Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Crazy American Government wants to kill the internet to save it from Pirates. See how long it lasts without me.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 will look great in 2012

Top 3 stories of 2011
1)   Fukushima showed why we should never expect technology to be foolproof. There are always unintended consequences. This great tragedy should not have happened. It was hubris, hubris and shareholder value. Unfortunately aside from Europe pulling out of GE designed crap, and the likelihood of new crap being built, the message did not hit home. The Japanese people moved like lambs to the slaughter, and the Game of Thrones became even more relevant.
2)   Euro collapse proved that reality makers are frauds. The financial manipulation of the past 30 years has nearly played out. Financial services as a percentage of GDP in both the UK and USA went from some 10% in the 70’s to 30% before the bust. That is the problem; an economy based upon magic cannot feed itself.
3)   Cancer cured by using modified HIV cells. This is the cure we have been waiting for. For those with the finances in a generation disease may be a memory.

Thats Entertainment

What to do?
Most of us are fortunate enough to look for things to occupy our time.  Increasingly it’s a problem to find enough effortless time sponges. Sure anyone could scrub away at a 6 pack or even a musical instrument. Hobbies are another great outlet for some; I appreciate the effort but can find little passion beyond acknowledgement of time well spent. Therefore I am limited to computer games, books and visual storytelling. I loved playing Fallout, but after 200 hours of Fallout New Vegas I was bagged, I still have not finished the game and have not touched it in a couple of months. It was a RPG/FPS and I just grew tired of completing tasks. The best FPS of late is Homefront, but, but, what about,  I don’t play games until they go on sale. Reading the Game of Thrones books, five volumes totally close to 5000 pages was a revelation re igniting my lifelong passion for both Sci Fi and reading. This is the Lord of the Rings for Adults, many of the themes and observations are similar, but much more focused and much more torn from today’s headlines. What I really liked about many of Tom Clancy’s works was the way he dissected the story revealing the real event. Game of Thrones is all about how live is lived and how most people are pawns, and how dangerous it is to move up.  Picking from this list should provide another 5000 pages of prime reading real estate. (Especially the Stephenson)
All my favorite TV over the last year I watched here. its one of the few sites to escape the copyright holders pogrom.  Now I hate the comparison to genocide and ethnic cleansing as much as most, but in the case of copyright enforcement it is the same mentality if not the same consequence. Every study says pirate activity actually boosts legitimate sales. Why does the industry keep shooting holes in their own boat?
Top ten TV shows of 2011
1)   Game of Thrones
2)         Walking Dead
3)           American Horror Story
4)           Fringe
5)           Breaking Bad
6)           Dexter
7)           Merlin
8)           NCIS
9)           Burn Notice
10)       Sanctuary

Top ten Movies (I saw) in 2011 (nothing stands out)Watch here
1)   The Lincoln Lawyer
2)   Dark Knight
3)   Killer Elite
4)   Horrible Bosses
5)   The Ides of March
6)   Source Code
7)   Limitless
8)   Hana
9)   Unknown
10)   Kill the Irishman
11)   Special mention Inception, Hostel 3 is out, Hostel 1 was a great movie in every respect, number 3 is a great time waster

Hot Landing

Flying into Kai Tak
I experienced the thrill dozens of times. Sitting on the right hand passenger side you could read the brand on the shoes of people playing tennis on the ground. I always wanted to climb up on top of the checkerboard and make a video of the planes coming right at you.