy stealing. 
It's just as simple as that.
Well, it's just a simple fact. 
When I want something,
I don't want to pay for it. 

I walk right through the door. 
Walk right through the door. 
Hey all right! If I get by, it's mine. 
Mine all mine! 

My girl, she's one too.
She'll go and get her a skirt. 
Stick it under her shirt. 
She grabbed a razor for me. 
And she did it just like that. 
When she wants something,
She don't want to pay for it. 

She walk right through the door. 
Walk right through the door.
Hey all right! If I get by, it's mine.
Mine all mine!

We sat around the pile. 
We sat and laughed. 
We sat and laughed and
Waved it into the air! 
And we did it just like that. 
When we want something,
We don't want to pay for it.

We walk right through the door. 
Walk right through the door. 
Hey, all right! If I get by, it's mine,
Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine...

First time I ever heard this song
was in the Hard Rock Cafe
and I have been addicted
to Jane

Pounding Sand

Another grain we never think about that is part of the new bitter harvest. Winter is here

Friday, 24 June 2016

Goodbye Lego

My beloved Lego has been traded to Washington for two second round picks.
I am falling apart.  I know I must change my avatar it will just take some time.

Lego my Lego
why did the hockey Gods
hate you so
Maybe you should
have binged on Vikings
to get more nasty
or maybe you
have had a better coach
who knows
we will see next year
in Washington
when the cherry trees
if your really a rose


would not let me pst, the man
ni mattter ust legal

Got a bug for a differant advent

I  s, aam willing to play\
its got to have some
serious sail;
just saying

Got limitatinsn

thats not right

I love you

Thats why I reluctannty
write a love poem
because i was not
built to be\

I am all Nordic
like ice
but you
made me melt
so I can say
like an alien
what it means
to live in contact
witth  with with
the SETI
your automatic
where we went
from first gear
to ekkknine
blowing RPM
with a single glaaaace\\
It helped my diagoastics
to realize
you werer 
not just beautiful
but a woman
that woujld

Love to love you baby
OLove foreverer
Lucky man
a song a could
sing louder

Brexit blues bring hope for a new milliumm

Yess Yess Yes  Yes Yes 
please doo ddodo dodo doo
people get readyu
cause chaos is 
the new 

and thats a good thing
if the humands
in the confl;ict
are ready to fight 
back, back back

It taks a mind
to see the future
and where
yuou will
when the truith 
is told
and history
is all written
and as we klnow
knobody looks
cause that would be
self deafeating
for the
empourer of
I want it now 
while I am young


One of  the themes running through Thinkingaboot is that this keep going until they stop. The EU has stopped as we know it today. Bigger is not better. so called good Economic reasons fail the test of humanity.

I really cant decide if this is a win or a loss for the sheeple. Certainly a weak EU is nice for the Neo Cons. On the other hand the mind numbing bureaucracy of the EU needed a kick in the ass. Hopefully the EU now reforms itself into a leaner more responsive institution.

Also on the birght side Scotland and Northern Ireland will soon be free of the English yoke.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

sui generis

look it up
thats me
no boasting
just realization

So can I light a fire with this?

the most beautiful girl in thw world

It does not matter
if a girl makes
you go
she is the one

Front end loaded

Took a course at the Richard Ivey
all about management
and many a case study
and in that time I defined
the competence vs comfort
never got credit\
and its seldom applied

Almost everything front end loaded
is success
easy access
leads to
then death

(draft that blew me away, more after the storm)

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Information will set us free or make us straightjacket

I see strainght jackets
conform to the new realityu
or we will have to wrap you
up for your own human good
anarchy programers
humans just want to let
it all be
and work to build

Premature bell ringing could be loudness now

When they built Fuckashima
with the depleted rod storage hanging
over the reactor
which was not ready 
for an earthquake or
a Tsnamis
what was ringing in the ears
money, dollars
Panchiko credits
how could
now ask yourself
what other 
are we living with

in every neighbourhood
just waiting to kill us
cause it made money 
for someone?

Every Instituion worked by people is fundementaly corrupt

whats the solution

Blazing Guitars making music

Trump the Mule

Trump is the Asmonic mule
that the master of the universe
created but he felt abandoned
with all that bankruptcy

so he got revenge
in a primary way
and next day
he will be President
kiss his ring
you masters of the universe
who will adapt no doubt
but will it be enough
to keep you in trout
or will acid 
eat you away
like the pavement
on a northern parkway.

Capturing the look of the future

Rolls Royce. In the present I love the Drophead.

Short DeBeers your Diamond is worthless

Lab grown stuff is so disruptive, so Star Trek so egalitarian
it makes me happy.

We are in a race between technology and common sense. The only problem with common sense is it is not so common any more.

Tub Thumping

Why is NATO poking the bear? I am glad our new PM is not falling in the frezzer with the other cold thinkers.

You dont bring troops to a Nuclear war!

Germany knows!

imagine if we had an econimic system based upon music instead of a drum beat

It wont work here

Gun laws have been an astounding success in Austrailia. But America is differant. In fact the only universal thing that works in America is less tax.

Friday, 17 June 2016

YYY me

YYY did you V
YYY did you
B me
YYY| did
you S me

YYY did
you L me

YYY am I
still poor
God dont I hate

Water Calculas

The answer is dry.

Low Life Breeders in high places

When humanity confonts
the hypocracy of Sharia
law it sends all religions
a death sentance
because no one religion
is a exempt from
attempting to breed
itself to power

Monday, 13 June 2016

No further need of explanation

This explains why the born in Amrerica man still loved Sharia law. It does not explain how annually and exscaltaity  6000 people in the USA are guned down without religious fevour.
To stop the insanity we need to do two things

1) Your religion may work for you but keep it private. No public displays of affection and no tax breaks.

2) Ban any gun with more than 2 shots in the chamber. If you cant take down that charging Grizzly with two shots you should die.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Commercial EMALS now Please!

A 747 taking off is best described as lighting a gas station on fire and flying it over your neighbourhood. EMALS for big jets would reduce fuel consumption by at least 10%. The fuel required to get a plane to lift speed far exceeds what it needs to cruise at altitude.  I also image reuseabel hydrogen rocket boosters that drop off and fly home after a plane gets way up there.

Just one Word: Fake Meat Technologies

Impossible Foods

Fake meat, my kingdom for some real good fake meat.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

On Man Made Climate Change NASA has dropped the Mike

slice of chart showing CO2 levels over last 400,000 years
until 1950 they never exceeded 300ppm, we now are reaching levels
where the dinasours could not breathe

See the science undisbuttitable
with no chance of prejudiced
in the last 4000000 years
an anomaly was seen in 
and it just has gone on

CO2 in the atombreathingcocoon
is not caused by sun spots
orbital decay
or any other God based
explanations other
than volcanoes
and we have no evidence
of hidden volcanoes
pumping out unexplained
and science provides us with
the illustration of proof
that when a volcano grounds
its good for the CO2 count
on mother earth

So its undeniable 
beyond even the most fanatic
men are filling the earth 
with CO2
in our atmosphere
and soon we will see
the same numbers run
on the oceans
and conclude we have
no place else to hide
and one of of those
one way tickets to Mars
may look like the most
attractive girl
at the bar

The Chart dont lie

Hat Tip to the Mound of Sound. Who you gonna believe NASA scientists of big oil lobbyists.

The Last Kingdom VS Vikings

     Rangar Lothbroke                                  Uhtred of Bebbanburg[5
The Last Kingdom and Vikings are historical fictions based upon the same historical event. The Danish Viking invasion of England. Last Kingdom wins the historical accuracy prize as it build its narrative around the rule of Alfred the Great. Vikings is built around the somewhat murky history of a person who may just be just amalgamation of legends. The storyline of The Last Kingdom also benifits from adapation from a 9 Novel series of books. In gereral the Last Kingdom is a better produced more well funded effort than Vikings.  This is high praise as Vikings is one of the most compelling series now in production, and will forever be a very special experince.

Rangar VS Uhtred

A clear win for Vikings. Rangar is a better character, portrayed with greater authenticity. Utred benifits from better fight scences and better supporting cast. Aside from Floki, Utred has more interesting characters to interact with.

Rangars conquests VS Uhtreds
(Keep in mind The Last Kingdom only has one season, already Utred has lapped Rangar) A clear edge to Uhtred in quanity and none of Rangars paramours IHMO is a match for Iseult.



In summary a narrow victory for The Last Kingdom. (Keep in mind its only been one season, the gap will widen)

Friday, 10 June 2016


Zombies under the sun

I think the third world invading my
world makes it Zombie land
cause I am a slave
just like them
but I was in the house
and now the powers that
be want to push me
c ause they are cheaper

First world 
secoond world
thrid world
will be slayen
by robots
and the sex
will be computational

1988 5th Civil organization Apoogee

"Car - 1988 Lamborghini Countach  in Etobicoke, ON  $549,500"
This is what the future looked like in 1988
beautiful wedges
highly stylised Italian design
after all these centuries
still the Romans of fashion

1988 its was such a long time
long time long time
in my mind
cause in 2016
the future is so short
so hot
so nasty
so poor
we cant dream of Lamborghini's
we see Zombies

Friday I am in Love

your so sick man

your so sick man
you need a health divisions
of nija blue crass\
to shake the last
penny of ut a diey
for a new quarter
when ylu know
its bancrupty
that will
be thje fial
b;st blast
b;ast bl;ast

End Times

Really its end times
political will can save us
but we have not seen that
for a generation or two

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Trumph for me beats Hillary

want to expond
but the fact is
he is succesfu;l
and she is just
a money hound

Not winning with winning deviations

Jt has started to play politicts
way to much and he should
have hired me to keep him out
of dutch

Nannygate a non sequetor
that made him surrender
it reminds me of the time
Robrert Dinrio
eliminated Sean Bean
in the Ronin

Look folks I am the CEO of Canada
and compared to the private sector
I get paid peanuts but almost every
decision I make is more in economic
terms a tidal wave compared to the
private sector

Its public service I respect that
and I do not think being PMO
should pay unrealestic unaccountaple
salaries like the private sector.
But hey man
I am the guy
who has to wake up every
morning and deal with
a infinate number of files
that many times even if it
was only one
would crush the best of people

I work with a budget
for my office
and considering
the extreme pressure
there are lots of things
that the voters could never
imagine flowing to them
but compared to the private
sector I live like a monk

Stephen Harper took this
allotment and bought a hair dresser
now he had two kids
I have three
so perhaps if I was
not so familie
I would have taken
better care of my hair.

The fact is I have a family
just like every voter
I am running this country
and for anyone to make an issue
of the family budget
is the worst kind
of hipocracy
and in 4 years
you can vote in the canditate
who is most monklike.

Crooked Hillary

God Bless America

Saturday, 4 June 2016

In defence of the politician

They are like the priests of lies
that glue civilizations
we need these lying 
to keep us from
going full

Copyright slavery

fractal patent
We abolished human slavery at least in law
and children extosentaloly should be in school
so lets free all the intellect
cause its a bullshit concept in 
so many ways
there is really nothing new under
the sun
and no one discovered anything
that was already there
no matter how many lawyers
they pile up 
lassize fair

Who can stop the tides?

Who can wail succsssfly
against gravity
who can bring us all up
like Eversert
without high altitude

Who can stick a finger
in every pie
and still cook
finger licking 

Who can see the dark heart
of darkness
and amputate
leaving nothing 
but the light?

Who can free
humans from their
animal nature
for once and for
all without
taking away
any chance
of procreation?

Who can stare
at the sun all day
long without going
acid or no?

Is it to late
for one person
to save humankind
we need a collective
a communism 
of hope to save
the human planet
from rebirth

6th ave heartbreak

I got my world strapped
accross my back
whats drawing you in 
is drawing me out

When Jacob Dylan cant break the wall
well Superman

War never serves the people that fight it


Please do not doubt my powers

When the Enterprise orbited any planet
they automatically knew everything
I am the same way
if I look at google maps
at a country
I understand it 
I could fix it
for sure
but I still must
obey the prime directive
rules suck

The rich man have their TV in the bedrooms of the poor

Not my words
Canadian words
so true

And now the teli is breaking down
I no longer watch the news
cause its worse than eating processed
as a  means of self elimination

For me the final straw was the New York Times
promoting the Gulf war
clown show
and so it goes and so it goes
but the people expect more
and we have leaned 
like the cockroach university people that
we are
is that just because your on TV
it does not make you a reality star
we know the news is bullshit
all the economic facts are cooked
for great headlines
but the lives we live
are more an more
on tenuous hooks

The City of London decicdes 
if we go down or 
choose to survieve
and 5 times before
humankind has been forced
to shop at this store
and every time
the shopkeeper
has said fuck it to lower
I got the invisible hand

Things keep going until they stop

The 2016 Summer Games in Brazil will be a big speedometer
letting us know how close the 6th Civilisation is to zero.
Jah Man only Jesus can save it.

Cable car to surgar loaf mt

I was in Rio during the time of the civil war in Lebanon, at that time the US State department concluded Lebanon was a safer place for Americans than Brazil. As I Canadian I felt very safe there, but all joking aside it was a very dangerous place for civilians even then. Things have gotten much worse.  Latin America is our dystopian future. Maybe speaking latin was too much.

Maybe some hope, cause I had a excellent time there. I have visited most of the so called great cities and Rio has a vibe that is number one.

That red Canterbury shirt was also number one. I totally endorse thier clothing.

Folk Dancing

pudy men with swords

Ancient rituals preserved
for reasons not understood
it will not be a crime
when they dissappear
like the Ballet
and Zoos
we got it all on video 

Friday, 3 June 2016

montitize nano scents paid positons

sounds like prostitution without


Thinkaboot it. Even if he save humanity what a horrible life he led and a death

I am alvie

I googled for some stand in spot
which could be my substitute
but nothing
came up except Celion Dion
and despite her
I would rather be anoymes \
than have her brand
on my canoe

Yes I have solo paddled
crystal clear silent waters
Lake Redstone Haliburton Ont Canada

where the echo
of a loons song
was a G
we cant measure
but will someday
because we want to capture
every experience
and sell it somewhere
and thats all that seems
to motivate us
is to make a buck
a better app
that will trap
more tourist
or muppets
and give us
money for the day\
to sit on the side of
with a friend and expropriate
life and what it means to be alive
and it nothng to do with webhiits
or social registry

We are born naked and die

that way and inbetween
we love to take our clothes off
more than anything
despite the graphic
that may offend
I love my body
and see no reason to
make an issue of it with
my friends
and especially my lover\
who is a beautiful today
as yesterday
and will be forever
she just has that kind
of extraordinary power
and its something
I never knew
but was glad to discover

I am alive I am dancing
I am singing
I am doing all
kinds of goofy human things
because I know
when the sun rises\
in the morning
I have a way back
to life of a humam
I can still bleed
in Technicolour