Saturday, 11 June 2016

On Man Made Climate Change NASA has dropped the Mike

slice of chart showing CO2 levels over last 400,000 years
until 1950 they never exceeded 300ppm, we now are reaching levels
where the dinasours could not breathe

See the science undisbuttitable
with no chance of prejudiced
in the last 4000000 years
an anomaly was seen in 
and it just has gone on

CO2 in the atombreathingcocoon
is not caused by sun spots
orbital decay
or any other God based
explanations other
than volcanoes
and we have no evidence
of hidden volcanoes
pumping out unexplained
and science provides us with
the illustration of proof
that when a volcano grounds
its good for the CO2 count
on mother earth

So its undeniable 
beyond even the most fanatic
men are filling the earth 
with CO2
in our atmosphere
and soon we will see
the same numbers run
on the oceans
and conclude we have
no place else to hide
and one of of those
one way tickets to Mars
may look like the most
attractive girl
at the bar

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